November 6, 2011

At the Sunset Café...

... you can talk all night.


JAL said...


edutcher said...

I hope that little trail leads someplace where you can stay warm.

The sky already shows a chill in it.

BJM said...

...and listen to this.

h/t Vanderleun

Ignorance is Bliss said...

The sun set an hour too early tonight. I hate switching back from daylight savings time.

MadisonMan said...

Packers! Woot!

J said...

you can talk all night.

You can? More like, listen to meth-fueled A-house perps scream obscenities (or defend Sandusky)

rhhardin said...

La Crosse atomic clock with incredible precision but missing big picture video, reverts of daylight time at the end of the first day of standard time owing to a program bug.

It gets the daylight time flag from WWV in GMT not local time, and has to figure out the delays, which it doesn't do quite right.

This year I was ready with video cam.

If the tech support hadn't denied it was a design error, the clocks wouldn't be in public hands today for hard hitting videography.

ricpic said...


What dusk is is
Immanent not permanent.

Then everything that almost is
Goes dark.

ricpic said...


Immanent not permanent
Is what dusk is.

Then everything that almost is
Goes dormant.

Psychedelic George said...

Saw the movie "Take Shelter." It's about a man who thinks a monstrous storm is coming and takes Noahesque precautions. The question is whether or not he is becoming paranoid schizophrenic like his mother.

After two hours deep in the dark heart of the twin cities of tedium and boredom we get the answer. In the last scene.

It was not worth the wait, but the movie's precautionary title fits the times in which we live.

Curious George said...

My day starts early. 6AM at the desk preparing for the day. Having some Alterra. Getting caught up on email. Check the news.

The last few weeks of DST suck. Nice to do it in light of day.

Pogo said...

Just reading the Cain post below.

Ritmo and Allie's Apple need to get a chat room. Yipe.

Curious George, I get to work when it's dark and I go home when it's dark. DST didn't change that unlovely fact.

Gotta wait until mebbe March for that.

Pogo said...

Mmmmm ...Alterra.

Lem said...


Curious George said...

"Pogo said...
Mmmmm ...Alterra."

I have a hook up!

madAsHell said...


It's really sad when they have to resort to nudity.

Of course, that whole MTV phenomenon is aimed at 14 year old girls. Soooo.....why are you watching it?

Pogo said...

I'll buy a bag when I go to Milwaukee this week, and give it a go.

JAL said...


Not the sky, Blogger comments.

Last night I commented on rh's clock vid --

Not here this morning. Mmmm.

Oh well. I thought it was pretty funny, rh :-)

Is there a reason you have four of those?

And as usual I love your dog. She is such a good dog. And beautiful, besides.

Curious George said...

"Pogo said...
I'll buy a bag when I go to Milwaukee this week, and give it a go."

I was drinking George's Burly Blend before it was a product. My son's creation, he would make it for the owner who would say "Let's have some of your Burly Blend." He now heads up all production for Alterra.

Pogo said...

Awesome history; we frequent their coffeehuses when visiting my son in Milwaukee. Love the ambience, and they choose some really cool buildings and locales.

I look forward to trying your son's creation.

Coffee is a pleasant substitute for the morning sun.

Curious George said...


Check out their new facility and cafe on Humboldt.

Jeff in Oklahoma said...

An interesting 4th Amendment case being argued tomorrow at SCOTUS:

Can police can place a GPS device on your car to follow all of your movements, for any length of time, without a warrant?


Jeff in Oklahoma said...

This can't possibly be true, can it?