October 29, 2011

What the "Occupy Madison" encampment looked like today...


It's exiled on East Washington Avenue. Meanwhile, at the Capitol Square... the protesting is enigmatic and infiltrated with Halloween — Freakfest — spirit....


Would you eat that carrot?


Hoosier Daddy said...

I don't understand why no one takes these people seriously.

Petunia said...

Wonder if the occupy folks are welcoming the homeless into their tent hamlet, since the building on that site has been suggested as a day center for the homeless this winter, an idea that has been vetoed by Madison's progressive mayor?

WV: stful. Hmm.

deborah said...

That's a pretty sad encampment.

AprilApple said...

Heh. This says it all. Eat shit, leftists.

MarkG said...

Big kegger at the encampment tonight! Everyone's invited (BYOK). Live music (drum emphasis).

Mike_K said...

Has anybody checked those tents with a heat sensor at night ?

David said...

So actually it's part of the constant party that is Madison?

Oh, the oppression.

edutcher said...

They should just wear the Occupy outfits. They're scary enough.

AprilApple said...

Is the masturbation party all sputtered out?

DADvocate said...

Is the masturbation party all sputtered out?

They sent out invitations but nobody could come.

Tyrone Slothrop said...

I love carrots. Even commie ones.

Tyrone Slothrop said...

They sent out invitations but nobody could come.

I heard they had a few spurts.

AprilApple said...

They sent out invitations but nobody could come.

Yeah. Some parties, you get a flaccid response.

John from Pomeroy on the Palouse said...

I clicked (Enlarge) under the photo but it didn't increase the number of people or tents at the 'encampment.'

J said...
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NYTNewYorker said...

I would not eat a carrot as I've read reports that they have been whacking their carrots there....

J said...

Sixty Grit said...
Petunia said...

deborah said...
10/29/11 6:33 PM

Tyrone Slothrop said...
(and others as well)
All the work of one sick twistwd piece of occultist white trash from Sac--Byro., also inviolation of google TOS (ie, multiple accounts/spam). Note same ugly white trash style (the puto gpt it from his yid-masonic mama).
Also plagiarism--ie, lifting a character from a book he never read and knows nothing about.

yr headed to hell, April ho

Tyrone Slothrop said...

ixnay on the ay-jay

Beta Rube said...

Cool. I can enjoy crazy, ersatz Jabberwocky guy while I'm watching the Badgers.

Alex said...

Pathetic. This is no "bonus army" march on DC. The left fancies themselves like that.

Paul said...

So the turds go home. Good riddance!


You used a double negative. Don't understand why no one... So you understand why everyone does not take them seriously?

I agree! I'm sure they see right through their shtick.

J said...

wow--Tyrone plagiarist--guess what mormon fag-- there's about like 7-8 reporters at the Enterprise, laughing at yr dyslexic stooge scrawls, "titus". Hah hah

Including one hottie An***e T****s. Hah hah keep scrawling, AZ-druggie stooge-


Carol_Herman said...

Manhattan has snow!

The "occupy" site will be blanketed in the white stuff. And, the trucks ... which carry in the free food ... are gonna have problems traveling the road ... even if the salt trucks are out.

What's the draw?

Well? It has a "name." Like Halloween has a name, which gets people to dress up real silly.

As to the "encampment" ... being "cast out to East Washington Street, I can only imagine TUBBS has panicked! He realized IF he kept giving away permits to put tents up "by the Capitol" ... it just goes and ruins business.

When did the lesson get learned?

I think when I saw CNN sending in their real second rater ... to do a telecast from there this past summer ... It meant something went out of the "mass movement."

For NYC, however, it's gonna be the snow!

When I lived in NYC I NEVER remembered it snowing on Halloween! Kids were able to romp outside wearing costumes.

new york said...

somebody needs to monitor these comments

mesquito said...

somebody needs to monitor these comments

Don't worry. I'm taking names.

JAL said...


6-10" of snow due in New York City tonight.

You know 6-10" of snow in NYC doesn't go away in a day.

Significant snow in NYC is messy.

Why don't I feel sorry for OWS?

JAL said...

Revised down to 3-7"


NYTNewYorker said...

Bloomberg will probably ask OWS to stay at Gracie Mansion until this weather blows over.

He's that kind of guy.

Tyrone Slothrop said...

My sister, the diabetic, got into a carrot eating kick-- a low-carb, filling snack. She used to get ten-pound bags of horse carrots, each one as big as a twelve-year-old's forearm. Eventually the skin on her palms started to turn orange. This freaked her out enough to get her to quit.

J said...

An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility

Lt. Bierce opposed the Kochocracy of his time. (then a Teabug knows about as much about US History as he does about Economics--ie a null set)

Tyrone Slothrop said...

new york said...

somebody needs to monitor these comments

It's no use. As far as I can tell, Althouse doesn't give a damn.

J said...

"somebody needs to monitor these comments"

somebody is, troll--google. And multiple empty spam-accounts (like you have)--at times they charge people with felonies for that

heh heh

Audie Murphys Mom said...

I just love it when great people like J and Carol Herman come here to give people what for!

It is so cool that they can speak out for the brave souls who are standing up for my social security at the OWS encampments all through these United States.

Now that my son is gone I have no one to rely on except for these brave voices crying out against injustice.

God Bless you, you are my hero!

Paddy O said...

Steve Lopez (he was the journalist portrayed in The Soloist) writes in the LA Times:

Occupy LA is all talk, no action.

"I don't think the mayor, City Council or the police should evict them. But I don't understand why protesters are content to stage an endless slumber party when there are so many better ways to illustrate their purpose and develop narratives that advance their cause."

Paco Wové said...

That's a great find, Paddy. And he even gives suggestions for action -- which is more than Occupier Andy was able to do, back in that previous thread before it got Ritmo'ed.

SBVOR said...

What is this?
The Electric Carrot Acid Test?

SBVOR said...

Occupy Madison seems to have a pretty puny occupation force.

Almost as puny as the 1 man occupation force at Occupy Steamboat Springs.

It lasted one day. The one person in attendance didn't even live here:

Coketown said...

Our local occupation had a small Halloween insurgency, too. Actually it was just one guy in clown makeup with a sign that said "Free the Humans." This must be the ambiguous, disjointed messaging that Ms. Lithwick finds so appealing. Here's some pictures.

Jason (the commenter) said...

I visited Occupy Tampa again today. Fewer people than I've ever seen before, and they didn't have much energy. 24/7 protesting really seems to be taking its toll on people down here.

They've had some incidents with the police lately and whatever message they had is taking a back seat to that in the local media.

I actually had one of them say something in my comment section. I may be the last person taking them seriously in the area.

Oh yeah, someone there threatened to call the cops on me for taking his picture. This is actually an improvement over the last time I was there, when they were sure I was a police officer (or FBI).

Lionheart said...

Eat a horse carrot, J.

Paddy O said...

Jason... are you an FBI agent?

B said...

Tyrone, I just can't let this one go by without taking a swing.

J said...there's about like 7-8 reporters at the Enterprise, laughing at yr dyslexic stooge scrawls.

J, even in this private fantasy of yours, you have to realize whose dyslexic scrawls they're laughing at.

And now back into the bozo bin for Jabberwocky. Permanently. Sorry all. Won't happen again.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Paddy O: Jason... are you an FBI agent?

If I were a cop I wouldn't bother attending any of the protests. The protesters have homeless people among them, and I assume many of the homeless are police informants, or at least have a relationship with the cops.

Tyrone Slothrop said...

I wish there was an Occupy Lake Elsinore. I would hang around and point and laugh. I don't imagine there's a one-percenter within thirty miles of here, though there might be a couple over in Rancho Santa Margarita. We service industry types are sequestered here in Riverside County. In spite of our relative poverty, or maybe because of it, we are mostly Republicans. We send Darryl Issa to the House every two years like clockwork. I'm a little disappointed that Holder won't be testifying before the committee until 12/8. I was sure he'd be packing his tent before then. Patience.

J said...

"tyrone-B" and all yr other trash- s-names: to reiterate--there's about like 7-8 reporters at the Enterprise, laughing at yr dyslexic stooge scrawls, AZ-hayseed ,and hs dropout (tell people you have a degree,or CPA, or "chiropractor's" license fraud--the state of CA likes that too). Heh hah. And the agent I talked to who tossed yr ripped off "writing" in the trash, and kicked you the fuck out of yr little screenplay plagiarism hustle, perp. Heh heh. (and note sent to to Pynchon's agent about you lifting his character,uncredited, you sick twisteds scumbag). Hah.

Yr multiple stalker-accounts have been traced, perp (and at DU as well--rceall Mr Waterman, perhaps? heh)_. Hasta la buh bye

ALH said...

Bucky underperforms. Again.
Bielema is no Alvarez.

Beta Rube said...

Is crazy fuck gonna put some one in jail for comments left on this blog?

Can Jabberwocky incoherent man do that to us professor?

That seems harsh to me.

Beta Rube said...

Brett has to go. Two weeks in a row without a clue.

Ans quit playing high school teams to start the year. Put a real opponent in there so these guys don't fold at the first sign of trouble.

J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A. Shmendrik said...

That's it - the background of the encampment is a Quonset hut on the premises of the former Don Miller Pontiac, something-or-other which could have been Buick, and Subaru! On East Washington Avenue. With the catchy jingle. Back in the day.

J said...

Actually "tyrone-B-petunia's" another case of Blog Compulsion disorder (ie characterized by endless mumbling, ugly insults, incoherent pointless comments)--no use in arguing with the perp. Zine it. Or...5150. Zine-time Byro-baybe

ALH said...

Right on, Beta!

Why not schedule some decent teams so we are ready to play the BIG 10 season against the 3-4 quality teams that we will need to beat.

Doubt that Barry would fire his protege without more of a collapse...but a season that should be extra special this year suddenly feels pretty empty. Bielema seems clueless (maybe he's one of those guys that looks/acts clueless but is really a genius?) Feel bad for Russell Wilson and the other seniors.

In reality, it's my fault. I bought BigTen championship tickets and booked a hotel in Indy 3 days prior to the MSU game. It was the kiss of death.

E.M. Davis said...

Just checking in to say 33-29.

Action Braxton was in the house.

Chip Ahoy said...

This seems a disgraceful way to treat occupiers.


That is more interesting to me, Beta Rube, see what you did? Please pardon the threadjack.

That poem fascinates me. Mum used to act it out for my older brother and me. The part where it goes, "One two one two and through and though" was and still is my favorite part.

Mum swung an invisible sword
jab, jab, whack, whack. Of course we loved that.

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!

Over her head, warp, warble. At us, flick flick.

Left it dead


And with it's head

like a pumpkin under one arm

He went galumphing back.

she stumbled backwards.

She showed the thing so that it made perfect sense to us. What little kid wouldn't piss himself with glee? I have never seen the poem in ASL but she pantomimed it as well as any proper sign language could convey.

Since then I've seen Through The Looking Glass in other languages and flipped straight to the nonsense poem to see how the translator did in their language what Carol did in English and it is a marvel to behold. French has half a dozen translations.

Here is my favorite part. Imagine it acted out.

Un deux, un deux, par le milieu,
Le glaive vorpal fait pat-à-pan!
La bête défaite, avec sa tête,
Il rentre gallomphant.

Is that awesome or what? pat-à-pan for snicker-snack, and that makes sense in French.

And this.

Eins, Zwei! Eins, Zwei! Und durch und durch
Sein vorpals Schwert zerschnifer-schnück,
Da blieb es todt! Er, Kopf in Hand,
Geläumfig zog zurück.

Three Spanish translations. Uh oh. I sense you are not interested. Best go on then and skip off to the next comment.

It's interesting to me how the sounds of the words in Spanish almost do not convey the same action and with extra things in there including extra actual words which tend wreck it.

Just the fun stabbing part:

Chacaloco, Erwin Brea.

¡Uno dos! ¡Uno dos! ¡Y a traves, a traves

la voraciabada espada fue 'snecke-snak!'

El lo dejo muerto, y con la cabeza

El se fue gallardio para atras.

That's wonderful. It seems to me the best of the three.

El Jabberwocky, Adolfo de Alba.

¡Uno, dos! ¡Uno, dos! Sin cesar

la filosa espada daba tajos.
Muerto lo dejó, y, cortándole la cabeza,

de allí se alejó presto.

Well he didn't one two, one two incessantly and he didn't move away quickly. Apparently Adolfo de Alba's mum never acted it out.

El Dragobán M. Manent.

Pero ¡zis, zas! ¡zis, zas! el bronce duro

carne y huesos destroza a su sabor.

Bien muerto lo dejó, y, con su cabeza,

traspuso galopando el negro alcor.

Good and dead. Zis zas must be like schwing schwang. Galopando, that's a good one. But, the black alcor? Eh.

E.M. Davis said...

I attended the game tonight. What a wild one. Pretty well-played. I agree that the Badgers need to schedule up a little more in the non-con games. OSU at least played @ Miami and brought in a pretty good Toledo team.

Other than offensive no-show against MSU and a meltdown at Nebraska, the Buckeyes could be 7-1.

I still don't thiink FIckell gets the job long term. They really need to clean house after everything that's happened.

Kirk Parker said...


"...I assume many of the homeless are police informants, or at least have a relationship with the cops. "

True dat.

Clyde said...

Sic transit gloria mundi.

How sad for them. Exiled to a ratty-looking parking lot in front of a dead shopping center.

On the bright side, it looks like there should be good air circulation for odor abatement.

rhhardin said...


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Lem said...

Does "Occupy [space] (excellent post btw) now means that the much maligned Neocon idea of 'spreading democracy by force' or Bush Doctrine has transformed/evolved into acceptable leftist thinking?

Or is my Occupation holier than yours ;)

wv matica - a little tree.

deborah said...


Clyde said...

The Mimsy Borogoves are not amused!

America's Politico said...

The Genius of Jobs is in NYT by W. Issacson. He is a fool. Why must he bury Gates to make his point about Jobs is beyond me. Yes, iPod is cool. But, many people around the world need clean water, good health, etc. Gates has been doing it. Why must we bury someone to make a hero of someone else. What fools.

donald said...

What's this j creature got against homosexuals?

Curious George said...

"...but a season that should be extra special this year suddenly feels pretty empty."

This is fantasy. The reality: Wisconsin is just not that good.

Sixty Grit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott M said...

I would love to see a thermal scan of some of the tent cities to see how many warm bodies are actually there each night. Surely this has occurred to someone on the Breitbart side of things.

Curious George said...

All Occupy Madison needs is Andy R to strike up some meaningful conversation.

Paco Wové said...

Meanwhile, in the Denver Obamaville:

"Obviously you're making an impression," said [U.S. Rep. Ed] Perlmutter, the 7th District Democrat. "You've got to de-escalate this thing."

"We want jobs!" a man shouted back. "Democrats won't get elected anymore!"

Others standing near Perlmutter defended him to the crowd. "He's the only elected official who bothered to come down here today," one said.

Tyrone Slothrop said...


I saw that. I thought our host had some discernment. I guess not.

AST said...

Anyone hear how the Occupy Damascus is going? Pictures?