October 22, 2011

"The Occupy Austin rally enjoys a calm, relaxing sunset."

"Presumably it's a little more active earlier in the day."

(Video by my son Chris.)


Russ said...

Nope, it gets most active around sunset (well, 4-7) when the commute home is happening.

And even then its pretty sparsely attended.

The first weekend, or so, there were a few days with 500-ish attendees, but now its maybe 30-50 at its peak, with only about 10-20 staying overnight.

David said...

"What do we want?"

Not much!

"When do we want it?"


traditionalguy said...

Capturing digital video of history runs in the family.

I loved that sign saying, "This is Love - Not Treason."

That is not the usual Mobocracy threat sign originated and tested in Madison.

Toshtu said...

Austin. Bats and hippies. As close to Madison as you'll get in Texas, but with better BBQ.

Ann Althouse said...

"I loved that sign saying, 'This is Love - Not Treason.'"

It's a song lyric.

Beta Rube said...

Some of us consider lefty college towns like Madison and Austin pretty much permanently occupied.

I still can't figure how these occupiers signal any kind of change.

paminwi said...

My husband & I were in Austin just last week. We toured their state capitol and we had to go through metal detectors to get into the building. No one there yelling, "who's house, our house!"

Then during our tour we heard singing in the rotunda. Thank goodness, not Texas' version of the Capitol singers but a school group singing, wait for it, wait for it - the NATIONAL ANTHEM! Followed up by "God Bless America"!

The we also saw the Occupy Austin folks a few blocks away at city hall. We later heard newscasts how those "occupy" folks had been using the small green spaces you see in the video to urinate and defecate. Also, that they were urinating on the sidewalks going up to the doors of city hall. Folks who had other business at city hall we complaining about the smell! I can imagine since for the time we were in Austin it was in the mid 80's! Beautiful for walking, I'm guessing not so good containing the smell. We also heard that when city maintenance tried to clean the area they were met with resistance.

What is it about liberals - I know we have to listen to the crap that comes out of their mouths because of free speech, but really, do we also have to smell the shit that comes out of their ass?

EDH said...

From the look of their collective Day Planner, it looks like they wouldn't have much trouble "pencilling in" just about anything.

Plus, Chris seems a little smitten with that pretty girl in shorts [comma, dash, ellipsis] not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ann Althouse said...

"... not that there's anything wrong with that."

Just goes to show how wrong you can be.

TWM said...

"Just goes to show how wrong you can be."

Thanks for my morning laugh, Ann.

Freeman Hunt said...

How is Occupy Austin any different than Regular Austin?

edutcher said...

Is the Austin mayor anything like Bloomie, or does he/she keep the loonies in line?

ken in sc said...

Last night my wife and I were in downtown Greenville SC. She said that it smells like some wild animal has been marking its territory around here. I said, “Nope, homeless people, er, same thing I guess.” She looked around and noticed that we were in front of the free legal office.

ken in sc said...

P.S. the Occupy Greenville people are supposed to be several blocks from downtown and at last report there were five people there.