January 12, 2012

"Smokin' the Competition."


(Somewhere in the middle of Texas.)


traditionalguy said...

Nicotine, o Nicotine, we once had a true love. But that is all gone with the wind.

Tobacco was the cash crop that made English Colonies here viable.

traditionalguy said...

Them's TCU colors. Ft Worth must be nearby.

Quaestor said...

All those skewed horizon lines. Is this the lair of Batman's arch-nemesis?

Ann Althouse said...

Something about the lettering on that sign makes me want to say: "putting the 'tit' in competition."

DADvocate said...

Smokin. Reminds me of The Mask.

toby said...

Althouse misses Titus.

edutcher said...

Be interesting to see who ends up "Smokin' the Competition" after the assault on Bain Capital.

It doesn't seem to be going Newt's way.

the jackal said...

I believe the line is "deep in the heart of Texas."

ironrailsironweights said...

`"Gambler Cigars" ... two bad habits in one.


EDH said...
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EDH said...

"Smokin' the Competition."

Somewhere in the middle of Texas.

Brownsville Station?

Irene said...

"Newport Pleasure. Buy a pack. $6.19 plus tax."

We're not in old-time Texas any more!

(But he sells Zigzags for 0.99)

Chip Ahoy said...

It would almost be clever if it did not lead immediately to 'yeah but.' For this signage presents a self-depricating paradox.

It is a shop that sells smokes but smokes the competition instead of its own tobacco product so it supports the competition then while it claims to leave them behind in a cloud of smoke.

dbp said...

A definite no on a "Civility Bullshit" tag for this one!

Steve Koch said...

Althouse may be pulling our leg. Rather than being deep in the heart of Texas, as Althouse claims, that picture was probably taken in west Texas somewhere (probably Lubbock). It is understandable that Althouse would not want anyone to know that she is visiting Lubbock (happiness is Lubbock in your rear view mirror).

Beldar said...

@ traditionalguy: Tobacco wasn't ever much grown in Texas, actually.

@ Steve Koch: As one who grew up 60 miles south of Lubbock, I can righteously remind you of the closing lyrics of Lubbock native Mac Davis' actual song:

I guess happiness was Lubbock, Texas

In my rear view mirror

But now happiness is Lubbock, Texas

Growing nearer and dearer

And the vision is getting clearer

In my dreams

And I think I finally know

Just what it means

And when I die you can bury me

In Lubbock, Texas, in my jeans.

Steve Koch said...


Mac repeated the refrain
"Happiness is Lubbock in my rear view mirror" 4 times before he finally decided that he was both right and wrong about Lubbock. The song was about Mac feeling that Lubbock sucked for a big chunk of his life before he finally changed his mind (somewhat).

J. T. Drake said...

Was this possibly in Post, Texas?

J Lee said...

Drive into Uvalde from the north on U.S. 83. See the store with the big "Guns/Liquor" sign outside. Welcome to Texas.