January 6, 2012

The Walker recall will cost $9 million.

More if there needs to be a primary to select the opponent.

Maybe we taxpayers will get lucky and there won't be enough signatures.

ADDED: $9 million? That's more than it cost to get the tape gunk off the marble.


Unknown said...

A $9 million+ hissy fit.

coketown said...

It's finally happened. After three years of Obama farting numbers like $1.6 trillion in deficits, a trillion-dollar healthcare law, $847 billion in "stimulus," and debt ceiling increases twice the size of the Defense Department, $9 million just seems so puny--so trivial and insignificant. It's like, "Oh, nine million? Is that all? Well go ahead."

Revenant said...

I should probably be outraged, but honestly my reaction was "just million? Like, with an 'm'?".

My threshold for outrage at government waste is around $250m these days.

SteveR said...

The people behind the Recall effort fully intend for it to cost a hell of a lot more that $9 million. Democracy is spending taxpayer money.

The Crack Emcee said...

Maybe we taxpayers will get lucky and there won't be enough signatures.

Or maybe you can grow a pair and start demanding those assholes stop wasting your time and money when there are currently serious limits on both.

I know - impossible.

We've become a nation of such easily exploitable pussies we're now addicted to even fucking ourselves,...

Guildofcannonballs said...

As Tom Sowell no doubt quoted, or, at the most minimum, paraphrased, what needs to happen is to compare the short (and long) term costs with the people who will pay for those costs and their in·ef·fi·cien·cies DOCUMENTED, notwithstanding those cunt lawyers advocating their case happily destroying America.

Leftists get people to quote "costs" even though liars are more prone to quoting costs than others, and they WIN because at some point in some time American's decided to codify morality other than codified by our betters.

To an extent literally unimaginable heretofore.

I've gotten in the face of those who bring a knife to a gunfight.

Logic, outside Chicago, wins.

Jason said...

And those "estimates" are usually always low, as most all government operations always cost more than "expected". Id be shocked if the recall, should it go the distance to an election, doesnt top $10 million.

All of this because the governor had the audacity to act in favor of the taxpayer and force state workers and teachers to pay 5% into their own retirement and 12% of their health care premiums.

I still laugh when I see or read the signs back from the protests that say "Its all about the kids", while the teachers ditched school for days on end and left the kids hanging.

Anonymous said...

"Its all about the kids"

Maybe it wasn't clear. They were the ones acting juvenile. It was all about them. They are the "grown up" kids who throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way.

Here's a quote from the article where the speaker gets it exactly backwards:

"We simply can't afford to have Scott Walker as governor one day longer than we have to," Tate said.

So you can't afford the man who balanced the budget but you can afford another administration that's going to put you back in billions of dollars of debt? Does that make any sense to anyone except a big government fanatic.

caseym54 said...

Certainly checking the signatures is cheaper.

Unknown said...

"My threshold for outrage at government waste is around $250m these days."

Gosh, Revenant, you are cheap. $435m to billionaire Kaiser's bankrupt Solyndra, Pelosi's brother-in-law got 3/4 bil, Perelman another half bil. And you are outraged at $250m?

jimspice said...

Easy solution. Just have every Walker appointee voluteer as secretary/treasurer for a non-profit. The cash will come ROLLING in.

ignatzk said...

- Miss Me Yet?-


Penny said...

If ONLY our nation's worst problem was the cost of a WALKER...coming OR going.

Don't let those zeros smack you in the ass.

Penny said...

There's only one thing worse than six zeros for the stupid.

It's the guy who insists that there are seven.

And he's RIGHT!


edutcher said...

Amazing how the Lefties always find a way to waste more money.

PS Take care out on the roads, you crazy kids.

Jaske said...

It's a win-win either way.
Win....gun voters flock

Beta Rube said...

Yesterday a Miami Police Union President was charged with embezzling 200,000.00.

If you google "teacher's union embezzlement" you will get roughly a bazillion hits. And on and on.

I do remember Garage, Jimspice, and the rest of the gang calling for the shutdown of unions whenever this happened. It is not, after all, the work of bad actors. It reflects directly on the members and supporters of the unions, and particularly on the executives who hired them.

People with access to money steal with maddening regularity. Churches. unions, non-profits, small business, and even Milwaukee's beloved Koss Corp.

This is the first time I can recall that the moral fiber of the person who spotted the discrepancy and notified the DA has been tied directly to the embezzler.

This has no legs. It will be forgotten long before the first vote is cast.

alan markus said...

Didn't find firm numbers, but supposedly about $30,000,000 was spent on campaign expenditures for the 8 recalls in summer of 2011, and the Prosser-Kloppenhag race was almost $5,000,000.

Imagine how much this race will draw ($50,000,000+?)in campaign expenditures.

Consider the $9,000,000 as leverage that is going to draw a lot of money into the economy for media outlets, printers, etc. Think how much of that money is coming from out-of-state.

Maybe holding continous elections will be Wisconsin's next big industry, after tourism.

KCFleming said...

$9 million?
So what?

It's not real money. It's Other People's Money.

There's an endless supply of it. Just ask Barry.
That's why they hate Walker in the first place.

Walker thinks state funds are limited and in fact excessive.

Democrats and the unions believe it's a bountiful and limitless fountain, and ever more can be spent.

In reality, it's Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree, but at the end, the old Democrat sues the stump.

Toad Trend said...

This is what occurs when an 'inexhaustible' amount of money can be tapped from taxpayers.

Serious decisions need to be made to stem this horseshit or the inevitable failure of this country will occur at the hand of the pansy left. I pray it doesn't come down to hand-to-hand combat, but this continual assault on citizens for special interest's sake MUST BE STOPPED.

We can't allow theft and corruption to continue. If fairness means the ability to extract property from others as the left defines it, then we must put effort into extinguishing this bullshit fairness meme once and for all.

KJE said...

This theft of veterans money seems similar to church embezzlements, little league fund embezzlements, and the like. We seem to read about these every 3 months.

If it turns out Governor Walker knew about it, and covered up, then he should rightly be pilloried.

However, it seems that when he learned about it, he reported it.

There could be more coming out of the John Doe. It's hard to tell what initiated the hearing, and where it went during the course of the investigation. It could have been that the theft sparked it, or other issues sparked it and the theft was uncovered subsequent. It could also be that other issues have been more or less resolved (likely as not chargable.)

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Any amout of tax payer money is worth it, if it's for the glory of the corrupt and greedy democrat union machine.

Michael Haz said...

Nine million dollars, just so a small group of whining public employees can elect a governor who will restore their free pension and health insurance benefits.

And so public employee unions can forcibly extract dues from people who will be required by law to join those unions, and then divert that dues money to buy Democrat politicians.

Michael Haz said...

Can you name any medium or large cities in America whose elected officials have not been corrupted by labor union money and politics?

alan markus said...

There could be more coming out of the John Doe. It's hard to tell what initiated the hearing, and where it went during the course of the investigation.

Such as this?

Embezzlement probe also results in sex charges

The secret John Doe investigation into embezzlement of funds intended for veterans also produced a jarring unrelated sex crime case against the domestic partner of a former top aide to Gov. Scott Walker.

Evidence of the crime emerged from cellphones and computers that investigators seized at the couple's former Milwaukee home during the investigation into Russell's handling of the veterans funds.


James said...

It will be amusing to watch Garage and the other lefties attack gays (Timothy Russell and Brian Pierick).

james conrad said...

Rather likes the idea of public sector unions crashing into the wall in Wisconsin. The fact that an election will cost the taxpayers 9 mil is a small price to pay in my view

Phil 314 said...

That's just the Dems doing what they do well...

spend other people's money.

bagoh20 said...

"...we're now addicted to even fucking ourselves,... "

I can stop anytime I want - I just don't want to yet.

Phil 314 said...

could of hired about 200 new teachers and paid them for a year.

garage mahal said...

So about two bucks for every resident in Wisconsin to rid of itself of Scott Walker. That's seems to good to be true. What's the catch?

KCFleming said...

See? Garage, like all lefties, sees the State treasury as an endless font for lefties to draw from, whenever they damn well please.

There's always more.

Just ask California.

Beta Rube said...

What would it take to get rid of Teacher's Unions? I'm in for a couple thousand.

Jaske said...

See? Garage, like all lefties, sees the State treasury as an endless font for lefties to draw from, whenever they damn well please.

In defense of social government, Vermont still has a surplus of funds.

It's draining as Massachusetts moves and votes.

KCFleming said...

More, Garage thinks nothing of taking $2 from every resident of Wisconsin, whether they agree or not.

Who cares?
It's not their money, because the State really owned it all along.

Michael said...

Vermont has surplus because it has an abundance of taxpayers who own homes there and require no services because they live elsewhere, their children do not go to school there and they dont vote there. It is not a self sustaining model.

Jaske said...


You're correct partially, Massholes are now demanding tax supported services and and are receiving them (pressure to the local providers to vote for their customers wishes), the expectation of snow plowing on private roads is just one example.

Brian Brown said...

What's $9 million when you're stopping a corrupt and evil politician!??

PS, the number of times the left cares about other people's money remains at zero.

Lem said...

Maybe we taxpayers will get lucky and there won't be enough signatures.

ADDED: $9 million? That's more than it cost to get the tape gunk off the marble

If Scotch Walkers enemies are allowed to take guns into the capitol.. there is practically nothing they cant do ;)

PS.. sorry about the double negative.. I use a double sided tape.

garage mahal said...

What's $9 million when you're stopping a corrupt and evil politician!??

Seems like a bargain doesn't it?

Alex said...

garage lacks any real life perspective. He's a brainwashed leftist idiot and one day real life will wake him up.

Anonymous said...

People too easily forget the huge amount of money spent directly as a result of the protests - police and security over-time, clean-up, lost wages for parents that stayed home because teachers illegally called in "sick".

Temujin said...

I missed the last 35 comments because I'm still laughing at The Crack Emcee's comments. He's right. We are a nation addicted to fucking ourselves. Interesting that the self plugging is so prevalent around universities. All that nuanced thinking you know- such as "who's gonna pay for mine?"

Brian Brown said...

garage mahal said...

Seems like a bargain doesn't it?


Again, you make a fool of yourself here day in and day out, yet you'll be back tomorrow.

Temujin said...

Wonder what the total cost of security, clean-up, city help, university help, hotel rooms in Illinois for lame legislators, etc. is since the start of the....Madison Whining?

Add this $9mm to the total. What a waste of time, money, and productive life. When did Wisconsin become so weak?

PaulV said...

All the out of state union money to collect signatures is definite stimulus to WI.

garage mahal said...

Althouse is still plugging that completely bogus 7.5 million cleanup claim that was tabulated on a cocktail napkin? Haha. Must really suck to be a Walker supporter these days.

Lewis Wetzel said...

It was just a matter of time before the forces that flatten the wages of non-union workers reach government workers.

"Did not once the Jewish captain stay the sun upon the hill,
And, the while he slew the foemen, bid the silver moon stand still?
So, no doubt, could gracious Canute, if it were his sacred will."

"Might I stay the sun above us, good sir Bishop?" Canute cried;
"Could I bid the silver moon to pause upon her heavenly ride?
If the moon obeys my orders, sure I can command the tide.

"Will the advancing waves obey me, Bishop, if I make the sign?"
Said the Bishop, bowing lowly, "Land and sea, my lord, are thine."
Canute turned towards the ocean—"Back!" he said, "thou foaming brine.

"From the sacred shore I stand on, I command thee to retreat;
Venture not, thou stormy rebel, to approach thy master's seat:
Ocean, be thou still! I bid thee come not nearer to my feet!"

But the sullen ocean answered with a louder, deeper roar,
And the rapid waves drew nearer, falling sounding on the shore;
Back the Keeper and the Bishop, back the king and courtiers bore.

King Canute, Wm. Thackeray

kjbe said...

Maybe we taxpayers will get lucky and there won't be enough signatures.

Or maybe Walker will resign.

garage mahal said...

Or be forced to resign.

DADvocate said...
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DADvocate said...

No cost is too great when you're fighting for the proletariat. We must never stop fighting for what is right and just. Wisconsin uber alles.

Curious George said...

"garage mahal said...
Or be forced to resign."

Ha, you just can't let go of that straw!

PackerBronco said...

garage mahal said...
So about two bucks for every resident in Wisconsin to rid of itself of Scott Walker. That's seems to good to be true. What's the catch

Or only about $16 per signature. So why don't you cheapskates pony up the money? Oh wait, that's what this all about isn't? Making the rest of the voters pay for you.

MadisonMan said...

I also thought of the damage estimate when I read that article this morning. I wonder what the true cost will be.

$2 Million? $1M?

Unknown said...

So many Wisconsinite's tax bills went down this year thanks to Gov Walker. Schools are as good as usual or even better. There were few layoffs of teachers, though there were more retirements this year.

Now lets look at the governors that really creamed their state workforces...


The targets are public work unions facing as many as 9,000 layoffs under Cuomo’s plan, teachers unions facing a historic cut in school aid and hospitals facing deep Medicaid cuts.


(Patrick) Promises to save education jobs came at a high cost to other government employees. Up to 2000 state jobs will be cut in an effort to balance the states budget.


Gov. Pat Quinn announced Thursday that he'll try to close seven state institutions and lay off more than 1,900 employees in an effort to live within the reduced budget approved by the Illinois Legislature


Its just hunky dory for a Democratic governor to axe employees, but let Walker spread some small financial costs and he's the new Hitler.

The democrats axe the workers and keep the union. Its all about power.

Unknown said...

Oh.... don't forget Walker's crook predecessor...


Gov. Jim Doyle said Thursday that the budget deficit has exploded to up to $6.5 billion - a historic gap he wants fixed by laying off up to 1,100 employees, furloughing non-emergency workers eight days a year, rescinding 2% pay raises and making new cuts in aid to schools and local governments.

Doyle said the $5 billion deficit he and lawmakers faced in March has soared because tax collections are running far below estimates. The potential $6.5 billion gap will occur over a three-year period ending June 30, 2011.


Methadras said...

leftards sure know how to express their anger in other peoples money.