September 12, 2011

"Monday morning, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up..."

"It's time to go... time to go to work."


Fred4Pres said...

Get up and have some coffee!

Ann Althouse said...

This is a song that used to intensify my dread of Monday morning, many years ago when I had a job I didn't love.

Somehow it seemed to help!

Shouting Thomas said...

Not yet...

Got a day or two before my contract at the World Trade Center begins.

Nice day for a bike ride. I'll do my ten mile run.

Ann Althouse said...

"Get up and have some coffee!"

You light up the stove
And the coffee cup, its hot.
And the orange juice
is cold, cold, cold

ndspinelli said...

I love Neil Young. He is a man who has endured so much but just keeps moving forward. Thanks for the link.

Shouting Thomas said...

No orange juice!

138 calories per 10 oz. serving.

Empty calories.

Eat an orange instead.

Love Neil Young's music. Except when he starts yammering about politics. Then, I just wish he would STFU.

Fred4Pres said...

Doesn't Meade bring you coffee in bed?

Talking about the WTC, This is a strange video.

Mel said...

Strange indeed!

Shouting Thomas said...

I developed an online course shortly before 9/11 (for lawyers, as I remember).

We thought that, since NYC is the mecca of the corporate legal biz, that pictures and video of the WTC would be great background stuff.

After 9/11, we had to redo all the courses, pulling out the pictures and video of the WTC. Can't remember what we used as replacements.

Too grim for commercial purposes.

Scott M said...

In related news, Bob Seger, long a holdout from Itunes, is going to start offering his schtuff. I stopped using Itunes for Rhapsody when I got a Droid X, but to each his own.

Another piece of rock icon news - apparently Bob Dylan has been touring China and doing a lot of drawing while he was there. Supposedly he's going to release those sketches.

Shouting Thomas said...

Dylan news! Have I got Dylan news!

I slowly developed a friendly relationship with the old lady at the mall who cuts my hair.

She's a veteran of the groupie scene in the 60s in Woodstock. (I was in Chicago and San Francisco in those days.)

We do have quite a few mutual friends in the music biz.

She really warmed up to the subject of sex, drugs and rock and roll the last time I had my hair cut. She became particularly animated when the started discussing threesomes and The Band and Dylan! Dropping acid with Carlos Santana!

You got to remember that she's a pretty worn out old lady now with a bad back.

"I remember those days and the menage a trois!" she said dreamily.

"Hell," I replied. "In San Francisco, it was more like menage a dozen!"

Shouting Thomas said...

Going for my bike ride, but I got to let you know about this.

Did you know that ladies of ill repute now troll Facebook looking for action and remuneration?

Got hit up by one today.

MadisonMan said...

Good morning.

Kit said...

The last three weeks, I've had to put on my headlamp for my morning run to the gym. The neighborhood's pretty quiet at 5am. Anyway, about now, I usually hit my morning slump...thanks, it does help.

AllenS said...

I'm working on leveling the ground and putting 2' x 4' boards in for the footings on the new building. Big sweat day. One thing that I love about being retired, I don't care what day it is.

Fred4Pres said...

Shouting Thomas, you seem to get that a lot, both in Times Square hotels and now on line! (kidding!).

Okay, so how did you get propositioned on Facebook?

kimsch said...


I rented Godspell on Netflix (not available on streaming anymore) and had to watch that song several times in a row. The buildings were so new that they weren't even finished yet.

Paul Zrimsek said...

Rockin' in the front seat, rockin' in the ba...crap. It's only Monday.

Shouting Thomas said...

Hold the presses!

Dude is a lady!

Apparently, the trollop propositioning you on Facebook is the newest version of the Nigerian bank scam!

edutcher said...

Wednesday was always my tough day.