September 16, 2011


Meade shot this video today at the Wisconsin Capitol. I edited. The usual noon-hour singalong is pretty jovial... except perhaps the sullen guys with the "May we RIOT now?" banner.


SGT Ted said...

Can we shoot the rioters now?

Fred4Pres said...

I was very impressed with the Wisconsin State capitol when I visited it. It is a beautiful dome and I thought the colors and mosaics really added to it.

Is the fat guy still on the hunger strike outside on the sidewalk?

Fred4Pres said...

Did Meade ride his mountain bike to the capitol?

Carol_Herman said...

Absolutely no talents.

You should feel lucky you're not fielding "dances with the stars," or some other high end TV show ...

You know? If they brought in a GONG ... you could get contestants to ring it ... as soon as what they're trying to play, gets identified.

If Karaoke depended on this? It would have been a failure.

Man, does the Rotunda have acoustical problems!

E.M. Davis said...


Carol_Herman said...

On the Caltech campus, when their Beckman Audietorium first opened ... there were embarrassed engineers ... who were called INCOMPETENTS! Because sounds just bounced around the room in an ugly manner.

The Beckman is round. And, they went in and added trellis.

Seems if you could install lots of wood (like trellis), around the circle ... the bouncing sounds could be controlled.

Other than that? I'd recommend ear plugs. And, during the winter? Don't take the hats with earmuffs off. They can save your eardrums.

Carol_Herman said...

There aren't so many of them.

Not like it was with the American Indians when the settlers first starting showing up at Jamestown and Plymouth Rock.

Back then there were more people who wore feathers in their hair ... Than there were pilgrims in top hats.

Carol_Herman said...

How come none of the fat folk can sing?

Vocal chords can't be lubricated?

Carol_Herman said...

Why don't these folks wear cheese head hats? Or whatever you call those foam triangles.

That way, those who can't carry a tune, can muffle their mouth's sounds, just by pulling the cheese head, low down.

And, then, everybody who sees this, would know they were in Wisconsin.

I think the rotunda was purposely built to make people want to whisper.

viator said...

They forgot to sing the Internationale. So to rectify that error and to give them time to prepare for next week:

Carol_Herman said...

They should turn in their "solidarity" shit for big posters that advertise: FIVE CENTS A DANCE.

Maguro said...

Looks like a good opportunity to get lubed up and score with a hairy hippie chick.

Milwaukee said...

Do these people think they own the place? Yes. Since the conservatives work, they aren't there competing for space. What happens when conservative minded people want to have their own sing-a-long at noon at the Capitol? What a bunch of maroons.

Gerry from Valpo said...

"Meade shot this video today at the Wisconsin Capitol. I (sniff) edited."

So, every good cabana boy needs a talented female editor sweetie pie? Where would that poor, unattached, wandering stiff be without that wonderful and multi-talented you?

Meade. Dood. Get a grip. And grow a pair already.

edutcher said...

If they're asking if it's OK to riot, I'd suggest they're not as jovial as outward appearances might seem.

They might not also be so jovial if they recognized Meade, or does he know which ones to avoid?

Chuck66 said...

These people put the wacko in Madison wacko.

Dirty Hippie said...

Too bad Meade didn't come back later for this! Ommmmmmmmmmm

Carol_Herman said...

You know I've seen rioters on TV.

Most of them wear tablecloths around their heads. These people aren't even carrying washcloths.

If they weren't here? They'd have to go to some bar that offered Happy Hour discounts.

Tim said...

A government check, either by welfare or a civil service job, (with some notable exceptions) is usually the last stop before no income at all.

These peeps want "their" money, and they don't care how they get it, or who it comes from.

Steve Burns said...

Milwaukee asked:
"What happens when conservative minded people want to have their own sing-a-long at noon at the Capitol?"

Actually, that already happened. When conservative blogger Dave Blaska organized a conservative sing-along for capitol rotunda at noon, the solidarity singers moved outside and sang on the State St. corner of the Capitol, so the conservatives could have the rotunda.

Now, Blaska's writing in the Isthmus that liberals "hate free speech" -- I guess he's forgotten what happened that day.

Dirty Hippie said...
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Steve Burns said...
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marylynn said...

Steve, you sure they didnt move outside to start dumping beer on someones head? Unless you were there and can attest to this -I find it pretty unlikely .....

Moose said...

Do any of these people have jobs?

Sorry - I know the answer to that...

Ms. Walsh said...

@marylynn I was there that day. We moved outside to sing because Blaska said he had a permit. There were no arguments, we just moved. No big deal. Everyone has their chance for free speech, that's what makes Wisconsin great!

I'm very sorry SGT Ted wants to shoot anyone. That's disturbing. I may disagree with someone's politics, but I would never ask to shoot anyone because of it.

@Carol_Herman It's fine that you want to make fun of the dancing. If the Tea Party had a similar event, I'm sure I'd have my own jokes about your dancing. But don't rag on the rotunda's acoustics. It was designed in a very specific manner. Did you know that if you stand on one of the squares on the rotunda floor and speak/sing, you can hear that person from all over the Capitol? I'd say it's pretty amazing and whatever side you are on, I'm proud of my Capitol. I'm sorry you feel otherwise.

@Milwaukee Conservatives may work, liberals work too. Some people have different work schedules, like second or third shift. Some people are able to take an entire hour for lunch. Some people are unemployed despite searching for work everyday. Or some people are underemployed. They'd love to have more hours at work but aren't able to get more hours for whatever reason. Whatever the situation, every singer has a life outside the Solidarity Sing Along. As a teacher, I went to Solidarity Sing Along all summer because I taught summer school in the morning and then worked a second job in the afternoon. I was able to take my lunch at the Capitol. Now that I am teaching again, I am unable to attend sing alongs. I'm glad others are able to enjoy their lunch hour in an uplifting manner considering I no longer have time to have a 'lunch hour.' I barely have a lunch 15 minutes. The point is, everyone has different situations.

Curious George said...

Ha ha Solidarity Forever! Total disconnect with reality. Just a bunch of whacked selfish fuctards with a total disconnect with reality.

Milwaukee teachers refused to make any concessions and went with lay-offs.

Janesville Teachers wouldn't make half the contributions that are in the BRB and instead chose lay-offs.

Teachers state wide aren't paying their dues, WEAC lays-off 40% of staff.

SEIU is no longer funding recertification drives...locals on their own.

TA give up on unionization.

Any bets on how many state employees are saying "fuck it!?"

I find this funny, and sad. Ok, mostly funny.

James said...

I just got back from Madison and was an absolute pleasure meeting Meade today.

Here's a link to some of the photos I took during the Sing-Along. Sorry if some are a bit repetitive; I just uploaded them without sorting them first: Solidarity Sing-Along - Wisconsin State Capitol

PETER V. BELLA said...

So that's what uneducated bark chewing unemployed people in Wisconsin do in their spare time. When their not leveling the double wides.

Ann Althouse said...

Hi, James. Great pics! Thanks for linking to them.

Meade said...

@James, the pleasure was truly mine.

Ms. Walsh said...



I do believe you meant they're in your sentence "When their not leveling the double wides." I think you were saying 'when they are not' and not in any ownership for of 'their not' as in owning the word not.

Just trying to help!

Steve Burns said...

Ann Althouse was there. Why don't you ask her what happened?

Carol_Herman said...

I still think if some city in china donated a BIG GONG ... And, the GONG got placed dead center ... It would be a fantastic added attraction.

At Huntington's Japanese Garden (outdoors) ... they have this magnificent GONG. You aim an entire tree "spear" ... at it ... And, when it rings ... the sound just keeps on going ... similar to the way a pebble in water ... tossed in ... keeps making circles.

But the stingers stink.

It's sad that they get to do this every single lunch hour.

Wouldn't people prefer hot dog carts?

Carol_Herman said...

"Singers" ... I can't believe these people think they've got talent!

It's a noise nuisance.

Imagine if department stores did this at Christmas ... to annoy the customers.

Of course, first the department stores would test the acoustics.

And, then, yes. The singers ... and the orchestras ... are fantastic.

Too bad in Madison you have to settle for "hopping from square to square" ... to be heard a mile wide.

Jeff with one 'f' said...

The irony here is that the original "Solidarity" movement in Poland consisted of people who risked their lives and their families to oppose the kind of government that these brats are demanding.

caseym54 said...

You guys are too nice. I'm pretty sure that if the tables were turned and this was, say, Operation Rescue in the gallery every day that the police batons would be swinging.

Karma wheels are spinning mighty hard of late.

Mr. Forward said...

The fact that these talented singers are off key should be all the evidence you need that this is a Koch Brothers operation.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

Like children that continue to ask for soda pop for breakfast, these people (Ms Walsh too) don't understand the meaning of the 2 letters N and O when put together.

No, in the sense that the public as a whole cannot continue to fund the gravy train.

This incessant 'singing', translated, is really a temper tantrum.

Working in the private sector my entire life, here is what happens when a company can no longer continue to pay for certain benefits; a meeting is called with all employees. The HR manager and/or the VP explains how costs have risen. He/she then explains how employees must contribute more of their paycheck to the bennie package. End of story.

At this point, as an employee, one has 2 choices; accept the increase and go back to work, or make the decision to look for a different job.

That's it.

No singing. No drums. No empty, pathetic claims of solidarity.

You all, and Ms Walsh, need to get over yourselves. The fact is, you all live in the same world that we do. If you wish to get along, you all better be willing to pay the freight, the cost of being here. Nobody likes the brown noser in school, or, in the case of you union types, the assumption of privilege just because you belong to your little union 'club'.

Until you change and get with the program the rest of us face, that is, REALITY, you will feel the snub.

SGT Ted said...

Hey Walsh, your state, along with all the rest of the states, keeps a force ready to be called out to shoot rioters if need be.

Also, "shoot the rioters" isn't "shoot the protestors". I thought you lefties were into nuance.

How come you aren't denouncing the lefty idiot who is showing his clear desire to riot if he doesn't get his way politically?

Maybe it because you are so blinded by your leftwing politics that you don't have a problem with incitement to riot so much as my desire to stop it with deadly force if need be.

My post was meant to contrast the clear call to violence by a spoiled brat leftard in the WI capital with the voice of someone who was highly trained to deal with the riot he is calling for. You seem to have no objection to his speech, so what is so wrong with mine?

You should direct your 'concern' to those who proudly proclaim their desire to riot and not those who may have to respond with deadly force.

Phil 3:14 said...

" Karma wheels are spinning mighty hard of late."


Doug Sundseth said...

The subjunctive mood is so seldom used these days. Perhaps that explains the somewhat incoherent, "Scotty were comin for you."

Well, perhaps if you get rid of your teachers' union(s) your protesters will be able to more nearly approach SAE.

A. Shmendrik said...

Embarrassingly stupid.