December 15, 2011

Donald Trump hurt Karl Rove's feelings.

"'Sloppy looking . . . hack . . . bad person . . . so-called pundit" — that's what he called me, snivels Rove in the Wall Street Journal.

Remember when Rove was the evil genius? When did he go all beta and start worrying that one of the other boys was calling him a bad person?


MadisonMan said...

Snivel is a great word.

Psychedelic George said...

You picked the lead as the key sentence.

To me, the key is at the end:

"For good or ill, this year's record-breaking mass of debates has made the contest the most unpredictable, rapidly shifting, and often downright inexplicable primary race I've ever witnessed."

The op-ed immediately above caught my eye, focusing on Romney's glass jaw. If he gets the GOP bid, he should grateful to have had Gingrich as his sparring partner, because nice Mr. Romney is going up against Obama, who ain't so nice.

traditionalguy said...

People like The Donald take great pride in simply Truth Telling. They see Truth telling as the mark of a King.

Therefore Trump sees Rove as a despicable slander artist for whom truth is only an inconvenience... I mean political analyst.

Mr Rove has shown no sense of loyalty to anyone except to his own career.

Scott M said...

When did he go all beta and start worrying that one of the other boys was calling him a bad person?

Probably right after he shot a dude.

machine said...

Trump...truth telling?!?!?!!?

Is that a joke?

CEO-MMP said...

Rove has always been a whiner. Why do you think his nickname was (and is) turdblossom? Honestly, do you pay any attention to anything?

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A little too much hempe growing at the meadhouse.

Robert Cook said...

One can infer that the motivating drive of Rove's entire life and career is that he was the despised nerd who was never accepted by his peer group in school. Well, if you act out by becoming a world class scumbag, Karl, don't expect others to start speaking well of you.

EDH said...


Read to me like Rove was just using his own example to point out Trump's penchant for denigrating anyone who won't kiss his ring as party kingmaker.

What Rove should have done instead was challenge Trump to a debate.

I think Rove would wipe the floor with Trump.

traditionalguy said...

Rove is an American Heartland propaganda specialist.

His talent is to find the worst rumors circulating against a politician's reputation that he is hired to defeat, and then to frame his paid for attacks inside a semi-scientific analysis with polls and an air of knowing everything about voters.

He has his uses. You could hire him today for the right price.

Tim said...


The world is full of Karl Roves.

Most of them have JD's, and work for law firms.

And we all know this is true.

I'm not sayin', I just sayin'.

edutcher said...

Trump's mad because his big Christmas episode of "The Apprentice" fell through and Rove, magnificent bastard that he is, according to the Lefties, put the final nail in it.

The fact that almost all of the candidates weren't interested is what killed it.

PS Only the first few lines show for those of us non-WSJ subscribers.

Joe Schmoe said...

edutcher: there's a workaround for us non-subscribers. Copy the headline of the article in the WSJ website, then paste it into a Google search box. Google should give you a link to the article; click on it and voila you get the whole thing. It's not stealing as it's a well-known workaround and WSJ has never shut it off.

Joe Schmoe said...

Probably right after he shot a dude.

Scott, are you thinking of Cheney? I don't recall Rove shooting anyone.

Scott M said...

Scott, are you thinking of Cheney? I don't recall Rove shooting anyone.


That was before Coffee-1

Patrick said...

Sometimes I think we're "this close" to choosing our President with an Apprentice style reality program.

One of these days Trump, or someone like him will have a debate, and people will show up. They'll have to.

Carnifex said...

Wow! A pot calling a kettle black story. I couldn't care less about either Rove or Trump, neither is a conservative.

At best Trump is an apolitical money grubber who uses his cash to buy political influence to forward his aims of acquiring more cash.

And Rove is a amoral elitist Rino, willing to work for only the right kind of republican, the Rino elitist kind.

Best for everyone is to lock both up into "Thunderdome", "two go in, one comes out." THAT, I would pay to see.

DADvocate said...

Wasn't Karl Rove the inspiration for Dr. Evil?

gutless said...

Is this dog bites man or man bites dog?

Mr. D said...

To repurpose an old British joke about Margaret Thatcher and Arthur Scargill:

Q. If you put Donald Trump and Karl Rove in a leaky rowboat in the middle of the Atlantic, who would win?

A. America.

traditionalguy said...

Stray thought:

Demanding only "Real Conservatives" is a demand to stomp out heretics. And it has nothing to do with fighting the advance of Socialism.

We need to enlist any variation of Conservative that will support private property and a strong Military.

Carnifex said...

@traditional guy

You did know that Trump has been a major funder for democrats for years? One year of sniping just doesn't ring true to me. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing. He was the "Tiny Dancers" biggest donor when running for Mayor of Chicago. How long ago was that?

As for Rove, he loves amnesty for illegals, big government, and gun grabbing. Whether we run off the cliff with Zero, or jog off with the Rino's, it's still over the cliff.

We need to stop deficit spending NOW! Not slow its growth and call it cuts. Rove will piss on you, then tell you it's raining. He wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire though.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

Brute force exposure and the 24/7 news cycle can wear down even the most 'alpha-est' of personas.

"The world is full of Karl Roves.

Most of them have JD's, and work for law firms."

Amen brother. Show me a lawyer and I'll show you a know-it-all that gets upset that no one will challenge (them). And that something is 'boring'.

Eric said...

That evil genius stuff was always a paranoid fantasy by people on the left. They needed someone besides Bush to blame when the president outmaneuvered them.

So it was Rove, for awhile at least. And then when Rove retired it was Cheney. Anything to keep alive the notion that Bush is somehow stupid, even though is IQ puts him in the top 5% or so of the population.

As to Rove himself, I don't see why anyone would think he's smart or even competent. His whole 2004 election strategy was to pander to Hispanics and surf that Hispanic voting tidal wave that never actually happens. Bush ended up with a statistically insignificant gain in that demo and only won the election because the Democrats nominated Lurch.

James said...

I wonder what Rush has said about Rove. That's likely to hurt more than anything Trump says.

Notice that after his initial guest hosting gig in 2010, Rove has never again appeared on Rush's show. Kinda like Chris Matthews.

But I get the sense from several of Rush's comments that he's really annoyed with Rove over something. My guess is that it all started with Rove's criticism of Christine O'Donnell.

No Name said...

Rove is working overtime to stay relevant. I think wants to be the Grand Poobah Of All GOP Consultants. Rove wants candidates and conservatives to kiss his ring.

Trump don't play that.