December 31, 2011

"Any time you switch anything up in Wisconsin — it's a very rare thing — so you got to like that."

Badgers appreciate the subtlety, lightness, and slimming effect of their new Rose Bowl uniforms.

(In other Rose Bowl news, Occupy losers horn in on the Rose Bowl parade.)

AND: The Recall Walker signature gatherers are traveling all the way to Pasadena to intrude on the Rose Bowls. How about traveling around the actual state of Wisconsin? Who's paying for the trip, by the way?


Paddy O said...

Funny thing about the Occupy folks, they're not even part of the official Occupy LA/Pasadena people. They're independent, just for the parade.

The end of the parade, after the cops go by, is always filled with kooks, and vagabonds, and religious nuts in a variety pack, often with good classic end-times, apocalyptic warnings.

So, those folks will fit right in.

Though, would it have been too difficult to get with the theme of the thing and just carry flowers?

Occupy and trash go together like peas in pod, lacking imagination in most every way possible.

Insufficiently Sensitive said...

Note that the LA Times is still playing the MSM game, first lathering the occupists with coverage, then declaring that 'the Occupy movement is leaderless'.

Their wise-monkey reporters haven't seen the SEIU ad to hire a coordinator at $65K to plan and execute strategic direction action field plans including banner drops, bank takeovers, and capitol occupations with membership, other local unions and coalition partners.

My bazoo the movement is leaderless.

edutcher said...

The octopus will look so swell. I'm sure it will be the hit of the day, especially with Hatman at the front, with his head on sideways.

I thought the parade people had originally told the Occupiers to take a hike (and anything else they wanted to do).

PS The leader of the Occupation, at least as far as money is Dr Evil and I have no doubt Andy Stern and the Rathke brothers are its creative consultants.

Mary Beth said...

A drab, ugly plastic bag octopus after the color and pageantry of the parade, yeah, that's gonna wow the audience.

garage mahal said...

Occupy and trash go together like peas in pod, lacking imagination in most every way possible.

I believe it was Jesus that warned the hypocritical Pharisees that self-righteousness was no different than any other sin; and the obsession with outward perfection blinded them of their own inner corruption and need for grace. No?

Ann Althouse said...

When I saw it was made out of plastic bags, I was like "They should put Justice Prosser on it."

Patrick said...

Well Garage, when the occupiers learn how to clean up after themselves, maybe then we can listen to the finer points of their Christian philosophy.

I hope you have a Happy and fulfilling New Year, in every way except for your political hopes. Not because I wish you ill will, but because I believe your political ideas won't lead anywhere good.

timmaguire42 said...

Who's paying for the trip, by the way?

My first reaction was, I'm sure garage will get right on that. But I guess I'm wrong. Maybe he'll get around to it once he's done paying homage to Alinsky's 4th rule.