January 1, 2012

There now.

I've started the new year on the blog with an old potato and its attendant quandaries.

Let that be a sign of things to come.


John Burgess said...

This cannot mean that you're going to be focusing on 'first world problems' can it?

In the third world, that potato would never have been left for three days. And even if it had, it would have been eaten without a second thought.

Paddy O said...

I like the new dementia-friendly approach too, linking to the immediately previously post, just in case your readers already forgot what they had just read.

Hopefully, we'll also be seeing closed captioning as an option for the new year!

(I know, I know the link is probably for the blog archives where posts don't always show up next to each other in the same ways)

rhhardin said...

Flickr changed its address of the original photos from containing static.flickr to just staticflickr starting in December 2011.

Which matters if you're archiving your archive each month and fetch the images as well, against the possibility of either blogger or flickr deleting your account one day.

I needed two more lines

sed '/staticflickr/s//static.flickr/'


sed '/static.flickr/s//staticflickr/'

to fix my archive script.

edutcher said...

One presumes there's a significance to old potatoes.

Paddy O said...

I like the new dementia-friendly approach

Well, we are turning 61, after all.

William said...

Life is a series of inconsequential events. The slow erosion of banality and insignificance upon our souls is irrevocable and diminishing. Thank God for musings upon the constitutional rights of Gitmo detainees. To fret about such things is so much more ennobling than the teeny weeny decisions we make about old baked potatoes and whether or not we need to trim our toenails.

ricpic said...

Vitamin C, Vitamin B-6, Potassium: why the prejudice against the spud?

ricpic said...

Trimming my toenails is a soul lifter for me.

Carol_Herman said...

See, if you had a dog, you'd know it would go into the dog's bowl.

All my dogs love eating leftovers.

Look on the bright side. It's soft inside. It's no longer raw. And, lucky it didn't drop to the bottom of the oven ... or it could have stayed in place, cooking alongside other things. And, by the time someone cleaned out the oven ... it would look like a lump of coal.

By the way, is this the beginnings of potato salad? A cold potato. And, a cook. And, as Julia Child said: NO ONE IS IN THE KITCHEN WITH YOU!

LilEvie said...

But what is Romney's position on old potatoes?
Has he flipped, or flopped?

Wince said...

Christopher Hitchens notwithstanding, in this case what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.

The potato, I mean, not the blogging about a blog post you just blogged about.

That'll fuck'n kill 'ya.

traditionalguy said...

We need a little more class this year.

Spuds are not classy. The are McDomald's Prole food.

Les pommes de terre done with a Julia Child recipe would be fine.

But we can begin the year out with red new potatoes. Throw 2 or 3 in your French microwave for 4 minutes, and serve with beurre blanc sauce.

Peter Hoh said...

rhhardin, I'd like to know more about how you archive your flickr photos.

Any tips or links?


rcommal said...

I'm pondering whether the true theme of today's blogging is the thermal danger zones of theories and people.