September 13, 2011

"Two reports released today allege the University of Wisconsin discriminates against whites and Asian applicants and have electrified both UW administration and some student leaders."

This is the diversity emergency discussed in the previous post:
The reports were released at midnight on Tuesday from the Center for Equal Opportunity in conjunction with a press conference CEO President Roger Clegg will hold at the Double Tree Inn at 11 a.m. today. Clegg will also be at a debate on the future of Affirmative Action at the UW Law School at 7 p.m. this evening....
In an interview with The Badger Herald, Clegg said the reports show how a heavy preference is given to blacks and Latinos over whites and Asians in the admissions process for undergraduate programs and in the law school.

[Damon Williams, UW vice provost for diversity and climate,] and Dean of Students Lori Berquam said CEO had filed an open records request on the UW admissions process for both undergraduates and law school applicants and had already set the wheels in motion to orchestrate a “coordinated attack” against the campus....

Williams stressed the need for students to mobilize, and the students present did not seem to need any convincing.

“Don’t wait for us to show the way,” Williams said to students, who were already assembling poster board to make signs against the CEO president’s report and visit.
That was the report in The Badger Herald. Here's the other student newspaper, The Daily Cardinal:
The "aggressive and right wing" organization's plan, according to Berquam, is to effectively eliminate affirmative action at UW-Madison.
"I was so upset that our students are going to have to wake up in the morning and deal with this," said Williams with tears in his eyes.  "That's not what students came here for."...

But Williams told students not to despair, for every student admitted to UW-Madison is and deserves to be a badger.

"I want students to be able to be in power; to say this is who we are, this is what we value," Williams said.

He said students should lead the university's response against CEO....

One of the first responses will occur tomorrow, when students opposing CEO's stance will hold a rally "to express their solidarity and pride in UW and a sense of togetherness," said [Sarah Mathews, vice president of public relation for the Wisconsin Union Directorate].
ADDED: In the next post, I discuss the law and politics.


Lauderdale Vet said...

Are they making signs because they disagree with the content of the report?

KCFleming said...

Do some of the posters read Colored Only?

CEO: Admissions at UW-Madison
Undergraduate and Law school

By SAT and class rank:
• African Americans favored over whites 576-to-1
• Hispanics favored over whites 504-to-1
• Black SAT score 150 points lower than whites and Asians
• Latino SAT score 100 points lower than whites and Asians

By ACT and class rank:
• Black favored over whites 1330-to-1
• Hispanics favored over whites 1494-to-1

Chance of admission for grades and LSAT scores at the median for that race/ethnic group
• Out-of-state Black: 7 out 10 chance
• Out-of-state Hispanic: 1 out of 3 chance

• In-state Asian:1 out of 6 chance
• In-state white: 1 out of 10 chance

Sixty Grit said...

Ooo - posters - that will show them. Will there be a drum circle? Garage blowing a vuvuzela?

KCFleming said...

UW Madison needs separate drinking fountains so the Favored Races and Genders don't have to drink from the same faucets used by crackers and gooks.

Anonymous said...

This is astroturf. Current students aren't the ones with a cause; it's those who where denied entry because they are the wrong color/ethnicity who have a grievance.

Bob Ellison said...

I'm astonished that these reports could seem like news to people who profess erudition.

Shouting Thomas said...

Since this is an issue that will be decided in the courts, why would mobilizing students be of any relevance? I assume the case will be decided on its merits.

The Diversity goon had tears in his eyes?

Jesus Christ!

gerry said...

So the progs at UW Madison are protesting greater fairness of admissions policies?

Heh. What maroons!

MnMark said...

"I want students to be able to be in power; to say this is who we are, this is what we value," Williams said.

What you value is racial discrimination? That's the high value that you're getting all mobilized to fight for?

Isn't that exactly what the white Southerners did in the 1950s and 1960s, except in favor of a different race?

Shouting Thomas said...

To paraphrase George Wallace, who must now be the patron saint of the Diversity crusaders:

Quotas now! Quotas tomorrow! Quotas forever!

Tank said...

What's the big deal?

Liberal U discriminates vs. whites and Asians?

I mean, dog bites man. Social Security is a ponzi scheme.


This is news.

Oh, sorry, you're not supposed to say some things out loud.

KCFleming said...

More poster suggestions (from Jim Crow search):

"No White Boys Allowed.

Japs Keep Moving: This is a Black Man's University

Public University
Of Color Only

UWM Serves Whites
Online Only

University of Wisconsin
White & Asian Section
in LaCrosse

Toad Trend said...

'Affirmative Action' = preference, quotas, set asides. This, we have known for some time.

'Reverse' discrimination in the name of 'diversity' is just another form of modern discrimination.

Admissions should be based on achievement/qualifications; skin color is a qualification ONLY IN THE MIND OF THE PROGRESSIVE/LEFTIST.

Mental illness. Progressivism is a mental illness. 'End racism'!!! Lets end racism. We'll do that by GIVING PREFERENCE TO PEOPLE WITH CERTAIN COLOR OF SKIN. That will definitely work. We'll defeat racism by demonstrating racist attributes. Yep. Brilliant.

Academia is doomed. The great charade. THE GREAT CHARADE!!!!

wv - farved

I told my doctor that I 'farved' smoking last year.

Curious George said...

You know what these diversity programs lead to? Damon Williams, titles like "UW vice provost for diversity and climate" ("and climate? WTF?), and genius like “We believe in what we’re doing. We believe it to our toes,".

Shouting Thomas said...

Those morons in the Diversity racket at UW are, I would suspect Althouse, reading your blog anxiously, wondering how in the hell they're going to weather this without looking like complete jackasses.

Principlex said...

So now the UW is not merely racist in its practices, it is encouraging students for racist practices? Wow! This story has long legs.

ndspinelli said...

When there is a deficit in racial balance in sports, you implement a system wherein the under represented group is given opportunities in their youth to play that sport and improve. The KC Royals started a baseball academy. KC had a long heritage going back to the Negro Leagues. Back in the 1970's the Royals owner saw that black players were becoming rare for a variety of reasons. He invested money recruiting black, athletic kids from the inner city and sent them to this academy. It had some success but more than that it showed other inner city kids they had more options than just basketball and football.

You see, everyone seems to understand in sports, it is a merit system. You don't lower the bar to make it "equal". You raise up those below the bar.

Ironically, Ewing Kauffmann donated millions of dollars to the KC School District to try and raise up students to the level needed for college. He learned quickly he could have just as well flushed that money down the toilet.

Marta Richards said...

I'll bet the funds used to pay the (inflated) salary of that diversity dean (why is that a needed position?) came from an Obama stimulus plan.

AlphaLiberal said...

Who is this CEO? An outside and well-funded group.

Who funds them?

Is it true: The white man can't get a break in this country? (no)

White racial resentment LIVES!

Shouting Thomas said...

Excuse the multiple posts, but I suspect that Damon Williams, the great Provost of Diversity and Climate, was weeping over the potential threat to his $150,000 salary.

AlphaLiberal said...

This is astroturf.

Agreed. CEO has run this game at other campuses in the country.

It's another wingnut welfare outfit.

Whites have had affirmative action throughout the history of the country. It's called racial preferences in hiring. And it ain't dead.

AllenS said...

One of the first responses will occur tomorrow, when students opposing CEO's stance will hold a rally "to express their solidarity and pride in UW and a sense of togetherness," said [Sarah Mathews, vice president of public relation for the Wisconsin Union Directorate

People who won't be in attendance, are those that were discriminated against.

Shouting Thomas said...

Omega, you dumb fucking racist...

Specific young white men who are residents of WI are being passed over at UW in favor of blacks and hispanics who don't even live in the state.

Real damage is being done to unique individuals.

You are a fucking lowlife racist piece of shit.

Bob_R said...

These numbers seem bigger than those at other places. The numbers of black and Hispanic students at UW-Madison is very small. Are athletes a statistically significant fraction? (I'd expect similar favoritism for white athletes over the general population.)

Roger J. said...

Why is this a surprise? I am shocked, shocked, to find this is going on.

AlphaLiberal said...

Founded by commentator and former Reagan Administration Civil Rights Director Linda Chavez in 1995, the Center's small staff of five employees includes two of Chavez's adult children. Initially and primarily funded with a founding grant from the Olin Foundation, the Center exists largely on grants from the Bradley Foundation, and the Sarah Scaife Foundation.

Linda Chavez has been rolling in the wingnut dough. Now her kids can make money roiling US campuses over divisive racial issues.

Hey, Ann, the way you're going maybe you can start cashing in some of those wingnut welfare checks.

Chavez sets, ALthouse spikes! Yay! Racial hate!

Phil 314 said...

Gosh, Madison is just like Damascus.

The righteous are under seige.

Sharc said...

MarkG had this Damon Williams guy pegged correctly yesterday, based on Williams' self-written LinkedIn description. Williams is a navel-gazer who has managed to make a career of "studying" "diversity professionals" ... like himself. Here is his autobiography in full, complete with all the self-adoration and grammatical errors one might expect from an academic more interested in diversity than, er, academics:

"[I am] the consummate scholar/ administrator/ thought leader. Having worked with, consulted, or spoke [sic] at over 100 organizations [I am] widely considered one of the nations [sic] most dynamic and innovative thinkers in the areas of diversity and inclusion management, with a specific focus on college and university environments.

[My] research on chief diversity officers and inclusive excellence have been featured in publications like About Campus, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Diversity Factor, Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Magazine, the Journal of College and University Human Resource Professionals, Inside Higher Education, and others.

[My] recently published monograph on chief diversity officers, “The Chief Diversity Officer: A Primer for Presidential Leadership” was sponsored by the nation’s largest higher education policy organization and mailed directly to nearly 2000 college and university presidents.

[My] research on dedicated diversity capacity has crossed into the corporate sector. [My] much anticipated book, the Chief Diversity Officer: Strategy, Structure, and Change Management with Dr. Katrina Wade-Golden, is expected to have great impact on diversity and inclusion efforts across all areas of organizational life as [we] explicate the best practices and strategies of CDOs in the higher education, government, and corporate sectors.

Specialties: Organizational change, organizational design, strategic planning for diversity and inclusion, leadership development, evaluation and assessment, organizational climate studies, building dedicated diversity infrastructures and systems."

[Sorry for the double-post.]

Abdul Abulbul Amir said...


[Damon Williams, UW vice provost for diversity and climate,]

A provost for climate! One wonders how to tell if the provost is doing a good or bad job on the climate front.


Shouting Thomas said...

Omega, you are a racist scumbag.

Clear out of here, idiot.

You're disgracing yourself. You are a piece of filth.

Martin said...

I'm confused--isn't discriminating against whites and Asians the whole point of campus diversity and affirmative action programs?

If it's not, what is? Truthfully?

Williams and the rest should take this as validation or confirmation that they have been successful.

AlphaLiberal said...

Thomas, your avatar should be a snarling jackal, foaming at the mouth.

Simon said...

"vice provost for diversity and climate"?!

What kind of person applies for such a position?!

And, wait—eliminating affirmative action is an attack on UW? Some people are too far gone to help. Well, it seems so to us, anyway. Maybe that means I'm just not donig my job right. I heard a joke, of sorts, that one day there's a party being thrown in heaven, and no one can find Jesus, so St. Peter goes looking and finds him outside the front gates looking anxious. "Lord, the party's starting, come on back in!" says St. Peter. And Jesus replies "Pete—I'm waiting for Judas." Jesus doesn't give up on anyone, and no one's too far gone that he can't pull them back. And I guess we're directed to show the same patience. I'm not there yet. These people are eyond my patience to fix or seek to fix.

Phil 314 said...

The "aggressive and right wing" organization

We prefer our "Right Wing" organizations to be passive.

In Wisconsin, only Progressive organizations are allowed to be aggressive.

Curious George said...

University of Wisconsin:

Diversity: Whatever it takes!

Shouting Thomas said...

Given Williams' obvious stupidity, an issue to consider:

How much of a drag on the economy has been created by the quota system and the huge Diversity albatross that every institution must drag along?

What is the loss in terms of productivity and efficiency to academic, government and industry that is attributable to quota hiring?

How much money is being squandered paying off the Diversity goon squad that every institution is now forced to employ?

Simon said...

Want to know why education is so expensive? Maybe because schools offer so many ridiculous classes and pay so many useless people to do useless jobs. UW, ladies and gentlemen, doesn't just waste money on a provost for diversity and climate, it wastes money on a vice provost for diversity and climate! These are two things that no school should be worrying about. Let apply who applies, winnow the ones who are useless, and leave it at that.

Shouting Thomas said...

Omega, a racist piece of filth like you must be defeated by any means necessary.

AlphaLiberal said...

If it's not, what is? Truthfully?

To provide equal opportunity, to overcome racism in society that leads to well-documented racist outcomes. (African Americans suffer much higher infant mortality in Wisconsin, with one recent exception, no doubt a joy to the racists.)

AlphaLiberal said...

This CEO group is out of Virginia. Why are they here in Wisconsin?

Shouting Thomas said...


You are a disgraceful racist.

Reveal your true identity racist.

Quit hiding behind the Klan hood.

Robert said...

Why is this a surprise?

How about why is this an 'emergency'?

Bob_R said...

Just to be clear, "affirmative" action at large state universities is all about how we choose the 5% of incoming students with the worst credentials. Given that the worst 20-30% of incoming Freshmen have almost no chance of graduating with a degree in a challenging major this isn't all that big a deal. (Other than the fact that we are setting up a bunch of students for failure and debt.)

WV:fries - ya want em with that?

AlphaLiberal said...

Linda Chavez has gotten rich roiling up the rubes with those billionaire dollars.

Profiteering from stirring up racial hate. What a terrible person.

Prosecutorial Indiscretion said...

Who is this CEO? An outside and well-funded group.

Who funds them?

That same questions was asked, eyebrows conspiratorially raised, by some of the finest segregationists in the South. It's a fun way of scoring points while avoiding the substance of the issue.

And I can't believe that an administrator's response to criticism is to start crying in front of students and telling them to have a completely arational emotional response. That is how a teenage girl reacts to being told to clean up her room, and is separated from an immensely vast gulf from the appropriate reaction of a leader in American higher education.

But hey, UW, go ahead and teach those Wisconsin students that the best ways to win an argument are through ad hominems and shedding tears. I'm sure that will put the state on a strong economic footing for the decades to come.

I'm Full of Soup said...

Damon Williams sees a "coordinated attack" and he marshals a coordinated response. Does he not see the humor in that?

geokstr said...

Damon Williams, UW vice provost for diversity and climate...

WTF is a "dean for climate"?

Meade said...

AlphaLiberal said...

"Yay! Racial hate!"

AlphaLiberal core value.

AlphaLiberal said...

Chavez is another grifter.

Over the past five years, Chavez's family members have been directly paid $261,237 from the PACs, according to FEC reports. In 2001, the PACs paid Christopher Gersten $77,190, her son Pablo $25,344 and her son David $9,687.

Simon said...

Phil 3:14 said...
"The "aggressive and right wing" organization[?] We prefer our 'Right Wing' organizations to be passive. ¶ In Wisconsin, only Progressive organizations are allowed to be aggressive."

Yeah! What does this tool call occupying the capitol for a few weeks?

SGT Ted said...

Demanding equal rights through a lawsuit is now "aggression".

What a stupid statement.

Equal rights are equal rights and progrssives don't get to discriminate on the basis of skin color just because they hallucinate it and project it on un-named white employers.

AlphaLiberal said...

Good morning to you, too, Meade.

Insufficiently Sensitive said...

He said students should lead the university's response against CEO....

Ah, the noble administrator. Safely ensconsed in his bunker, composing Epistles to the Cannon Fodder.

Auntie Ann said...

Did the report explore discrimination against women? With the gender ratios out of whack throughout much of higher education, many schools are allowing in young men with significantly lower qualifications than their female peers. I wonder if UW, especially in the major graduate programs like law does the same.

Phil 314 said...

Does Ms. Matthews realize SHE is in the advantaged class?

To be fair, she's in agreement with the Civil Rights Commission:

In December, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights said it would investigate whether, in an attempt to minimize lopsided gender mixes on their campuses, some colleges discriminate against women in admissions by admitting males at a higher rate or offering more generous aid packages.

As I said before, only Progressive organizations are allowed to be aggressive.

"Don't these white men know their place?"

SGT Ted said...

But, then again, people like Alphaliberal have always thought that blacks and Mexicans were too stupid to get into college without whitey helping them out.

Anonymous said...

Alpha, what is your point? Racism is wrong. Period. Who makes up a group which opposes racism, or how it is funded, or where it is from, is completely irrelevant to the plain and simple rule that people should not be judged by the color of their skin.

- Lyssa

Simon said...

AlphaLiberal said...
"Chavez is another grifter."

I should think that taking money for a plainly useless and perhaps even fictitious position like "vice provost for diversity and climate" is not grift. It sure isn't honest work, unless it's the least accurate job title ever; I don't know that Sophie Devereux could keep a straight face through the interview for that.

Deanna said...

"I was so upset that our students are going to have to wake up in the morning and deal with this," said Williams with tears in his eyes. "That's not what students came here for."...

Well, that answers the "what kind of wuss" question. Cry me a river.

Rob Crawford said...

Alphie, you haven't choked to death on your own bile yet?

Clearly it's not for lack of trying. You're proud of your hatred, aren't you?

(And, wow, you really are pissed at Chavez for getting above her place, aren't you?)

geokstr said...

AlphaLiberal said...
Profiteering from stirring up racial hate. What a terrible person.

Oh, you mean, like, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Congressional Black Caucus, Tavis Smiley, Roland Martin, Janeanne Garafalo, any host on MSNBC, the Most Reverend Wright, the NAACP, Eric Holder, and even our glorious Community-Organizer-in-Chief, to name just a few?

Ah, those terrible people. Gotcha.

rhhardin said...

The Constitution allows discrimination until 2025, if I've read the Constitution correctly.

Anonymous said...

"I was so upset that our students are going to have to wake up in the morning and deal with this," said Williams with tears in his eyes. "That's not what students came here for."...

They went there to live stress-free in a progressive cocoon, apparently, where the real world has no place. Too bad. Wah, wah.

How many students do you think woke up and had their morning ruined by that? He's acting like it's the morning of 9/11/2001.

While he may be opposed to CEO and might want to fight against what it's doing, the "emergency" meeting was simply him being a drama queen.

Brian Brown said...

AlphaLiberal said...
Chavez is another grifter.

And then what, goofball?
Oh, you haven't responded substantively to any facts?



Al Gore acolyte Cathy Zoi was Obama's assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy while her husband was an executive at a company that received direct subsidies from the Obama administration and profited from the Cash-for-Caulkers bill Zoi's division implemented. Zoi has since left DOE to run a clean-tech hedge fund owned in large part by Democratic mega-donor George Soros.
A group of Democratic operatives have formed an investment company called U.S. Renewable Energy Group, or US-REG, which seems to exist for the sake of buying green-tech companies, and then helping them get subsidies. In at least one case, US-REG appeared to be a U.S. beard for a Chinese company seeking U.S. dollars to make wind turbines in China.

The Department of Energy's inspector general has repeatedly found that a loan program created by the 2005 energy bill and expanded by Obama's stimulus falls short on transparency and accountability.

Shouting Thomas said...

To elaborate upon the cost to the economy of the Diversity scam:

How much of the current financial collapse can be attributed to the Diversity scam?

The mortgage fiasco was created by the insistence of the Fed that banks make loans to uncreditworthy borrowers. The rationale for this was that banks were "redlining" minority districts, instead of making a rational decision based on experience.

Every corporation that I've worked for over the past 15 years has been forced to hire an entire department of Diversity goons to spy on employees, encourage grievances, give stupid Diversity classes, etc.

What's the cost of all of this crap?

damikesc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

"Linda Chavez has been rolling in the wingnut dough. Now her kids can make money roiling US campuses over divisive racial issues."

Admission by merit rather than racial discrimination creates no divisive racial issues.

But the professionally alienated Left can't leverage merit for power.

Anonymous said...

""I want students to be able to be in power"

That sounds a lot like "be in community." :)

MadisonMan said...

As someone who has a new Freshman at the UW, let me say that it was my impression that a lot more people from West (Read: Whites) got into UW this year than I had been led to believe would happen.

There are grifters on both sides of this, making money over the "need" for diversity, and over the efforts to amend how diversity is achieved. Are they both drags on the economy?

MadisonMan said...

(I hope daughter is not participating in the protests)

Anonymous said...

"[I am] the consummate scholar/ administrator/ thought leader."

Humble much?

Also, crying and urging people to an emotional, irrational response doesn't go a long way to qualifying one as a scholar and "thought leader". (I wonder if he has a Little Red Book.)

BAS said...

How many students are we talking about? How many black and Hispanic students are there in Wisconsin? It's not that many. Isn't there anything else wrong in Wisconsin that needs fixing

AHLondon said...

Yes, the substance is all very interesting, but what got me was this academic post:

Damon Williams, UW vice provost for diversity and climate

On what basis are "diversity" and "climate" grouped? What do they share beyond being part of the secular religion's catechism?

Shouting Thomas said...

To get a fix on the number of students negatively impacted by the quota system, read the Discriminations blog.

The numbers are far higher than you might imagine.

Forget the numbers shit. How in the world does UW, which is funded by the taxpayers of Wisconsin, justify passing over a white male WI resident in order to give a quota preference to an out of state black?

Squid said...

Alpha, for all his mewling about what a terrible person this Chavez is, still can't seem to understand that he's even worse.

Seriously, Alpha, how can you sit there and defend a system that explicitly elevates the color of one's skin over the content of one's character? How can you defend a system that slams the door on qualified applicants simply because they're melanin-deficient? How can you defend a system that leaves participants and potential employers uncertain about the true value of a degree?

Let's take it as read that CEO is a group of terrible racist haters who deserve to have SEIU goons sent to their homes. What do you have to say about the system that you're defending, and how it degrades the value of a UW degree, and how it sets different races against one another?

geokstr said...

MadisonMan said...
There are grifters on both sides of this, making money over the "need" for diversity, and over the efforts to amend how diversity is achieved. Are they both drags on the economy?

Sure they are, but the latter wouldn't even be necessary without the former, non?

In other words, you must feel that the right should just relax, bend over and enjoy what the left is doing to the country, because that would be better for the economy?


Scott M said...

How can you defend a system that slams the door on qualified applicants simply because they're melanin-deficient?

Speaking as a Scots-decended redhead, SPEAK IT BROTHER!!!

MadisonMan said...

I think a better way would be through legislation, that's all.

I'm Full of Soup said...

Affirmative action creates an artifice of diversity. It is an illusion that everyone can see through yet many will deny what their own eyes see.

george said...

UW is not a university. It is a parody.

Discriminating to achieve racial diversity is not in any way morally superior to discriminating to achieve racial purity. When universities exchanged the pursuit of excellence for social engineering they stopped being worth much to society.

And I have never understood why universities have admissions offices at all. If you run a business correctly you accept everyone who is willing and able to pay for your services. If you don't have enough seats you expand and if you have too many you contract to match demand. You don't have to worry about whether the students can handle the material because that problem is self-limiting.

It all comes down to the fascist tendency that dominates leftist thought where they want to be the ones to pick the winners and losers. They can't even conceive of a system where people make their own choices and succeed or fail on their own merits. Someone at the top always has to control everything.

Anonymous said...

And now, to prove I am here solely on the basis of merit, I will march around chanting.

AlphaLiberal said...

I really didn't mean to accuse Althouse of intentional racism in an earlier post. She may even surprise by suggesting other ways to address racism. Hasty typing.

Chavez, sure. That's the outcome of these anti-affirmative action campaigns. And all the denial, in the face of all the evidence, that racism lives in America.

JohnnyL said...

"Chavez is another grifter."

Why does the messenger matter? Let's have that "adult" conversation about race that AG Holder says we don't seem to be able to conduct. Now's the time for the progs to explain and show the value of discrimination for the higher social good. Of course, I would like to see a defense for the poor graduation stats for black and Hispanics. If the progs really want to conduct successful diversity programs then they need to do better than just dump the favored races into a student pool where they have trouble competing. They need to justify the program, tell us why they should be doing "everything" possible to help them be successful in the degree quest...full tutoring, courses massaged to include cultural elements that can be identified with. Otherwise, those diversity programs are not really there to improve the lot of the blacks and Hispanics.

Original Mike said...

"I'm confused--isn't discriminating against whites and Asians the whole point of campus diversity and affirmative action programs?"

Well, at the very least it is an inevitable outcome.

rhhardin said...

Maybe if they had triversity instead of diversity there'd be room for Asians.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

AlphaLiberal believes he is a God or one of God's prophets.

He believes he can see into the souls and judge the hearts of his fellow men.

He peers and he sees racists all around him.

And he knows exactly how much preference to give to non-whites, and he knows exactly when those preferences will be enough to remedy past wrongs.

As I said, he is a God, dialing up the exact requisite amount of social justice for each race - for each person - and condemning to Hell anyone that disagrees with him.

Good morning your holy worship-fulness - you self righteous leftist prig.

JAL said...

Damon Williams, UW vice provost for diversity and climate

THIS is what is wrong with higher education in the United States.

AllenS said...

Where's that Raul character?

pst314 said...

"But Williams told students not to despair, for every student admitted to UW-Madison is and deserves to be a badger."

Every "Person of Color" is entitled, regardless of ability.

JAL said...

Meanwhile I am laughing so hard *I* have tears in my eyes.

But Williams told students not to despair, for every student admitted to UW-Madison is and deserves to be a badger.

A line straight out of a Jim Carrey movie.

BoboFromTexas said...

"Chavez is another grifter."

Obviously Alpha is both a racist and sexist. Take your ugly hate elsewhere.

Meade said...

"AlphaLiberal believes he is a God or one of God's prophets."

He purports to mean well.

Original Mike said...

"(I hope daughter is not participating in the protests)"

Are you opposed to diversity, MM?

SGT Ted said...

No, Alpha liberal is just another garden variety leftwing racist who thinks that blacks and Mexicans are too stupid to get into college on their own. He blames un-named white people as the reason for blacks and Mexicans being too stupid and needing his help. The rage comes when its Asians, because they are of brown skin, but they don't need his help.

And maybe there is some truth to it, seeing as how white Democrats keep blacks in the ghetto in most major cities, only bringing them out when they need votes for white progressives.

Anonymous said...

All those that aren't in our exclusive Badger club are just jealous.

Jealous that they can't be part of our open and diverse exclusive group.

Whites and Asians are excluded but equal.

(But definitely not Badger material.)

And so the "higher" education thinking goes but I can't make sense of it.

Anonymous said...

Seems like some man-made climate change could be in the works after all.

Anonymous said...

It's a love story.

After the University engages in years of Ethnic Cleansing they inspire their hand picked racist cohort of students to lead the way against the criticism of the Ethnic Cleansing.

Being a leftist means never having to say you're sorry.

traditionalguy said...

Ah ha. It's about time you Wisconsin guys integrated your schools. It's been 56 years since Brown v. Bd. of Education and you are still only trying to do something about it.

Qualified White applicants do not receive as good an education in separate but equal schools.

TWM said...

"And all the denial, in the face of all the evidence, that racism lives in America."

It's true, it does, mostly in the hearts and minds of the left though. In fact, I'd say it is institutionalized in most liberal organizations.

JAL said...

"[I am] the consummate scholar...."

What kind of person actually writes that kind of stuff down? In public?

Do his LINKD friends (who know him personally) not laugh in his face?

Wait. They all are consummate thinkers also!

Perhaps he doesn't know the definition?


Definition: (adj.) 1. perfect and complete in every aspect; 2. having all necessary qualities

Synonyms: (adj.) ideal, supreme, ultimate, gifted, talented, superior, absolute

What rule shall we apply?

Alinsky 5. All out.

Peter V. Bella said...

The school administration is asking students to protest because they discriminate? There must be some real merit to the suit.

traditionalguy said...

The magic wand of "racists are guilty and must pay reparations" has lost its power.

I blame Obama. He got the final payment due on that Debt and the debtors are free now.

caseym54 said...

It seems also that there are too many Vice Provosts. "Diversity and Climate" !!?!!?? This is satire, right?

Could you please provide a list of Assistant Deans and Vice Provosts? Seems like you guys might want to cut back a bit.

Peter V. Bella said...

Someone should tell AL the 1960s-70s are way over and most of it was nothing but a con job.

rosebud said...

While we're discussing Vice Provost Williams' LinkedIn self description, let me add:

1. 'research' is a collective noun, and so should be followed by 'has', not 'have'

2. 'publications such as', not 'publications like'

3. Inside Higher Education mentioned twice. Even if you are published multiple times, it would be included only once in a listing such as this.

4. His book title should be capitalized and in quotes or Italics.

The guy sure needs an editor.

Chip S. said...

Wisconsin public schools graduate African-Americans who, on average, score poorly on the usual nationwide tests. Schools that actually do something about this problem, like the Messmer schools in Milwaukee, are met with "progressive" protests, not praise.

People like Alpha Liberal prefer to apply a fresh coat of affirmative-action paint rather than repair the pervasive rot.

Fuck that.

lemondog said...

Photo He crying, she mouth covered in horror.

Almost as good as the Wisconsin Supremes.

Something in the water?

lemondog said...


Scott M said...

"[I am] the consummate scholar...."

What kind of person actually writes that kind of stuff down? In public?

The same type that claims he can bench 400 lbs?

Daaron said...

Figures don't lie, but liars can figure.

Affirmative action has a place in society when it is based on Economic means testing.

I would suggest the people associated with the study learn conditional probability.

RonF said...

I propose that Williams' ability to think clearly is evidenced in his ability to write clearly. Even for a bio the smug self-importance comes through, and the grammatical and syntax errors wouldn't pass muster in a decent high school, never mind someone who I presume has some manner of graduate degree. Doesn't he have a friend who can see this and tell him "Hey, you need to clean this up"?

Here's a comparison for you. I am involved in a minimal fashion with MIT's admission processes. They define two kinds of minorities. "Minorities" are non-Caucasians. "Under-represented minorities' are non-Caucasians whose percentage in the MIT student body is less than their percentage of the US population as a whole. A standard is set (test scores, grades, etc.) such that anyone meeting them can be expected to be able to handle the course work and graduate. All under-represented minorities who apply and meet the standard are accepted. Everyone else competes for spots. Essentially what this means is that those people of Asian heritage don't qualify as "under-represented minorities", but there's still lots of Asians at MIT.

The standard must be met, however, and it is realistic with regards as to whether people who meet it can be expected to graduate.

Were Wisconsin to adopt such a system they'd have to differentiate between in-state and out-of-state applicants. Does the percentage of various minorities at Wisconsin exceed their percentage of the Wisconsin population?

iqvoice said...

Alphaliberal is right. Racism is alive in America... on every campus which has implemented a quotas-based admissions system, like the one which seems to exist at UW!

jvermeer51 said...

What is the ethnic makeup of the "whites" who are victims of quotas? Might I guess that Jews are overrepresented in the non-admitted category? Or does the UW admit Jews on a separate basis than they admit other "white" applicants?
No amount of liberal jive can change the fact that there is only 100% of anything. If some group has standards adjusted to push them up to some percentage, some other group has standards adjusted to push them down to some percentage.
I'm old enough to remember and to have been inspired by MLK's "content of our character" challenge. I've come to the conclusion we were conned.

Keystone said...

In the old South during the 60's defenders of segregation charged critics with being "outside agitators" who did not understand local conditions. Not much has changed.

Chip S. said...

Does the percentage of various minorities at Wisconsin exceed their percentage of the Wisconsin population?

Why do you think this is a relevant question?

It is blindingly obvious that if minorities were underrepresented as a percent of applicants who cleared the standard admissions cut-off level of test scores, there'd be a federal lawsuit against UW.

Real American said...

the heirs to Bull Connor will do whatever they can to keep their little racial spoils system going. But the clock is ticking. Is it 20 years, yet?

Mattman26 said...

I may be giving more credit than is due, but I assume "climate" refers not to the physical atmosphere, but something more like the "climate" of diversity.

Which I suppose is another way of saying, "Don't you dare challenge our race-based policies, because doing so will create a climate" of hate, or intolerance, or some such.

carrie said...

Didn't even James Meredith object to what affirmative action had become in the college setting? It seems to me that affirmative action needs to be focused on closing the test scores/grade gaps before a student applies for college, not in the college application process or later. What is gained by admitting students who aren't adequately prepared for the classwork? Shouldn't the focus for students whose grades/test scores are too low be on getting those students to attend MATC or one of the 2-year campuses to catch up. That's what non-minority students currently do and it seems to me that that is a better road to success (a lot of students take that path and I bet that there are statistics that show that students who take that path have a higher graduation rate than students with lower test scores/GPAs who started out at the UW right out of high school) at the UW for students with lower test scores/GPAs than trying to do all of the catching up after they are admitted to the UW.

Scott M said...

It seems to me that affirmative action needs to be focused on closing the test scores/grade gaps before a student applies for college, not in the college application process or later.


Skookum John said...

"Who is this CEO? An outside and well-funded group. "

I'm sure Alpha squealed just as loudly against all the out-of-state union goons and their juicy George Soros dollars that have been stirring up a ruckus in Wisconsin for months.

edutcher said...

Affirmative action was originally implemented because no one in government wanted to take the time, money, or trouble to enforce the Civil Rights Acts.

Now they find out it succeeded and they're shocked.

Someone call Inspecteur Renault.

kimsch said...

Vice Provost of Diversity and Climate - I think Climate in this job title means something more like "emotional climate" or "social climate" or touchy-feeliness of the entire UW system... We have to make sure that every student, member of staff, and member of faculty is completely comfortable at all times.

PatCA said...

Pogo, those statistics are as astounding. They explain why the kids of friends cannot get into a top tier college or law or medical school.

And Mr. Damon Williams, "tears" in your eyes? "Tears," sir? Have you no decency?

KCFleming said...

PatCA, I suspect this is true at many state schools.

Pretty damning stats, and the whole thing pisses me off.

Telemacchus said...

This is very long overdue. It's about time UW got a good kick in the ass with the twisted boot of their own making.

Sal said...

It seems to me that affirmative action needs to be focused on closing the test scores/grade gaps before a student applies for college

If you go too far back in a child's life, people start looking at the parent's responsibility. No one wants that.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld said...

Who is this CEO? An outside and well-funded group.

Outside agitators.

tolkein said...

I followed the first link and found this gem from a Sociology professor.

It doesn't need a comment, it just stands there, on the page, calling out

"UW sociology professor Sara Goldrick-Rab said the use of percentages of students versus actual numbers is an inherent problem with the way Clegg’s data is presented.

Percentages conceal the actual nature of the numbers, she said, which show white students as the clear majority."


It is very, very sad that these are LAW SCHOOL students who are protesting in FAVOR of discrimination. What kind of lawyers will they be? Let's make the system voluntary. Any student can give their earned spot at UW to a less qualified applicant. Then we'll see how much they really value "diversity".

Anonymous said...

Use skin color instead of merit long enough, and this starts to make sense.

RC3 said...

Best wishes to the Center for Equal Opportunity in their efforts to end the despicable institution that is Affirmative Action.

PatCA said...

And what exactly is a provost in charge of diversity and climate? Is that the climate of diversity (which is nonsensical), or AGW?

Note the militaristic tone, as well, like "attack" by CEO, when really the man is going to agree to engage in a debate and release a report. Agreeing to debate seems an eminently non-warlike thing to do.

Chip S. said...

Is that the climate of diversity...?

It's got to be the climate of tolerance or multiculti awareness. You know...tolerance of all but the oppressor class.

It's what gives this guy something to do between admissions cycles.

Daryl said...

There are two ways to measure the extent/impact of an Affirmative Action program:

1 - difference in criteria. For objective criteria like test scores, you can see a difference between how one group is treated and how the other is treated. So you can say, "a black applicant with is as likely to be admitted as a white applicant with 150 more SAT points"

2 - number of disfavored persons displaced. Count the number of whites/asians who aren't at the school, who would be there, if there was no AA policy.

Liberals want AA policies. They want extensive, thorough policies. And they DON'T want us to measure how severe those policies are. They don't ever want to admit that a particular person was denied entry, or got in, because of AA.

But if no particular people were denied entry because of AA, and no particular people got in because of AA, then there wouldn't be an effective AA policy at all. Obviously, someone is getting cut and someone is getting in.

Anonymous said...

If they really want to provoke a howl release the grades and GPAs of Blacks and Hispanics admitted to the medical school. The public would be stunned and minority doctors would have a hard time finding patients.

Cedarford said...

rhhardin said...
The Constitution allows discrimination until 2025, if I've read the Constitution correctly.

Ah, yes..the fruit of the wisdom of the legendary and revered Sandra Day O'Connor and her brilliant "balancing tests".

Pity the twits husband was not a slobbering Alzheimers basket case 10 years before the date she quit to care for him.

Eisenhower's appointment turd was Warren. Ford's was John Paul Stevens. Reagan's was Sandra Day O'Connor, the legislator who remained a legislator to the utter contempt of Scalia...
And of course GHW Bush's Souter..

Brian G. said...

Let's get back to the real issues here. Blacks and Latinos fell behind thanks to Bush, No Child Left Behind, the two illegal wars started by Bush, the Patriot Act, Bush and the Republicans fealty to Big Oil and Halliburton, the denial of global warming, and Bush's failed attempt to cull the minority populations through Hurricane Katrina. And let's not forget the impact on not only African-Americans and Latinos, but on women, children, and gays, who are hardest hit by Republican malfeasance. Remember, a vote for Perry/Palin/Romney, etc is a vote for Bush! UW Students unite against the Republican atrocities and efforts to deny an education to minorities!

Amartel said...

Interesting that none of the "first responder" critics of these reports take the time or trouble to explain the substance of their objections; why they don't mind the discrimination against whites and Asians. They skip over intellectual argument and go straight to feelings, nothing more than feelings. C'mon everyone, let's put on a show (of solidarity). Is the intellectual argument supporting this discrimination so well known that it doesn't bear repeating? Or maybe it's grown stale, very stale, and it's embarrassing to recall it, much less say it out loud. Or maybe it was never a particularly compelling argument in the first place, being discriminatory and all, and they're going hard on what's worked in the past; projecting their fucking racist feelings on to everyone except themselves. (Yeah, I'm going with option C.)

Anonymous said...

I was born a racist whitey, and its is genetic, and you must accept me.

It's genetic, after all!

You MUST accept me!

You must pull down all discrimination against me because I was born that way!

Cosmo said...

As a Golden Gopher, I approve of the current dumbing down of our neighbors in Madison.

As an American, I wholeheartedly disapprove of discrimination in ANY form.

SunnyJ said...

Fasten your seatbelts...over the next 3 weeks there will be a progressive/marxist push in the streets on all of their favorite issues: Financial districts and institutions, university campuses on diversity and capitalism, state capitols on collective bargaining and jobs programs. The Fox-Piven push for taking it to the streets is being planned all over the social media of mulitple far left and progressive sites. The plan: to bring the chaos of Europe into our streets.

These people are cornered. They have pushed hard to get Obama and he has worked hard under the radar to regulate leftist policy into place without public transparency. They thought they had pulled it off...and then along came Breitbart, Beck, Palin, Levin, et all and the Tea Party.

Momentum has shifted. Two to three weeks from now this blog will be discussing the violence in the streets in America, of which student protests for racial quotas disguiesed as diversity will play their part.

Having been in Madison WI in the late 60-early 70's and seeing the protests...all was fine and well until the intersection of State St and Bascom Hill with cops surrounded and the very few pro agitators from the outside starting lobbing the rocks in from the far parameters. Downhill from there. After the warm up this last winter/spring and the hand slapping they got...they'll be back big time with the agitators more than willing to lob the first rock.

Don M said...

Racism lives. Mostly on the left.
Woodrow Wilson (D) resegregated the federal government.
Southern Democrats instituted Jim Crow laws.
Southern Democrats again and again voted down anti-lynching laws.
Liberals assert minorities can't succeed without government discrimination. Conservatives are opposed to government discrimination based on race.
Liberals assert "Preventing discrimination based on race or ethnicity is racist."

Alpha Liberal is a self parody.

n.n said...

At the rate that progressive policies continue to be rejected, and the selective history which form their foundation, we will next be discussing Blacks held as slaves by native Americans, other Blacks, and, of course, Muslims, in addition to the traditional history.

Who knows, if we are really ambitious, we will review the origination of black African slavery under other black Africans (which continues today), followed by Muslims (which continues today), followed by Europeans (which ended at the cost of several hundred thousand lives), followed by native Americans.

Then there is the issue of white slavery, which is never even hinted at in polite company.

In any case, there was a legitimate reason for affirmative action policies for the first generation following the equalization of the population. Since the second generation, or perhaps the third, the denigration of individual dignity can no longer be justified.

In the spirit of equal retribution, let's follow the example of the Hutu and Tutsi.

The Tutsi slaughter the Hutu slaughter the Tutsi slaughter ...

Isn't it time to Move On?

Blue@9 said...

Hey Alpha, I'm of Asian descent. Please explain to me why I or anyone who looks like me should be discriminated against in favor of blacks and hispanics.

You've got the white-guilt thing nailed down, now explain to me what collective crime my people have committed such that we deserve this treatment.

David said...

Hey Alpha. I'm as white as you can be without being an albino. I've been a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy since the Goldwater Campaign during my sophomore year in high school. I'm married to lovely lady from Bolivia who most of you leftists would say is brown. Definitely a latina. I've sponsored two other latin persons for legal immigration. I oppose illegal immigration. I would be happy if we militarized the border with sniper teams whose R.O.E. prescribe opening fire without warning. You going to call me a racist?

Alpha, you fellator, you love Obama and you have probably done him. How does he taste?

M. Simon said...

Now Ann, you constitutional scholar you,

If you want real racism all you need to look at is Drug Prohibition.

Race War in Chicago

I never noticed a Prohibition Amendment. Except for Alcohol.

M. Simon said...

minority doctors would have a hard time finding patients.

Minority doctors already have trouble finding patients.

Rule of thumb in some neighborhoods: white doctors and Jewish lawyers.

WV: whitono - too funny

BJM said...


Thomas, your avatar should be a snarling jackal, foaming at the mouth.

Sorry AL, J's got that slot covered.

Cal has limited entry to Asian students for years for fear that they would take every slot if awarded on merit. Yes, a dean actually said that. Outloud.

BJM said...


They explain why the kids of friends cannot get into a top tier college or law or medical school.

Same thing happens at Cal. Friends, both alum and doctors raised five smart, well rounded, likeable kids who all wanted to attend Cal, three entering medicine, one law and one business. All were rejected in spite of perfect GPAs and high SATs, solely because they are Chinese-American.

They went to Cornell, Yale and Princeton and dad's generous annual donations followed them.

The most maddening part is that many of the AA students really do not have the founding to keep up and they drop out. I can't imagine what that does to their self esteem...but the diversity beast has been satiated, and collateral damage swept under the left's rug of smug righteousness.

And don't even get me started on antisemitism at Cal.

I don't know how some of these people can sleep at night.

Blue@9 said...

Asians get the shaft because most of us don't get caught up in grievance theater, so we don't fit into the liberal template of nonwhite = victim.

Remember kids: according to the liberal viewpoint, success is a crime that should be punished.

Christy said...

Does the report give us data on graduation rates for the various interest groups?

Anonymous said...


"Whites have had affirmative action throughout the history of the country. It's called racial preferences in hiring. And it ain't dead."

Of course, this isn't true. If you think so, put your money where your mouth is. Start a business. Hire all blacks. Pay them slightly more than their competitors would to get their talent. Since payroll costs are lower than your competitors, by your definition, your profits will be hire than all your competitors who refuse to hire blacks or pay them their market value. You'll make a mint.

Of course, when sentiments like yours were raised in the '60's people did just that and went bankrupt.

"Profiteering from stirring up racial hate."

The way leftists do when stirring up black hatred for whites?


PatCA said...

BJM, I think another reason that schools exclude Asians is because the success of Asian immigrants completely refutes the notion that discrimination, ESL, and the like cause poor academic performance.

It's the culture that needs to be changed, not the skin color of the class, but that's a sin against multi-culti dogma.

AlanKH said...

Wow, it's like 1987 all over again.