February 7, 2012

"Of course, debates are a completely new form of 'dialogue' for me: a brouhaha. In short, we shouted to our heart's content."

Presidential candidates debate in Russia:
The candidates repeated familiar promises and accusations, with [Communist Gennady] Zyuganov pledging to bring "justice and socialism"... Zyuganov twice invoked Hitler to criticize [businessman Mikhail] Prokhorov

"What moral right do you have to rule after what the Communists did?" Prokhorov said, prompting Zyuganov to later accuse him of disrespecting the accomplishments of the Soviet Union.
The post title is a Twitter post by Prokhorov. For his part Zyuganov tweeted: "Unfortunately, Prokhorov and I were not able to have a normal conversation. He didn't discuss anything; he simply repeated worn-out phrases."

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin, who is way ahead in the polls, avoided the debate. Not sure if he tweeted.


lewsar said...

a brouhaha? ha ha ha.

edutcher said...

Sounds like a preview of the debates this fall.

traditionalguy said...

I am confused...is Rick Perry running in Russia or Texas?

Don't Tread 2012 said...

Mike Godwin is nodding in approval.

Ron said...

Now...which one is the libertarian and which one is the Mormon?

deborah said...

I have a soft spot for Putin. Here's a good article into his psyche, though I can't help but think of it as a semi-puff piece directed toward our need for a northern supply route into Afghanistan.

Still, Putin demands his place in Russian history, which makes him a man of mark in our time. He is one who deserves to be better understood. His outlook has been shaped by many influences, among them the archetypical Russian mentality as well as his early life; KGB training and service in East Germany; experiences in St. Petersburg in the 1990s; early days behind the political scenes in Moscow; and his time at the helm of the Russian nation. The force of history is a strong current that flows through all of these. To pull them together into a portrait of the man, we shall look at the Russian prime minister in five guises—Putin the statist, Putin the survivalist, Putin the outsider, Putin the free marketeer and Putin the case officer.


ricpic said...

Americanskis, such fools they are. I geeve Boosh a love look, he reads my soul, hah! And now leetle boy Barry looks on me with love look and pleads to make nice pleaze. I bury them both and build pipelines east-west-south enslave whole voild, mwa ha ha ha ha!

Revenant said...

I wonder if Putin is *actually* ahead in the polls or if that's just what the media are reporting.

Reporters who say the wrong thing about Putin have a habit of turning up dead.

Jose_K said...

have a soft spot for Putin?
130 bankers murdered.
31 journalist murdered
One agent poissoned with radioactive material
Killed childen and women hostages while "rescuing" them
10000 casualties in the war on chechenians. Used toy bomb to kill children.

Every independent media closed.
Every political oponent jailed
Supporting evet tyrant on the world

Methadras said...

In soviet russia, Putin kills you.

Chip Ahoy said...

Yay! Ricpic does the best Boris Badenov ever.