December 5, 2011

The Supreme Court is a group project.

I'm just repeating something I said 2 days ago, on the occasion of creating a new tag — in the previous post — for "group projects."

I tested out the site again, and it's still not working. Here's the poll I concocted for the test:
Is the state supreme court a "group project"?
Yes, but in a good way.
Yes, and it's a damned shame.
No, these are fiercely independent individuals.
No, but they should start acting like one and let the smartest kid do all the work.


Triangle Man said...

I laughed at the last answer.

Scott M said...

Is the state supreme court a "group project"?

Only in the way that World War Two was.

Spread Eagle said...

It shouldn't be. Truth is supposed to emerge from the the clash of ideas in the crucible of spirited debate. Meanwhile, professionalism and maturity is supposed to rein in and otherwise temper political and personal animus. It's the latter that seems lacking.

Triangle Man said...

From the strict constructionist standpoint, why would we need that many people on the court? Surely one person is enough to read the text and tell us what it says.

Freeman Hunt said...

No. Seems to be something like junior high though.

mariner said...

Triangle Man,

The problem with the last answer, is that totalitarian leftists are *sure* they are the smartest kids.

They do enough as it is.

ricpic said...

On blatantly unconstitutional decisions like Brown vs Bd. of Ed. the Court becomes a group project in order to present a seemingly formidable united front against those who point out that the emperor is naked.

edutcher said...

I was thinking something along the lines of, "And a camel is a horse designed by a group project".

traditionalguy said...

Real reform is simple. Make the case decisions have to be unanimous.

Then the group will compromise or never decide a case again.

They think they are a legislature anyway now.

gadfly said...

What is a group project -- one performed by a group -- or one done against or in spite of a group????

I think we should just all get together and have a no-holds-barred group grope. Charles Manson enjoyed those.

Ann Althouse said...

"Charles Manson..."

Manson's was an example of a group project where the smartest kid got everyone else to do the work.

Watch out for that kind.

Carol_Herman said...

There's going to come a point where someone will do an "old fashioned" study. On how politics used to work.

And, this will explain Shirley Abrahamson's drive. She used to stop people on street corners (anywhere in Wisconsin). And, introduce herself.

Back in the time when it was ILLEGAL for lawyers to advertise. And, the name "Ambulance Chaser" became popular ... when lawyers would tune into the police channel. So they could arrive at accident scenes ... "and, leave a business card."

I'm sure if the accident victim was still conscious, they also introduced themselves.

Shirley Abrahamson, though, used to just say she was a judge. Making sure people remembered her name. She let them feel (each and every one of them), that they were important enough for her to stop her car. And, get out. And, say "hello."

In New York City back then Bella Abzug would wear huge hats. As she stood on a particular street corner. Greeting everyone who was walking by. You'd think she was a crossing guard, or something.

But it did get her elected to congress!

Part of the problem, when we see names on a ballot ... And, we don't recognize the people ... we generally pick either a name familiar to us. Or one that meets our ethnic and gender criteria.

Oh, by the way, women tend to pick men. Hoping they're not bald men.

But it's a style of politicking that is gonna go down the tubes. Just the way black & white TV came and went.

(Did you know how many things have come and gone?) Even electric train sets, were a big deal, once, at Christmas.

What's changed? Well, now people fly. And,the TSA feels everybody up. Or radiates you. Because "you can be a terrorist."

While over in Wisconsin ... someone coming out of their car ... to say hello ... even to small groups of people ... will find a lot of them listening to their "iPod's." And, they really resent being interrupted.

The media is also becoming antiquated.

Imagine this. Back in the late 1800's, Mark Twain said that because of the Telegraph ... all the "boonie" papers were exposed to "on the spot news reports." And, they became positively great literature. His example? A paper in New Orleans was as good as any of the great newspapers in America's great cities!

Given how terrible Shirley Abrahamson IS ... it's a good thing her name is "familiar" to a lot of people whose hands she shook.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Is the state supreme court a "group project"?

I think of it more as a drinking game.

David said...

"Manson's was an example of a group project where the smartest kid got everyone else to do the work."

Just like Tom Sawyer!

Don't Tread 2012 said...

I think so, in a 'lunchlady' kind of way...I have heard lunchladies argue over who was going to make the pudding. It can get kinda hectic...

wv - oveness

Gavel to Gavel said...

FYI: Wisconsin Assembly committee to consider plan to change selection & term of state’s chief justice