September 2, 2011

Watch Obama's press secretary Jay Carney change the question into the one he's willing to answer.

Can we get the answer to the question asked?


pbAndjFellowRepublican said...

This sort of thing wouldn't happen if we stuck w/ rich establishment families.

The Romeny's seem like the best Bush's.

But, that's not fair to Romney. In the Bush family being riffraff can actually be POTUS prep.

mr said...

Can we get the answer to the question asked?


wv=teasuffu what they really want to say to the Tea Party.

David said...

I watched it without the sound.

Carney's facial expressions! He can not contain his contempt and disdain for the question (or the questioner.)

Carney is a punk. Why would Obama put a disdainful punk out as the face of his administration.

"These questions are beneath us." What a message.

Quayle said...


For this administration, and aptly named press secretary.

Shouting Thomas said...

This sort of thing wouldn't happen if we stuck w/ rich establishment families.

This has absolutely nothing to do with enforcing immigration law.

Would you like to take another shot and make a weak attempt at relevance?

Quaestor said...

For this administration, and aptly named press secretary.

Hey, Rube!

Original Mike said...

Someday, Carney will be asking: "Where do I go to get my soul back?"

Quaestor said...

Treated like any other ICE case? Does he mean like this one?

Shouting Thomas said...

This sort of thing wouldn't happen if we stuck w/ rich establishment families.

Second response to this witless bit.

Obama's family was rich and establishment. His grandmother, who raised him, was a bank executive. His father, who abandoned him, was a high ranking Kenyan government official.

T J Sawyer said...


Reporter asks about this "uncle."

Carney answers about "this story."

CNS reports about "this issue."

Journalism students used to have to take a course in logic and in economics. I suppose those are now replaced by cultural diversity courses.

Christopher in MA said...

"Why would Obama put a disdainful punk out as the face of his administration?"

Perhaps because the SCOAMF is himself a disdainful punk. That would be my answer.

t-man said...

In Carney's defense, the reporter seemed to be very submissive and seeking affirmation rather than information. It was quite easy for Carney to dodge the question.

Alex said...

He's the type of arrogant punk SOB that garage likes. He would punch a Republican in the mouth and smile about it.

t-man said...

The question should have been:

How long has Obama known that his drunk-driving uncle was in this country illegally?

traditionalguy said...

There must be a training ground for liars who must appear to be helpful.

Whatever the President's line on anything becomes the Filibuster for that subject.

But this President does not want to be questioned by he knows nothing. Obama is like any gang member who never knows anything.

Charlie said...

I would like to know the answer to the original question, and here's another: how many other illegal Obamas are roaming around the USA?

t-man said...

Carney wouldn't throw a punch. He's the type that would just threaten Republicans behind the safe walls of Journ-o-list.

Widmerpool said...

And don't forget Auntie Zeituni! This is in regular rotation on Boston talk shows.

Aunt Zeituni

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...


Half of the guy's family is African. And, it turns out that some of his kin (beyond his father) came over here. Of course this is not new ground.

You cons can un-bunch your panties. If BHO new that this guy was here I'm sure he asked him for his papers, presumably while they were downing a few brews and talking about hitting the road to score some blow.

And, you can be sure that BHO won't lift a finger or spend a dime to help this guy. Just as he didn't w/ his aunt, the last time (coincidentally days before the Nov 08 election) y'all decided that an immigration issue, that has nothing to do w/ BHO, could be used as political fodder.

Scott M said...

How about Solyndra, pb&j? Is that "political fodder", incompetence, corrupt capitalism, all of the above, or another case of "move along, nothing to see here"?

Lance said...

Lessee, Carney is good at diverting the topic. pbAnd is also good at diverting the topic. pbAnd must therefore be Carney. It's logical!

Shouting Thomas said...

I didn't use it as political fodder, pj&b. You did.

Want to respond to what I said, or would you prefer another misdirection move?

edutcher said...

I have a feeling Carney would rather not have to answer any more questions for the next, oh, 14 months.

David said...

Carney is a punk. Why would Obama put a disdainful punk out as the face of his administration.

Because he's the best one to represent it?

Browndog said...

I remember when Jay Carney was a fully functional human being..

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...


That's bad. And, it seems like a much better line of a attack, compared to linking BHO to his out-of-touch relatives who are breaking immigration laws.

Anywho, it seems inevitable that the Chinese (who blow a lot more that a few billion (beyond the hundreds of billions that they loan to us to blow on whatever) on this stuff) will eventually own whatever alt energy technologies do actually breakthrough, in a financially viable way.

And really that may not be so bad. That turning point is likely to be way down the road. So, maybe at that point we can steal and manufacture the already developed technology from them. Turn around being fair, and all.


You and I have different definition of rich and establishment. Where you see R and E, I see middle class--not even upper-middle class. Not much more to say about that.

prairie wind said...

It's a 52-second clip and a full 34 seconds are used for an animated logo that someone loves so much they use it twice.

Does this bug anyone else? I just want to watch the clip, not admire what the graphic artists did. The graphic arts are supposed to inform, not chew up my time. Yeah. All 34 seconds were important to me.

Shouting Thomas said...

You and I have different definition of rich and establishment.

I've read speculation that Obama's mother and father were financed by the CIA.

That is, their educations and world travels were funded by the CIA. Obama, Sr., was an important figure in the U.S. attempt to halt the spread of communism in Africa.

Seems a distinct possibility to me.

Prez Obama was born to wealth and power. His identity as a disadvantaged black is a media creation of the left wing of the Democratic Party.

bagoh20 said...

Are you aware that Meade illegally exceeds the highway speed limit on many occasions. Have you turned him in yet?

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...

"I've read speculation that...."

Well, these last days must have been especially discomforting since w/o the tubes you couldn't read such "speculation."

RonF said...

Someone should ask that question every day at pressers until it gets answered.

Chase said...

On the same subject as the Press (and press secretary's) Ass-Kissing of Obama, HERE is the latest Top Headline right now on the New York Times:

JOB GROWTH HALTS, PUTTING WASHINGTON UNDER PRESSURE (get it? "Washington" not the "Obama Administration" that was elected to keep it's promises of improving the unemployment. "Washington")

By SHAILA DEWAN 39 minutes ago
The dismal August employment report comes as President Obama is preparing a speech on job creation and Republicans are resisting new measures to stimulate the economy.

No bias there. Nope. the New York Times plays it straight down the middle.

Like Jay Carney used to when he claimed on Charlie Rose that TIME magazine - where Carney worked - was middle of the road in it's journalism.

I feel sorry for Carney, I really do. He has such a tough job trying to be completely honest and not show people how much better and smarter he is than everyone else. At least it's obvious he believes he is.

Scott M said...

That's bad. And, it seems like a much better line of a attack, compared to linking BHO to his out-of-touch relatives who are breaking immigration laws.

Call me cynical, but I'm not seeing it as an attack, nor his uncle. I see it as right and wrong. I could care less about the uncle thing and hold it as a distraction at best...unless...and only unless...he knew the guy was in the country illegally and let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak.

The Solyndra's just awful and it's really going to haunt not only BHO's re-election bid, but the entire group "green" subsidy/industry types. It turns out that Spain should have been viewed, as many here called it, the canary in the coal mine. Of course, since it was a coal mine, nobody on the eco-left listened.

EDH said...

Connecting the dots...

Back in 1992, an immigration judge had ordered Onyango Obama to leave the United States. According to the Associated Press, the uncle has held a Massachusetts driver’s license since at least 1992 and he also had a Social Security number, even though he is an illegal immigrant.

The angle Mass locals have noticed: Remember, Obama was in Cambridge, Massachusetts and graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991.

Say uncle!

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...

"Have you turned him in yet?"

Oh, she will.

But, at the moment she's still making citizens' arrests of the folks who don't yield to bicyclists.

The real question is, who will Meade call, w/ his one call from the big house? Presumably he'd call Althouse and kill two birds. Bail. Lawyer. But, that's going to be an awkward conversation.

Shouting Thomas said...

Scott, the reality is we must accept some environmental cost to produce energy on a scale sufficient for an advanced society.

Green energy is a scam. It doesn't work.

That's why green energy industry had to be deemed into existence by governmental fiat.

Green energy is political corruption and payoffs.

bagoh20 said...

This was Carney doing well for a change. He was doing his job. It's the lame reporters job to ask the question, repeatedly if needed.

If you're gonna lob softballs, don't blame me for hitting it out of the park. We're on the same team anyway, right?

bagoh20 said...

"The Solyndra's just awful and it's really going to haunt not only BHO's re-election bid, but the entire group "green" subsidy/industry types."

I doubt it. The green thing is so ingrained, so religious in nature, it's unstoppable. Every child over 5 years old knows the correct PC stance on the subject. Most adults have the same level of understanding on it.

The money will continue to flow ... down the drain.

Carol_Herman said...

Was this guy hired because Gibbs quit? Or did some PR "professional" think Gibbs needed to be replaced? And, the first resume that stuck them in the eye was the one carrying the name "Carney?"

Much too young to know what "carney" meant to Barnum.

A "carney" never would have been hired by anyone on Reagan's team. It's the first rule: First, you need a name that conveys confidence. And, not IS a confidence game.

AJ Lynch said...

I can't wait til the MSM digs around and finds out this illegal immigrant uncle is on Medicare and collecting social security and maybe some other govt goodies.

Coketown said...

Instead of recycling people from the media (which is not liberally biased, okay?), Obama should replace Carney with a former stripper. Strippers are second to none at manipulating confidence, creating a false sense of compassion and interest in their subjects, and coercing otherwise reasonable people into believing outlandish fantasies.

I also learned this stripper tip from my old roommate, who started as a "shot girl" and swore it stopped there but then was twirling around a pole the next week: You'll double your tips if you have long or acrylic nails. Men go crazy when you massage their scalps with long fingernails. But of course, everyone here already knows that. Still, imagine: Press Secretary Jade Sparkle is asked a question, descends from the podium to sit on the lap of the questioner, and massages his head while answering it in vague sophomoric language.

Writ Small said...

Reporter: Is the administration committed to seeing that all relevant laws are enforced in this case?

Carney: Absolutely. We expect it to be treated. . . like any other immigration case.

In fairness to Carney, he seemed to be anticipating a question about whether the Uncle would receive special treatment. Otherwise, that was really quick thinking and misdirection.

Carol_Herman said...

Well, nobody's tried Jade Sparkle. But where would they put her pole?

And, what if that caused Helen Thomas to come back?

DC doesn't need more strippers. One already took out one Speaker of the House. Was his name Tower? Did he come from Texas?

So many scandals. My memory fails ...

Jay Carney though is the worst of the lot. Obama should'a gone with someone more like Michelle. Double-wide hips would also work.

Plus, the biggest problem with Jay is that he terrifies no one.

Obama needs someone who would just scare the shit out of people.

AllenS said...

Well, once again, I'll have to say something that isn't politically correct. Doesn't matter, cause I'm going to say it. Employers will hire black men like this, because they don't want to hire black men from the hood.

The uncle, like everyone else, is not perfect, but better than the alternative.

He's the type of employee that employers are looking for. He probably hasn't stolen a dime from the employer, and the employer knows it.

That said, deport him.

Ralph L said...

One already took out one Speaker of the House
That was Wilbur Mills, chairman of House Ways and Means.

n.n said...

A rule of law, which invites and rewards unmeasured immigration, which serves to displace American men, women, and children; and raises the incidence of involuntary exploitation (including murder, rape, etc.).

It's worth noting that in the context of the economy, illegal aliens compete directly with Americans who are of similarly low skill and low knowledge, or simply young and inexperienced.

This civil and human rights violation is protected and defended by the so-called "civil rights" businesses.

So, some competing interests want cheap labor, while others want cheap votes. Either way, Americans will lose as a selective rule of law promotes progressive corruption of individuals and society.

avwh said...

"I can't wait til the MSM digs around and finds out this illegal immigrant uncle is on Medicare and collecting social security and maybe some other govt goodies."

You're not holding your breath, I trust? If you REALLY want the MSM to actually cover this story, the uncle would have to have Palin as a surname.

JAL said...

Per Quaestor's link: In seeking asylum for Ms. Onyango, Ms. Wong has argued all along that if she were forced to return to Kenya, she would face undue attention and perhaps danger because her nephew was so famous; in order to be granted asylum, people must show that they would face persecution in their home countries

I was going to ask on what basis Auntie was granted ASYLUM.

This says it all.

Totally completely bizarro.

I happen to have a little experience with people looking for asylum --

We helped a dear friend get to America for graduate school from Ethiopia where he watrched Mengistu's bunch shoot people they didn't like in the street.

Being as he was an active Christian and educated outside of Ethiopia, things were a little iffy.

He came to the States in the late 70s.

He was denied asylum, even as Russian ice skaters were skating away with it.

And Auntie gets it because she doesn't want to have to deal with the publicity of being BHO's half Auntie?

Time for me to go clean up the floor of my horse run-in.

(Our friend eventually became a US citizen, but that's another story.)

The other case was horrific with INS coming to the door of a respected physician friend at 5 AM in the morning to arrest a man and woman staying with them who had been denied asylum (danger from SA drug lord). They knew where they were, the couple never hid. They were ordered to leave that and the government didn't give them a chance to. INS treated them absolutely horribly. They were separated and abused and traumatized by other illegal aliens in prison where they were kept for weeks before being shipped out.


They will eventually immigrate to Canada and have no desire to even legally come to this country.

So how will it go for Obama's uncle?

Right. I'm on my way out the door.

(The answer to the post question is "No." Also it is clear from his book that he knew his uncle had "disappeared' in America. Funny huh. The place sucks and yet his "family" all want to be here.)

ricpic said...

Jay Carney is no gentleman. So far have we fallen that that fact is no longer shocking, not remotely so. WASP manners, which once at least covered naked displays of rank with the veneer of civilization, otherwise known as civility, are gone, at least on the public stage. So in that sense, pbAandj, though he meant it to be snark is right: "This sort of thing wouldn't happen if we stuck with rich establishment families."

Carol_Herman said...

I dunno. Maybe, somebody will give the uncle cab fare. And, he'll come to the White House ... to take a tour.

Can't imagine the Secret Service would arrest a blood relative.

Is Obama worried Americans don't know he has relatives from Kenya?

You think there's only one?

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...

It looks like GOP families are also running into trouble w/ the law.

Paul said...

Equal protection under the law should also be interpreted to include EQUAL ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW.


Equal enforcement means all laws are applied to EVERYONE equally. No 'everyone is equal, but some more equal than others'.

It also means all laws should be enforced equally. That way stupid laws would be ditched pretty quickly and only the minimum relevant laws would be on the books.

Carol_Herman said...

Jay Carney is the wrong hire!

Gibbs was also terrible!

Someone should have convinced obama to go with a John Houseman lookalike ... who came out and played Professor Kingsfield.

The room would go quiet.

Stupid questions wouldn't be tolerated.

And, at the end of the season, the journalists would be shooting off paper airplanes.

There's definitely room for improvement.

I think the White House went with the "kid approach" ... because they have no respect for journalists, anyway.

murgatroyd666 said...

I think the White House went with the "kid approach" ... because they have no respect for journalists, anyway.


Why should they?

Don't Tread 2012 said...

Will the regime
Ever fully
Assume responsibilty for
Sullying our
Ever-changing economic

Carol_Herman said...

Like it or not, the media show is 24/7. The media guy can't be too good ... because he'd steal the president's thunder. He'd become the act people wanted to hear.

But what the White House has, now in Jay Carney ... might as well be a homeless guy. Or a bag lady up there.

Since "respect" isn't part of the package.

It's not my gig.

But one that belongs to Obama.

Maybe, a better answer would be to have ONE ADULT who fields questions?

How do you test for this quality? You keep going through auditions until you reach someone who'd make Donald Trump roll back on his shows.