September 23, 2011

Chris Christie may run for the GOP nomination.

A decision is forthcoming.
"I think what the country is thirsting for, more than anything else right now, is someone of stature and credibility to tell them that and say, 'Here's where I want us to go to deal with this crisis,'" Christie said.

Christie continued: "The fact that nobody yet who's running for president, in my view, has done that effectively is why you continue to hear people ask Daniels if he'll reconsider and ask me if I'll reconsider."
Do you want Chris Christie to run?
Yes, because I want him to win.
Yes, because I think it will hurt the GOP.
No, because I think it will hurt the GOP.
No, because I don't want him to win. free polls 


xnar said...

He will be a Big winner and so will America.

Synova said...

I like him, but I think that some of the strongest Republicans ought to stay where they are and do the jobs they have to do. Ryan, Christie, a couple of others.

It would be interesting to see him run. But it would be disheartening to have his "stature" be made the focus of every conversation and then listen to the consequent whining about how he doesn't talk about policy from the reporters who don't ask him about it. Because it would happen.

Anonymous said...

Ann is the Chris Christie of the blogsphere.

I guess it's a New Jersey Delaware thing.

mrkwong said...

Sorry, but he's a warmist.

I don't think he has quite the perspective on the role of government that I'm looking for.

David said...

Perry's life cycle is proving to be a short one, and no one other than Romney is catching on, so the Big Guy has a chance.

But not much of one.

Big Mike said...

I agree with Synova. Fixing New Joisee should be his only focus. Once he's shown he can do that, then let's consider him for the Big Job.

FedkaTheConvict said...

The GOP nomination will not be decided until Sarah Palin shows her hand. Christie risks flaming out just like Perry is doing. His recent public actions and pronouncements will come back to haunt him.

ricpic said...

"Uncle Junior" Soprano: How much White Castle did you have?

Bobby "Bacala" Barbieri: I had none. I swear.

"Uncle Junior" Soprano: I can SMELL it.

garage mahal said...

It will most definitely be a thunderous entry if and when he jumps in!

Fred4Pres said...

I doubt the fat man can win (despite Ann Coulter's chubby chasing). But I like Christie's Jersey debate style and think he would enliven the primary process.

He is too socially moderate for the GOP (he is too Rudy). He is also a "pragmatic" republican and I mean that in the perjoritive use of that adjective. But I like him and I like how he took on the unions. Christie is no Huntsman.

policraticus said...

I can't vote because there isn't a, "No, because I want him to stay here in NJ and finish the job I cast my vote for him to do." I wouldn't mind him as our president, but let's finish the job in Trenton, first.

Trooper York said...

He won't run.

He is a Jersey politician.

All politicians from Jersey are dirty.

He is dirty.

I hope his hubris is not so great that he thinks it won't come out.

The press won't hide it like they did with Clinton and Obama until after the election.

He would be making a big mistake.

Mark said...

Garage, I actually think a fat white guy with charisma problems (but an impressive if unfortunately short time in an elected executive position) might look awfully good after four years of The Won Who Rolled Back The Oceans.

rhhardin said...

AGW and illegal imigration show that he's not the guy.

Those are too many stupidity points, a faulty intuition.

edutcher said...

Aside from his fiscal Conservatism, a lot of stands he's taken (Ground Zero Mosque, etc.) will not play well with the base (or a lot of other people).

He's also only been Governor 2 1/2 years.

Just like Miss Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Koch Brothers talked him into running when he was keynote speaker at their secret conference last month.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he recently chastise the Tea Party folks for criticizing his appointment of a Muslim for Judge?

JSU said...
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JSU said...

You left out the most sensible answer: Yes, because it will help Sarah Palin.

Christie is another NE liberal Republican. He takes votes from Romney. Unlike Romney, however, he's not well-funded enough to contemplate actual victory.

edutcher said...

Needs a 5th option:

No, it's a really bad idea.

Christy said...

I love Christie, but will the South elect a president from New Jersey? Will anybody-but-Obama be enough?

garage mahal said...

You may be right. I wonder how Christie would do in his own state?

Cody Jarrett said...

He's a liberal who doesn't like unions. Pro illegals, pro global warming, pro gun control, pro everything he shouldn't be--he's nothing but a fat loud Huntsman.

Who the fuck needs that?

Toad Trend said...

I think Governor Christie is a dark horse. I have been saying that I wish he was running and really like the way he communicates. He appears to have some common sense of decency.

He strikes me as a guy that if you had to be told 'f_ck off' he'd do it in a very congenial way. He's dealt well with the whining union types. That is commendable.

wv - sultab

Trooper York said...

Christie has too much crap flying around with deals he made as a US Attorney.

It's not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Christie is too Muslim myopic. Our leaders should be clear eyed about our serious enemies, Islam and China.

Anonymous said...

I am the best politico around. You know that. Here is what will happen:

- GOP nomination will go to Romney. There is no way Perry will win. There is no way Palin will run.

- Christie window is gone. He comes now, he will be like Perry. Getting into the race is one thing. Being in the race is another.

- Romney is the only GOP that can beat Obama. If Romney picks a strategic VP (like Rubio), then he will win.

But, Christie cannot win. His time is gone. He needs to focus on 2016 (or 2020, if Romney wins).

Carol_Herman said...

Christie has attributes. No question about that! The fat guy would be like adding Jackie Gleason to a comedy show. Christie would walk away the winnah, after the first debate!

Alas, he is Catholic. And, being governor of New Jersey is not enough!

Do you know the real estate taxes that are paid by people in New Jersey?

Do you know what it means to live in a state people won't visit ... when they're right next door visiting New York City?

Elect the governor of a bedroom community?

Elect a Catholic?

Elect Jumbo?

On the other hand ... I'd be so amused watching this you have no idea! It would be like watching the whole Bush family going up in smoke!

Karl Rove's head would explode.

The benefits of a Christie run would be amazing.

Oh, it would probably make it impossible for Sarah Palin to jump in.

Because? Because I remember when Ralph Cramden would say: "TO THE MOON, ALICE. TO THE MOON."

Bob_R said...

No. Because I want him to win when he is ready.

I'm Full of Soup said...

THe country's finances are the number #1 issue. We need to restructure the federal govt and spending over thenext five years or so. That takes someone like Romney who has taken over businesses and re-worked them. I find it odd that Romney has not hinted to some grand vision of how he will re-jigger fed depts, jettison some depts and cut spending bigtime. But that is what we need- someone who can lay out what the country and the safety net and socisl programs should look like and what depts we don't need. I don't see Christie as having that vision.

Freeman Hunt said...

I'm sorry, am I visibly slavering? It can't be helped.

Carol_Herman said...

I dunno. "Saying," isn't doing.

Michele Bachmann said she'd shut the lights off at the Department of Education. She'd send all the Federal workers home. And, she'd 're-distribute' the government money to the states. She has about as much of a chance to win her bid to the White House as I do. And, I'm not even spending money, trying.

"Mittens" won't win, either.

That's the problem.

He also doesn't campaign well. Because if he spoke about his ideas he sound like Elizabeth Warren. And, he'd go bouncing off that stage so fast, too!

Everybody's trying to appease the "crazy aunties" who are the social conservatives in this country!

Mitt's working around this problem by saying nothing.

Karl Rove is "working around" what he is viewing by waiting out the CRAZY 8. In the hopes he can add Jeb in ... to the inside track.

2012 doesn't look like the republican's year. Maybe, they'll wait until 2016?

The GOP is like a vaudeville act. You're only hope is seeing the HOOK coming out on stage ... and pulling an act off. These people don't leave, even if you're throwing rotten tomatoes at them.

Freeman Hunt said...

Yes, he's had some negative points lately. But who's better?

And the idea of watching Christie in a debate with Obama is simply delicious.

Beldar said...

I like Gov. Christie a lot, probably better than anyone currently in the race. But:

I refuse to give up. He hasn't yet said he'd refuse a draft, so:

Draft Paul Ryan!

Saint Croix said...

He is too socially moderate for the GOP

Yeah, but so is Mittens. I think Christie and Romney are kissing cousins on the political spectrum. The difference is style. Christie is tough and hard when he has to be, brash and outspoken. He says what he thinks.

Also Christie takes on the unions, and that theme will play very well indeed against Obama and his corruption.

I think Christie takes votes from Mittens, and he would be a way better President.

So I hope he comes in.

Cedarford said...

Republicans are as much children as the Dems are. They want the next new thing that will ENTHRALL them just like "I will fight-fight-fight!" Michelle Bachman and the Great White Fundie Hope. For a few weeks at least. the left of Romney, heck, to the left of Huntsman! No executive experience save his brief experience as governor. No experience in the private sector save 6 years as a lawyer.
Year and a half...very similar to the Religious Right's goddess Palin.
Also has repeatedly swore on his life he would never quit and abandon NJ without doing a full term because NJ needs him.

Not a great VP choice, either. Same reasons as goddess Palin.

He should get in if he makes a calculation that NJ residents would get over him lying to them, and it would be good to elevate himself to national visibility for 2016 in case Republicans lose in 2012

AST said...

No, because he has been so adamant about not running and because he ought to finish his term as governor.

Cody Jarrett said...

Freeman thinks watching Christie debate with Barry would be delicious. Here's the thing though--except for one specific thing, they agree on everything, so what kind of debate would it be?

Freeman Hunt said...

Cedar, the difference between Christie and the other candidates, also Christie and Palin, is that Christie can effectively communicate fiscal conservatism. I think that is what is needed at this point in time.

That's why I love Ryan too.

Freeman Hunt said...

CEO, on fiscal ideology, they are world's apart. That's not one thing, that's the big thing.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Christie has his negatives, they all do, but he does seem to know how to handle jackasses, which may make him more qualified than anyone else running for President.

Cedarford said...

In the "Mitt Knows Something We Don't", Dept:

Wednesday, he was asked about Sarah Palin getting into the race. He said he HOPED Palin would enter because she had some good things to say and would liven things up.


1. The woman has accumulated almost as much baggage as Hillary did before she ran, and would not be a real threat.
2. But due to her Cult of Adoration in older white conservative males - she would siphon a fair share of Religious Right votes from Perry as Bachmann is fading fast with little money or organization.
3. She would infuse energy, like a perky cheerleader at a pep rally.
4. If he gets the nomination, Romney has to show he is inclusive and will accept a VP with their forehead stamped: "Approved by the Tea Party/Religious Fundies/Southern Good Ol' Boys".
Which is probably Marco Rubio, not Palin, unless a feeling comes up his Senate vote could be critical after the 2012 elections.

Jason (the commenter) said...

mrkwong: Sorry, but he's a warmist.

I was a little amused by his position on global warming. He seems to agree it exists, but not want to do anything about it that's too expensive. And he uses the discussion to start a "and that's why you should move your factory to New Jersey" schpeel.

Very sensible.

viator said...

Chris Christie Doesn't Pass The Smell Test So What Makes Him So Great?


Revenant said...

I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. He's got moxie.

viator said...

Chris Christie: A Conservative Myth

Conservative NJ

Saint Croix said...

CEO, on fiscal ideology, they are world's apart. That's not one thing, that's the big thing.

Christie is also pro-life.

edutcher said...

If things keep going the way they are, ABZ - Anybody But Zero, will win.

Thing is, can Milton, if he gets the nod, be trusted?

A lot of people don't think so.

Col Mustard said...

Most pols who can't control their craving for pussy get hounded from office. How is Christie's craving for lasagna any different?

He's admitted to weighing as much as 550 pounds. That's sick.

Why would anyone vote for a candidate who's "most likely to fall over dead in the next fifteen minutes?"

Why would anyone vote for a candidate so obviously lacking in self-discipline and self-respect?

The fact that he recognizes certain fiscal realities doesn't make him conservative. He's not.

I too like to hear him carve up opponents in argument. Don Rumsfeld was even better at that and he's not getting elected president either.

Anonymous said...

Yes because I think it will HELP the GOP.

Saint Croix said...

Newsmax has learned that the effort to draft Christie culminated in a hush-hush powwow held in the past week with Christie and several notable Republican billionaires.

It's kind of sick how our politics--and Washington D.C.--is so dominated by insider money.

What will make the Palin campaign amazing--and different--is that she will not be running that kind of race. I predict the billionaires will be excluded from her campaign and their money will be on the sidelines.

This is not to say that Republicans will not spend big money to unseat Obama--they will--but they will not be buying any access with Sarah Palin. Which is awesome.

When I read about Christie and his "green initiatives" in New Jersey, and I hear about him having "hush-hush" meetings with billionaires, I just shake my head. Here we go again.

He's a likable guy and would probably be a good President. But I am sick of this corruption and I would like to see sombody really take a stand against it.

sorepaw said...
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Roux said...

His "If I tell you to evacuate, you better evacuate" routine lost me. Eff off.

MadisonMan said...

I hope he has colorful posters.

el polacko said...

folks are attracted to his 'talkin' turkey' rhetorical style but christie is another one of those the-more-you-know-about-him-the-less-you-like-him candidates. as was the case with perry, he'll be hot stuff for a short while and then not so much...just in time to lose the election? i'm having the sinking feeling that, even in a year where the polls say 'anybody' beats obama, 'anybody' is still gonna lose.

Blair said...

"America's Politico" couldn't predict the result of a class president's race at the local elementary school. Give it up, buddy...

Synova said...

"I hope he has colorful posters."


Paul said...

"folks are attracted to his 'talkin' turkey' rhetorical style but christie is another one of those the-more-you-know-about-him-the-less-you-like-him candidates. as was the case with perry, he'll be hot stuff for a short while and then not so much.."


Revenant said...

His "If I tell you to evacuate, you better evacuate" routine lost me. Eff off.

Really? It made me like him even more, probably because I share his dislike of people who risk their lives (and, inevitably, the lives of rescue workers) by sticking around in the face of impending natural disaster.

"Get the hell off the beach! It is 4:30! You have maximized your tan!"

Paul said...

"Really? It made me like him even more, probably because I share his dislike of people who risk their lives (and, inevitably, the lives of rescue workers) by sticking around in the face of impending natural disaster."

It ain't hard to tell where you're positioned on the Authoritarian-Libertarian axis.

Smilin' Jack said...

Yes, because the Republicans should run someone with a three-digit IQ, and he seems to be the only prospect with that qualification. Romney isn't really a Republican.

Skookum John said...

Gun grabber and global warming sucker. No thank you. He should stay where he is.

MDIJim said...

The 2012 race is over and 0 won reelection. What we are seeing now on the Republican side is the campaign for the 2016 nomination. Here is the narrative.

Perry has imploded and the 2012 GOP nomination is Romney's in accordance with the Republican tradition of awarding the nomination to the next guy in line.

Romney's nomination will trigger a third-party challenge from a right-wing whacko who cannot stand the idea of the party nominating a non-Christian RINO. The challenger's last name begins with P. In an attempt to head off this challenge, Romney's pick for VP will be someone whose last name begins with P. The challenge will be serious enough to cost Romney the votes of a large state.

Meanwhile, the media will be letting the public know that the GOP will almost surely improve their majority in the House and elect 60 senators. The public wants divided government. This will give 0 a tremendous boost. The media will also do everything they can to trash the Republican nominee.

So, 0 wins another term. Only a divided government will save the country from getting any worse than it is now, but it will not be any better than it is now. There are no viable Democratic successors in view, except Hilary. Hilary could very possibly be derailed by an outbreak of war in Palestine or a collapse of the EU. Both are very likely events. Almost any Republican should be able to win in 2016.

Frustrated by their inability to elect a presidential candidate running against an incumbent Democrat whose administration is acknowledged by all to be a failure and despite capturing both houses of Congress, the Republicans will abandon their tradition of nominating the next candidate in line for 2016. Each of the candidates whose last name begins with P are damaged goods. One will have been the VP candidate on a ticket that loses the presidency in a good year for the GOP, and the other will have been a third-party apostate who disrupts the GOP candidate's race.

That will be Christie's opening and he has just started his 2016 campaign.

Tom from Virginia said...

I put Christie on the list of People-Who-Will-Never-Get-My-Vote in November 2010. He was on the Jimmy Fallin show and for no reason other than play to the crowd took a gratuitous slam at Sarah Palin. If by then he didn't realize who was (and was not) on his side, he never will. But in early 2014, when he's the defeated former governor of New Jersey, perhaps President Palin will throw him a bone and appoint him to something, just to keep New Jersey in play in 2016.

Michael said...

Trooper, you might be right about the NJ corruption angle, but the country might be willing to overlook it. Christie's size is not a problem. In many ways he is the everyman, the guy we know at work or at the ball park. Cheerfully blunt, plainspoken but truthful, charming in a rumpled way. He is the kind of guy who can admit to a mistake. Out loud and in public. Who do we know who is never self effacing, in contrast to Christie? No, not Garage.

Romney, by the way, would gona long way if he said his Mass experiment with healthcare was a failure. Take responsibility for it. Make a point of saying he was wrong and asking voters to think of a man who has never admitted to being wrong, our smug and incompetent president.

Almost Ali said...

Christie doesn't suffer anyone gladly.

Paul said...

"The 2012 race is over and 0 won reelection."

You're insane.

Clyde said...

Anyone. But. Obama.


Full stop.

No matter who the Republicans end up nominating, he or she will be far preferable to Obama. And that's up to and including the figurative syphilitic camel.

rcommal said...

Work on New Jersey first, then go for it in '16 or '20. Don't go for veep, either. Stay the course!

rcommal said...

Early, longtime Christie enthusiast here, but a decision to enter this presidential election would be disappointing. Stay the course.

Synova said...

Rev: "Really? It made me like him even more, probably because I share his dislike of people who risk their lives (and, inevitably, the lives of rescue workers) by sticking around in the face of impending natural disaster."

Paul: "It ain't hard to tell where you're positioned on the Authoritarian-Libertarian axis."

Since I'm not sure if you're implying Rev is authoritarian or libertarian, I don't think it's as easy to tell as you assume.

Would it be more obviously non-authoritarian and more obviously libertarian if it was, "If I tell you to evacuate, you evacuate, and if you don't no one paid by taxes is coming to save you, not during the storm, not after the storm, never."

One of the bad blizzards/ultra cold snaps in Minnesota that's what the governor did... declared a state of emergency and told everyone that if they went out of their homes no one was coming after them, no emergency personnel or other humans deserved to die because they were stupid.

Freeman Hunt said...

If Christie enters the race, I will work that campaign like it's my day job. Well okay, part time day job.

Not true of anyone else except Ryan.

Paul said...

"Would it be more obviously non-authoritarian and more obviously libertarian if it was, "If I tell you to evacuate, you evacuate, and if you don't no one paid by taxes is coming to save you, not during the storm, not after the storm, never."'

Absolutely. If I want to stay in my home and take the risk that's my business, and the government shouldn't be responsible. I'm responsible for myself.

Part of being free is the freedom to make mistakes and fail. I'm much more comfortable with this idea than the notion of an interfering nanny state putting me in a straight jacket in order to protect me from myself.

rcommal said...

I will work that campaign like it's my day job. Well okay, part time day job.

If Christie first fulfills his governorship and then, thereafter, runs for the presidency, I will work that campaign in ways that would astound. There'll be no part-time or "well okay" about it. Full stop.

Ron said...

He should trust his own instincts and not become the Republican Obama. He has said himself that he hasn't done enough yet, that he isn't ready. He's right.

Also, it isn't exactly now or never for him. There is plenty to do in NJ and plenty of time to build a national organization. There are lots of good reasons for Christie to run eventually - GOP panic isn't one of them.

Opus One Media said...

waddling would be more like it ... no?