November 30, 2011

Mark Steyn on Newt Gingrich: "It’s all ‘profoundly, dramatically deeply compelling.'"

"All the action is in the adverbs. One of my problems again with Newt is like he’s bursting with ideas that sound all as if they are coming from a self-help manual. If you remember back in his [heyday], he had something called 'The Triangle of American Progress.' And that evolved into the 'Four Pillars of American Civilization,’ which in turn expanded into the ‘Five Pillars of the Twenty-First Century.'"

Audio here.

ADDED: The bracketed "heyday" above replaces the Daily Caller's "hay day." Did you think someone's "heyday" had something to do with hay? Were you picturing something like this:

No! You are wrong:
late 16c., alteration of heyda (1520s), exclamation of playfulness or surprise, something like Mod.Eng. hurrah, apparently an extended form of M.E. interjection hey or hei (see hey). Modern sense of "stage of greatest vigor" first recorded 1751, which altered the spelling on model of day, with which this word apparently has no etymological connection.


rick said...

I am struggling mightily listening to Republicans harpooning every candidate, except of course, the author of Romneycare. I am mystified.

The star of "Morning Rino" is the worst.

The Crack Emcee said...

I heard that - and that he labeled him "self-help" (AKA NewAge). Patrice O'Neal has died.

Nobody would've ever called HIM that. See?

There IS a difference,...

Synova said...

I thought hay day had to do with the notion of harvest and thus, having the most of everything, the high point.

So... heyday... learn something new.

John Althouse Cohen said...

except of course, the author of Romneycare

Really, you think Romney has gotten more of a pass on his support of an Obamacare-like policy than Gingrich has? That hasn't been my observation. In fact, as Politico points out today, Gingrich's past position was arguably more liberal: he openly supported an individual mandate at the federal level.

The whole premise of the scrutiny being given to the non-Romney candidates is that Romney is so obviously unacceptable that Republicans need someone else. The media have hardly gone easy on Romney.

traditionalguy said...

Newt has a better approach and the better idea about everything every time...ask him and he will tell you so.

But that becomes a one way valve with no dissent allowed since you will be deemed not worthy of correcting the all knowing Newt and be written off.

If Newt could be put on a strict fast of any new idea communicating for a few days every week, then we could learn to stand him better.

traditionalguy said...

Splendor in Newt's New Grass soon withers and fades away.

rhhardin said...

Fowler, 2nd ed., "Metaphor, 2C. Spoilt Metaphor

..Yet Jaure's was the Samson who upheld the pillars of the Bloc...

Sampson's way with pillars was not to uphold them."

rhhardin said...

Hay day.

T J Sawyer said...

Now that's making good use of a "hot" medium. (See my comment on the Bloggin Heads Post.)

edutcher said...

Steyn's just mad because there are people still out there who believe the country can still be saved.

Cedarford said...

Yeah, the Party of Stupid actually is falling in love with an ultimate Inside the Beltway pol who specializes in do-nothing pompous windbaggery! Whahl, goool-lee that Newt shure is the smartest one in the room, he's the 1st to tell yah! And he loves Jesus, and Jesus forgives the Old Newt.

To run against the other pompous windbag "Perfessor" in love with his grandiose verbage.

To quote either Newt or Obama - "This election will be a cosmic inflection point in the course of human history. And testament to the power of my hundreds of ideas I never followed through on. It's about defining moments, the hope and change coming for a Greater America."

James said...

While driving home yesterday afternoon, I heard Mark Belling deliver a devastating critique of Newt's claim that he's the "conservative alternative to Romney."

Wasn't it Newt who called Paul Ryan's budget "right wing social engineering." At the minimum that statement suggests he's satisfied with the status quo.

Cedarford said...

edutcher said...
Steyn's just mad because there are people still out there who believe the country can still be saved

And the people who don't believe America can be saved want to run the washed up leader and ultimate DC insider, who was the most hated man in America in the 90s.

What could go wrong with that?

Apparantly nothing, because they ferverently believe that they can run any fantasy conservative and Obama will lose to them.

mccullough said...

Newt may be the only politician more self-centered than Obama. Obama's books are better written than Newt's, though both are pretty much tripe.

Since neither would listen to what the other says during a debate, each should be allowed to debate alone.

Clinton handed Gingrich his ass back in the mid 1990s and the Republicans threw his ass out of the speakership. Like Sarah Palin, he quit, only a day after he was re-elected to his Congressional seat.

He's learned nothing during his dozen years in the wilderness of K Street since then.

Titus said...

Is it really too late for another candidate to jump in?

James said...

You can hear Belling's comparison between Gingrich and Romney here:

It starts at approx. 13:30

mccullough said...


At this point I think conservatives should just get behind Ron Paul. There is no sense going down in flames with Newt when you can go down in flames with a conservative.

John Burgess said...

If Gingrich were running as the sole opponent to Satan, I'd vote Satan.

Ralph L said...

No, Titus, but you'd better hurry.

Obama's books are better written than Newt's
At least Newt wrote his.

campy said...

The GOP needs to just concede the big race. There's no way they're gonna beat The Won with any of the losers they've got.

Concentrate on holding the house of reps; that's the best they can hope for.

Titus said...

I could vote for Ron Paul.


Robert Burnham said...

"Igor, please take their coats."

"Igor, please take their blouses..."


As for Gingrich, Steyn's right — but as noted before elsewhere, Gingrich is smiting Obama all the time and that's what people want to hear.

Mitt Romney — pay attention.

MadisonMan said...

Well, I just spent 15 minutes wasting time, looking at Young Frankenstein on line.

Put...ze candle....Beck!


doofus said...

I fell in love with Teri Garr the moment I saw that clip. She is still one of my favorites. I will go out of my way to see something of hers that I have not seen before.

Lucien said...

@ doofus
Watch the Dream On episode called "And Bimbo was his Name-O", Part 1.

The word "Although" will never be the same again.

Bruce Hayden said...

I'm torn. I think that Gingrich goes after Obama better, and would likely clean up in a debate, but I think that Romney would be the better President. He has the mind set to run the country, while Gingrich is more the idea man.

Most of those of us opposing a second term for Obama will come around eventually to push whomever the Republicans nominate.

Cedarford said...

Not much of a selling point:

Conservatives think Newt isn't conservative, has cruddy family values, may not make a good President...but before losing, Perfessor Newt would shure done zing Perfessor Obama in debate with pithy Newtisms! And thrill the people that heart Newt while he antagonizes the rest of the country like he did as a failed Speaker.

That would show Obama whats what before his 2nd Inaugural, by gum!

On the other hand, while Romney is conservative and would likely improve the economy...he just doesn't tug at the Fundie's hearts like ol' Newt does!

The Republican Right proves just as vulnerable to snake oil salesmen like Perfessor Newt and Mr. 9-9-9 as the Media and Democrat Left were with "Perfessor Hope&CHange".

What a pitiful reflection on American democracy and the two Parties.
Bring on the military junta!

write_effort said...

How many women (and men, perhaps) want to see Callista as First Lady?

A married man may get a pass for an affair, but the woman-involved-with-a married man? Nope.

The couple has made their peace personally, but as public figures I can't imagine they are acceptable to a huge swath of the GOP and the general voting public.

Newt's a weasel and C is just one symbol of that. All an opponent has to do is put out an ad with this question: "Do you trust this man?"

(Sorry if I just offended weasels.)

rastajenk said...

Sounds like Who Dey!

Freeman Hunt said...

We're actually thinking of making the nominee Newt? I thought that was just political playing around, a bit like those pairs of metal balls people can spin around in their hands.

Isn't the Rom pretty much inevitable?

rick said...

@John Althouse Cohen. You might want to re-read my post. No, I did not say "media". I specifically stated Republicans. Especially the beltway types.

To your point though, the media has been fairly tame towards Romney. However, when Mitt Happens (to steal a moniker),that will change.

Methadras said...

Oh, Terri Garr back then. Yummy. Marty Feldman cracking the whip needlessly was funny as hell.

Fen said...

Isn't the Rom pretty much inevitable?

I hope not. Romney strikes me as just another Martha's Vineyard RINO. But you may know better as I haven't followed him that closely. What is his stance on:

1) Obamacare

2) Illegal Immigration

3) AGW

4) Govenrment spending

Henry said...

Hey! It's Marie Louise's Heyday. We have the book.

campy said...

If you loved McCain you'll like Romney.

Ralph L said...

while Romney is conservative
If so, why hasn't the media gone after him yet? They didn't in 2008, either. Do you mean conservative in the sense he doesn't want to radically change Washington?

rick said...

Romnooo a conservative? Like McCain? Like Bob Dull? Like W?

If you say so.

Paul Zrimsek said...

What knockers!

Mark said...

I can't believe some of the comments here and there tearing down Newt. Go ahead, saddle us all with Obama for another, maybe the final, four by voting for Ron Paul, or one of the other candidates who have NO chance of winning the general, much less doing the job of president. Hold your nose and bite your tongue if you have to, but it would be remarkable to see some of us put aside our fantasy candidate and unite behind someone experienced and willing and able to go up against Obama and get started back away from the precipice. Newt's not anybody's saviour, he's the credible alternative in the real world. Do not form up in a circular firing squad, people!