December 8, 2011

At the Orange Café...

... you can talk all night.

(And consider doing a little shopping at Amazon. I just bought a couple more 24-packs of 100-watt incandescent bulbs. I hate to think of running out some day!)


America's Politico said...

Just returned from a long week of campaigning with the Committee to Re-elect the POTUS. (Such committees are standard; even Nixon had it.) People are so very, very excited about Newt Gingrich. We love him. We love Perry. We hope GOP has the good sense to pick Newt or Perry. We love you, GOP.

The K-street super, really super, consultants are betting that the POTUS can win it all every-where with Perry and Newt. So, we are kinda relaxing this weekend, specially since our plans for the 100-days of the 2nd term are now finalized. If you think health care was progressive, wait till Jan. 2013 re-inaguration day. The first 24-hours will make GOP vanish into thin air.

Here we come. Here they go (GOP, of course).

We love Newt. We love Perry. We love GOP.

Ralph L said...

I haven't got any 100 watt fixtures, so this honey badger doesn't give a shit.

I am worried about my exposed flame bulbs, though. It's already hard to find soft white ones the right size.

edutcher said...

We only use 60 watt bulbs, but this ban is ridiculous on principle.

(first, they came for the 100 watts and I did nothing...)

PS I bought The Blonde's final book through the portal. Merry Christmas, Madame.

Almost Ali said...

Eric Holder has gotten away with murder. Literally.

t-man said...


t-man said...

I thought of stocking up on 100W bulbs, but we use mostly 60W or 75W. For brighter ceiling lights, we have halogens, which are a little too white, but far better than CFLs.

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

Orange you glad when we order lightbulbs through your site?


Chuck66 said...

Good lord you could heat a gym with those 100 watt bulbs.

Ralph L said...

t-man, I believe the 75 is banned at the end of next year and the 60 the year after that.

t-man said...


I knew that, was just commenting on Althouse's purchase. Somewhere, in my heart of hearts, I believe this idiocy will be reversed.

LilyBart said...
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LilyBart said...

Somewhere, in my heart of hearts, I believe this idiocy will be reversed.

I don't know, I can't believe they haven't reversed it yet. I think people are getting used to being pushed around by petty government officials. Sad time for America.

Seems like too many Americans think they're exchanging their freedoms for security and free healthcare. By the time they realize they've were wrong, it'll be too late to reverse course

Carnifex said...

This administration is a travesty. The Wookie (I actually saw this word banned on another site) flying here and there at the drop of a hat. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the drilling moratorium...on and on the list grows longer and longer.

How about the ceremony the White house had to celebrate "the most open administration in history" beimg held behind closed doors?

Hey! How about those Obamacare sessions broadcast on C-SPAN?

I told Santa I wanted a Ipod with all of GodZeroes speeches on it like the Queen got.

BofA transferred $80 trillion dollars of derivative exposure into its banking arm. The reason? In 2005 Bush signed a bankruptcy reform act. In it, if the business failed, the derivative holders get paid first, before any other investor. So when the crash comes, and it is coming like a train wreck, BofA gets its money first. From whom you ask? The FDIC. And after they take that 80 trillion, how much is left for the depositors? Starts with a Z and ends with a ERO.

Here's the kicker though. If you are a depositor and get nervous, and remove your assets, if the crash comes within 90 days, BofA can come take YOUR money back! Its called clawback.

Now tell me, do you think that Wall Street, and the banks have bought the politicians on both sides of the aisle?!

When John Boehner, and Nancy Pelosi both get tagged for illicit (should be illegal) insider trading scandals.

Why is the congress excused from following the laws the rest of us have to live by? They don't even pay lip service to equality.

I could go on, flash mobs, union sweetheart deals, etc.. but why bother. You people go hide your head in the sand. Everything will be fine.

Ralph L said...

O, how I long for a 3 gallon toilet.

Peter Hoh said...

Ralph, here's a five gallon toilet, but I don't think it's what you have in mind.

Alan said...

How will the Justice Department crack down contraband light bulbs? Will we be hearing about Operation Light and Luminous one of these days?

Chip Ahoy said...

The official Althouse stuff should have items with Nun's Oath Ale.

traditionalguy said...

Light Bulb hoarding by the 1% is not fair.

Shame, shame, shame!

I am just practicing for the Occupy Dark Street demonstrations.

You can try to hide your incandescent light under a bushel , but we will see you enjoying your 1% selves!

rhhardin said...

Bulbs are cheaper at the supermarket, house brand $1.19 for four (any wattage).

Last year they were $.79

I use mostly 40w.

rhhardin said...

Plan for next year, Official Althouse 100w bulbs, shipped from Mexico.

edutcher said...

Alan said...

How will the Justice Department crack down contraband light bulbs? Will we be hearing about Operation Light and Luminous one of these days?

A year from now, we'll be reading Libertarians railing against the War On Incandescence.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

Recently I've been seeing certain commenters bandying about the idea that there are 3 cardinal rules of commenting. It is interesting that the 'boring' moniker has been applied as one of them. This is a bullshit moniker. When you understand what someone really means by boring it requires some study to get true understanding of what they mean.

I think these commenter cardinal rule 'meme' peddlers need to lighten up.

Psychedelic George said...

Speaking of illumination in his book "The Art of Money Getting," P.T. Barnum speaks disdainfully of miserly farmers who equate economy with meanness, especially as it would regard enlightenment.

"A few years ago, before kerosene oil was discovered or thought of, one might stop overnight at almost an farmer's house in the agricultural districts and get a very good supper, but after supper he might attempt to read in the sitting-room, and would find it impossible with the inefficient light of one candle. The hostess, seeing his dilemma, would say: "It is rather difficult to read here evenings; the proverb says 'you must have a ship at sea in order to be able to burn two candles at once;' we never have an extra candle except on extra occasions." These extra occasions occur, perhaps, twice a year. In this way the good woman saves five, six, or ten dollars in that time: but the information which might be derived from having the
extra light would, of course, far outweigh a ton of candles."

It is hard to imagine such a world.

(Incidentally, Barnum never said the famous 'sucker' quote. And the book above is a wonderful treatise on common-sense living that Ben Franklin would have loved. It's available free on the net.)

David said...

75 watts, 60 watts, 40 watts.

A bunch of dim bulbs here at Althouse today.

Don't worry. The world will save lots of energy as the lights go out in Europe.

Jose_K said...

DSK wont go:

Jose_K said...

I have been using CFLs since 2000and they are far better to read than incanscent and dont produce more heat than light

James said...

Seems like the Wisconsin Dems are already cooking up an excuse in the event they fail to gather the required number of signatures. I would think it would only take a single phone call to George Soros or the DNC to raise $150,000.

More Cash Needed For Walker Recall Effort, Dems Say

MILWAUKEE -- State Democratic Party leaders say the effort to recall the governor could end within days if they can't raise $150,000 in nine days.

Retired teacher Al Siemsen is a recall volunteer circulating petitions Thursday on Milwaukee's east side.

He said he's not worried that Democrats are asking for more money to keep the recall effort alive.

"I know that all this costs a lot of money, and I personally would be willing to donate a little bit more money to keep it going," Siemsen said.

"Are you worried that they might not reach that goal?" 12 News reporter Kent Wainscott asked.

"No, I think they'll reach it, yeah," Siemsen said.

The appeal went out Wednesday from the party's chairman, telling supporters they would not be able to recall Gov. Scott Walker unless they could raise $150,000 by Dec. 16.

Wainscott asked state Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski whether saying it's a bold statement to say, "This recall won't happen unless we raise $150,000 in the next week," is a bold statement.

"And it won't. We need resources to do this," Zielinski said.

Zielinski said the money is needed to maintain the more than 100 paid staff members and 42 recall offices statewide.

"We can't do it. We can't continue on as we are right now without resources. It's just the fact of the matter," Zielinski said.

"Do you believe them when they say the recall won't happen if they don't raise this money?" Wainscott asked a voter.

"No, I do not believe them," Lisa Rady said.

Rady said she thinks the fundraising plea is an idle threat.

"I don't think this is going to stop them from trying to do the recall if I don't donate $15 to the cause," Rady said.

But people apparently are responding. In just a little more than 24 hours, the fund drive had already reached more than half its goal.

It's fueled in part, perhaps, by those surprised to learn the recall effort might run out of cash.

"Wow, I haven't heard of this yet, but I know right now, if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. I know it takes money to do a lot of things they're trying to do," voter Robin Adkins said.

In a statement to 12 News, a spokesman for the state Republican Party said, "This half-baked fundraising pitch simply highlights the fact that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will say or do anything for a quick buck, as they continue their steady stream of false attacks against Governor Walker's record."

Read more:

Jim Gust said...

I'm giving the decade bulbs a try, from Feit through Amazon. Don't know if they really work, but allegedly they last 50,000 hours. Cost a couple bucks each, but that could prove a bargain.

ndspinelli said...

I was a member of Harry and David's fruit club as a gift. We love fruit and it is superb produce. Not a bad gift idea. The monthly fruit is pricey but you can buy just single boxes. our favs are the pears. Wolfermans English Muffins is another good gift. You can go cheap to expensive. Both have good, easy websites.

Just tell them ndspinelli sent you. I get a kickback.

Toshtu said...

What are Wisconsinites doing in East Texas complaining about a Nativity scene?

Running out of things to protest up there, are ya?

Psychedelic George said...

That "a man should eat a newly murdered thing of the sea, and eat it too by its own light."

The Whale as a Dish
Moby Dick

MadisonMan said...

Althouse, I'm just picturing one of your son's bedrooms so full of lightbulbs that you can hardly enter the room.

syd B. said...

I'm no electrician, but the add says these bulbs are "130 volt". I've never heard of this. If its accurate and not a mistake, I doubt these would work in the US. Anyone know?

SarcastiCarrie said...

130 Volt lightbulbs are considered heavy-duty or industrial in the US. They actually work better (last longer) because they can handle the fluctuations that come in the power line.