February 9, 2012

"Did 'The Woz' Slag Steve Jobs In FBI Interview?"

Asks The Smoking Gun.

(But nothing quoted from the FBI file tells us anything we don't know from reading the biography "Steve Jobs.")


Toshstu said...

Siri sez BFD.

edutcher said...

Well, Jobs did support Obama.

Dead Julius said...

There should be no post like this, because there should be no TSG report, because there should be no 191-page FBI file... not for a bona fide business leader who was been asked to help America by advising its government!

pm317 said...

From the article:
"Despite the rough assessment, the man concluded that Jobs was qualified for the government post since “honesty and integrity are not prerequisites to assume such a position.”"

This made me LOL. Job was being considered for a position on President's export council, whatever that is.

Larry J said...

Despite the rough assessment, the man concluded that Jobs was qualified for the government post since “honesty and integrity are not prerequisites to assume such a position.”

Nor is intelligence.

Erik Robert Nelson said...

I'd think even more highly of Woz than I do now if he *did* slag Jobs in the interview (of course, I have a much higher opinion of Woz than I ever did of Jobs).

Jobs was a psychopath, which the biography makes clear even though it doesn't actually use the word. In other words, he'd fit right in on a pointless government council.

Geoff Matthews said...

I agree with Erik that Jobs had some sociopathic-like characteristics. But I also believe that he channeled them into socially acceptable ways.

Like a boxer who likes to beat up people. As long as he keeps it in the ring, I don't care.

Geoff Matthews said...

Oh, and Woz had more technical smarts than Jobs. Jobs was just better at manipulating people

YoungHegelian said...


Jobs was just better at manipulating people

I think that's called management.

In all my years in business, I'm constantly amazed by how much people want to be led by someone who thinks he can do no wrong. Jobs had a lot of help at Apple, many of them true believers.

When I run across management like that I'm heading for the exit as fast as my little feets can take me. But, it's a lonely run, let me tell you.

Penny said...

Nothing in that article about whether the President had approached Jobs about serving BEFORE the hundreds of FBI man-hours were invested in proving him "nearly" unfit?

Why am I thinking they invested time, money and much agony in making him "fit for duty", whereupon he said something like, "Um, no thanks."

Penny said...

Americans have bigger problems than their waistlines.

Untold Government WASTE-of-time lines.

You know we really don't need the FBI to investigate our government's fitness for duty. A glance at the deficit gives us a pretty clear picture that someone's... CHUBBY.

Jose_K said...
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Jose_K said...

Honesty and integrity are not prerequisites to assume such a position. No ,they are not .it is the main foundation of american government. Men are no angels, if they were they would need no government. So the governemnt was designed to work even with the worst men.
There are to kind of govenment: the designed by philosophers based on men as they should be , and the one designed by politicians based on what men are As Madison put it about reelection, if there is no reelection , the president will steal as much as he can. With reelection, he would have pausity.
It is all about the incentives not about human nature.
You realy need to reread the Federalist
And some Public Choice.
So the man who did teh recomendation is intelligent

william said...

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