November 28, 2011

"Canada will be a pariah globally if it goes through with this."

Says Green Party Leader Elizabeth May about this "very damaging act of sabotage" that "will reverberate around the world."


Heart_Collector said...

Maybe their quarters will be worth more than ours now since they show common sense.

The Crack Emcee said...

Common sense makes you a pariah?

That's always been my experience.

And we got Obama because Bush was an idiot.

"And I say to myself, what a wonderful world,..."

MadisonMan said...

Shouldn't Canada work to accelerate Global Warming?

wv: bakedali. Excellent fava beans and a chianti.

E.M. Davis said...

A pariah globally or a global pariah?

How's the education system in Canada?

BigFire said...

Maxine Waters is the next ranking Financial Service Democrats. Be afraid.

Seeing Red said...

We're in good company!

Curious George said...

Does pariah mean "no longer a chump?"

edutcher said...

Another reason Stephen Harper is The Blonde's favorite Prime Minister.

Richard Dolan said...

All around us grand international schemes are collapsing, repeating the pattern from almost 100 years ago when the Kellogg-Briand Pact and the naval disarmament conference collapsed along with the League of Nations. In our time, the collapse of the Kyoto Protocols is a minor event because it was never really implemented. As a UN-driven exercise, it is symptomatic of the fact that the UN collapsed as a significant player long ago, even if the usual suspects didn't notice. All of that will be dwarfed by the collapse of the euro, and with it a good part of the EU project.

Despite all of that, the pariah is supposed to be the Canadian politicos who noticed what had collapsed and what was still standing. It's hardly a good thing when concern for the natural environment is reduced to the level of an unfunny joke. But that's what's going on.

John said...

Its all Bush's fault.

He should have joined the Kyoto accord even though the Senate had voted unanimously against it.

The Hell with the Constitution. Kyoto is a good thing, right? Or at least has good intentions, right?

Why bother with things like Senate ratification when the heart is pure.

John Henry

Doc Holliday's Bastard said...

Wait, if Canada starts drilling for oil more, starts mining coal heavily, relaxes its pollution standards enormously and does untold destruction to natural (and populated)environments through huge dam projects and massive wind and solar farms wouldn't it become a global beacon of the power of the green economy...just like China?

Curious George said...

Oh great. Now Obama has someone to blame for the rising sea levels. Way to go Cannuckians.

Scott M said...

Common sense makes you a pariah?

Only since August 18th, 1969. Common sense tried to reassert itself on December 6th of the same year, but it's never really caught on since.

Scott M said...

PS - Barney Frank not seeking re-election smacks of common sense, but the fact that MA Democrats might dig up Teddy to run in his stead cancels it out.

Curious George said...

"Green Party Leader Elizabeth May called the move "a very damaging act of sabotage."

"It will reverberate around the world," May told CTV. "Canada will be a pariah globally if it goes through with this."

Well, at least she is a good sport!

Sorun said...

The fund is expected to grow over the next eight years to eventually distribute about $100 billion a year. However, it is still unclear where all of that money will come from and how it will be distributed.

Not from my wallet, fuckers.

A better idea: Let's print a hundred billion "UN Dollarinos" and distribute them around. Then declare victory and go home.

Carol_Herman said...

FACT: You saw Obama win because McCain was considered "wild." And, not in control of his temper. And, actually not trusted by the republicans who chose not to vote for him.

Obama did pick up more democrap voters than usual. But at its base, the Black community is only 12% of the whole.

Wasn't Kyoto part of the global-warming racket?

Look around the world. All you see are "local" problems:

All of Europe
And the Arab "spring" that sprung a leak.

For the most part, Obama just stays out of the debris path. The exploding stuff doesn't fall on his lapels, (except for Libya.) And, most Americans thought Ghaddafi was daffy. So it doesn't generate much of a response. We fired weapons. Whoopie.

Carol_Herman said...

Taken out of context is this Michael Lewis comment:

"Institutions generally have a keener sense of survival than do individuals."

It's probably why individuals who vote can't make a dent in the system.

PaulV said...

The riots in Cairo started in January. It is the Arab Winter.

Henry said...

Dear Canada.

It's not so bad.



Dutch Canuck said...

Crazy Lizzie May represents a minority opinion in Canada. Unfortunately, most of the Toronto-based staffers at the major Canadian networks think she's the smartest, most honorable human since, well, St. Fruitfly himself, David Suzuki.

So expect wall-to-wall media coverage of wailing, tooth-gnashing, hair-rending greenies hysterically accusing the Canadian government of global genocide, and calling for the arrest of the Prime Minister by the Human Rights Court in the Hague for crimes against Gaia.

And no, the previous paragraph was not an attempt at satire.

traditionalguy said...

False shame is still the Marxists only weapon...unless you count occupying the White House for three years.

Mike said...

Maybe Canada is "leading from the front" in pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol.

edutcher said...

Is Elizabeth May their Elizabeth Warren?

Or is it Gloria Allred?

Hagar said...

Just about anything is likely to reverberate within Elisabeth May's world - it is such a small one with a hard shell around it to shield it from reality..

Fen said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Get your house in order, we're going to RICO your ass.

The AGW frauds should be in jail.

rhhardin said...

They call the wind pariah.

Heart_Collector said...

Carol_Herman said...
Taken out of context is this Michael Lewis comment:

"Institutions generally have a keener sense of survival than do individuals."

It's probably why individuals who vote can't make a dent in the system.

Here it is... Wonderfully put.

sorepaw said...
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chuckR said...

At least Canada being honest about it, unlike most of the rest of the First World.

Methadras said...

Good for Canada. Kyoto is and was a joke. The US didn't even accept or ratify it, so how is Canada any worse off. I live in California, the nations first lost cause. This state is a joke with what is coming up environmentally.

n.n said...

Canada has a conflict of interest in this issue. It is in their best interest if the ambient temperature increased on average throughout the year. It would increase the length of their growing season, reduce structural damage to both mechanical and living things, facilitate resource recovery and transportation, reduce heating expenses and related fuel consumption, and improve their tourist industry.

The "pariah" resists submission to forces of redistributive and retributive change. There must be quite a few Canadians who acknowledge their dignity and desire to preserve it. The age of enlightenment has not escaped their notice.

It didn't help that there is documentation of pervasive and progressive incestuous relations between the principal actors in the AGW/AGCC/"climate disruption" enterprise. They have damaged not only their reputations, but the credibility of institutionalized scientific enterprises.

It also didn't help that environmentalists have been directly implicated in for profit ventures to distort and manipulate markets. There are the several hundred thousand birds that annually fail to run the windmill gauntlet and the toxic waste in far away places (e.g. China). The principle of out-of-sight and out-of-mind is a poor alternative to good stewardship.

Sigivald said...

Canada was already ignoring its fatuous "commitments" to Kyoto, entirely.

As for being a "pariah", well... turns out that nobody but the Usual Suspects gives a flying copulation about Kyoto.

Nobody (serious) cares what those people thin

Alex said...


Amartel said...

"Pariah" meaning person who disagrees with meeeee, Elizabeth May, Greed Party Leader.
"Global pariah" meaning person who disagrees with meeeee [Elizabeth MayGreenPartyLeader) and my fwends some of whom are from other countries.

holdfast said...

Likely the first domino to fall, but surely not the last.

Japan is reconsidering its nuclear industry in light of Fukushima. That leaves coal, and in the future some of that sweet, sweet, LNG that Canada and the USA seem to be finding so much of. Advantage: North America (if Obama doesn't k*ck up the America part).

Germany is about to get stuck with a massive bill to try to save the Euro (they won't, but it will be a costly failure). That'll leave a lot less money for green subsidies.

The UK is already cutting back on their green subsidies and will need to buy more gas, and mine more coal.

Spain, the leader in creating a "green economy" just elected a conservative government and has 20% unemployment, which means they'll start burning anything if it will jumpstart their economy.

Kyoto is deader than dead, and nothing is going to resurrect that failed model.

Nora said...

I'm curious - is there one signed country that meets Kyoto's limits?

Carnifex said...


That there's funny. Was actually trying to lull mu grandson to sleep on Thanksgiving singing him that song. Well not THAT song, the original one.

I forget which talkin' head sez it but to quote "liberalism is a mental disease".

With every example of the failure of liberal ideology, they cling tighter and tighter to their misguided belief system. To bad they aren't conservatives, they could cling to their gun's and their religion instead.

@ the Crack Emcee... I would like to say I appreciate your down to earth outlook. I agree that sometimes smart people are too smart by far.

Paul said...

"Canada to pull out of Kyoto Protocol next month"

with the recent revelations that CO2 does not heat the earth as much as they thought, and the second round of leaked emails, yea I can see Canada getting out of this FARCE.

It was all about money from day one. Al Gores money, Soros money, researchers money.. and nothing at all about the environment.

Canada just wised up and left them holding the bag. I hope Soros and Gore go broke.

Craig said...

Maybe their quarters will be worth more than ours now since they show common sense.

A Canadian quarter is worth 26¢ today on the foreign exchanges. Evidently, common sense does pay off.

el polacko said...

looks like bush was a sort of progressive prophet on this issue.
a man before his time.

Maguro said...


- C. Mongomery Burns

Quaestor said...

Dutch Canuck wrote:

Unfortunately, most of the Toronto-based staffers at the major Canadian networks think she's the smartest, most honorable human since, well, St. Fruitfly himself, David Suzuki.

He of the totally imaginary childhood?

David Suzuki is a total asswipe hardly worth a comment.

DADvocate said...

Good for Canada. Why should they let radical idiots like May dictate their policies?

Justin said...

Koyoto is a mishmash of rent seeking and corruption, with money funneled to Russia, Brazil, China, and a bunch of other countries through the bullshit REDD+ and CDM programs, not to mention the perverse incentives - all without doing a damn bit of good. At BEST, with perfect compliance, Kyoto would reduce global emissions by 5.2%. Good for Canada.

Saint Croix said...

This is a pretty damning indictment of global warming:

How We Know They Are Lying

Royce D. said...

Pariah...? You mean trendsetter!