February 15, 2012

"His face was framed by a coat that gave him the look of a 1960’s guru — or perhaps Cousin Itt’s pet."

Malachy, the Pekingese that won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

ADDED: Did you know that in the 136 years of the show, the most popular breed in America has never won best in show?


Browndog said...

You don't say.

Aridog said...

Against my better judgment, I watched that Best in Show final last night. Projectile vomiting ensued.

AKC standards did not disappoint me ... they are almost non-existent as usual. Whch is why I belong to an alternative organization, modeled on the German model, the "SV", and recognized by them, for German Shepherds. That said, I thought the Doberman would win, based upon gait, movement, conformation (such as I could see) and so forth.

That poor little dog that won was gasping for breath, and licking its nose whenever it was running ... if you can call what he does running. THAT should be a fault, a genetic defect in the vascular system and nose.

Oh, wait ... I bet a lot of folks thought he was "smiling", right?

Now my primary experience with dogs is with German Shepherds, Labradors, and, wait for it, ... Pekingese, the favored dog of my ex-wife, mainly because they're "cute" and can't outrun her, or anything faster than a garden slug. Every one of her little dogs were better representatives of that diminutive breed.

I want 2.5 hours of my last night back.

edutcher said...

That dog must hate its owners.

Or vice versa.

rhhardin said...

celebrates it’s 21st straight year as America’s..

Possessive it is another huge problem.

Known Unknown said...

The big friendly, fun breeds always get the shaft in favor of yappy rats that you could accidentally step on at Westminster.

Why? I haven't the faintest clue.

I'll take my faithful Golden Retriever any day.

paul a'barge said...



WKC bigots.

Look at the hips on the American German Shepherd.

Popville said...

+1 on the Doberman, tho our fave of the finalists was the Greyhound. Thankfully we watch for the dogs, not for who wins. But that Pekingese was especially disgusting.

Known Unknown said...

It's almost as if the dog show is run by people who hate dogs.

Oclarki said...

It's like fashion. Gay men dominate and determine what is in style.

Aridog said...

@ paul a'barge ... Re: American German Shepherds.

This has been a problem for a long time in the American bloodlines ... and one of the many reasons I stick to W.German, old DDR, or Czech bloodlines...generally as defined by Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde ... aka "SV." AKC is getting a clue (faintly & without acknowledgement) since their GSDCA affiliate now uses European bloodline dogs for working (Schutzhund) competitions.

When it comes to other working breeds, such as Labs or Goldens, and many others, there are two distinct lineages even within AKC ... the field trials dogs, and the show dogs. Different as night and day.

Just as with horses, if all you have is a halter horse that stands and looks pretty, you have not got much. Same for dogs ... posing alone doesn't cut it.

LilEvie said...

Pity the poor peke, as he can get no respect.

Yes it is easy to criticize the toy breeds with overly short muzzles. Of course toy breeds were never bred to be hunters, herders or anything of the kind; they are meant to be companions and lap dogs. And easy to criticize the structure of the modern GSD, which is why that dog should not have won.

At the same time, the peke is a perfect example of its breed standard, which is how they are to be judged, not by which can run the farthest, or has the most striking outline (dobie).

If you don't like pekes, don't own one.

Just remember that in this country we are all still free to own, and root for, the dog of our choice, and the breed standard is freely determined by the fanciers for that breed - the parent club.

If the animal rightists have their way, there will be no more pekes, labs, GSDs or any other specialized breed. "One generation and out" that is what they say. No more retrievers for hunting, bloodhounds for tracking fugitives, labs for guide dogs, and no more ugly dogs to sit on laps. They are passing anti-breeding laws in a community near you.

And no, the big dogs don't always get the shaft - last year's winner was the scottish deerhound, a beautiful animal though not popular with the public.

I would have been rooting for the sheltie, had she made it to the final. No sheltie has won yet either, but we are a young breed (at 100 years), still earning our stripes.

Terriers have done the most winning; they are very old breeds, and very functional; there isn't a terrier that won't "go to ground".

And I didn't like the result either.

Jennifer said...

That lady didn't actually answer any of those questions.

summer anne burton said...

RE: "If the animal rightists have their way..."

I'm not sure why this assessment is fair. Not everyone who is concerned with animal welfare wants to pass anti-breeding laws, but isn't there room for SOME discussion about who the real "dog lovers" are when unwanted mutts are being killed by the thousands?

LilEvie said...

There is a huge difference between animal welfare and animal rights. Please realize that it was purebred dog fanciers that invented "rescue". We rescue our own. We are responsible. We educate the public. We sell our pets on spay-neuter.
So what's the discussion. What freedoms should be sacrificed on the altar of making sure all dogs are wanted - and is that even possible?
Jennifer what questions do you want answered?

Unknown said...

I haven't psoted here in a long time, so this may not work at all. But anyway, Cinders(?) was robbed!

I thought I heard the announcer say no dachshund has over won best in show there, which seems odd (especially since ISTR one from about 15 years ago?)

Aridog said...

@ LilEvie ... you make several good points. I'd only question breeder behavior as less than respectable all too often, in-breeding to extremes at times. They have the "right" but too many abuse it. That said, for the good breeders out there, as you've said, they perform a service. My dogs are purebreds, but not now now nor ever American historic bloodlines. I seen way too many train wrecks in the alleged ranks of ole Rin Tin Tin (who looked nor was conformed anything like todays US GSD)

I've rescued a GSD/Malamute mix, and a Timber Wolf/GSD hybrid, among others, and in each instance I evaluate the rescue under the temperament standards of the German SV and American USCA. Both the wolf hybrid and the GSD/Malamute were sound mentally and physically and went on to live with and help raise children from infancy.

And ... I apologize for implying all dogs must "work." That's not exactly what I meant, "purpose" would have been better. My ex-wife, she of the many years with Pekes, now has a Dachshund for a companion. Companion dogs do have purpose.

Temperament is key in all dog breeds, in my opinion. A Lab or a Golden can be superb companion dogs ... just as a Peke can. My GSD's might not win favor among those who want touchy feely companions, due to their aloofness in adulthood. In all breeds, however, temperament is the primary consideration, followed by healthy conformation.

And I still think that the Peke that won BiS has a nasal problem that many other Pekes do not to anything near the obvious degree displayed last night. The hair coat was obviously contrived in the extreme. He was selected for "looks" alone IMO ... and that's where I find fault in such events.

I fault no dogs, just the owners sometimes.

LilEvie said...

Aridog, I am right with you on GSD structure and also the inherent breathing problems with dogs such as pekes. I favor breeding for health, temperament and functionality. The coat on the peke clearly serves no purpose than "beauty" and is high maintenance.

I just would hate to see us go the way of the UK, where the animal rights folks are now writing the rules for what can be bred and what they must look like.

Not every breeder is reputable. The ones that are have to struggle with these issues and hopefully "see the light" toward better health. I do trust their judgment more than that of politicians.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I always thought America's favorite breed was the dawg, the good old Heinz 57 mutt.