November 15, 2011

Imagine going to a "pajama party" on a Monday night to sign "Recall Walker" petitions.

It happened.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker ran his first anti-recall ad during last night's Packers game:

Packers crushed the Vikings, for what it's worth.


edutcher said...

Pajama party, huh?

Screw now, screw later?

And that's a good Walker ad. Gives people a concrete benefit to what he's done.

Mark said...

Too bad his spokesperson was only elected in April.

When I look to a school board member to find out about long-term issues, someone elected in the spring isn't someone whose perspective means squat.

You know, someone elected after the February occupation in the most red county.

That's ok, I don't think anyone's advertisements are going to come off as anything but lies.

It's all such a sham.

Coketown said...

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and at least three Republican state senators also will be targeted for recall, opponents said.

Maybe these people should "recall" the last 12 months of Wisconsin politics, and realize this is a waste of time. And money. And pajama parties. What a disincentive. "Remember those gangly hags from March? See them in pajamas AND sign the recall Walker petition!"

Carol_Herman said...

I don't see a downside for Governor Walker. The unions, or whatever money is being spent on the recall ... needs 9,000 people a day ... to sign up. And, EVERYBODY KNOWS that their names are gonna undergo scrutiny.

I don't see volunteers stepping forward.

Dead people? That's always the trick the dems use. When you're dead, they co-opt your name. And, you vote when living voters don't show up.

Anyway, the dems don't even have 9,000 "new" people a day showing up for their "Occupy" campaigns. Behind the scenes I'd bet the media people are having knipshins.

Haven't you noticed people aren't freaking out over this stuff?

bagoh20 said...

I wonder if they promised Justin Beaver tickets to get the attendance up?

bagoh20 said...

We'll that's how he should spell it.

m stone said...

I consider the actions of the recallers to be adolescent rebellion, just prolonged.

We didn't get our way. You made us mad. We won't play with you.

garage mahal said...

This spokesdrone was elected on in April? So fitting.

garage mahal said...

In April. Can't delete on this phone.

Chase said...

poor Mark.

All Walker has to do is continually remind people in ads that the public teachers union fucked EACH Wisconsin school to the tune of a couple hundred thousand dollars a year they NOW get since Walker. READ here - if you know how - for some FACTS that will make you wet your pants

AND the teachers themselves - if they're such union supporters don't even voluntarily give their money anymore to their own unions since Walker gave them the choice.

Just 2 of the facts that Walker can spell out all day longing for the true American Wisconsinites that don't have their hands in everyone else's pockets and fingers up their own asses.

Wisconsin has already voted and it wants the stuff Walker did.

Face it Mark - leeches like you and your ilk are barnacles on the ass of the real workers and citizens of Wisconsin. You lose. You are the one's hurting the recovery. Go away.

Chase said...

Oh and Mark, a big thank you for spending the taxpayer's money - not yours (do you even pay taxes Mark?)on this stupid mass jerk-off you call (wink, wink, wank, wank) a recall.

Is there anyone's money you won't try to abscond and spend?

Chip Ahoy said...

Did you notice the link to pillows featured on Gizmodo in the shape of various weapons presumably for pillow fights?

Sofa King said...

Would it be wrong of me to point out that the Packers have not lost since Walker was elected?

MadisonMan said...

For what it's worth? FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH???

Sofa King, the Packers lost on Dec 19th last year, which was long after Walker was elected. It is true they have not lost since he was inaugurated.

MadisonMan said...

Unless you count pre-season "games". The Pack lost to the Browns in Preseason.

ndspinelli said...

They should have Hugh Hefner do an ad.

Carol_Herman said...

You've got to sign up 9,000 people every day. To reach the half million signatures needed.

Basically, you'll need people collecting signatures in whore houses ... to reach enough people to meet your 9,000 signatures a day quota.

We could take bets.

I don't see this happening.

Instead, I see people UNWILLING to sign. Because that puts their names on a list.

There's no benefit being on such a list.

It won't take long to run out of union members. (They'll sign. Because they'll be offered "bonus points.")

Once upon a time companies used to give out green stamps.

It made people think they were getting something for free.

Maybe, the petitioners could offer something on the order of an exchange with green stamps for signatures?

I think Governor Walker sees, ahead, 3 wonderful months of publicity.

While Penn State, on the other hand, is worried about publicity.

Carol_Herman said...

"Pajama Parties" are only good if they come with free tents. And, Tubbs gives out permits so people can sleep on the sidewalk. In front of the Rotunda.

Ah. And, people who live in the surrounding condos can throw eggs.

I have a feeling 9,000 a night won't be showing up for the pajama parties.

Do you know how cold it can get outside? A pair of pajamas works on ya, only if you're under toasty blankets. In a warm bed.

garage mahal said...

Would it be wrong to point out Walker has been booed both inside and outside of Lambeau? But I'm still not sure if he's attended an actual game. Couldn't determine on google anyway. I wonder what sort of reception he would receive.

EDH said...

When I wear the old style pajamas, my penis tends to find a way to poke its head out of the one-snap-fly, usually at the most inopportune time.

Due to multiple requests, I don't wear old style pajamas.

pajamaface said...

Perfect OCCUPY Pajamas?

MadisonMan said...

The Colts haven't won, except in preseason, since Walker was elected.

Titus said...

Was there sex?

Titus said...

My penis is hard all night. I wake up and it is raging and I rub it against the pillows.

I like to tickle my balls when I am in bed, just touching them ever so softly.

Chuck66 said...

Question, is the following quote from a neo-Nazi web site, or the Wisconsin Democrat Party.

"Bloomberg News has a story today on how the Zionist Koch brothers bankrolled the campaigns of Governors (like Scott Walker) who are cutting union powers. ......Mayer neglects to mention that the Koch's are Jews or crypto Jews; instead she tries to give them a "goy gloss."......and the Koch's and the Rupert Murdochs on the Right, a dozen Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish billionaires are able to define political discourse in America......"

Chuck66 said...

Answer, it could be either from what I have read on various Wisconsin discussion boards, but in this case it is an anti-Semetic web site. I won't link to it, but do an internet search if you are curious. Jew Watch is another one that seems to be a source for news for Democrats.

madAsHell said...

I dunno....

I'm tired of the shtick...It's for the children, it's for the schools.

I don't disagree with what Walker has done. I just don't think this is effective.

I think "We gave teachers a choice" would be more effective....or "we took the state out of collecting union dues".

Titus said...

I would do Walker.

Joanna said...

Have the recallers even settled on alternative candidates?

madAsHell said...

oh, gawd...I'm going Carol_Herman. Multiple posts in under 2 minutes.

I'm pretty sure nobody is going to get any pussy at this pajama party.

I mean, talk about a rally for the Elena Kagans!!

madAsHell said...


It was 7 minutes!!

Carol you're still kicking my ass!!

Unknown said...

So the board member that is in this add was recently elected? So she still knows 2x more than the negative posters on this thread..

Besides, Walker can feature 5 board members or superintendents a week saying the same thing.. the reform worked and Wisconsin schools that didn't fight them are in better financial shape.

like this

The Merrill School District extended contracts but included some of the tools in the state budget. They are now looking at a performance pay-based program to reward the best and brightest teachers.

or this

The Fond du Lac School District made up a budget shortfall of more than $4 million following reforms requiring employees to pay part of their pension contributions.

I'm wondering if any school principals or superintendents will be recorded saying that now they can terminate sexual criminal teachers like this. ...

KENOSHA - A physical education teacher from Indian Trail High School was charged Tuesday with having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student.

Read more:

The Sturgeon Bay High School math teacher and track coach who's accused of having sex with a female student will stand trial on sexual assault charges.

because you know the union had to protect these teachers ....

not the children.

Chuck66 said...

Unknown, I guess my Wisc public school wasn't the only one with a teacher playing a game of hide the wienie with the big breated blonde student.

garage mahal said...

How could that neo nazi website you're keeping tabs on miss a critical and fatal error: Their finding their news about Jews from...... Bloomberg News. Hello!

That was some quality race baiting trollage though. The non linking to the nazi material or the Democrats you were trying to smear was just clutch.

Patrick said...

Garage, I would guess that the crowd at Lambeau would react to Walker pretty much the same as they would react to the President. In other words, roughly half of them would cheer, and the rest would either remain more or less silent, or give a mild jeer. I'm sure Packer fans have lots of opinions on politics. Most of them would prefer to enjoy the game.

Just a guess. I say this having never had the pleasure of seeing a game there. I saw a bunch at County Stadium, back in the day.

Chuck66 said...

garage, what is your explanatin for Wisc Democrats using the same words as anti-Semetic web sites? Such as "cabal" and "secretly control the government" and this bizarre obsession with the Jew businessmen Kochs? The Democrats have all the signs of anti-Semite conspiracy theories about Jews controlling the government.

Anonymous said...

Titus, Walker has a misshapen head, but hey you might be turned on by that ;).

Petunia said...

My family's had Packers season tickets since 1964. I was at the Super Bowl rally in February and I would say at least as many people cheered the governor as booed him. The Green Bay mayor got booed too.

As for the "outside Lambeau Field" link, that was a protest of the small business summit with the useful idiot protestors who like to show up and make fools of themselves.

It had nothing to do with the football team itself. The useful idiots would have shown up wherever the summit had been held.

traditionalguy said...

Toga Party! Procreation is good.

Maybe the Dems can get donations in kind from Victoria's Secret.

Walker faces a force of nature now. It looks grim for him.

Curious George said...

"Joanna said...
Have the recallers even settled on alternative candidates?"

The recallers have no say in candidates. If the are succesful anyone can throw their hat in the ring. But their preferred short list is a who's who of recent Democratic losers. None of them want to be the cannon fodder in a recall election (if it comes about).

Chuck66 said...

Governor Walker will come through this more than fine. Now we can get the other side of the story and not just bitching and conspiracy theories from union thugs.

Alan said...

Perfect OCCUPY Pajamas?

Forever Lazy.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 --- 9:42p.m

Release from Madison Police:

Incident Date 11/15/2011 - 6:39 PM
Address 2710 Atwood Ave

Details On 11/15/11 at aprroximately 6:30pm, a rock was thrown through the front window of a cafe in the 2700 block of Atwood Ave. Officers found that the rock was thrown just above a sign supporting the recall of Scott Walker. In addition, there was a note taped to the rock making reference to voting for Kloppenburg. Investigation is ongoing.


Posted: Tuesday, November 15, 2011--8:45 p.m.
By NBC15's John Stofflet

A cafe owner on Madison's East side says he is upset someone threw a rock wrapped in an anti-recall message through the window of his Atwood Avenue business.

The owner of The Victory at 2710 Atwood Avenue, Patrick Downey, tells me his business has been displaying "Recall Governor Walker" signs in its window. Tonight, he says a rock flew through the window of his restaurant, "coming within one foot of someone inside".

He says, the rock came through the window with such force he believes a slingshot device might have been used to propel it.

Downey says the rock was wrapped in a message opposing the recall campaign against Governor Scott Walker.

Mark said...

Chase -

Thanks for pointing out your idiocy.

I have never worked for any state or federal agency, nor have been a union member at any point in my life.

I would also strongly bet that I've paid more in taxes.

But go ahead, show your wonderful Walker-supporter colors and tar me as something I'm not.

That's fine. Althouse will continue to wonder why there's little interesting discussion here anymore while you drive people away. Here I thought intelligent debate was fostered here, my bad.

Blair said...

That's an AWFUL ad. Governor Walker cut our budget, but at least he gave us a couple of crumbs! He must be a nice guy! Ugh! And people are over all the Reagan crap, it's cliched now.

Walker should be focusing on the money he has saved and doing the whole Jesus/martyr thing on his decisiveness and his willingness to lead and take tough decisions. You don't win by addressing your opponents accusations, you win by playing on your strengths.

Paco Wové said...

"Althouse will continue to wonder why there's little interesting discussion here anymore"

I think all the Wisconsin-centric blogging has been bad for the overall quality of the commentariat here. Too much cheesehead partisan sniping.

Mark said...

Paco -

It's also quite tied up in her moderation style [or rather, lack of moderation].

If I want a no-holds barred discussion the personal attacks, pointless rambles [Carol Herman], and dirty talk [Titus] ... I can go to 4chan.

It's much funnier, more shocking, and the uncivil discussion is part of the appeal.

A legal blog with the moderation of 4chan [and with some quite similar daily posters on each] has none of the positives of a good discussion community and nowhere near the cleverness of 4chan.

Worst of all worlds.

There was a post a week back about `where are the intelligent liberals in discussions here'? The answer? When a newspaper's comments are better moderated, when the host cares little how people act ... it is much like #ows as one perspective's human refuse are allowed to collect and stay.

I don't care if people like my opinion, but when it's all personal attacks all day ... that's not intelligent discussion, and over the months this place has less and less appeal to even read [let alone post].

Althouse wouldn't allow trolls to run her class, but she allows them to run her blog. I guess I should take a class of hers.

Lucius said...

They're "just enjoying the movement"?

At first I thought that meant there must be dancing.

wv: granci Like "Gramsci"!

Jay said...

You know who else had "pajama party" events?

Jerry Sandusky.

Freeman Hunt said...

A political pajama party? A little dorky.

garage mahal said...

You know who was a Republican?

Jerry Sandusky! And Joe Paterno.

MadisonMan said...

There was an earnest woman collecting signatures on my walk into work, just beyond the church, but I turned onto the bike path before I got to her.

My daughter signed yesterday. There is a TAA table collecting signatures at Union South.

No one's asked me yet.

Calypso Facto said...

A pajama party is the perfect venue for a recall party; filled with immature, catty, gossips living off the largess of others.

I hope Barrett jumps back in to challenge Walker. I'd love to hear him explain how he opposes the powers of the Budget Reconciliation Act that he made use of in effect in Milwaukee and only complained that they didn't go far enough, because he'd have liked to require cops and firemen to make the benefit contributions too.

Calypso Facto said...

My daughter signed yesterday. There is a TAA table collecting signatures at Union South.

My son said a walk down State St. involves running a gauntlet of petition pushers.

They better hope to get plenty of extra signatures, because I guarantee that with those collection tactics there will be lots of duplicates, forgeries, and ineligibles.

GMay said...

Hey garage, that was a real good zinger.

If only Sandusky were to realize that a change of parties would qualify him for elected office.

garage mahal said...

So I take it you're not signing one Calypso?

My mom said recall petitions were a flying up by her far away in Real Wisconsin.

Calypso Facto said...

Sign a petition because the state property tax levy went DOWN for the first time in 6 years, GM? No, I don't think so.

And I'd really rather not spend the $10 million the recall election will cost the state when a regularly scheduled election will only be 18 months behind.

Anonymous said...

Every day in Wisconsin is another Tiananmen Square or Storming of the Winter Palace.

purplepenquin said...

And I'd really rather not spend the $10 million the recall election will cost the state when a regularly scheduled election will only be 18 months behind.

If you really feel that way then I urge you (and everyone else who agrees with ya) to boycott this election. Afterall, that would be the only moral thing to do.


Calypso Facto said...

If you really feel that way ...

Ha. Fat chance, PP. Sunk costs, and all that.

By then I'll probably be irritated enough by the year-long anti-Walker temper tantrum to actively work against it.

Amartel said...

Hey, you know who was a Democrat?
John Wayne Gacy and Bull Connor. Oh, and you, ya silly cow.

Alan said...

You know who else had "pajama party" events?

Jerry Sandusky.

He wore pajamas in the showers?

Jay said...

Amartel said...
Hey, you know who was a Democrat?
John Wayne Gacy and Bull Connor.

Not to metion Mel Reynolds, Gerry Studds, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Norman Hsu, Rod Blagojevich, Hassan Nemazee and Raj Rajaratnam.

A nice collection of pederaists, rapists, a murderer and those engaging in massive financial fraud.

Amartel said...

Has anyone seen a silly cow rambling through the local graveyard for petitioners?