January 19, 2012

"Prosecutors Banned From 'Jaw-Jacking' Outside Judge's Chambers."



Dan from Madison said...

Love that term, been using it all my life. I wonder if it is a Midwest thang.

Ann Althouse said...

It's like eavesdropping, but the other way around.

Triangle Man said...

Growing up in the south east "jacking a jaw" meant punching it.

traditionalguy said...

A good Defense attorney tries to do that himself. It conveys a reality context that says to the ever watchful jurors that authority in this building is really on our side so you can be on our side too.

But I never saw a proud assistant DA do it much of that. The Judges who had been the prior DAs often did help the DA's office out on the sly.

Blatant community peer pressure on the Jurors should be stopped, or at least done with more subtlety.

edutcher said...

A bunch of guys who are supposed to be working but are standing around sucking up coffee and talking always looks bad.

You're supposed to go back to somebody's cube and do it there.

Carnifex said...

Being from the border of Mid-west/south-east region I grew up using the term both ways, and only context as the determinant.

I understand most but the deepest idioms from both regions, but every now and then someone will come up with something I never heard before.

I don't imagine too many mid-westerners know what a (and I'm going to spell this phonetically) Vienny is, or a tushy.

A Vienny is a veinna sausage that comes in the little can with the jelly around it.

And a tushy is a large fang on an animal like a bobcat, or a boar.

extra pts. for those who know the proper way to get the jelly off the vienna sausages.

Methadras said...

Commiseration is ILLEGAL!!!