November 14, 2011

"Everybody needs people to care for them. Sometimes they don't want it."

"Sometimes they don't understand what you're trying to do, but they want to be disciplined. Kids are growing up awfully fast today."

Old Jerry Sandusky interviews.


Chip Ahoy said...


A wooden watch is following me around wherever I go.

edutcher said...

He was strict, apparently.

This guy gets worse and worse.

Curious George said...

"He ruined Penn State".

Bullshit. Sandusky is a sick fuck. But Penn State ruined Penn State.

rhhardin said...

John and Ken interviews of various pedophiles ("all outrage all the time") turned that the pedo's usually thought of themselves as sensitive and caring with the child's interest at heart.

I'd say the working feature was that they could sustain an interest in the child where normal guys cannot.

That from a line by Guggenbuhl-Craig, that borderline pedophiles make good teachers.

So the connection is not surprising.

Good rule: normal guys don't hang out with boys, except perhaps taking their son and his friends on an outing, which is for another reason than hanging out with boys.

Known Unknown said...

I hope he doesn't off himself before prison.

He needs someone to "care" for him, too, whether he wants it or not.

Anonymous said...

Good rule: normal guys don't hang out with boys, except perhaps taking their son and his friends on an outing, which is for another reason than hanging out with boys.

This is so true. It is, properly, something that you do things an obligation. If it's your own son, you do things because you realize how much joy and goodness they are getting out of it, and because you realize that it will feel so very, very good later, both because you have done the right thing and when nostalgia sets in.

But a man hanging out with boys because he enjoys it should send up red flags.

Carol_Herman said...

Sports, on the one hand, is a gold mine. And, on the other? It's run like the best PR machinery in the world!

It's good now that people are looking at old tapes, WITH NEW EYES!

Joe Paterno played his last hand, when he tried to outfox the Board of Trustees at PENN STATE. That's why you have Paterno, without qualms, setting the stage that "he'd retire at the end of the season." As if he could call the shots.

While the Board of Trustees at Penn State were meeting to finally get him out of their system!

You know, in 2006. When Paterno was 79. He was in Wisconsin. The game? Between Wisconsin and Penn State. When a Wisconsin player tripped over the old man. And, Paterno's left leg was broken.

How did the PR machinery work back then? Screens went up around "Beaver" Stadium ... Ya gotta love these names. So that no one would see Joe Paterno wheeled into a home game, sitting in a wheel chair.

Did Paterno's broken leg escape comment in Wisconsin papers? Or did people not think it was a big deal that a 79 year old man was too old to be on the field? Who was the Wisconsin player? Whatever happened to this kid?

Back in Happy Valley, where the news reporters were blocked from taking any pictures of Paterno, one local photographer. Knowing his way around, did get a picture of the wheel chair bound Peterno, sitting in the "press box."

But Penn State couldn't get him to retire! Do you know why?

Successful sports teams, like charities, are GOLD MINES. And, Paterno had no intention of walking away from (Sandusky's) gold mine, either!

How much gold? A shitload full.

And, powerful, too.

Carol_Herman said...

Shortly after OJ killed Nicole, and the Goldman kid, I was given a tour at USC. I was shown the expensive gym that went up on campus. That used to house OJ's Heisman Trophy. (It was absent. The lady giving me the tour of this super-duper sports facility ... on the campus of USC ... mentioned the powers that be at the university had come and taken it away.

In sports that's what happens to trophies earned in their day. That become embarrassments.

How much do you want to bet that lots of people in Happy Valley; and, on campus of Penn State ... have read every word of the 23 page indictment?

Sandusky, by the way, not only ruined Penn State. He CONTINUED to have keys to the locker room, there. Coming and going whenever he wanted to. Because taking victims (and donors) into the showers was a PERK of the GOLD MINE.

Somebody killed the DA! That's also a hidden power available in the GOLD MINE.

Penn State doesn't recover.

Will there be a run at the library on the Wisconsin campus ... go looking for the "event" at the football game back in 1979. When a player accidently bumped into Penn State's coach and broke his leg?

Will anyone be curious how a man of 79 ... who can't move out of the way of football plays ... remain on as coach?

Is PR that good!

After a football career, didn't OJ make it in the movies?

You think OJ's temper was unknown?

You know what pisses me off? The Boy Scouts of America have been sued up the ying-yang by queers who complained they couldn't "help" the boys. When all they wanted to do is "volunteer."

Volunteer my ass!

Carol_Herman said...


The Wisconsin football game (against Penn State), occurred in 2006. (Not 1979.)

I wonder if the librarian on Wisconsin's campus has had anyone asking about that event. And, if anyone questioned WHY Penn State's 79 year old coach ... who couldn't get out of the way of a play ... Was actually still coaching?

Yeah. (Cough. Cough.) I'm curious.

Carol_Herman said...


Sandusky admits to showering with the young victims. Nothing more. Just "horseplay."

Oh. And, the victim that McQueery, the red head saw ... was a boy who for fun ... turned on all the shower heads ... and was slipping and sliding on the shower's floor. Having a very good time.

Maybe? Maybe, Sandusky was "clapping" ... because he was so entertained by the horseplay?

Can you believe that?

I guess Sandusky has no intention of committing suicide.

But the game's up just the same.

The GOLD MINE of the sporting arena (and the charity it bloomed), have gone down the toilet.

Not that the perverts don't have PR experience.

You know, I'm not even sure it's smart for a dad to shower with his son. (Unless they've just completed swimming at the YMCA. In which case there is some showering to take off the chlorinated water.)

I just don't think most parents bathe with their own children, naked.

And, I think if you've got a controlling interest in a GOLD MINE, you don't walk away from "coaching." Instead? You protect your personal wealth and interests like the mafia.

Okay. I'll bet. I'll bet not enough people will buy this song and dance.

rcommal said...

Nothing like a Carol Herman for discouraging the very notion of paying attention. Perhaps Penn State could have delayed, even longer, attention being paid, if only they'd hired Carol Herman to do their PR.


From what I can tell, w/r/t to the Penn State Football situation, almost everyone involved over the past *at least* 15ish years welcomed both 1) being encouraged not to pay attention and 2) any port in the storm that they could use to justify not paying attention.

From what I can tell, they got what they wanted, and it even worked ...

... until it didn't.

wv: sayst

Carol_Herman said...

How serious is it to murder a DA?

The same DA that "shut the case down against Sandusky, back in 1998?

That's the time the mom blew the whistle. Her son came home with wet hair. Which roused her suspicions.

And, the DA. With two police officers listening in a nearby room; overheard Sandusky say he was sorry. "And, wanted to be dead."

Sure, a "thin blue line." Cops can keep a secret. Especially if there's a local mafia in town. With big time PR savvy. And, connections.

Then? Comes 2005. And, another victim. And, the DA is "asked" to re-open his case.

Whom does he call?

Is he worried?

Does he have anything on his laptop that he wants to discuss with someone very high up the perverted fruit tree?

He never makes it home, again.

The missing DA's car is found 50 miles away. And, his laptop is retrieved from the Susquehanna River. Takes people to investigate this much, no?

Followed by the sound of crickets.


Go ahead, admit you didn't think of the Catholic Church's pedophilia epidemic that finally got exposed. With plenty of Catholics saying "nothing like that happened." And, the current pope having a record of hiding evidence.

Didn't leave a stain on the Catholic Church? Didn't have a pedophilia scandal erupt in Ireland as well? (Oh, you didn't know?)

Carol_Herman said...

You know, when the Board of Trustees at Penn State met, Joe Paterno went on TV with his own presser.

He was gonna pull the ball out of the hands of the Penn State administrators. But he forgot to show any sorrow for the victims.

Joe Paterno was FINALLY fired!

Will you ever find out what kind of a GOLD MINE existed between the Penn State's football fortune, and Sandusky's "charity?"

What about the dead DA?

Can't the DA's office also pursue this case to the conclusions you know see. By going about it with great care?

Between the cops and the DA, how many people in Happy Valley knew the truth?

James Joyce knew the truth about the Catholic priests predilections for ass fucking young boys. In his book, the Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, he "alludes to it." But only in ways ... wink, wink, nudge, nudge, you'd have to have been familiar by what he meant when two young boys see a priest in the park ... When they are cutting school. And, the "priest is doing something disgusting."

Turns out the Internet is amazing. It takes a very difficult subject for people to talk about ... and, it lays it bare.

TV must have been better in the days when Larry King, himself, boldly threw open the doors on the abuse that ran rampant in the Catholic Church.

Try not to think about it.

But people still do.

Meanwhile, the dead DA didn't just disappear.

Anonymous said...

Carol -- Your conspiracy theories would be more believable if you didn't have such a love of conspiracy. Remember your bloviating over Strauss-Kahn?

Tell us about the World Trade Center. The Freemasons, too. Is there a relationship?

Carol_Herman said...

How come nobody learned WHO the person was that the DA went out to speak to the night he disappeared?

Could he have called Sandusky, himself? And, then, part of this conversation got Sandusky so riled up he killed the DA?

The DA sure did go out to speak to someone important.

And, there must have been a big effor (in a small town, no less), to find him. Were the first rumors about the DA is that he "ran somewhere?" And, is hiding out in Venezuela? Or on a Polynesian Island?

How come the Susquehanna River was "dredged?" Coming up with the DA's laptop (which was missing its hard drive), must have been a clue to some detectives, no?

But the trail went cold.

Did Sandusky do any "kid screwing" around that time? Fox News says now there are close to 20 victims. Any being questioned about that night? April 15, 2002, I believe?

Did Sandusky ever use force with anybody?

We're seeing the tip of the iceberg. There's a huge mountain just below the surface.

And, a story that has a long shelf life.

Football, like politics, should never become a religion for anyone!

Carol_Herman said...

7 Natchos,DSK raped the maid.

And, they're still discussing him in france. Where he is now threatening to sue newspapers for what he calls "an invasion of privacy."

Among the things said? His wife wants to receive back a huge sum of money that she had to run through ... while this creep defended and bought his way out of the NYC case.

Pedophilia also involves very rich creeps.

This is not the story of one lone man standing around kids and opening his raincoat.

Not even the perverts who try to get kids at parks. And, use the park's toilets to have anal sex. (Kids, in those cases, usually aren't the victims.)

But I'd bet lots of homosexual males got their first taste of rectal sex when they were as young as 8 or 10.

Perhaps, Sandusky thinks he can accuse his accusers of being very bad boys. Just what did Governor Corbett mean when he said the Second Mile charity "groomed" all the victims. But not all the participants were victims.

There was a front to the charity that required helping boys in lots of trouble. Not all of them got stuck with Sandusky's penis up their asses.

The charity was a GOLD MINE!

Will people get turned off when they realize many charities don't deliver anything to the people they claim they are gonna help?

The March of Dimes never gave a nickel to the research being done by Salk. And, Sabin. BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T WANT A VACCINE THAT WOULD PREVENT POLIO. Where the victims were their ticket to getting people to give money.

And, yes. The DA met with foul play. He didn't commit suicide. He wasn't eaten by the fishes.

And, his laptop's computer, which was recovered, had had its hard drive removed. Professional job. No fingerprints.

Why was it thought that "removing the DA" ... would close the case?

You'd think it would have made law enforcement angry enough to keep digging. Sure seems possible great care was used in getting to the heart of two organizations. Penn State. And, this "charity" that recruited distressed young boys.

carrie said...

This too will pass. Penn State is not ruined. Hopefully this will cause every youth group to think about this issue. The Boy Scouts have strict rules about adults and children--requiring a minimum two adult leaders for every function and then prohibiting any adult to be alone with a youth (other than his son) in an isolated place--if an adult is in the bathroom alone and a youth walks in, the adult has to leave immediately. The same is true for catholic schools, in our diocese anyway--every adult volunteer has to take child protection training or they aren't allowed to volunteer, including providing transportation to events. I think the same is true for all of the coaches in local youth rec leagues. Every youth group should have rules and training like that and I think that parents should be leery of any youth group that doesn't have similar rules and training.

Sorun said...

...if an adult is in the bathroom alone and a youth walks in, the adult has to leave immediately.

That's creepy too. It assumes the adult is a potential perv. And if the kids know about rules like that, the little bastards will think of ways to exploit it.

ndspinelli said...

It would appear Carol Herman no longer serves a purpose. One down..two to go.

carrie said...

I have taken youth protection training for the Boy Scouts and for the catholic school that my children attended and you are taught that you need to think of every adult as a potential perv. I would think that the programs that are harmed the most by these fears are the one-on-one mentoring programs like Big Brothers and Big Sisters--adults because they are at risk of being wrongly accused of wrongful acts, and kids because fewer adults are willing to assume the risks that come with one-on-one mentoring programs. But then maybe these programs have changed and don't allow one-on-one mentoring anymore.

jamboree said...

Finally getting around to reading the Steve Jobs' bio, I'm struck by how much of a "Dad Thing" the early years of the Silicon Valley wonders were. They basically not only hung out and learned from their own dads, but all the dads on the block.

Can't see that happening today.

There is one scene with young, and probably quite cute, Steve Jobs hanging out with some older, cranky guy who says, "Come here let me show you something."

I involuntarily tense up... and it is a rock tumbler from which he draws all kinds of collaborative metaphors for life.

Just sayin' that if that were a modern scene in a TV mini series, I doubt it that's how it would be written.

Too bad. I'm still curious if there's been an explosion of sex abuse since about the 70s, or if it was always there and hidden and the numbers were just as high as today.

Ralph L said...

Jamboree, there is a big jump in violent crime rates starting about 1965. The causes? I'd guess partly demographic (more young men, urbanization), partly legal (shorter sentences/Miranda/less powerful/aggressive cops), partly social (more drug use, more fatherless boys).

Many more homes with out an adult man to scare away predators would indicate the rate of sex abuse is higher.