November 10, 2011

Love is leaving Obama.

Love had been "a constant presence in the West Wing and by the president’s side during every trip away from home."

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff Bill Daley is slipping away:
In truth... Daley never fully meshed with the tight-knit culture of the White House in the first place...

“Daley never got settled”....


Scott M said...

Is there any "there" there? Doubtful except in Daley's case. Odd to rotate CoS's that quickly isn't it? Not saying it's nefarious or malicious or anything of the sort. It's simply odd.

Chip S. said...

"Love is leaving Obama"

Say, is that a dog whistle I hear?

pm317 said...

"Love is leaving Obama"

Not if you keep the unions and the college kids together.

gerry said...

Is someone saying they're sorry?

edutcher said...


pm317 said...

"Love is leaving Obama"

Not if you keep the unions and the college kids together.

That's not even working in the Occupation.

Class factotum said...

Is someone saying they're sorry?

Love means you never have to say you're sorry.

john said...

An entourage of one? That's not how brothers do it.

But reading on: "his basketball buddy". That's better.

Amartel said...

Sometimes Love is not blind.

Lucius said...

This is like Skinner in Bush 41. In Obama's case there's no Baker or Sununu theoretically available to help save him.

For what it's worth, I'd get Daschle. "Elder statesman", not too elderly, and he rocks the Bono shades.

traditionalguy said...

That is almost enough to make people feel sorry for Barack.

The White House is left unto Obama desolate.

ndspinelli said...

Oh yeah, Whispering Tom Daschle is just what every sinking ship needs. Said in Dashle voice.."Now..don't panic, lets just move the deck chairs over there, and the dining tables, over here."

Scott M said...

Whispering Tom Daschle

I thought he was Death Panel Daschle.

Mick said...

Obama never had love for America. He views it w/ contempt, and thinks the Constitution is "flawed". His ascendence proves that the founders were prudent in making sure that only a natural born Citizen, born in the US of US Citizen parents, having sole allegiance and attachment to the US from birth, should be POTUS.

Academia is controlled by the Bankers that control University Endowments, and pensions and has allowed a Usurper to invade the WH w/o a peep. Complicit Congress is treasonally covering for the banker controlled Usurper, since the bankers influence them w/ campaign funds and can produce money from nothing. A politically poisoned Judiciary covers for Congressional treason. It's all one big game, and we the people are not in it.

Now Justiagate is revealed, where the keepers of information, and supposed adherents to the freedom of information, have surgically changed SCOTUS case references to Minor v. Happersett during the runup to the election of the Usurper. This was done to protect the Usurper from prying eyes questioning the Usurpers eligibility as a natural born Citizen. Incidently, Tim Stanley, owner of was part of "Obama for America."

The "law prof"'s students must rely on this Orwellianly fraudulent source of SCOTUS cases, yet this is seemingly unimportant to the "law prof". Are you captured "law prof"?

Mick said...


chuck b. said...

If "Love Is Leaving" was not a 1970s pop song [by Barbra Streisand], it should have been, and now we're back to that inescapable Obama-is-Like-Carter meme.

Lucius said...

Daschle's like our own Tony Blair. Or Lord Mandelson, as it may be.

It'll be fun.

wv: "maties" See!

Carol_Herman said...

Rahm didn't, either.

But, they switched jobs.

Maybe, by definition ... to become chief of staff is part of "crony capitalism?" But in Obama's White House there's no real "capitalism" joy. Or sweep.

In James Baker's hands, however, being chief of staff was the very essence of power.

Does it depend on who is king?

BJM said...

Did the union driver of the Obama 2012 bus just clear another obstacle on the re-election track?


Whispering Tom Daschle

I thought he was Death Panel Daschle.

My personal fav is former U.S. Majority Leader, closely followed by former U.S. Senator (D-SD).

I doubt the WH would touch Daschle with Garage's dick.

EDH said...

Kevin Lomax: What about love?

John Milton: Overrated. Biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate.

YoungHegelian said...

"He has not, in his 10 months on the job, turned the president’s approval around or significantly improved relations with Wall Street or Capitol Hill."

What!? Was miracle worker part of Daley's job description?

In other news, 99 out of 100 taste-testers preferred a Big Mac to a shit sandwich.

Herb said...

I'm just concerned about that 100th taste tester...

ndspinelli said...

What's the difference between a Big Mac and a shit sandwich besides the price?

Jim said...

Heck with the big mac/ shit sandwich.
The McRib is back in KC. Get a value meal and you can get a second one for a dollar.

Jimbo in KC

ndspinelli said...

Jimbo, You're in the mecca of in the hell could you eat a fucking McRib. You give the McRib to your dog and go to Bryant's, Gates, etc. for the best in the world.

Roger J. said...

What Scott M said--I think Daley was smart enough to realize he didnt fit in--

ricpic said...

Yes, I dare to say it: Reggie and Barry are a greater love story than Titus and his Hindu "husband."

BJM said...


Rahm didn't, either.

But, they switched jobs.

Jeebus, pay attention, wrong fucking Daley.

Roger J. said...

BJM--attention is not one of Ms Herman's strong suits. who can forget the estimable Ricky Branch who brought Jackie Robinson to the dodgers

The Drill SGT said...

Roger J. said...
What Scott M said--I think Daley was smart enough to realize he didnt fit in--

He's still there, so "Daley was dumb enough to think he could make a difference"

SRArugula said...

A classy National Champion like Reggie Love that played two sports is no fit with Obama. Suggest Barack now get a UConn Hoops scumbag that would fit better with the overall tone this Obama Admin has set. Like Obama, UConn has "won", but only by breaking rules and being a poster child for sleaze, cheating and lack of character.

Obama's tardiness to his own new conferences is well known and highlights the lack of discipline and respect in this White House. . I suspect the UConn guys would be 2 hours late to everything,

Roger J. said...

Drill--first and most important--how is your new domestic situation going with your frau no longer employed :)

Retirement can be difficult. The biggest problem I faced was what to wear every morning--was easy on active duty--not so easy when every morning requires a choice.

As for the substance of your post, I think this is Mr Daley winding down and fading away. I suspect he couldnt deal with Mr Obama's inside circle.

The Drill SGT said...

Roger J. said...
Drill--first and most important--how is your new domestic situation going with your frau no longer employed :)

Wife still has her day job as a senior Fed Contracts Lawyer.

She just doesn't work weekends any more

Me? I'm a slimy contractor who works days AND weekends

As for Daley?

Yeah, he thought he could impact WH operations with his experience.

Partisan Politico Punks 1, Adults 0

Roger J. said...

SDrill--there was a wonderful clip of President Reagan and Prime Minister Mulroney of Canada chatting while waiting for their wives.

IIRC President Reagan says to PM Mulroney: For a bunch of Micks we really married up.

I thought that was priceless.

And for a tanker, you apparently did OK Bravo Zulu

Lev Arbogastah said...

Obama will be beaten like a rented car next year!

Carnifex said...

@ SRArugala

I was taught that to be late for an appointment was to disrespect the person you have an appointment with. I think this reflects Barrys opinion of the news media very well.

@ Mick

Buddy, I think and I are the only ones to even consider Obama's dual citizenship unconstitutional. The rest don't give a flying fig. Just absolute indifference to false social security numbers, and forged birth certificates.

As far as Justia and Happersett vs. Minor...ppffffttt.

The reason Daley is leaving the WH is because Jarrett was worried that he was going to do a job on her, so she did a job on him first. Remember kids the enemy of my enemy may be my friend, but he maybe my enemy too.

Also, there just wasn't enough room in Barrys ass for both Jarrett and Daley both.

Besides, he can do more damage outside the WH, than in it.

Does anyone besides Ann Coulter think it oddly coincidental that Sharon By-a-lick lives in the same building as David Axlerod?

Does anyone else besides Coulter think it odd that the only time Herman Cain was a masher was during his 3 years as president of the restaurant association?

Or that the story only reached the media when a Chicagoan became the president of the NRA?

Or that all the "victims" are from, or live in Chicago?

Or that the angry sock monkey won his first primary when his opponent dropped out because of charges of sexual misconduct?

Or his first election when his Republican opponent had to drop out because of...wait for it...charges of sexual misconduct?

I'm not sayin' that the sock monkey had ANYTHING to do with it...I'm just sayin'.

Ohh, FYI the original reporter of the stories DID say it.

AllenS said...

From the article:
Love, 30, is a popular, gregarious figure in the White House with a unique relationship with the president. A onetime forward for the Duke Blue Devils’ basketball team, Love started out as a staff assistant in Obama’s Senate office after college, rising to become his personal assistant, known as the “body man.”

Obama has described Love as “the person who keeps me on schedule.” But like many young loyalists on the Obama staff, Love has evolved into a much more important role over time, acting as a gatekeeper and a liaison — and basketball buddy.

How much does it cost this country to have this character on the payroll?

Ebenezer said...

Clearly Reggie Love left in protest of President Obama attending a UNC game tonight.

Calypso Facto said...

How much does it cost this country to have this character on the payroll?


He and Daley were two of the 141 White House staffers making more than $100,000 per year (out of a total staff of 454).

Wow. Just wow.