September 21, 2011

"Early example of crystal-meth-influenced chair construction."

A drawing... to accompany an essay on civility.


Carol_Herman said...

My cat could do that!

Never pays to buy cane chairs in my house. Or to put a nice basket on the floor.

The first clues? Small pieces ... scattered about ... that have been turned into toys. But go ahead. Try to find the hole! At first? They're invisible. They they grow strong.

And, my cats aren't on meth!

This is similar to bragging that you drive while drunk. And, you didn't hit a tree on the way home. Of course, your Mustang looks like this chair. I've even seen ones totaled. But the drunk? Walks away. Being un-bruised could be considered an "artistic talent" to some folk.

edutcher said...

Is the chair a metaphor for the idea that civility has no home in a drug-crazed milieu?

Clyde said...

I would tell the chair-maker, "Don't give up your day job protesting at the Wisconsin Capitol."

ricpic said...

Crackhead Bob talks about the violence that's being done to the social contract these days. I assume he means the Tea Party, those sonumbitches!

ricpic said...

Crackhead Bob talks about the violence that's being done to the social contract these days. I assume he means the Tea Party, those sonumbitches!

Methadras said...

I don't get it.

wv = combreth = paging titus?

Hagar said...

Keep crossing the streets like that, and he won't get very much older.

There are times to be standing up for your rights, but in the street with on-coming traffic is not one of them.

traditionalguy said...

I attended the viewing of a good man at the funeral home last night.

He was kind to everyone and a very interesting gentleman who had built homes for 30 years.

If you want safe and loving friends, find a church family. The entire church was there last night, and most of the rest of the people that he had met over the years too.

I got to see and talk with many old friends there. They all were older but their voices and personalities were the same.

As Dick Cheney told the CNN interrogator last night, all of our days are numbered.

rhhardin said...

Belmont Club puts Althouse voting for Obama down to inexperienced niceness rather than drugs.

Bad people like me saw through him right away.

sakredkow said...

TG that's the truth about our days being numbered. It's the one thing worth keeping in mind all the time, from my point of view.

rhhardin said...

Think of the chair as Obama's mideast policy.

Fred4Pres said...

People on meth suck at doing anything productive. They are really good at saying they are going to get started and taking things apart, but they lack any order or discipline to follow though.

As for wicker/cane/stick chairs and furniture. I have a few pieces of it at home. Better than that picture, and from looking at good examples you can tell doing country rustic furniture takes a lot of skill and artistry (beyond that of any meth head I ever met).

I do like smaller town civility. It still exists. I stop for pedestrians at crosswalks. It is illegal not to do so.

Terry said...

All the commenters here are missing an important truth.
Meth heads don't sit down so they don't need functional chairs.
You can learn a lot by watching Cops.

Fred4Pres said...

They rarely do sit down. They just aimlessly wander from incompleted tasks. They also have bad teeth.

traditionalguy said...

A friend who has practiced Criminal defense law since he left the DA's office told me that the drug rehab programs and random tests are always probation requirements for users to stay clean.

The MJ users have an 80% success rate.

The heroin users have a 40% success rate.

The crack cocaine users have a 20% success rate.

The Meth users have a -0- success rate.

Fred4Pres said...

Meth heads tend to die fast too. They do not seek medical or dental care. They cannot fill out forms very well. So they don't tend to use up social services.

Win Win. We shoudl be giving AARP members a vile of meth every month.

Fred4Pres said...

Even Carol Herman is a model of discipline and restraint compared to your average meth head.

Carol_Herman said...

It's just a drawing.

What did the "live model" of the chair look like?

Carol_Herman said...

The commentary under the drawing makes no sense.

Is it part of the drawing?

I think, by itself, the drawing might sell. The words, however, detract.

Toad Trend said...


WV gold!!! LOL...

Person 1: Excuse me, do you know the way to the hospital?
Person 2: Why yes, step into the crosswalk and wait. Here's a chair...

TTBurnett said...

Actually, that's a chair made on piece-rate.

JR said...

Very nice. Unlike the Norman Rockwell Chair with Gloves - where peace and hard work have taken turns in rest.

The chair ‘constructed’ from cyrstal-meth influence is an electrical chair – an electric chair of death – where kindness and tender instincts are fried and executed.

Meth is a plague self-induced and purchased by theft among the poor. Among rural Nevadans in the sea of our highest unemployment rates, meth’s a cheap escape – into these electric chairs.

In California rural villages where there’s a little more money and employment, are meth chairs in the form of broken families – full of children sucked into parental downward spirals into hell.

No solid structure. No rest.

Excellent job by Crackskull Bob.

JR said...

Maybe this link will work – Norman Rockwell Chair with Gloves.

JR said...

Carol_Herman, hi Carol. The commentary after the drawing does make sense.

Bob’s writing from his life (in Iowa?) in a small city. So I take it. Or maybe I don’t get it.

If you’re really living in Southern California, think Banning, Beaumont, Hemet - in the 70's. Or in the 50's (before my time). Before I-10 went through. Or your favorite idyllic So. Cal village – Idyllwild on San Jacinto.

The city (I’m assuming it’s the city) has been adding clearly marked crosswalks at locations where a need is perceived but there are no traffic lights. It’s sometimes but not always a minor intersection; there are no flashing lights, no stern demands, just a crosswalk, placed there with the hope that drivers will see someone standing at the brink of one and yield.”

The feeling of – kindness – “no stern demands” symbolized in crosswalk paint laid down with “hope.”

A few rural California and Nevada cities have resorted to obnoxious thick neon-orange and yellow globs of crosswalk paint plus increased traffic enforcement for motorists who don’t stop if there’s a pedestrian – anywhere – in these obnoxious “stern” crossings. Because death rates in the crossing zones skyrocketed. I don’t know the stats (if any exist) for fatalities directly tied to meth – but meth is like ambient temperature that’s always in the air. And with drunk driving around the casinos, cheap meth and booze together cause uneasy second and third takes before crossing – no place to rest.

It’s possible (I dunno) that art like Bob’s might motive ex-meth heads to reflect. And never go back. Find “hope.”