February 11, 2012

In the Wisconsin Capitol today, 1 year after Scott Walker touched off the protests.

"Shameless pigs!"

ADDED: The second half of that short video is shot from behind the Veterans Memorial. It was just about a year ago — February 25th to be exact — that Meade and I tangled with protesters over the treatment of that memorial. Here's what it looked like that day.


Methadras said...

Leftards don't give 2 shits about any sacrifice anyone makes unless it's for their own cause. Leftards don't care about anything except furthering leftard ideology. Period.

EDH said...

Shameless pigs!

"Just some English pig with no brains, you know... Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free."

Denis Lemieux: Against the rules. You know, you're stupid when you do that. Just some English pig with no brains, you know.

Jim Carr: Uh, what is slashing?

Denis Lemieux: Slashing is um, like that

Denis Lemieux: you know.

Jim Carr: Mm-hmm. And there's a penalty for that?

Denis Lemieux: Yeah and for the trip also, you know like that.

Denis Lemieux: And for hook like this.

Denis Lemieux: And for spear, you know, like that.

Denis Lemieux: You do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free.

shiloh said...

hmm, better stick w/rubber duckies :-P as your conservative flock doesn't seem to care about Walker anymore

gk1 said...

Its amazing to me how long some babys cry and throw a tantrum. Which is all the Walker hysteria is. You would think they would have fallen asleep by now. It must be serious. I guess their diapers need to be changed.

edutcher said...

The first part sounds like the wake it is.

Again, thanks for giving the world the real story.

And Scott Walker will be one of the serious contenders for the Republican nomination in 2020.

PS The bride is gorgeous.

Happy marriage, ma'am.

vet66 said...

As a Veteran I would only hope that I could exhibit the same self-control that the two of you exhibited. Thank you!

By the way, these look like the same protestors who disrespected Vets as we returned from VietNam every time we arrived at Travis AFB and left the base. Then there were the Krishnas at the SF airport playing their spoiled game of enlightenment.

Insufficiently Sensitive said...

Scott Walker touched off the protests? Excuuuuse me, but he did what he was elected by the majority to do.

Professional soreheads on a power trip touched off the protests, fueled by unlimited bucks from big unions all over the country.

Petunia said...

What Insufficiently Sensitive said.

SGT Ted said...

Ah yes, the Peace and Tolerance and Love For All crowd, calling their opponents "pigs".

You can FEEL the love as they cuss out girl scouts and destroy public property, while committing fraud by claiming to be sick, complete with fake doctors notes, so that they would continue to get paid while violating the Hatch Act.

The Union Servants all should be fired and replaced with actual Public Servants.