December 27, 2011

What do Ducks wear to the Rose Bowl?

The "latest Nike Pro Combat system of dress – the most advanced football uniform system ever assembled. This fully integrated uniform system... incorporates the pinnacle in performance innovation and design from the world’s most renowned athletic outfitter. The new uniform provides enhanced thermoregulation and more durability with the inclusion of Nike Chain Maille Mesh – a lightweight ultra-breathable material – used in both the jersey and pant."

It's not just a uniform. It's a uniform system. If you're like me — that is, if you went to law school — when you hear "uniform system," you think of A Uniform System of Citation.

Here's a better idea of what to wear to the Rose Bowl.


rcommal said...

what to wear to the Rose Bowl.

I suppose shorts would be out of the question? Pasadena's projected high temperature is in the upper '70s, which is looking mighty good compared to the one here.

; )

fivewheels said...

Oregon has lost track of what the word "uniform" means.

ricpic said...

Wear the right costume and the part plays itself.

KCFleming said...

I propose going back to leather helmets.


Head injuries are increasing because the helmet lets you (1) hurt people with the helmet and (2) get multiple small head injuries that don't hurt all that bad.

A thin helmet to keep you from getting cut but allow you to feel everything involving your head would be safer.

Just my two cents.

Dust Bunny Queen said...
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Browndog said...

What to wear at the Rose Bowl?

Why, Maize and Blue....naturally-

(next year)

edutcher said...

Everything's a system these days.

Usually it just means add a few zero to the price of the regular stuff.

rcommal said...

A thin helmet to keep you from getting cut but allow you to feel everything involving your head would be safer.

Pogo: That's interesting. My husband, a huge football fan, has said for many years that he wondered if some of the innovations in "protection" have backfired due to, perhaps, players feeling a false sense of safety in hitting and being hit--and their coaches etc. feeling likewise on the topic. He wonders if perhaps a little less would end up being more, in the safety department. He'll be gratified to hear that a doctor is considering along the same lines.

Unknown said...

I'm sure all those liberals at and from the University of Oregon are totally grooving on their football team being part of a Fortune 500 corporation's marketing program.

Because that's all this is.

At least crack-whores know who they are...

MayBee said...

I really, really wanted to see what Nike would have done with two of its teams in the Rose Bowl.

We'll have to see if Adidas can step it up for the Badgers.

madAsHell said...

Does my butt look big in this??

I hate the Ducks.

They spit on guests in their stadium. It's that whole lefty vibe in Eugene....and I live in Seattle!

sojerofgod said...

does this come in kevlar? It would be really cool with bullet proofiness added to the design, i might just want one under those circumstances, if the price was right...

traditionalguy said...

What ever happened to tear away jerseys? The extra costs involved are minimal these days. And what is more fair than that in a game of tackling...not yanking.

dhagood said...

as it happens, i am a university of oregon grad. i don't think i ever went to a ducks football game, but i can't swear to it (i did go to both men's and women's basketball games frequently).

when i was going to school in the late 70s/early 80s, the state economy was in the tank, and the state cut back on their portion of the university's budget. the university cut a bunch of corners, and one thing they cut heavily was office supplies.

so, you'd take a multiple page test, which was of course stapled together. the test would be unstapled, and the various pages handed out to different teaching assistants to grade. however, due to the budget cuts, the test would not be stapled together again. so, when you went down to pick up your test, you had to find all the different pages separately. given that for lower level classes, there could be a thousand or so pieces of paper strewn across a table top, 200 cranky students pawing ineffectually at the mounds of papers scattered everywhere often did not end up with everything.

this sounds petty, and it probably is petty. it was also uniquely enraging, and everybody i knew positively foamed at the mouth whenever the subject came up.

at the very same time this nonsense was going on, the football team opened up a brand new, $5M athletic center that nobody but football players were allowed to use.

you may perhaps tell me that the center was funded completely by specific donations for that exact purpose. i will agree with you, and then state that i don't give a flying fuck where the funding came from. the purpose of a university is supposed to be to educate its students, not to provide a place for a (semi) professional football team to hang its hat.

so to hell with the rose bowl for this and any other year.

i would typically add something like a pseudo-tag here, but i've felt like this for 30 years and i won't change anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I will be in Iowa during the Rose Bowl.

Come to Iowa. This is where action is.

Newt vs. Paul

It is insane. I think Santorum will be the surprise.

I still think Newt will win (should win).

traditionalguy said...

Wait a minute. Is this an AFLAC trick?

Every time a Duck is injured, the AFLAC guys will run onto the field and dump on him with with barrels of cash.

I smell Madison Avenue, and I don't mean the Wisconsin one.

FleetUSA said...

I think of the UCC actually.

but of the choices you give me. The Wisconsin idea seems more fun.

Geaux Tigers....(we beat Oregon already)

gail said...

Not knowing what a "Universal System of Citations" might be, I clicked on the link. From reading the reviews, it sounds like a book lawyers need, but hate...partly due to the Harvard connection.

In Evan612's 2-star review, he wrote this:

" ...those devilish Harvard Law Review kids managed to sneak in "Harvard is for hotties; Yale is for eunichs" on pg. 213 without the publishers noticing. I guess the Harvard Lampoon is rubbing off on those law school stiffs."

I think the Oregon football uniforms are some of the ugliest ever seen on a football field. Go Badgers!

wild chicken said...

Football is a gay fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Lets just pump 'em full of steriods and be done with it.

Keystone said...

A recent study by Cleveland Clinic found that the modern helmet isn't much better than the old leather helmets for reducing concussions. Also,the modern helmets are very hard and they injure other players.

Issob Morocco said...

Go Badgers!!

Eric Palmer, PeopleSoft Consultant said...

Hey, let's not hate on the Ducks too much. With all the leftie garbage at UO, the football team is the only thing I have to be proud of at my Alma Mater.

Curious George said...

On January 2nd I will be a Duck fan.

Patrick said...

Pogo: Along those same line, boxing gloves have increased rather than decreased head injuries in boxing. Bare fisted fighters took fare fewer head shots because they risked injury to their hands. Now with gloves, there are more blows to the head, and they are harder due to the increased mass of the glove. That the glove is relatively soft helps, but not enough to overcome so many blows to the head.

There we go again with those pesky unintended consequences.

Jennifer said...

Presumably without the wings, though, right?

Wow, so many fellow Ducks here. lewsar - I don't know how the program was run when you were there. But, as it stands now, the football team gets less money from the school then student groups like ASUO.

And I have to say that lack of money to buy a box of staples seems significantly less likely a reason for scattering random test pages across a desk than TAs not wanting to go through the trouble of resorting and re-collating all those tests.