October 11, 2011

At the Cleome Café...

... you can talk all night.


America's Politico said...

Just returned from the POTUS re-election event at the Oval Room. We watched the debate and got drunk. We are pulling for Perry to win the nomination. We want all-USA victory and having Perry as an opponent is a sure thing. Go Perry. We do not want Romney, he speaks so well and we are nervous of him.

Oh, the draft version is 9 for the 100-days of the 2nd term. We are excited with the campaign staff in every major city.

Oh, the humanity, POTUS Obama will be so victorious and I will have a corner office, you know where...

deborah said...

My cousin calls those spider flowers, or maybe it's spider plants.

deborah said...

This is nice:


Toshtu said...

The Rangers lost, but I'm still gonna vote for Nolan in the primaries.

wv: sandbart. Spongebob's boyfriend.

Synova said...

Oh hey, there are those seed-pod things.

Toshtu said...

"My cousin calls those spider flowers, or maybe it's spider plants"

They might be spiders.

Spray with something poisonous, and if it moves, spray a whole lot more until it stops moving.

If it doesn't stop moving, get the hell out.

Alan said...


edutcher said...

Somebody tell AP that between all the community organizing at Occupy Everywhere and all the gunrunning and green scandals, GodZero may show up for the nomination in a prison jumpsuit.

If he shows at all.

PS Gorgeous plant. Hard to grow?

Quayle said...

Stop steaming up my tail!

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...

These shots of the front yard are good.

But, what 's goin' down w/ the semicircle and such that replaced the au natural backyard?

madAsHell said...

Didn't Mortica feed those things hamburger?

William said...

There isn't one person in a hundred who knows that they are called cleomes.....Illiteracy, innumeracy. What's the word for being botanically and arborally ignorant. Adam must have found the Garden of Eden very confusing. When you know the names of things, the raw data of experience is less intimidating.

JAL said...

@ Deborah -- we had this discussion earlier in the summer -- spider flowers is what I called them until I was corrected.

I want some around my house next year. I missed nabbing some a neighbor had thrown out in the edge of their back field. They were lighter and a white and pink mix.

Actually was at Biltmore House last week and there were some cleomes this color down in the Antler Village garden which had started to go to seed. So I snagged some seeds ;-)

I am halfway through mulching (I know -- wrong time of year) but have put down more than 4 yards so far and have to pick up another truckload tomorrow.

JAL said...

Well it's official. Obama is flying into Asheville on Monday to start his 3 day made-in-Canada-bus tour.

This is his THIRD visit here.

Has he visited a small city (population 85,000) like this anywhere as many times?

Who is his travel [strike that] campaign agent?

It is evidence to me that he is simply down to friendly audiences and easy gigs. (Asheville is a "progressive" blip in the mountains.)

What is he thinking?

wv sulsa
Unhappy salsa

Quaestor said...

deborah wrote:
My cousin calls those spider flowers, or maybe it's spider plants


Carol_Herman said...

It's not wrong to call them "spider plants."

They are Cleomes. And, these are so gorgeous I Googled the term.


Psychedelic George said...

Seed pods?

Interesting that in Jack "Time After Time" Finley's novel "The Body Snatchers" upon which the movie was based, the story has a happy ending.

Love conquers all.

Think about it as the leaves fall.

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Fritz said...

We got our seeds from Meade last night. Thanks again!

Chip S. said...

Here's an odd little song for the season.

Mr. Christopher Columbus--
he used rhythm as a compass

deborah said...

:) Yes, I think it's okay to call them spider flowers, too.

JAL, my best garden ever came up through about six inches of mulch. All of the perennials and none of the weeds, and it lasted through the summer. Magic.

Jose_K said...

A DSK update