December 10, 2011

"Despite not yet having bestowed a single law degree, UC Irvine says it has placed nearly a fifth of its 2012 graduates with district and circuit court judges."

Wow! Impressive!

How could that happen? One thing is that there are only 58 students in the class of 2012. And the school offered them all full scholarships, which allowed it to be extremely selective (even though it wasn't yet accredited or ranked). There's more to it than that, of course. Congrats to UC-Irvine for a great start.


Chip S. said...

Maybe it's because so many letters of recommendation can honestly say "This is the best student I've ever had here."

The argument that UCI's placement success is due to its lavish scholarships suggests that clerkship applicants are evaluated to a large extent on the basis of the LSAT scores and undergraduate records. 'Cause there's no basis for evaluating a transcript from UCI yet.

Of course, Dean Chemerinsky says it's all b/c of him. Time for a raise!

Rick said...

Does the "dean", flaming liberal Chemerinsky, have access to flaming liberal judges who are more than happy to do whatever to bolster their fellow traveler?
Let's just continue to flood the profession with attorneys unskilled at much other than bringing down the once great United States, and then congratulate all involved in the process.

Fen said...

I'm not thrilled with universities that "chase" rankings. Good friend of mine almost didn't get into college because of that. University President was more concerned about getting that extra .05% in the ranks than providing the kid with an education.

Turns out my friend was GED, not High School grad, so he only got in because he wouldn't affect some stupid stat.

traditionalguy said...

A success at a law school is defined as Government Jobs.

No one else has any cash to pay new lawyers.

Bruce Hayden said...

I was wondering how a UC school could offer full scholarships to all of its students, and the answer is $30 million in donations, with hopefully $70 million more to come. Which apparently allowed them a 4% acceptance rate, in this era of higher education bubbles.

EMD said...

OT: It was pretty cool to see the President on the field for the coin toss at the Army/Navy game.

I don't agree with much of his agenda, but scenery like this is always nice to witness.

Kevin said...

Congrats to UC-Irvine for a great start.

Huh? If anything is clear in 2011, it's that America doesn't need another law school.

I suspect that at least a third of the law schools in the United States will be closing in the next decade, including some of the very well-known ones, and almost all the rest will be downsizing. Students are starting to figure out the cost-benefit equation for law school, and it's not pretty.

Kevin said...

I should also note that the posted tuition for UC Irvine Law School for 2010-2011 was $41,550 in state, and $50,573 out of state. The first entering class received full-tuition scholarships, the second class received half-tuition scholarships, and now the third class will receive 1/3 scholarships.

Without the scholarships, the cost of attending this "public" institution is absurd.

Mark O said...

What if it's a lie?

Kevin said...

What if it's a lie?

Nah, it just means Chemerinsky has ten left-wing judge friends who owe him a favor.

Robin said...

I'm less impressed by UC Irvine but that's mostly because I have little respect for Chemerinsky.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

American Law is a triumph of incest without doubt. Democrats rule it, like academe, finance, media, entertainment, and shamelessness.

Democrats need our current tax and Federal and State and Local law codes as a fish needs water. The democrats, in all their guises, will never quit. They are to be respected, for the depravity level combined with the bilious bloviations continue to be entertaining.

The wisest amongst us, Iowahawk, once is rumored to have advised "never stop laughing at the left."

Alan said...

Just like the Nobel Peace Prize - recognition before actual results.

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