January 14, 2012

Pictures of Austin, Texas.

Bicycle wheel chandelier at the Bouldin Creek Café:


Masculine fashions:


In the Spider House Café:


On Lady Bird Lake, a monument to the homeless...


... and a monument to Stevie Ray Vaughan (who died in a helicopter crash in Wisconsin):


Barton Springs:


Reflection in the Japanese garden:


At the Cherrywood Coffeehouse... outside....


... and inside:



David said...

No Salt Lick?

Rialby said...

If anyone is interested, there's a pretty good biography out on SRV. The end of his life really makes you wonder why they don't make a movie of his life. He was strung out on coke for years and nearly died from mixing cocaine with his morning shots of whiskey. He cleaned up and found love and then perished on the night of an amazing show. Horribly sad.

Rialby said...

By the way, who's reading the Sowell? You or Meade?

edutcher said...

Nice to see the grass is green there.

Temp must be in the low 60s, high 50s, I'm guessing.

Here, it's the high 20s.

Ann Althouse said...

"By the way, who's reading the Sowell? You or Meade?"


Skyler said...

The weather was beautiful today. Glad you're able to be here to enjoy it.

KenK said...

What does the homeless monument plaque say on it? What does it commemorate?

jacksonjay said...

Barton Springs is very low!

Beth said...

You make me miss home. We moved away from Austin about six years ago, been in KS, PA for a winter and northern VA for a few years. None compare. Thankfully, we, too, have family in TX and get to go eat there sometimes.

Glad your travels are going well!

MadisonMan said...

I'll be in Austin next year for a meeting. Looks like an interesting place (never been there).

OldGrouchyCranky said...

Ah, Moscow on the Colorado! Lovely in spite of its strange reputation.

Tim said...

Nice 'Niner jacket there in Cowboy county...but Texans have always like winners!

Carnifex said...

@ MadMan

Its very eclectic, and fun. You'll have a good time there. You still need to hit the Oasis, Professor.
We expect Capital pictures too Prof. Its on Congress street. Go down to the Lake Park at night, and check out the reflections.

The Old Alamo Movie house is cool too. And the Museum of the Weird.

If I, old reactionary that I am, had a good time in Austin, you know anyone can.

PS. 50% of armadillos carry the leprosy virus, so stay away from them.(at least that's what Turtleman said)

Ralph L said...

Are you sure that statue isn't of Charles I or the Quaker Oat man?

WV - fleas future statue will feature a sock.

Rich B said...

It's been a long time between ketchup posts.

Hagar said...

How many Texans does it take to change out a dead lightbulb?

grgeil said...

I've always believed that one reason Austin is so special is that it's a secular (libertine?) city in a business-friendly state. For those of us who lean libertarian, its about as close to the ideal as you'll find. Austin's government is still full of nannies, train enthusiasts and greens, however, this being in Texas, to thrive here you still have to work. You may choose not to work for "the man" but you will work, and that creates a vibrant entrepeneurialism among our resident lefties.

Rob said...

I lived in Dallas when Stevie Ray Vaughan died...all the flags (and Texas businesses have some giant flags) were at half-mast.

Jose_K said...

The fumble was his defense ´s fault.
He failed when he tried to run like he was in College football against a professional defense. Three of the 11 failed pass attempt were droped by the receiver in spite of being easy to do.
The defense was like butter being cut by a hot knife
By middle time , I stopped watching the massacre.
A mediocre LHQB lasted longer than expected but in the end ...nice guys always finish last

Phil 3:14 said...

Clearly, I'm not hip enough to live in Austin.

(Are people still "hip"?)

Paul Brinkley said...

For great scenery, West Austin is prime hill country - emphasis on "hill".

Visit a Threadgill's restaurant if you can for a great local experience.

For that matter, I hope you're able to drop by UT Austin (my alma mater) - hopefully the Texas Union Building is still as nice as it was when I went there. (I used to sneak in practice at the 2-3 pianos up on the second floor, assuming some other student wasn't use them.)

Paul said...


Notice you are in Texas where EVERYONE HAS A GUN, and CCW is quite common.

Lots of dead in the street, right? A regular Dodge City, eh?


Yea, I agree.

Amartel said...

Go Niners! (Even deep in the heart of Texas.)

Tari said...

Aaargh, I miss Austin! I need a weekend trip, pronto.