September 26, 2011

It's intermission.

You can talk about anything you want.


traditionalguy said...

Where are you, at a concert? This is George Gershwin's birthday.

Ann Althouse said...

The pic is from a couple Saturdays ago.

A concert at the Overture Center. I already blogged about the concert. (Click the Overture tag.)

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...

I've always liked the word 'cantilever.'

Q: Can't-I-lever this ___________ a bit beyond the edge?

A: Hell yes you can!

David said...

What--no signs? No slogans?

Maguro said...

How about those Red Sox, eh?

chickenlittle said...

The word "intermission" seems to have raised the hackles of the good folks at the OED: "the word should be repelled". I can see their point. It makes no sense etymologically.

The Italians have a better word: intermezzo = "in the middle."

edutcher said...

Very nice venue. If tg hadn't asked, I was going to say it looked like the place you showed a few days ago.

And, yes, a very happy birthday, Mr G.

I have to say one of my Dad's old faves and he's become one of mine over the years.

Funny how some things work out.

Fred4Pres said...


Quayle said...

Yeah, the Sox were supposed to be packed with talent, and the Yanks frozen out of signing anyone quality.

But it turned out that the Yanks had a few rookies they were holding onto that they brought up and have been phenomenal.

Can you say Jesus Montero.

frank said...

Obama is AWESOME.

America's Politico said...

At the K-street happy hour tonight, there was terrific energy about how the New York Magazine had portrayed the POTUS as a friend of Israel. The WH crowd is totally solid on re-election. The staffing in Chicago is complete. Ditto for nationwide offices.

The 2012 campaign is handicapped for GOP. They have not started, but the POTUS has already finished. The first 100-day plan for the 2nd term has now had the 2nd version.

The theme of re-election: Tick of the Clock by the Chromatics (Drive, the movie).

ironrailsironweights said...

Don't jump! (Unless the concert is really bad and you don't have any rotten fruit to throw).


ironrailsironweights said...

Via Slate, here's a statistic that I find absolutely shocking: 53% of Asian-American women between the ages of 33 and 46 with professional-level jobs are childless.


Lucien said...

So, if all the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan go home and tend their fields for a couple of years and hide their guns, won't we leave them alone, declare victory and go home? Then they can come back in year three and deal with some corrupt government in Kabul.

If that represents the worst case scenario for them, how can they lose?

traditionalguy said...

Intermission is like a short Cafe.

We can say whatever we want to until The Professor blinks the house lights.

Herman Cain is suddenly being acknowledged as a viable candidate. That is an encouraging thing to see.

We first got to know Herman when he told some friends about his cancer.

The man did everything right. We got him to go off for a second opinion to M D Anderson in Houston, Texas which was not well known around here 5 years ago.

He was cured in Houston, while his local Doctors had offered him little hope.

When Herman says first identify the problem, and then go solve it he means that real experts are always needed.

Now Herman is benefiting from live TV without crafty editors using out of context sound bites. He would make a good decision maker as a President, as he always has been.

bgates said...

The word "intermission" seems to have raised the hackles of the good folks at the OED

Obama would call the break in the middle of a concert the transmission.

Lem said...

How about those Red Sox, eh?

They were playing so well till this month.. they have fallen apart.

They are not dead yet but moribund.

Sixty Grit said...

How about Morgan Freeman, eh? Free to marry his step granddaughter, man. OBAMA IS AWESOME!

dbp said...

Just don't lean over that railing when the elevator is going down!

Jeff in Oklahoma said...

Only the Imperial Government can conclude that the White House's jobs plan, which would cost $200,000 per job, is a good idea.

How bout them Tigers (and Lions?)

MadisonMan said...

Look at all those customized light fixtures!

I think the city and county should send more money to the Coliseum for explansion than to the Overture Center. Why prop up a venue -- Overture -- that is something that only people in University Heights and Vilas feel good about?

Quayle said...

They [the GOP] have not started, but the POTUS has already finished. The first 100-day plan for the 2nd term has now had the 2nd version.

The Titanic was also fully staffed with all maps out on the navigation table.

Paul said...

Go look at Fox news and the 'family' debt picture.

No regular family could survive the kind of debt the U.S. government is trying to shoulder us with (and get us to elect them in the process!)