November 18, 2011

"I am told that Bill [Rehnquist] sometimes used rather strong language..."

"... to voice his disapproval of unfavorable rulings by the referee in his son’s games. With regard to his colleagues, he used somewhat milder language, though it was still emphatic. He often described the harsh consequences of his strict enforcement of a rule that seemed inequitable to some of us as 'tough tacos.' Bill had a good sense of humor, but unlike some of his colleagues, he seldom displayed it at oral arguments."

Writes retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens in his new book "Five Chiefs: A Supreme Court Memoir," which I've been reading.


ndspinelli said...

I don't trust humorless men or those who don't use strong language when appropriate. Stevens seems to me to be 0 for 2.

Bob Ellison said...

Is the book any good?

Lucien said...

Do you think Rehnquist would have been more understanding of the Referees if he'd been a trial court judge instead of an appellate judge?

Ralph L said...

'tough tacos.'
Good thing he didn't serve with the Kagan.

Joe said...

"I am told" that Judge Stevens likes to have sex with his car.

"I am told" is up there with "claims" as an indicator that what follows is likely complete bullshit.

Robert said...

If God had not meant for man to eat pussy, he wouldn't have made it look so much like a taco.

MadisonMan said...

I am told that that was my exact reaction to this as well, Joe.

Carol_Herman said...

Sandra Day O'Connor worked circles around Bill Rehnquist. And, never once got stuck having to write up a tax case.

Back when Chief's had clout ... it wasn't the language the other men feared. It was the stink-o assignment of writing up a tax case for the majority opinion.

Of course, Sandra Day O'Connor figured out that SHE COULD WRITE A MAJORITY OPINION ... by just sitting there, on her ass, in conference. And, watch the 4 minority justices wanting to see a majority opinion get written.

She was good at writing stuff up.

Best example: Plastic reindeer.

If you bring plastic reindeer to your nativity display in a public park ... you can keep it there ... if, instead of camels. OR? Along with the camels. you stuck in some plastic reindeer.

Because everyone knows "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" ... is just a song.

What about PERJURY?

To get to the Supreme Court, Rehnquist swore he did stop blacks from voting in Arizona. When he was a poll watcher ... who questioned the blacks who came to vote. Often denying them the ability to do so.

Today? We have Kagan. Lied through her teeth to get confirmed.

To get onto the Supreme Court is a power struggle. And, unfortunately, a political plumb that goes to an incombent president; when a "seat opens up." Retirements are less likely than justices just dropping dead in due time.

Kirby Olson said...


Saint Croix said...

Is the book any good?

I found it boring and vacuous and suck-upy. I don't know who the hell he's sucking up to, actually. I think he's sucking up to the institution. Anyway, all the Chiefs are wonderful. Even Burger, the pompous twit. The Brethren it is not.

Bob Ellison said...

Saint Croix, thanks for your response and review.

sorepaw said...
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