January 7, 2012

Charles Addams... born 100 years ago today.

I noticed the Google doodle, and then found this.


edutcher said...

Attending an all boys school, Addams' work was a universal favorite and even a few teachers allowed some of the choicer cartoons on the bulletin boards every now and again.

The one that always stuck with me was a dowager showing off a large jewel on a pendant at a penthouse party as a man in a turban is seen climbing over the balcony, about to blow a dart from a blowgun.

The caption?

"Oh, it's so lovely, and there's even a silly little curse attached to it".

joanthequilter said...

The night sky is filled with flying saucers, and on the ground below them we see hordes of octopus-like creatures with bulbous helmets spreading out everywhere. In the foreground, a housewife opens her front door, looks down at one of the aliens, and says "I'm sorry, sonny, we've run out of candy!"
There are many great ones but that's my favorite.

Psychedelic George said...

Love the one where Fester is speeding around a hairpin mountain curve. He sees a truck coming around the curve. Meanwhile, he's gleefully waving a family in a car to pass him.