January 25, 2012

"The Beatles, 'Revolution,' cut up, scrambled, and looped. The Beatles sing 'one two three four' for an hour."

"All of Billy Joel's greatest hits played at once. Celine Dion screams for 1.5 minutes. Please enjoy responsibly."

Yes, indeed. You can end up feeling a little ill.

Like, if you go here: "Have you ever wondered what each Beatles album would sound like if you played all the songs together at the same time? No way! Me too!"

And they recommended this...

... which seems pretty entertaining while it's going on, but I don't feel so good now.


edutcher said...

Guy needs a real job.

And a girlfriend.

A real one.

Paco Wové said...

Back in the LP days, a friend had a scratched up Patti Smith record. The last song on one side ended with two emphatic notes, like daaaa.... DA DUM. Then there was a deep scratch, so the needle skipped back to the prior groove, and the last notes repeated over and over:
daaaa.... DA DUM (pop)
DA DUM (pop)
DA DUM (pop)
DA DUM (pop)
DA DUM (pop)

We kind of liked it, but it drove some of our friends crazy.

lewsar said...

that was strange. interesting, but strange. what must a person eat/drink/think/experience/dream to come up with stuff like that, and then invest the time in which to do it?

Sigivald said...

All the songs at once?

Been Done, and by the artist involved rather than as a mashup.

("During my illness I had a dream where I was told that I must put together all my recordings onto one album.

Then I was shown in my dream to my ears all the recordings I had made as Current 93 and with Steven Stapleton running together together, piling on top on top.

I was told that I must so summarize my life as in what I had done before before I died dead.

And this is what I heard: so the Great was in the Small: THE GREAT IN THE SMALL.

And I could as in my dream I was told hear everything all I had done at one once and saw myself drowning and heard my life flash in front of me.


chickenlittle said...

Like, if you go here: "Have you ever wondered what each Beatles album would sound like if you played all the songs together at the same time?

I wondered if a Fourier transform could deconvolute them all back to separate songs.

Rusty said...


ErnieG said...

I was in school back in the days of those big ol' reel-to-reel tape recorders. A guy on our floor took a tape of Ravel's Bolero and made an endless loop of one of the middle sections. It sounded kind of weird, but I think that in a way it captured the essence of Bolero. I never really liked that piece.

Lem said...

In the movie Another Earth (2011) a story is related about a cosmonaut.. the first man in space having to listen to an incessant intermittent tap sound.


EDH said...

I noticed that boot video went from cats to bees.


Tarzan said...
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Tarzan said...

Tarzan marvels at the newly-discovered percussive qualities of beef.

wv "isemelec" - Jane will sometimes interject this word in arguments so as to confuse Tarzan and gain the upper hand.

shirley elizabeth said...

Boots and Cats is reminiscent of the old "Badger Badger Badger" video.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

Boots and cats?

Nuggets and biscuits!

Carnifex said...

I watched the video, it was the bee's knees. Hell, it was the whole entymological anatomy. Especially if you take out the bees and the boots. Kitties rock!!(and they're so soft and cuddly too)

I had to take a music appreciation class in school, even though I already liked music quite a lot. The teacher would play some classical, some rock, some jazz, celtic, etc. And while I don't really care for jazz there was some stuff I could listen to and not be bored stupid. But then he played some experimental stuff. Like this, only really really pretentious. OMG! Worse stuff ever. He even played this record, it lasted 22 minutes, and there were no sounds on it. The listener was supposed to provide the music just by listening to the silence from the world around them.(the big selling point was that each performance,even recorded, would be different) We call that noise where I come from.

I didn't appreciate that record.

Writ Small said...

Thank God SOPA was defeated.

Roger Zimmerman said...

Rubber Soul sounds exactly the same

Penny said...

"Rubber Soul sounds exactly the same"

Only different!

Don't you just LOVE when that happens?

gerry said...

Hard drives are cheap.

It makes this worthless crap understandable in an economic sense.

I wonder if the "artist" gets food stamps?

David R. Graham said...

Very old idea. A 50s Peter Gunn episode featured one of Gunn's informants doing this, a Russian, using numerous of the portable 45 and small 78 machines common then. Delightfully funny visuals and audios.

But John Cage really brought this technique to fame and high art. I attended a concert of his in fall 67 where he had this technique blaring on internal and external speakers at Memorial Chapel as concert goers fore gathered. Rocked U of Redlands back on her heels, I tell you. I was assistant chaplain there at the time.

I loved it. Favorite take-away line: measurements measure measuring means. Second favorite take-away line: what makes you think I'm NOT black?

Levi Starks said...

somebody took the wrong color pill