February 27, 2012

One year ago today at the Wisconsin protests: "Meade brought home the video, handed me the cameras, and said 'I almost got myself arrested.'"

"It's funny the second time you watch it! It looks like a Michael Moore-like thing... attempting to get past the police into the building."

Here's the edited video. The most interesting thing about it is not that Meade didn't want to wait in line, or that he played the "new media" card, but that the police come close to revealing that they are on the protesters' side:
"All these people have decided that they are working with us to help with their protest. We're not keeping..."

"You're helping the protesters?"

"We're not keeping you from protesting. We're helping to keep the peace."
The police were supposedly clearing out the building that day, but New Media Meade got the scoop from the police that anyone who wanted to stay would be allowed.


edutcher said...

Ah, yes, I remember it well.

The cops were so blatantly in the tank for the union slugs and Meade, fortunately, kept his cool.

I think they would have loved to bundle him off for getting snippy with one of the cops.

Of course, they would then have faced the Wrath of Althouse down at the precinct.

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Earlier got a message, "Input error: Memcache value is null for FormRestoration"

ndspinelli said...

edutcher gets the ass kisser of the month award.

James A. Donald said...

Similarly with the destruction of Athens in the Greek riots. The rioters pretend to be the people rioting against the state, but are in fact the state rioting against the people.