September 3, 2011

Sarah says: "I think there’s room for more, though, because..."

"... spirited debate and more competition will allow an even better discourse and more rigorous discourse that the public deserves."

Rigorous, spirited discourse. I love it.

When America thinks of rigorous, spirited discourse, it thinks of...
Sarah Palin!
The current field of Republicans plus Sarah Palin.
The current field of Republicans.
Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, head to head.
Thaddeus McCotter! free polls 


davis,br said...

No "none of the above"?

Crunchy Frog said...

A catfight on Jerry Springer.

wv: hexpunks

Tank said...

She's never been through this part of the process before. I'd like to see how she stands up to it. I would probably watch that debate, which is not my usual.

America's Politico said...

Howdy, We had a terrific dinner at the Oval Room with a bunch of super K-street consultants. Joining us were some WH operatives. It was a blast.

The verdict from them:
- Obama will wash the USA-Floor with GOP.
- There is no way Perry can win anything, including Don't Mess with Texas, due to his backward/uncouth ways. The Press has already dug up stuff, which will be released after next Labor Day (2012).
- Romney's campaign is dying due to his mormon connections. No one likes him.

Obama-Biden will defeat the GOP ticket so bad that it will take a decade for the GOP to be serious contender for WH.

It is true: The WH operatives have already planned the 100-days for the 2nd term. I saw the draft plans. You think think the health-care bill was the most successful thing, you have not seen anything yet.

ndspinelli said...

Spirited debate..I think Christie. I doubt ANYONE would want to go head to head w/ the Jersey dude.

ndspinelli said...

I already miss Jerry Lewis, it just doesn't seem like Labor Day Weekend.

phx said...
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phx said...

Rigorous, spirited discourse or argument on issues. The top candidates usually manage that. The blog universe is known for descending into a lot of tripe and nonsense.

Steve Austin said...

Yes! Another Palin thread where none of us will change the others minds but we will have fun debating it.

The woman is nuts. For the past six weeks or so she has been promoting in her words this "major event" on September 3rd. The day when eagles soar, grizzlies roar and Sarah takes the Iowa stage to.......well to.....promote her own celebrity because she doesn't have a real job inside government or outside it?

I have no doubt that by the end of the day we will know what she plans to do in the future /s

Mr. D said...

Thaddeus McCotter = more cowbell.

Meade said...

"Obama will wash the USA-Floor with GOP. "

But does he really get floors clean with that stuff? I prefer something a little stronger. Like ammonia.

Bill said...

ndspinelli: With Christie I think the operative word would be spirited, not debate. It would be more like a spirited beatdown. And yes I still want McCoter in the race and it's a scandal and a travesty that he's not in the debates yet.

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...

"Yes! Another Palin thread..."

Bachman is no substitute for the original.

"none of us will change the others minds"

Even so, it would be fun to see TradGuy blow a dissonance gasket as he considers the great Cheney dissing the the great Palin.

And, it's always nice to see Cedarford become animated about something other than the Jooooos.

Bill said...

Also I'd like to see McCotter in the race as well.

ndspinelli said...

My bride has a primal fear about mixing ammonia and bleach. We had a janitor in my dorm we called Ammonia Ed. If you walked into the bathroom after he cleaned, half asleep and hungover, your eyes would open wider than the moon after 2 steps.

Lauderdale Vet said...

"For the past six weeks or so she has been promoting in her words this 'major event' on September 3rd."

I'm under the impression that she has been targeting the end of September for the announcement.

I thought this piece by Dan Riehl was perceptive.

edutcher said...

We're certainly hearing better discourse from the Republicans than the Demos these days.

Love the caption to the pic in the article, "The former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee didn’t announce stops on her 'One Nation' tour, leading many media outlets to follow her bus wherever it went."

for somebody dumb as a caribou, she leads them around like so many poodle puppies.

WV "peping" What Tom did.

ricpic said...

A rigorous, spirited beating of Barry is what I'm looking forward to. And Sarah's the best bet to do it.

rhhardin said...

Rigorous, spirited discourse was an alternative to flute in the Miss Alaska pagent.

AJ Lynch said...

Debate? Does not interest me. How about televising weekly catfights including bodice ripping between a couple of the Fox News babes.

roesch-voltaire said...

, “There is no one who has the political courage or vision of this woman.” Yes and as Cheney points out she had he courage to remain Governor of Alaska even when the going got tough.

SteveR said...

Sarah get all the way in or all the way out! You'll never win the nomination and you'll never be elected president. But you can make an Obama reelection more likely.

William said...

Palin communicates a sense of adventure. She's the first action hero since Teddy Roosevelt to be on the national stage. She would definitely lose, but win, lose, or draw, it's a fine show......Historic inevitability: Paul Ryan will someday be President.

edutcher said...

roesch-voltaire said...

, “There is no one who has the political courage or vision of this woman.” Yes and as Cheney points out she had he courage to remain Governor of Alaska even when the going got tough.

There was the issue of her family being bled white by frivolous lawsuits.

Trooper York said...

Roachy since when did you start listening to what Rove has to say?

That would be like me relying on the talent evaluation of Fred Wilponzie.

Trooper York said...

The thing about Sarah Palin is that most of her fans don't want to know if will get in.

They want to get it in.

It's a Jersey Shore Thang!

AJ Lynch said...

There really is no excuse for Palin resigning no matter how she & her supporters try to rationalize it.

Carol_Herman said...

Does Sarah Palin want in without announcing, first?

Haven't we all seen this stupid debate pattern, before?

You know the biggest problem with calling for "smaller government," is how atrocious local governments are at doing anything! You'll have more citizens arrested for doing things like photographing a cop. Shooting a burglar. Having a kid open up a lemonade stand. Or, threatening people who grow vegetables in their front yards.

Between the two parties, it's the republicans that gave themselves the worst rep.

And, they don't even have one comedian.

There was a time in America, if you grew up with a Ford in your dad's garage; you bought a Ford when you grew up. Ditto. There were Chevrolet families.

Then that type of brand loyalty stopped working.

Scream and yell about obama all ya want. But you're not influencing the kids! It's serious!

Won't be cured by debates that hearken back to 1960. Where Nixon showed up in 5-O'clock shadow.

Kids love the Internet.

D. B. Light said...

Thaddeus McCotter for sure. Go T-MAC!!!

Synova said...

"There was the issue of her family being bled white by frivolous lawsuits."

All of the lawsuits were frivolous except one.

One single lawsuit was found to have merit.

This was the lawsuit that said it was ILLEGAL for her to create a legal defense fund.

And yet, this catch-22 is what is called "the going gets tough" and it was supposed to be sucked-up and endured? She was supposed to face two more years of never ending "Oh noes! You answered a question from a reporter in your office!" legal attacks, paying for defense with her own paycheck and what Todd makes on the oil field and if she wrote a book to raise funds it would be "campaign activity while governor" and get another lawsuit?

But let them keep on talking like it was nothing more than "hard times" she was too wimpy to endure.

(The law was changed, IIRC, but it could never have been *her* who had it changed.)

traditionalguy said...

pb&j...I understand your hate for Cheney as a crafty GOP insider who beat the Dems at their games. Unload on him at will.

But what did Sarah Palin do to draw your fire?

All Palin offers is a righteous candidate who, unlike the GOP and the Dems, only wants to work for middle class Americans' benefit and will not follow the MONEY where ever it leads like the Gen X'ers did to us in the last two bubbles.

Synova said...

Had Palin been able to take donations to pay her lawyers like every other politician in the entire country, she'd still be governor today. What was devastating would have been a mere annoyance and probably would have been abandoned as a tactic at the point of the utterly ridiculous "Oh, noes! She posed with a salmon!" lawsuit.

Does anyone think that the Clintons pay out of their own pockets, or anyone else? Of course they don't. They set up legal defense funds.

deborah said...

lol're mean :)

roesch-voltaire said...
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roesch-voltaire said...

Trooper just because I listen to what Cheney has to say doesn't mean I have to believe him, but even he can be right twice a day, and in Palin's case he is the man of the hour.

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...


For the record, when being earnest (a rare occurrence) on this blog, I have acknowledged that I don't think she's really that much of a joke on the national political stage.

Lem said...

I was tricked into googling Thaddeus McCotter.. not fair.

Michael Haz said...

Other than Palin, the current crop of candidates has morphed into one bland hominid named Mittchelle Paulnewt McSantorlenty. Utterly boring. A crop of insiders doing it the way they've been told it should be done; hoping to move to DC and become just one more corrupt member of the regime.

I'll take the upstart independent from Alaska over the lot of 'em.

Did you hear her today? She threw down the gauntlet on both parties, the corruption, the lobbyists in DC, the need to kiss $1billion of ass to get one's campaign funded.

She nailed it. My Dem neighbor said after watching her speech with me today "I'd vote for her."

Something's happening, and it isn't traditional politics.

Who told you she'd announce today? She didn't. It was the usual talking heads who always get it wrong.

She'll announce if and when she chooses to announce.

caseym54 said...

... a debate that includes Gary Johnson.