December 8, 2011

Natalie Johnson says Macy's fired her for telling a male he could not use the women's dressing room.

The customer was shopping for women's clothes...
“I had to just be straightforward and tell him, ‘You’re a man,’ and of course that … really got him steamed,” Johnson told KSAT.

The teenager’s friends argued with Johnson, reportedly telling her that Macy’s allows transgender people to change in the dressing room of the gender they identify with.

“I made my choice the other day,” Johnson said. “I refuse to comply with this policy.”
She's trying to say that because her opinion is based on religion, she's been discriminated against. I don't see how that can work. It's not her store.


Bartender Cabbie said...

If someone has a wing wong then they are a man. No matter what they might want to believe.

Carnifex said...

Happens all the time with Muslims. When driving a taxi they'll refuse to pick up people at bars, or people with dogs. At meat processing plants they'll refuse to handle pork. And claim discrimnation for it, and the feds will step in and squash the company cause, you know its HARD to be a Muslim in America with all the hatred.

TosaGuy said...

Yet another First World problem.

Ann Althouse said...

"If someone has a wing wong then they are a man. No matter what they might want to believe."

Maybe, but if Macy's wants to open the women's dressing rooms to men who choose to think of themselves as women, it's not the place of a Macy's employee to hassle the customers and deprive them of the access Macy's has offered them.

It's like a vegetarian working at McDonald's and refusing to serve hamburgers.

Seven Machos said...

The constitutional argument is a nonstarter. I'd challenge the firing under some arcane ordinance. Thres got to be one.

Carn -- we had an issue with Muslim cab drivers wanting some religious thing here in Chicago. They flatly lost.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I don't know Ann. If a man believes he is a woman but still has male equipment then the employee has a duty to not allow him into the women's dressing room/restroom, etc. The "woman" is still a man.

gregq said...

If Macy's wants to open the women's dressing rooms to men, then they deserve to get sued. If I send my teenage daughter into a WOMEN'S dressing room, I expect that there won't be any men there, and she expects there won't be any men there. Which means she's more likely to inadvertently expose herself to this man.

I'm going to be contacting Macy's telling them to terminate my credit account with them, because if they let men into the women's dressing room, I'm not shopping there any more.

gregq said...

Good for Natalie Johnson for standing up for women's safety. Bad for Macy's for firing her.

Seven Machos said...

Whence in the law sts this duty?

traditionalguy said...

That's it shouted Archimedes.

We get the latest sexual identity group to demand display of Christmas Trees and Merry Christmas decorations which means the retailers must display them.

It was so simple all along.

X said...

which dressing room does the pregnant man use?

Quasimodo said...

another small sign we are returning to all fours

Salamandyr said...

In most stores I have bought clothes in, the dressing rooms were private cubicles, undifferentiated by sex. Even if I was in one cubicle and a woman was in the next, neither of could inadvertently be exposed to the other, as long as we kept the door or curtain closed.

Is Macy's that far behind Wal Mart that they have communal changing rooms?

Chuck66 said...

We always thought polygamy was the next big issue for the left, but it turns out doing away with genders is coming instead.

Yes, if you are a man who thinks he is a women, you have mental illness.

ajcjw said...

If this is Macy's policy I'm no longer shopping there. I don't want to try on clothes in dressing rooms where men are allowed. What's to stop a creep from posing as a cross-dresser just to gain access to a place where women take their clothes off? If Macy's believes it's important to cater to such a tiny percentage of the population maybe it should provide special transgender dressing rooms.

Chuck66 said...

Wait, so if I want to hang out in the women's dressing rooms at Macy's, I just have to say "I am a chick trapped in a man's body". Hellooooo dressing room.

Chuck66 said...

If cross dressers can afford to shop at Macy's, they must be part of the 1%. I do my shopping at Kohl's, Target and Wal-mart.

gregq said...


Women's restrooms are a series of private cubes, should men therefore be free to walk into them whenever they want?

If you call something a "Women's Dressing Room" you create the expectation that only Women will be in there. Which creates a different atmosphere than a All Sexes Dressing Room (for example, it affects whether or not you might step out of the cubical less than fully clothed, in order to show off the clothing you're looking at to your female friend.

"Women's Dressing Room" creates an implicit promise that men will be kept out. The customer wanted to violate that promise, good for Natalie Johnson for not letting him do that.

VERY bad for Macy's to punish Natalie Johnson for protecting the female customers.

edutcher said...

Stuff like this is why the whole homosexual rights agenda will eventually run aground.

It's going to get harder and harder to equate a guy in the ladies' dressing room with the March On Selma.

Mary Beth said...

Are women as likely to ask to use the men's dressing room for the same reason? Would men be as bothered by seeing a woman in the dressing room as women would be seeing a man?

It seems to me that this is something that would alienate more customers than it would please.

I'm wondering if a man decided on this policy, it seems it would be less bothersome for them. Maybe even preferable if the cross-dressing men are not in the men's dressing rooms.

rcommal said...

What's to stop a creep from posing as a cross-dresser just to gain access to a place where women take their clothes off?

That's a good question. And if one does, and something untoward happens, can Macy's be sued?

(Althouse is making a different point, however, which is who gets to set policy and whether individual employees get to unilaterally refuse to implement their employers policies.)

kimsch said...

Macy's might have to have six(seven)different dressing room situations if they were to accomodate all. Male, female, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender male(female).

As ajcjw said, what's to stop a man from claiming transgenderedness to use the women's dressing room?


andinista said...

Outcome depnds on d ox being gore

When self-employed wedding photog hazz a religion-informed bizness policy, and follows d policy, d state punishes her.

When religion-informed employee duznt follow d business policy, den employee deservz firing.

Duz/duznt. Whatz d commonity? Either biznesses r free to set n follow deyr policys, or dey are slaves to d culturate bigzz dictorss.

R we free? Or rr we slavess to d govmt law beterzz? U okie wit dattt?

David said...

Natalie, what part of "employee" don't you understand?

BarrySanders20 said...

Wonder if Macy's has the same policy for using the restroom.

Any of you ladies bothered by a skirt-wearing man standing up to pee in your restroom?

Seven Machos said...

You people are making ridiculous, unwarranted assumptions. It's very likely that Macy's does not have communal dressing rooms. They are almost certainly single little rooms with doors or curtains you draw across. For some reason, Macy's has some dressings rooms segregated by gender.

People change in unisex dressing rooms all the time. Everyone, including the bitchers here. Get over yourselves. Nobody is seeing anybody's else's business.

It's just a sign on the wall.

ndspinelli said...

Often @ convenience store on the highway there is a line @ the single toilet women restrooms and the mens is empty. I will tell women I'll watch the door and let women use "our"[I'm a man] restroom. Being an observor of human behavior, I notice the down to earth, blue collar women have no problem and are thankful. The more prissy, "professional" women usually look puzzled and choose to squirm. People who think they're "better" just can't think outside the box, even if it means peeing their pants. They need to preserve the order of things

One of the improvements in new stadiums is more equity in restrooms. Just like here in this blog. There's a restroom we can all use. It's co-ed.

Jose_K said...

commmon sense, next time call the police denouncing being a sexual offender

andinista said...

Everbdy now tinks dey r special in some importal way, n d peeps gotsa treatss em so.

A disease of r age When times r easy, cruft piles up D partiee will end, n den all our conceits wll b shown 2 be sillee @ best Get used 2 disappoile now, cuz yull hafta latr Don wast yr tim on stupid stuff

Freddy Hill said...

Nobody needs to get sued for anything. Maybe Macy's (or a tea-partier, or one of the Occupy Whatever crowd) needs to put up a big sign at the entrance: The guy, gal or martian green person in the changing room next to you may not be what you think it-he-she-they is/are. We don't care. If you do, go somewhere else.

Craig said...

Working in London in the late nineties, I knew a guy whose girlfriend owned a wedding shop. She had so many men coming in to buy wedding gowns (for themselves) that she made Wednesday nights "Male Only". It turned out to be a profitable decision -- and her customers were quite grateful for it. Some 12 years on, though, I suspect the new culture of TV's, CD's and TG's would find offense in the reference to males.

Freddy Hill said...

On the other hand, if they have "His" and "Hers" dressing rooms, they should enforce them, or risk being sued for truth in advertising.

Just and afterthought.

andinista said...

Nah, 7machos. U been shoppin wit ladies lately? @ storezz likk Macys, d dress rooms are deep in ladyland. Deres a comfy couch outside for deyr menfolk to waittt. D ladyyy comes to d entry to vogue and recv oohing complios from her guyzz, and den retreets back into pulchriville Alll gentlduudz no its a nogo Chicas adorr bein treated speciall Don muck it up by bargin in, u bull in china shop u

Attila Girl said...

I've never stepped out of a changing room in a disrobed condition. I've never seen anyone else do it, either.

Do cross-dressers/the transgendered sport X-ray vision? Just askin'.

Unknown said...

I for one would NOT feel comfortable with a man in the women's dressing room, even if he claimed to be transgendered.

When I was younger I was part of the art/music crowd at the university and I knew a LOT of men who considered themselves 'transgendered' or crossdressing, or a 'woman in a man's body'. Most they used that term for nefarious ends.

End point is, they are still biologically a man, they still have a penis they refuse to give up (god forbid they would have surgery to do a full transformation, cutting off their penis to truly become a 'woman' was unthinkable).

If the customer was a true transgender - meaning born with both female and male parts but looks male, that is one thing. If the person is 100% a male genetically and crossdresses - they are not transgendered. In fact, they are giving the transgendered community a bad name.

Big Mike said...

This was handled very poorly by Macy's. The publicity may cause some women to shop elsewhere or alternatively they may buy, take the garment home to try on, and return the garment to the store when it does not fit. Women shopping elsewhere is bad enough, but I imagine that the costs to Macy's of the latter are pretty serious. Doubly so since it may be difficult to tell whether the garment was merely tried on or worn for one event and had a couple tags reattached.

Trooper, are you there? Can you weigh in here?

William said...

I think it's standard practice for the cops to put the tv's in the holding cells with the women. Should Macy's be more discriminatory than the cops?.....This is probably a one off,so to speak. If the woman showed bad judgement, the guy who fired her showed truly terrible judgement. I don't see how this pubicity helps Macy's. Best just to muddle through and not allow either the employee or the tv to claim martyr status....I'm not sure, but I think guys would be more offended than women at having a tv in their changing room. Tvs probably come in hard to fit sizes and would be better served by shopping at Amazon. This is probably a subtle ploy by Althouse to attract their attention and to get their business.

Cedarford said...

Sounds like the Gay Agenda and the progressives that want heads to roll in industries controlled by gays, progressive jews, and liberals to "make us arrive!" - have claimed another trophy head.

Their Agenda is not the publics (or likely 99% of Macy's customers) who don't want inappropriate people in either sex's restrooms or dressing rooms.

andinista said...

Chuck66 sez leftoids wan ditch genders

Whan gender iss a styl choizz, which all d peeps must genuflect to, or d gov will punish you, d hipsters will call it...The Choice, eg his Choice, her Choice.

As compare to dat nasty choice d fundos r on about, where u don have to give in 2 d flesh, but can chooz with Gods help d hetero life.

? I think dat? Cuz d way to defeet yr opponent is to appropate their words and redef as yr own.

ricpic said...

Hey andinista, your comments would have to be pretty brilliant to make the effort of deciphering them worth it. And they ain't. Give it a rest.

9cfea744-c1ca-11e0-ba94-000bcdcb5194 said...

"ut if Macy's wants to open the women's dressing rooms to men who choose to think of themselves as women, it's not the place of a Macy's employee to hassle the customers "

how about Macy's just abandoning the concept of gender specific dressing rooms and have an open area where all can change try on the clothes regardless of what they think they are.

and I don't think it is like a vegetarian working at a hamburger joint.
when the woman was hired did Macy's provide her with information that said transgender individuals are allowed to use any changing room? are all customers aware of this policy? or just the transgendered customers?

clarenancy said...

Seriously, a man should not use the ladies' rooms.

I have a dear old friend who has recently decided to identify as female.

I hear him (yes, his dna is male and he still has a pecker) rave that the Salvation Army shelters should let him stay in the women's dorm. Or that the camp ground showers should let him use the women's showers.

And I sympathize. But then I think, would I want my daughter to have to share the dorm with a person who is obviously male despite this persons "identifying"?

No. Absolutely not. He can say he's Teddy Roosevelt or Jesus Christ. It doesn't change the fact that his DNA and pecker make him a man.

And, although my heart goes out to the bad joke his mind and body are playing on him that is no reason why a woman or girl should accept men in the restroom, dorm room or dressing room.

Honestly, even after my friend loses the equipment (assuming he does) he will still look male and his DNA will confirm him male.

andinista said...

Hi ricpic, tu quoque? (grin)

Na, Ima go wit dis 4 now Ifn I makk yr hed hrt, jes skipp mee, dats cool

Unless I p-o ProffAA, den I'll hafta decidd

Its an experimal Dante sez wordss likk unadultered r all good, its d Internet age, orthografi is now optial. Weel see. Keep raggin if uno like!

Its an intereste hypotheis: izz orthografic rigor still necesary, or r dere new dilectas more suitabl for 21Cen networks?

Scott M said...

I don't see how that can work. It's not her store.

Well, given GM's abysmal performance with the know...with the impending recall due to horrid, writhing, burnt-toast death at the hands of their poorly designed batteries, perhaps Ombama Inc will acquire a majority share in Macy's next and bring their down-home, campy cronyism to that retailer. That'd cook her little righteous goose, wouldn't it?

jeff said...

"It's like a vegetarian working at McDonald's and refusing to serve hamburgers."

If I'm not mistaken, Mcdonalds primary business is selling hamburgers. Are you claiming Macy's primary business is selling womens clothing for men to wear? If not, your analogy makes little sense.

gutless said...

How far we've come. Not long ago this guy would have been arrested and the employee been given a medal for alertness. It was better then. Side message to Ann, I'll meet you in the women's restroom tomorrow. I'll be the lady with the beard and the beer gut.

Cheryl said...

I worked in a very high-end department of a store since bought by Macy's while I was in grad school almost 20 years ago. We had one customer (that we knew of) who was transgender. We were very discrete with this person and made sure that no one else was in that particular section of the dressing rooms when she was there.

I remember just feeling really bad for that person, how hard it would have been to decide that about yourself. We would do our level best to make her comfortable and find her some nice outfits. I'm not sure it is so hard to make that decision now. I know that it is much more "out" than it used to be.

Seven Machos said...

What the fuck is wrong with you people? When was the last time you shared a dressing room with another person at a major department store?

This is not a bathroom. It's a private room where one person is. In your moralistic verve you have lost all common sense. You are simply being obtuse. It's embarrassing.

Cheryl said...

Oh, the thing was that we knew she was really a man, but she did her best to look as feminine as possible. No one would have said, "Nope, you're a man, can't help you."

Lisa said...

I really would feel uncomfortable if a man was in a woman's dressing room... dressed as a woman or man. I would not be able to stay and try on clothes.

Lisa said...

There is a distinction between mixed use changing rooms and women's changing rooms.

If I am in a store that has mixed use changing rooms, I am much more circumspect about opening the door. I don't let the stall to check the three way mirrors and I don't generally get hte same kind of assistance from sales clerks as far as bringing different sizes or colors or their opinions.

On the other hands, in a WOMAN'S changing room, I frequently have to open the door partially undressed to get new items of clothing. When shopping for bras, the sales clerks often assist in making adjustments and checking fit which requires an open door.

I have very different expectations for these very different situations.

Lisa said...


That sounds like a reasonable way of handling this situation. ALL of your customers needs were met with respect.

That sounds like a procedure that Macy's should train its employees to follow.

Petunia said...

Orthography is not optional, ESPECIALLY in the internet age, when so much communication is written instead of spoken. Unintentional spelling errors are acceptable.

It seems like many people think coming up with new spellings and abbreviations is somehow clever, new, and original. Go back about 100 years and look at Morse code abbreviations that were used in telegraphy to make messages shorter.

Seven Machos said...

in a WOMAN'S changing room, I frequently have to open the door

You have to? Like, if you are forced? I am skeptical.

Also, you now know not to make those assumptions at Macy's, if you choose to shop there. But there's nothing here to get crazy about. In the worst possible case, some tranny briefly sees your tits. Even if you've got the most perfectly bouncy tits in the world with the most perfectly puffy nipples, the world will still continue to turn. Promise.

Further, the issue here is not how you feel about the policy -- no matter how mortified you clearly are -- but whether this person should be able to get her job back based, presumably, on a claim of religious discrimination.

Synova said...

This is the policy where I work as well. It's very explicit. A customer gets to go where the customer decides he/she belongs.

Shopping at some other store instead of Macy's isn't going to solve anyone's problem. They all have the same policy too.

Synova said...

It's almost never an issue. If I could ban anyone from the women's changing rooms it would be the little sh*ts that lock the stall doors and crawl under.

Seven Machos said...

Furthermore, don't you think that the either you'd see the dude in the women's dressing room area, or the salespeople would be kind enough to alert you that there is a tranny lurking about? Isn't that about as likely as a dude going to the women's dressing room and accidentally seeing you in your underwear for a fleeting second?

My God.

Class factotum said...

I worked at Macy's over Christmas several years ago. For $9 an hour, I was not going to fight with customers. If a man had insisted on going into the women's dressing room (and at the time, I was unaware that Macy's had this policy), I would have said something to him one time, then shrugged. Maybe called security. But there is nothing like working retail to discover that the best way to handle most customers is just to say politely, "Yes ma'am" or "no ma'am" to anything they might say. You have nothing to gain by arguing.

Class factotum said...

I mean, if I were going to take a stand at Macy's, it would be over the crap people left in the dressing rooms, not who was in them.

Lucius said...

Natalie Johnson says "stop the revolution, I wanna get off."

I commend her for it.

Didn't we have rape hysteria abroad in the land at one time?

No matter. My right to try on camisoles in the ladies' fitting room totally trumps some grossed-out teen reactionary's proprieties.

Anyway, she'd just tell me they make my boobs look small. Bitch!

wv: semin God's hand does move on the internetz

iowan2 said...

The quickest solution? Some high up male VP for Macys should just start wearing pumps and Easter bonnets, and insisting on using the executive ladies washroom.............for the pursuit of diversity.

The female executives in deep carpet country will rethink diversity when it affects them personally and not in the abstract concerning 'others'

Seven Machos said...

Do you drooling morons not understand the difference between a bathroom and a dressing room?

Sweetbriar said...

A women's dressing room is a communal environment, as is a restroom, even tho there are separate cubicles with doors or curtains for each individual to use. A woman (born female) is far more likely to ask for help or an opinion from another woman in that environment than it would seem men do in their respective dressing rooms/restrooms. They bring with them their children expecting that no men (of any sexual orientation) are there to present any threat, even tho they will keep an eye out for how the other women might behave. They ask for and receive help for situations that arise regarding their clothing, their menfolk or their periods (being a woman, as opposed to just thinking one is a woman), and are in no way interested in anything a cross dresser or transgendered person has to contribute to that situation.

Women grow up coping with all the stress and circumstances that come with being female, and those environments are the two "public" places to whence a woman can retreat, dress and redress, and expect safety and privacy from male eyes and male expectations.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be the Princess of Wales. Even when Diana came along, I thought that must be wonderful. To this day, I don't have a clue what marrying an English prince really means. It may be right and good that our society allows men to wear clothes of their choosing and get plastic surgery to match, but who we are is what fortune has made of us. I may buy a tiara and you (men) may wear a dress, but you don't have to curtsy to me and stay out of the ladies dressing room.

Lucius said...

At the climax of Brian De Palma's "Dressed to Kill", a woman and a transvestite share a bathroom.

Not a happy time.

Lucius said...

Look, if as a society we're going to honor transexuals, we at least should be able to set some kind of ontological bar.

If you're a post-op, fully "reassigned" transexual, use the rooms for your new gender.

But when we're down to a world of college student activists cutting their hair rockabilly style and wearing tucked-in shirts and calling themselves a "man", or whatever the aspirational mtf equivalent would be (hell, when I used to read Deconstructionism I painted my nails and wore jelly platforms to a family reunion, which counts in my view as more of an effort than Chaz Bono makes), then we're just valorizing the idea that gender is absolutely as malleable as it would be in a production of "Twelfth Night." A mere theatre convention, in a word.

When women go to try on their damn clothes in the shopping mall, they don't want to be badgered by Michael Caine living out his whims.

(NB: In all but one shot-- oh hell, spoiler alert . . . .)

Geoff Matthews said...

What gregg said. There is a reason why we segregate the sexes when we drop our undies.
We really shouldn't be humoring the people who challenge this convention

n.n said...

It's Macy's mistake that they did not providing separate accommodations for ambiguous gender. It's analogous to not providing facilities for the handicapped.

Are three classes of Homo sapien sufficient? Is there a scientific basis for discriminating among these variants or is it purely circumstantial?

Seven Machos said...

Sweetbriar -- Apparently, it is the policy of Macy's that you will have exactly none of your demands met at Macy's. Moreover, as Synova suggests, this is going to be a very common occurrence at other stores as well.

Perhaps you could open a store catering to women with similarly tender sensibilities as your own. Instead of, you know, moaning.

abby said...

If Macy's tells us that the changing rooms are communal that's one thing. The rooms are still called "womens" changing rooms. I don't want someone who thinks he is a woman in the changing area with me or my daughters or grand daughters. They are mentally ill and should not be treated as anything else. If someone thinks they are a horse they are taken to a hospital. If a man thinks he is a woman or a woman thinks she is a man we are supposed to be supportive of their feelings. --ll--it.

Basil said...

It's Macy's store but it's against the law to discriminate in employment decisions on the basis of the employee's religion. Of course, a libertarian would say the owner should be able to do as they please with their store. This argument lost in 1964 with the Civil Rights Acts.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Oh Hell....why don't we all just drop our drawers in the middle of the aisles, next to the clothing racks and try on stuff out in the open.

Why bother with the false modesty of a dressing "room".

Just shuck your clothes where the merchandise is hanging in the displays. Saves a lot of walking back and forth.

Seven Machos said...

Basil -- You are assuming quite a lot. I won't take the time to educate you about your assumptions, and why they are ridiculously poor. Suffice it to say, if you knew all the things you don't know, you'd feel pretty foolish about what you just published to the world.

Matt said...

They are mentally ill and should not be treated as anything else.

Homophobia always surfaces doesn't it?

Macy's has a rule. This young woman broke that rule. Their rule takes precedent over her religious beliefs in this case.

Some are making an assumption that the transgender guy will sneak a peak at women undressing. Wouldn't you then also fear a lesbian doing the same thing? And since most dressing rooms are closed off and separated from each other it would take some effort.

If people are so concerned then why not just buy the clothes, try them at home and return or exchange them later.

Seven Machos said...

Matt -- Agreed. Something we can wholeheartedly agree on. The strange people are really coming out on this one. The charge that people with sexual identity issues are mentally ill is just absurd and says many sad things about the person who made the charge.

If you want to have some real fun, though, read the comments at the article.

Matt said...


Indeed, there are some wild comments on the linked page.

Jane said...

This is a case of not enough information. Was this an individual who was attempting to be discreet and was dressed and groomed like a woman, or was this some kid in sweats with long hair? (If the kid was ambiguously dressed, all the arguments about a women's dressing room being a series of private rooms work both ways -- there's no apparent harm in going to the men's changing room, except perhaps a longer walk. If the kid was dressed all girly, then it would have been inappropriate to expect the person to use the men's changing room.) Did she work in the intimates department, where there could be a bra-fitter at work, or just in "regular" women's clothes?

Assuming that only upon close inspection was it clear that this was a man, then the woman was out-of-bounds in chasing him away from the changing room. This isn't like a Muslim refusing to ring up alcohol at the cash register, where there are accomodations like a nearby cashier scanning the bottle of wine (as happens with underage cashiers anyway), this would be more like a Muslim arguing with a customer who wanted to buy a bottle of wine.

I suspect it's not as straightforward as that. It says she spotted the teen "in" the dressing area, which means that it wasn't simply a set of private cubicles. The teen was there with friends who joined the arguement (presumably these were "real" girls) which likewise seems to suggest that there was a significant open area where they were looking at the clothes together, and which means there would have very noticably been a male voice in the changing room, which would have drawn attention to them.

gutless said...

Blogger Matt said..."Homophobia always surfaces doesn't it?"

Matt, give it a rest. There is no evidence this fellow was homosexual. A little silly perhaps, but sometimes a feather boa is only a feather boa.

Alan said...

To state the obvious, coed dressing rooms, like coed dorms, discriminate against females in favor of males.

So where are the feminists?

bagoh20 said...

Macys will need to install glory hole plugs on little chains for the lades to use.

Seven Machos said...

Indeed, Alan. Where are the feminists? Maybe they are at your local Gap, or Old Navy, or Urban Outfitters, or Abercrombie, where the dressing rooms are unisex and nobody gives a single shit about it.

You think about that when you do your Christmas shopping, dude.

Pianoman said...

Matt, the proper terms of derision would be "transphobia" and "cissexism".

Shortening up the former in the popular way produces "transphobes", which will probably become more popular as this latest "civil right" ascends into the popular culture.

Edutcher said: Stuff like this is why the whole homosexual rights agenda will eventually run aground.

Well, they have only themselves to blame. Nobody forced the LGB Club to add "T" to the guest list.

Renee said...

I thought most stores had one dressing room, and each stall's door/walls went completely down to the ground so there is no crawl space?

This is easier if a wife or mother is shopping with her husband or son.

Changing areas at waterparks I do feel differently about, because you have to completely undress.

Saint Croix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saint Croix said...

Consider the case of Larry Wachowski. Liberals will say, with perfect seriousness, that Larry Wachowski is now Lana Wachowski, and we should all think of him as a woman.

But he's not a woman. He's a man who's self-hatred got so out of hand that he cut his penis off.

We are biological animals. We are in nature, and we reproduce like animals. This is normal human sexuality.

Wachowski had surgery, but he's not a woman now. He doesn't have a uterus. He can't get pregnant. Nor can he make s woman pregnant now. He went into the surgery a normal man, and came out a freak.

And it's not a temporary freak, like wearing a dress or role-playing or having a sex fantasy. It's a permanent scarring of his body.

His penis has been cut off.

It's not normal behavior to cut your penis off. If Larry Wachowski did this to himself in a kitchen with a steak knife, we would hospitalize him. But since he paid money to a surgeon to do it to him, we say he's okay.

Not okay! You want to cut off your penis? You have mental health issues. It's really kind of awful that we have so-called doctors who do this kind of Frankenstein surgery, when really what the patient needs is mental health counseling, and a lot of it.

The charge that people with sexual identity issues are mentally ill is just absurd and says many sad things about the person who made the charge.

Oh yeah, cause mental illness has nothing to do with sex, or mommy, or daddy. I can tell you studied Freud.

Of course liberals dismiss Freud. But that's political ideology based on a theory that sex is constructed by society. Freud had this odd idea that people have sex and reproduce. You know, truth. And he made some psychological observations based on this biological truth. Freud may be right or wrong on any particular point. But to insist that there is no such thing as normal sexuality is to put your head up your ass.

Which, by the way, is biologically impossible. But I've heard some surgeons are working on it.

No Name said...

Cool. Next summer when the swimming pools reopen, I am going to 'identify with the female gender' and use their changing and locker room facilities. Let's see how far I get with this.

No Name said...

Also I think it's worth reiterating how sex works: Tab A goes in Slot A. If you can't figure this out, you have a problem. And it's not incumbent upon me to accomodate your confusion in any way.

The Drill SGT said...

Ann Althouse said...
Maybe, but if Macy's wants to open the women's dressing rooms to men who choose to think of themselves as women, it's not the place of a Macy's employee to hassle the customers and deprive them of the access Macy's has offered them.

What would your position be on the employment rights of the woman if she was in the habit of telling each woman who went toward the changing rooms, that the sign that says "women's changing rooms" really wasn't accurate?

MadisonMan said...

Just shuck your clothes where the merchandise is hanging in the displays. Saves a lot of walking back and forth.

Sounds like the original Filene's Basement.

Natalie Johnson doesn't sound like a good employee. A good employee follows company rules.

The Drill SGT said...

MadisonMan said...
Natalie Johnson doesn't sound like a good employee. A good employee follows company rules.

The definition of a "good employee" includes lying to customers about what "women's changing room" means?

For car salesmen sure.

I thought the rest of us had to have some integrity.

X said...

I never trusted Macy's with that big red commie star logo

madAsHell said...

I'm a lesbian with a wing wong. Where's my closet??

caseym54 said...

Why wasn't she trained in this? I can't believe the store thought she should accept the customer's assertion regarding store rules.

I bet you that Macy's doesn't make that policy widely known, either.

SGT Ted said...

Because nothing says "healthy mind " better than wanting to cut your junk off and have tits sown on, because you really really want to be a woman.

How about a guy who wants to have rabbit ears sown on his head because he really really wants to be a rabbit? Is he ok mentally? Or am I a whatever-phobe for questioning his mental state?

Shanna said...

In most stores I have bought clothes in, the dressing rooms were private cubicles, undifferentiated by sex.

It really depends on the store. Some have sturdy doors with locks, some have flimsy curtains that barely stay closed.

Men shouldn't be in women's restrooms or dressing rooms. This is getting ridiculous. Are the transgender lobby people actively trying to make women hate them? Cause it's totaly working on me. I'm sick of this crap.

gerry said...

Macy's may do as it wishes on its property, unless, of course, as a public accommodation it violates the taste, sensibilities, choice, or whim of this year's fashionably protected flim-flam class.

It's like this for a culture just before it blows up or collapses. After the collapse sensible practicalities impose common sense upon survivors. And then the cycle begins again.

"If someone has a wing wong then they are a man. No matter what they might want to believe."

To which the Prof responded: "Maybe,..."

A perfect postmodern response from a contemporary postmodern intellect immersed in current silliness.

We are the new Weimar Republic.

elmo iscariot said...

First, as somebody who hangs a lot with conservative-skewing gun rights groups, it's always a bit shocking to see how indistinguishable the right wing's pearl-clutching horror at feeling unsafe around transgendered folks is from the left's pants-soiling fear of being in the same room as a person carrying a gun.

Second, is this really an issue of religious belief? I don't know the Bible inside and out, but in my four college courses on it, I don't recall where it says "And the LORD spoke, saying Lo, allow ye not the man who walks in the garb of woman to cross the threshold of the Macy's changing rook with the girl-silhouette on the door!"

Being a flaming priss about people whose sexual identity is more complicated than you'd prefer may be a feature of your religious group, but that doesn't make it a religious belief, per se.

Shanna said...

pearl-clutching horror at feeling unsafe around transgendered folks

I don't think most people are so worried about the men who identify as women, but that other people will take advantage of that sort of policy. I've seen people walking around the mall wearing a dress, but with man short hair and hairy legs. What's to stop creepy perverts from throwing on a dress and heading to the nearest dressing room or restroom?

I think a policy where the stores try to work with people, such as someone mentioned above looking out for them as customers to see that they have privacy, would be fine. And if a man has so successful converted that they can actually pass for a woman this isn't going to be an issue. But is someone walks in and is so obviously a man they don't belong in a ladies room.

elmo iscariot said...

I don't think most people are so worried about the men who identify as women, but that other people will take advantage of that sort of policy.

There are well more than enough comments here that say what you say, then mix in a despicable dose of "And if you have a penis you're a man and I won't be forced to entertain your delusion, freak" to make it clear that this discussion isn't motivated by a simple fear of men.

The concern is being badly overstated, in any case. Will a bio-women only policy stop these omnipresent male predators from sneaking into a women's room? If a "creepy pervert" leering around a women's room is actually biologically female, do we expect a store to do nothing about it?

Inflating the concern about that one hypothetical case where prior restraint on the "creepy pervert" might have prevented a crime in order to justify policies that humiliate and degrade thousands of transgendered Americans on a daily basis is not reasonable.

The horror scenario folks are imagining to justify their opposition is no different from the anti-gun obsessive who demands that "gun-free zone" signs stay up at a shopping mall because he has a right to feel safe from "gun violence".

The sign and policy doesn't deter determined criminals; the problem is with the criminal behavior, not with the people who look like the criminal; and it's not acceptable in a free society to make scapegoats of innocent people in order to make guilty people easier to confront.

elmo iscariot said...

But is someone walks in and is so obviously a man they don't belong in a ladies room.

Does a butch lesbian "belong in a ladies' room"?

If she looks like a man, is attracted to women, and is a member of a group that commits sex crimes at a rate similar to straight men*, doesn't she meet all the same concern-criteria of a man in this case?

Are we really comfortable limiting access to women's facilities based on how feminine we perceive a person's look to be?

[* - I'm not certain this is true. Dometic violence rates in lesbian families are similar to those in heterosexual families, but of course that isn't the axact same thing.]

Seven Machos said...

Shanna -- Why do you and other people keep adding restroom? Restrooms are not at issue. There is nothing here about restrooms. What's to stop a creepy person from cutting off your head while you walk down the sidewalk?

Furthermore, unisex dressing rooms at stores are actually the norm. Aren't you aware of that? People change clothes in them all the time without any problem.

Shanna said...

Why do you and other people keep adding restroom?

It may not be the issue in this particular case but it is part of the general agenda and we've seen lots of stories about it. It's not out of the blue to lump them in.

Furthermore, unisex dressing rooms at stores are actually the norm.

That has not been my experience. I do agree with you that most dressing rooms are probably fine, mostly because their are store personnel there so they aren't as secluded as a restroom. But I have been in some dressing rooms that had flimsy curtains, short walls, etc...those shouldn't be unisex.

Does a butch lesbian

Most 'butch' lesbian's still don't look anything like a man. Most 'feminine' gay men don't look anything like a woman. That's not at all what we're talking about here. And most gay or lesbian folks are not pretending to be a different sex.

elmo iscariot said...

Most 'butch' lesbian's still don't look anything like a man.

I know at least two whom I'd be hard pressed to identify as biologically female if I didn't know them. They exist, they complicate the "doesn't look feminine enough" complaint enough to make it a serious issue, and waving them away by saying "most don't" is a distraction.

And most gay or lesbian folks are not pretending to be a different sex.

...Which wasn't supposed to be the point. But getting so hung up on the deception suggests that there's more to your opposition than "safety".

Redsilas77 said...

At Monsoon store, my husband was banned from accompanying me into the dressing room. I explained to the staff that I just had a c-section and had trouble getting dressed still and needed his help trying on clothes. They stated they had a 'no male' policy in their dressing room. Period. I did ask to speak to the manager, who agreed to it, even with my medical condition. I asked the sales staff if they would help me try on clothing, they all refused.

Should I have called the news stating I was discriminated against because I had a minor medical condition? Nope. I told them I won't be using their business again and walked out.

But on the comment about lesbians in the dressing room, many of my friends who worked retail said they had to kick many customers out of the store for using the dressing rooms as a place for making out and having sex in the changing stalls. Straight, gay, and lesbian alike. It happens, it just rarely gets reported in the media.

Alan said...

unisex dressing rooms at stores are actually the norm

In small clothing stores, each dressing room is its own closet with mirrors, and a door opening to the public area. Those can be unisex because each built for one. In department stores dressing rooms exist in groups that share a secluded (ideally) gender-segregated area.

clarenancy said...

Among the few transgendered folks that I know personally, they are all quite mentally ill. Nobody will tell them that. But sadly they are.

And it comes down to more than wanting to whack your junk off.

The one I know the best - we were classmates in our masters program and worked together for 8 years as a team - is most definitely mentally ill to the point that he is a danger to himself, in my opinion.

This man has abandoned everything in pursuit of his sexual identity crisis. It's as though the pyramid of need has been turned upside down. 58 years of sober, rational life, this math teacher turned instructional designer prioritizes nail polish over a roof over his head. He sacrificed his house, his car, his family (including 5 children), every worldly possession for a life living in the streets of Los Angeles. He no longer has a porshe nor his video equipment nor a livelihood but he has some really cute size 13 shoes and some very long wigs. He dangerously provokes strangers who don't accept him as he sees himself and fantasizes that with enough feminine accoutrements he will indeed be female and all his problems will magically be resolved. He the rational math teacher is now a magical thinker.

The others I know are also very sad cases. I don't know them as well and haven't talked to them as intimately as I have my friend but I have listened to them lecture and chatted with them after. In all cases they are very unhappy people who have made great changes thinking that was the answer to their problem and after all the sacrifice and suffering they still are very unhappy. I suspect they never will be.

And newflash to homophobes and people who accuse others of homophobia, transgendered people aren't necessarily switching because their sexual orientation is different. A woman may become a man and still prefer men. It's more complicated that gay.

It's more akin to body dysmorphia. The undernourished 100 lb girl looks in the mirror and sees a fat slob. The transgendered looks in the mirror and thinks he ought to be seeing a woman.

We have normalized this behavior too much, in my opinion. It is a mental illness. At least for the people that aren't in it for attention seeking bullshit.