December 24, 2011

"The Worst-Dressed Man in the World."

An impressive achievement, is it not? Of course, it's easy to be bad. But it's not easy to be the worst.


Mary Beth said...

Red pants are trendy but a red suit is wrong?

He looks like he has fun with his clothes.

knox said...

Yes, he definitely earned it.

Karen said...

Okay, those are all bad looks--but...who the hell is Jared Leto?

Carnifex said...

I got worst body on the beach once. I wore one of those speedo banana-hammock thingies which was bad enough. The truly humiliating thing came when I found out I had it on backwards.

God is effing with me again, my verification word is hangow.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

I expected this guy to be wearing shorts. And I'm glad they gave it to some actor I've never heard of.

edutcher said...

See Barney Frank in a see-through t-shirt on the floor of the House last week?

This kid's an amateur.

traditionalguy said...

IMO he is a geneus in the Getting Noticed art.

Today's boy/man look complete with the eternal 4 day beard to indicate a male on board inside the boy's clothing needs all the jazzing up it can get.

EDH said...
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EDH said...

Althouse: "But it's not easy to be the worst."

But some are really good at it. So sweet.

The Worst

Well I said from the first
I am the worst kind of guy
For you to be around
Tear me apart
Including this old heart
That is true
And never ever let you down

You shouldn't stick with me
You trust me too much, you see
Take all the pain
It's yours anyway
Yeah kid...

Oh, put the blame on me
You ought to pass, you see
Somewhere outside
I threw love aside
Now it's a tragedy

I said from the first
I am the worst kind of guy
For you to be around

Happy birthday Keith!

ricpic said...

Why should what Beau Brummel said about not being noticed be the last word in mens' fashion? There's bad noticed and good noticed. My Davy Crockett coonskin cap (which is actually rabbit fur) with the raccoon tail is a good noticed fashion statement from December thru February. And it's toasty warm to boot.

David said...

Except for the nipple shirt and the bag lady outfit, it wasn't so bad.

Plus now he has his 15 minutes.

jamboree said...

He's turning 40 this year, you know.

His initial role was as Clare Dane's boyfriend, Jordan Catalano, in "My So-Called Life."

Penny said...

"Plus now he has his 15 minutes".


Penny said...


Penny said...

Clearly, not soon enough.

george said...

Apparently whoever gave out this award never saw a picture of Michelle Obama.

The Barney Frank wet t-shirt picture from the house floor also deserves consideration but that is just one outfit. MO is consistently an embarrassment.

Skipweasel said...

Before clicking on the link I was thinking of posting a comment along the lines of "Bah, I do worse than that every day" but now I just think I need the eye-bleach, please.

Anyway, who is he?