October 8, 2011

Margie Phelps objects to "the fag agenda" and the installation of "a fag so-called preacher"

This is the third video I edited from footage Meade shot in Madison today, as Margie Phelps and others protested the ordination of a gay minister. This 5-minute clip includes Phelps's explanation of her mission and the response from the counterprotesters on the other side of the street.

Watch for the sweet old woman at 2:08. She takes a close look at Phelps and then continues across the street. At 2:46, Phelps uses a shocking epithet against the new minister. At 3:11, Meade crosses the street and we hear their song about "marching on the side of love."


Tyrone Slothrop said...

Fantastic footage from New Media Meade. But I can't take any more of the Phelps pathology.

jamboree said...
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OldGrouchyCranky said...

Wonder how counter-protesters would be received down in Topeka by the WBC church?

It would be fantastic if a group of dedicated souls would take it to those WBC nut-cases, using the same kind of vocal protesting that the WBC inflict on everyone else.

The hatred that the WBC bunch preaches must be countered by rational souls everywhere.

travis said...

Although I disagree with most of WBC's methods and politics, they are correct to say that a homosexual should not be ordained by a Christian church.

Unfortunately, the Presbyterian Church (USA) is following in the footsteps of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) by taking such action.

Whether you believe the Bible is the Word of God or not, the Bible is clear that homosexuality is sinful. The open practice of sinful behavior by a minister defeats the purpose of that office and undermines the mission of the church as a whole.

Paul said...

I agree Travis.

Hate the sin but love the sinner.

Still in places of authority we don't need PRACTISING sinners who ignore their very own Bible.

You cannot have a 'do as I say, not as I do' leadership. The Catholic Church tried that by hiding paedophiles and that was a grievous hurt to the Church (and I'm Catholic.)

Palladian said...

"Still in places of authority we don't need PRACTISING sinners who ignore their very own Bible."

Everyone is a practicing sinner, according to Christ, someone whose teachings you might want to investigate sometime.

rhhardin said...

Both sides are out of material, it looks like.

Deekaman said...

I agree with Travis and Paul, but it is the business of the church and its' members. Since I am neither,they can do as they please.

@Palladian: Generally, when churches ordain ministers, it is with the understanding they will "go and sin no more" that is, the ordained will do his level best to end sin in his life and model his life on Jesus. Obviously, to be without sin is unattainable, hence the Christian need for Jesus, but we should all be trying. There is no such requirement in this case.

Moose said...

Look, I get it. People don't like Margie Phelps & Co. for their message. But I'm mystified by the amount of attention they get from both the media and in particular, you guys.

Meade tussling with Margie over a spot on the street? What the hell's that all about?

You have to hand it to Phelps as a person in that she and the family are willing to stand there, say conventionally repugnant things, withstand abuse and recrimination to express their message.

While people naturally dislike their message (for a variety of reasons), they've never occupied a State Capitol building, destroyed property, abused elected officials, or even broken the law. How many other protests in the last few years can claim that which have garnered their level of attention from the public and press?

Not saying the Phelps family is not delusional, just saying this level of reaction to them is somewhat... Unwarranted.

travis said...

@ Palladian

You're wrong.

Sure, everyone is a "practicing sinner," in the sense that we all sin. But don't try to draw an equivalence between that and openly and unrepentantly living in a sinful relationship (e.g., a homosexual relationship).

The Bible addresses quite clearly how a church should address a member who is in sin. See, e.g., 1 Corinthians.

A church whose leader practices a sinful lifestyle, and does so in a manner that is open and unapologetic, has absolutely no authority when it comes to the disciplining of members.

ken in sc said...

The PCA is much more conservative than the PCUSA. The PCA does not even ordain women. I would doubt if they have knowingly ordained a practicing homosexual. BTW, numerous PCUSA congregations are considering separating from the denomination over this issue.

William Charles said...

The issue with ordaining a homosexual minister isn't that ministers are expected to "sin no more", but that you end up with a minister who tells parishioners something isn't a sin when it plainly is (a problem definitely not limited to homosexual clergy). Even somebody who thinks the Bible is a bunch of goofy fairy tales would have to agree that it's pretty clear on the subject of sexual relations with someone of the same gender. Incidentally, that's what the Bible calls a sin; AFAIK, being homosexual isn't a sin as long as one is celibate.