December 3, 2011

"The next time Dylan played nearby, he invited Jobs to drop by his tricked-up tour bus just before the concert."

"When Dylan asked what his favorite song was, Jobs said 'One Too Many Mornings.' So Dylan sang it that night. After the concert, as Jobs was walking out the back, the tour bus came by and screeched to a stop. The door flipped open. 'So, did you hear my song I sang for you?' Dylan rasped. Then he drove off."

Another bit from that Steve Jobs bio.


traditionalguy said...

Bob Dylan actually reached out to communicate with an audience person. That is news, since in the 60s Dylan floated above his audience acting like a stoic British Guardsman when spoken to.

phx said...

Apple's Think Different ad with Dylan's image was really good.

The Crack Emcee said...

I can see Dylan's bus pulling away and Jobs muttering "loser."

Psychedelic George said...

The bus came by.

And I got on.
That's when it all began.
There was Cowboy Neal at the wheel
Of a bus to never-ever land.

J said...

On the authentic-o-meter, Zimmerman outrates Jobs, at least.

john said...

Doing carpentry on the bus between gigs might be relaxing, but for a guitarist, it could also be quite dangerous.

somefeller said...

I would have asked Dylan to do his cover song of Guns N' Roses' "Knockin' on Heaven's Door". It's even better than his cover of that Hendrix song. He really has a talent for reinterpreting the work of others.

J said...
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Moose said...

Huh? Didja Mr. Jobs? Didja?!

J said...

Dylan and Jobs might have traded notes on.... Miss Baez's talents

(The tune was Dylan's. Mumble away, LDS troll.).

Conserve Liberty said...

For some reason I wanted to call bullshit on this whole "scene."

I was always more attuned Roy Orbison and Willie Nelson than Dylan and the Dead anyway, and I never fell in love with Macintosh the way some did.

I just don't believe Steve Jobs was coincidentally walking out the back end of a concert hall just as Bob Dylan's band bus was pulling away.

WV: snobiza - take however you want, Random.

Ann Althouse said...

"For some reason I wanted to call bullshit on this whole "scene."... I just don't believe Steve Jobs was coincidentally walking out the back end of a concert hall just as Bob Dylan's band bus was pulling away."

Ha ha. I agree! Made me think of:

But the funniest thing was
When I was leavin’ the bay
I saw three ships a-sailin’
They were all heading my way
I asked the captain what his name was
And how come he didn’t drive a truck
He said his name was Columbus
I just said, “Good luck”

Ann Althouse said...

And I don't believe a big old tour bus "screetches" to a halt. The door "flips" open, and Dylan's right there, up by the door?

MikeinAppalachia said...

Hard to tell when you are being sarcastic at times.

John said...

I am not an Apple fan. The only 2 Apple products I ever owned (gifts) I gave away after a couple weeks. I-Tunes once infested my laptop so badly I had to reinstall Windows.

Nor was I ever much of a Steven Jobs fan. He always seemed something of an asshole.

Something you said about the bio when it came out piqued my interest and I downloaded the sample to my Kindle. Read the sample, paused long enough to buy and download the full book and just kept going for 5-6 chapters without a break. Finished it in 3 days.

It is one of the most interesting bios I've ever read.

I think I understand why so many people love Apple with a cult like devotion.

I said Steve Jobs was an asshole? That is quite an understatement. He was a world class mega asshole.

On the other hand, his famed reality distortion field came through the book. I kept finding myself thinking "Maybe I should buy an Apple Pad or computer. Maybe I should give I-Tunes another try..."

He certainly was a genius. He certainly was an interesting fellow.

He was, in large part, responsible for the mega success of 3 companies Apple phase I, Pixar and Apple Phase II.

It will be hard to replace someone like him.

John Henry

John said...

Debbie said:

"On the authentic-o-meter, Zimmerman outrates Jobs, at least."

I remember back in 65 or so reading someone (Kesey perhaps?) saying something like "Dylan is either the greatest artist or the greatest put-on of the century." They were unwilling to offer a judgement as to which.

I was a fan of Dylan in 63 when his first album came out. Still have a bunch of his albums. Don't listen much anymore.

I've come to believe that it was the latter.

John Henry

John said...

A bit off topic but Steve Wozniak was the other original Apple founder.

His bio "I-Woz" written with Gina Smith, is also excellent.

John Henry

Psota said...

Give me a break! Dylan performs "One Too Many Mornings" all the time! If Jobs had asked for (and received) "Restless Farewell," I'd be impressed.