September 17, 2011

At the Anarchist Café...

... you can say anything you want.


Fred4Pres said...

More of a joke than a threat.

Can we go home now and get our guns to deal with the riot.

Ha Ha. Very funny.

Stay out of my yard.

kwood said...

Nice kerchief! Giving things that 1980's Sammy Hagar flair is an excellent strategy.

chickenlittle said...

It's a stretch, but those guys are ideologically linked to the Russian soldiers who tagged and looted the Reichstag after the Battle of Berlin.

Fred4Pres said...

Ann/Meade, is the fat guy on the hunger strike still out there in front of the capitol? Is he magically still not losing any weight after (it must be 90 days now) on his strike?

Phil 3:14 said...


Who are they?

pm317 said...

Let me put up two links here for others:

It's not easy being 'GREEN', haha

Pay to Play the hometown advantage -- I say he was well trained.

Kirby Olson said...

Violence is easy when the police have to play by the rules. Try fighting the German army in World War II. Where were the anarchists then? Hiding in Waldport! reading up on Buddhism! Going skinnydipping! While Patton and his men took on the Hun in a grim and real battle the like of which no anarchist wants any part of. At most they blow up a car dealership at four in the morning and sneak away, or destroy a farm at two in the morning and sneak away, or sleep with a friend and don't even have the courage to marry them and stand with them. A bunch of sneaky sickening cowards that stand for Nothing. Even the Marxists are better.

Phil 3:14 said...

This week Taliban attacked heart of Kabul. Ambassador Crocker says actually indicates insurgency weakness. Meanwhile NPR report essentially says "no big deal".

Why did that feel like Tet 1968?

Almost Ali said...

Even the Marxists are better.

Well, let's not go overboard.

ricpic said...

What a buncha spoiled brats these anarchists are.

David said...


We meed peanut butter and jelly?

ricpic said...

WNPJ: We're Not Pajamas [Media].

TosaGuy said...

Madison Police Officer: We have a riot on State Street.

Madison Police Chief: Do they have beer kegs?

Madison Police Officer: No, they have anti-Walker signs.

Madison Police Chief: Wait a second (Calls Madison Police Union Head) We have an anti-Walker riot on State Street

Madison Police Union Head: Per our contract, no Madison policemen will interrupt a peaceful worker's protest.

Madison Police Chief: Thanks, boss. (Grabs police department radio) All units. All units. Report to State Street to protect peaceful workers protest from GOP legislators who happen to be at a tavern. Arrest those legislators for causing people to pour beer on them.

Tacitus2 said...

RA anistas? Good Lord, are they RAs, the folks who nominally are supposed to maintain order in dormatories?

I suppose if you can radialize TAs then RAs, whose tolerace for disorder must necessarily be higher, are also fair game.

Seems like a bad idea..


Hagar said...

I expected incompetence and ideological left-wing policies from the Obama administration.

The level of just plain old-fashioned corruption that is coming to light has surprised me.

Paul Zrimsek said...

White Nebbishes Posing as Jacobins?

These guys asking for permission to riot may be connected in some way with the English yobs who queued up politely to loot the sporting-goods store.

xnar said...

These guys are quite the riot already.

TosaGuy said...

Don't you know that all successful anarchists use poster boards and ask permission.

viator said...

Mary Beth said...

They have the anarchist A in a circle twice on the sign and are asking if it is okay to riot?

Is anarchy the new Che t-shirt?

WV- doweed

chickenlittle said...

Is anarchy the new Che t-shirt?

Anarchy in the U-Che

TosaGuy said...

Madison Police Officer: The rioters are smashing windows and stealing goods from stores.

Madison Police Chief: Are they stealing beer kegs?

Madison Police Officer: No, they are only targeting certain stores. The ones with Wisconsin Fist signs in the windows are untouched.

Madison Police Chief: Wait one. Gets on phone with Police Union Head) The peaceful worker's protestors are liberating capitalistic goods from stores without your protective Wisconsin Fist signs.

Police Union Head: (Rubs hands together) Good....good.... Make sure those peaceful worker's protestors don't accidentally liberate protected stores.

Police Chief: Will do, boss. (picks up police radio). All units. All units. To ensure public safety, pass out copies to the Peaceful Workers Rioting for Peace, List 2A: Mercantile collectives supporting Peaceful overthrow of by violent means (the fist list) and List 2B: Evil corporate capitalists sweatshops. Some of those on List 2B donated to a Republican, they should be considered armed and dangerous.

edutcher said...

Not to go OT, and I don't think I am, but anybody know how all the other community organizers' (I mean the ones not in the White House or occupying the Capitol building in Madison) "Days of Rage" is going in Gotham?

Seems to me those clowns in the photo would be better off there, duking it out with Bloomie's Finest, instead of fighting a losing battle with ANN and New Meadia Meade.

Phil 3:14 said...

This week Taliban attacked heart of Kabul. Ambassador Crocker says actually indicates insurgency weakness. Meanwhile NPR report essentially says "no big deal".

Why did that feel like Tet 1968?

Because the anti-war crowd, figuring GodZero is on his way out, is trying to make themselves look credible again.

7 RPG rounds and they make it sound like Rommel and Monty going for the Heavyweight Championship of North Africa.

Hagar said...

I expected incompetence and ideological left-wing policies from the Obama administration.

The level of just plain old-fashioned corruption that is coming to light has surprised me.

It's the Chicago way.

PS Once again, young Bonaparte was right.

jeff said...

May we riot now? Sure thing. As long as you accept the consequences. And understand the owners of the property you plan on destroying will be defending said property. And I would suggest rioting during the week when everyone is at work, as rioting on the weekend might get your head broke by a pissed off taxpayer. As Anarchist, you will of course disavow any civil remedy against anyone who knocks your teeth out.

Almost Ali said...

There's good reason why I continue to beat the drum for Obama's impeachment, even if the process removes but one day of his presidency. Because this is America, not Zimbabwe or South Africa or some other 3rd world cesspool - where they allow the Mugabe's to get away with destroying white farms and robbing the national treasury.

TosaGuy said...

State Rep Robin Vos: Why am I being charged with a felony of causing a riot. I was the one who had a beer poured on his head while I was quietly patronizing a local tavern.

Dane County DA: So you admit you were in a Madison tavern? You admit your head caused a beer to be poured by a peaceful worker stalking for peace?

Robin Vos: Huh? Yeah, that jackwagon has been stalking me for months.

Dane County DA: I don't know what the term jackwagon means, but it is obviously some kind of slur that violates our hate crime statute.

Robin Vos: Huh? He is the one STALKING me and calling me names. He poured beer on me!

Dane County DA: Our investigation has found that the beer that your head caused to be dumped came from a keg. You are also in violation of the city keg ordinance, which means I an going to search your home.

Robin Vos: Search my home???!!! How are you going to get a warrant for that...why...what?????

Dane County DA: Since it was a keg ordinance violation, I don't need a warrant. (does some math figuring on paper) Let's see felony for causing a riot, beer keg violation, spilling hazardous waste, causing a peaceful stalker for peace to make him pour beer on are looking about 25 to 30 years......

Paul said...

Sad thing about freedom is so many people get lazy and loose respect for what it means. They end up saying and doing stupid things like these nutjobs in the photos.

Maybe that is a part of why Rome fell. For you see really fell cause it went from a representative form of government to a dictatorship. That is when Rome first started down that road.

ricpic said...

Organize for Anarchy!

pm317 said...

Hagar said...

I expected incompetence and ideological left-wing policies from the Obama administration.

The level of just plain old-fashioned corruption that is coming to light has surprised me.

People like me who paid attention during primary 2008 clearly saw what Obama was all about. It was plain old pay to play the Chicago way. There were honest reporters like John Kass who were sounding the alarm then and now (see the article I linked above). There are no surprises here. It is proceeding exactly according to their plan. Solyndra is just one small piece of it.

If you had watched this Flineo's video in early 2008 durig the Dem primary, would you have paid more attention?

TosaGuy said...

Madison Hippie Liberal: That damn Dane County DA only wants to give that Koch-sucking Vos 25 years.

Other Madison Hippie Liberal: Why can't we have any good progressives run for that position. I am tired of these evil conservatives who run for public office by saying how Progressive they are. They are all just a bunch of lying corporate scum.

MHL: I'm bored, lets go to the capitol and pick up some of those singing protest chicks.

OMHL: You do have a thing for them don't you. Wait, I have get my red balloons.

sorepaw said...
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neomom said...

WNPJ - what a bunch of ninnies

James said...

@pm317; excellent links.

cubanbob said...

Hagar said...
I expected incompetence and ideological left-wing policies from the Obama administration.

The level of just plain old-fashioned corruption that is coming to light has surprised me.

9/17/11 10:15 AM

Why are you surprised? What did you expect from Chicago pols? I am thankful for the political incompetence, imagine if Obama had the political competence of LBJ? What a disaster that could have been. As for the corruption, with this branch of the Outfit we haven't seen nothing yet.

Carol_Herman said...

Would the anti-riot response be to lift them up by their ankles and drop them head first down into the Rotunda?

By the way who gets to take their bedsheet home? Who is sleeping on a bare matress?

Who would want to know these folk?

Paddy O said...

So, this petition is getting linked to a lot over on Facebook.

It's a petition for the government to forgive student loan debts.

A stimulus of sorts, but one that directly impacts a massive amount of by-definition educated workers.

I'd be curious to hear what the much more economically educated Althouse commentariat thinks about this.

My conservative side thinks it would be absurd, but my student loan owing side would love it.

Obama does something like this, it would win him the election. Yes, it would be a Chavez like grab for votes, but I'll trust that unlike Venezuela, Obama would be gone in 4 more years even after doing this.

paminwi said...

I find it interesting that this blog has not mentioned anything about the Robin Vos beer issue.

He was interviewed on the radio and said this "pink slip" guy has been harassing him for months and had hoped he would not have to get a restraining order. Not knowing exact law that may be his only avenue of protection for him and his family.

I am of the opinion there will be no consequences for any of these assholes except these "disorderly conduct" tickets which they never pay anyway. Doe someone have to get truly "hurt or injured" before these police in the city of Madison do anything substantial?

paminwi said...

Just a reflection on life here in Madison in 2011. I grew up being taught that teachers and policemen were to given respect because of the positions they held.

I always did that and I guess held them in a certain regard as special. They always started out with respect and could only lose it with based on circumstances.

Now, teachers and police start out with me with no respect and they have to earn my respect rather than lose it.

I actually feel sad about this change but too much has gone on here in Madison for me to feel differently.

Carol_Herman said...

When did it become winter in Madison?

Are these kids dressed to go to the North Pole?

G Joubert said...

O/T: For what it's worth, famous friend of Bill Eleanor Mondale died today. To me it's just about always sad when someone goes too young.

jeff said...

"Obama does something like this, it would win him the election. Yes, it would be a Chavez like grab for votes, but I'll trust that unlike Venezuela, Obama would be gone in 4 more years even after doing this."

I paid off my student loans years ago. Back when it was about $50-$60 per credit hour. however, I do have a mortgage, so if Obama is determined to throw a ton more money way, forgiving my mortgage is my vote.

jeff said...

..."to throw a ton more money away"

Carol_Herman said...

W. N. P. J.

Does this stand for Wisconsin Nincompoops for Peace and Justice?

Do they pay dues to belong?

Will the kid who used his bedsheet be reimbursed?

Is this what Roger Cleeg and the Church geezer mean when they said "there was no diversity" at the University of Wisconsin?

You need more dummies from more ethnic groups!

And, you need to ask these kids if they have anything but their winter wardrobes?

When the go "into action" ... do the go home and grab their skis?

Where are the hills of Wisconsin?

Irene said...

Kloppenburg puts her hat into another judicial race.

cubanbob said...

Paddy O said...

I might be persuaded to go for that if and only if it applied to graduates in maths, hard sciences and engineering. The rest can can take a hike.

As for the commies and anarchists in WI, the governor ought to get the legislature to pass a bill granting a one day permit to shoot dead on sight visible commies and anarchists. With the permit fee set high enough the state could wind up with a win-win outcome. Cull the herd of worthless scum and generate a surplus to used to pay down existing state debt.

SMGalbraith said...

"May we riot now?"

Well, they're certainly polite anarchists. And grammatically correct ones.

These are not your father's anarachists.

Fred4Pres said...

Mayor Nanny 911 did warn of riots...

I am not sure this is what he was predicting.

sorepaw said...
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The Crack Emcee said...

May we club you over the head before you start?

fair's fair,...

Sofa King said...

I consider myself an anarchist, but not like one of these guys. They're not anti-government, they're pro-chaos.

Class factotum said...

It's a petition for the government to forgive student loan debts.

They have got to be kidding. After I spent years taking peanut butter sandwiches to work for lunch, living in a tiny studio apartment, and driving a 12 year old Chevette so I could make my loan payments, my taxes are now supposed to go up so other people don't have to repay their loans? Forget it.

David said...

I choose to believe that they were making a joke. It's sort of funny.

wv = "annesti"
(Althouse forgives)

Milwaukee said...

Carol: Just as there can not be amnesty for illegal immigrants until after the border is sealed, so too there can not be loan forgiveness until the college funding crock has been fixed. Besides, what then happens to those who do, and have, repaid their loans? Are we going to give them their money back? Or just say "Sorry sucker. You did what you were supposed to do, and now all the free loaders are fee loading on you."

The left is willing to escalate the conflict: I don't think they are going to like it when it gets escalated back at them. Not all escalations are gradual.

Milwaukee said...

Sorepaw: I agree, students should be allowed to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. Then the schools and banks would be more judicious in passing out the money.

You know what they say: the creepy guy in the old car has the best candy. Schools admit students knowing the students can get loans. Whether said students ever repay isn't the schools problem. Banks, and now the government, make those loans because they know the students Must Repay the Loans. Students feel they have no choice, as a college degree is a ticket through the employment door. Too many employers use a college degree as a sorting tool. (Yes, I am comparing the colleges who give students admission who are marginal candidates are like the creepy guy with the candy.)

Tyrone Slothrop said...

By labeling themselves "anarchists" they willing take part in linguofascism, which states that language can beklfdsi nf dshifn asf.

Oligonicella said...

pm317 - Thanks for the Daily Show link. That evisceration was fantastic. It displayed with marvelous comedic talent each step of the criminal behavior and its level of stupidity. Must say, when the libs finally get over 'bama, they grab the pitchforks.

Good going, John. Finally, some coverage of POTUS' ineptitude and larcenous manner.

Too late to respect you as a human, but kudos for the attempt to climb back.

Carol_Herman said...

The Black guy in the middle looks too old to be a student.

Actually, what if these are adults? And, have nothing to do with students at all?

phx said...

And I just want to say, in the spirit of freedom in the Antichrist, er... Anarchist Café: Good luck Peter Svidler vs. Alexander Grischuk and the World Chess Cup!

Tough to choose between Vasily Ivanchuk and Ruslan Ponomariov in the other match, but I'm sure the laws of anarchy will be fair.

Youngblood said...

"May we club you over the head before you start?"


Remember, comrade, even if Left-wingers smash the windows of businesses, push and hit cops, splash them with urine, or hurl objects at them, they're always "non-violent" or "peaceful".

Why would you want to club such fine upstanding young citizens?

Chuck66 said...

"Violence is easy when the police have to play by the rules."

That's their angle. Try to provoke the police. Film the whole thing, but edit to look like the police did something out of the blue. Then sue (usually successfully) the police.

Youngblood said...

"I choose to believe that they were making a joke. It's sort of funny."

I'd love to be able to choose that, but I can't.

What's more likely is that the organizations involved in planning the protests have been telling the anarchists to behave themselves, as overturned dumpsters, smashed windows, and spray paint on the walls of businesses will hurt their cause.

The anarchists know that if they don't have the less radical groups on their side, the less radical groups will snitch on them and the cops will break up their riots before they begin. So they're not causing trouble.

However, on message forums, on mailing lists, and at planning meetings, the anarchists are accusing the organizers of being weak-willed and soft and unwilling to do what is necessary for "peace and justice". They're saying that the "fascists" and other "agents of reaction" are winning and will continue to win unless the planners let the anarchists off the leash.

There are probably a few older Lefties on the various planning committees who are arguing for the anarchists, praising their passion and telling their colleagues that they need to respect the "diversity of tactics".

This sign is best understood in that context. The anarchists are calling out the more mainstream protestors in public in an attempt to secure their support.

I saw all of this during the planning for the 2000 RNC protests, and from what I've seen since, it's pretty standard.

commoncents said...

Thanks for posting this! We were all over this on Common Cents as well...

Common Cents

Youngblood said...

It's likely that, eventually, we'll see an "anarchist" temper tantrum. Some of the more mainstream people involved in the protests will lose interest while others will grow more frustrated.

As this happens, opposition to the anarchists will decrease. Eventually, the anarchists will perceive that they have the general support of the protestors.

After that, during the next major protest event, dudes in black hoodies and black bandanas (the "Black Bloc") will mingle with the protestors. Some will have backpacks filled with various necessities (hammers, bricks, bottles of urine).

All day, they will seek to piss off the other protestors, disrupting their speeches, kicking over trash cans, and so on. The goal will be to make the mood ugly. And then, at a preordained time, the anarchists carrying supplies will make their way to where the cops aren't and start handing them out.

Then the festivities will begin.

And, when the cops attempt to bring order (and they will, even if they side with the unions), the more mainstream protestors will speak out of both sides of their mouths. They'll say that "anarchists" were responsible for the violence, not the protestors, but they'll also say that the Black Bloc anarchists who were arrested were actually the peaceful victims of police brutality.

It happens every time.

frank said...

Does the Law School use the "holistic" approach to admit murdering anarchist terror bombers [army math center]as in the past? Or just an "unseen" quota?

Random Arrow said...


Roger J. said...

The great short story "the anarchist's convention" rings true here.

Chuck66 said...

I'll say it again. One of Madison's problem is its lack of diversity. If the people living on either side of you, the ones you invite over for bar-b-ques, were hardworking Republican businessmen/women, you'd be less likely to call them Nazi's and threaten to throw rocks through their windows or dump beer on their heads.

But when you are surrounded by clones who do nothing but work each other up with bigotry over those of us out in the real world, you don't realize how stupid and narrow minded you look.

The Crack Emcee said...


Does the Law School use the "holistic" approach to admit murdering anarchist terror bombers [army math center]as in the past? Or just an "unseen" quota?

I think it's more "organic."

As far as "what's seen or unseen," in a case like this, you'll probably have to eschew a doctor and pay a visit to a "wellness" counselor:

There's probably something wrong with your eyes.

The Crack Emcee said...


Why would you want to club such fine upstanding young citizens?

Because they beat up Spongebob!


Cedarford said...

From Charles Blow, NYTimes:

The Coming Jobs War.”

According to Clifton, “the coming world war is an all-out global war for good jobs.”

(He defines a good job, also known as a formal job, as one with a “paycheck from an employer and steady work that averages 30-plus hours per week.”)

In the book he makes this striking statement, drawing from all of Gallup’s data: “The primary will of the world is no longer about peace or freedom or even democracy; it is not about having a family, and it is neither about God nor about owning a home or land. The will of the world is first and foremost to have a good job. Everything else comes after that.” The only problem is that there are not enough good jobs to go around.

Clifton explains that of the world’s five billion people over 15 years old, three billion said they worked or wanted to work, but there are only 1.2 billion full-time, formal jobs. Therefore his conclusion “from reviewing Gallup’s polling on what the world is thinking on pretty much everything is that the next 30 years won’t be led by U.S. political or military force.”

“Instead,” he says, “the world will be led with economic force — a force that is primarily driven by job creation and quality G.D.P. growth.” And guess who is vying for the lead? That’s right: China.

And I must say, we don’t appear to be poised to fight this war. In education we’ve gone from leading to lagging, our infrastructure is literally crumbling around us, ever-expanding health care costs threaten to suffocate us and our politics have succumbed to paralysis.


IMO, the American worker, betrayed by free traders and multinationals. Good jobs lost forever. Economic money multipliers from such jobs that once fueled American GNP growth lost to China and other lower cost labor providers. The stuff that rests on the idea of a healthy prosperous middle class paying taxes - a large population of lawyers, teachers, military, and minorities living on entitlements now must all face diminishment as government lacks the good worker job tax revenue to meet it's obligations.

More taxes, less such services, and with trillions in debt that must be balanced eventually on us or our childrens sacrifice - nothing is sacrosanct from being cut from the diminished America free trade, globalization, and traitorous American companies have caused.

Almost begging citizens to guy guns and gold and go to anarchy.
Load the guns, bury the gold you got instead of investing in companies, and look out only for yourself. Real Freedom!! But Freedom!! at the expense of a functioning civilization where the future will be as good for the next gen as it is for us.

Coketown said...

It looks like a set of hooligans pitching 50 cent beer night at Turner Field. Anarchists should stick to black monochrome motifs. Virtually every other color combination is spoken for.

Coketown said...

Also, Google just creeped me out a bit. I googled "Braves stadium" for my last comment because I didn't know the name of their field, and at the top of the page of results it said, "Best guess for Braves stadium is Turner Field." Google used to know when I misspelled a word. Now it knows what I'm trying to search for even when I don't know!

Soon, if you go to, it will be pre-loaded with the search results for whatever inquiry you went there for in the first place.

Saint Croix said...

IMO, the American worker, betrayed by free traders

Yo, C4, your J is slipping.

How embarrassing to be a vile anti-Semite, and then expose yourself as a liberal moby.


But go ahead, tell us how free trade is bad for jobs. I could use a laugh.

James Pawlak said...

The recent mob actions in Philadelphia, Milwaukee and "Londonistan" lead to the question of how to deal with rioters as individuals and groups. The "stuck in the 1960s" social theories and resultnt actions do NOT do so.

AS INDIVIDUALS AND SMALL GROUPS: The police appear usually too few or too late OR too afraid to take such EFFECTIVE actions as will protect innocents from death or great bodily injury or life-destroying property damage by such individuals or small groups.

However, citizens in some places can assist the police my marking such rioters as evidence. The most effective way of doing so is by putting 0.32-inch (The size of "OO" buckshot) or 9mm or .38/.45/.30-inch holes in the bodies of such thugs.

Thereafter and when danger is past, the police can take out their little note-books and record the evidence left for them. (Please Note: A hard touch of a triangular file to the lands of a gun barrel and light touch to the tip of a firing-pin and extractor will neutralize the usual forensic evidence.

(Oh yes---The same "marking" can be utilized as to home-invaders, robbers, rapists, Etc.)

IN LARGE GROUPS: The proven best tactic is to have them (By their own actions or by external force) gathered together in one place (eg. A stadium as in the "Nike Riots" in Constantinople, for which see) and use it as a "surrender or die killing zone"

BJM said...

Yes please, trash the shit out of Madison, do it now! You know you want to.

Then we can all move along to something more productive.

garage mahal said...

Some inspirational words from James Pawlak. Bravo sir!

Carol_Herman said...

Wouldn't it be something, if the guy on the right. Wearing a black "turned around" cap ... was Roger Cleege?

Take a good look at that old GEEZER!

The 3 of them!

They look like goons. Who are close enough in age to receive Medicare!

SGT Ted said...

Its the usual parlor revolutionaries who are always found at the farthest point away from the sound of the guns.

Carol_Herman said...

Cedarford, I'm not sure about Charles Blow ... But I seem to remember, before John Kennedy, Jr., climbed aboard the craft he couldn't fly ... thereby killing himself, his wife, and her sister ... He also published a magazine called "GEORGE."

Somebody with the name of BLOW, actually did all the work. JFK, Jr., was just a figurehead.

In other words, it seems these characters keep landing writing jobs. Locking out most of those who thought they'd make being journalists into a career.

Here, too, I suspect the "3" ... men are VERY OLD GEEZER DUDES. The one in the center is black. None o them are young enough to pass themselves off as "youthful organizers!"

Usually, at my age, it's the opposite affect. Like you get surprised at how young people can look.

Where have all the youngsters gone?

PETER V. BELLA said...

More over fed, over pampered, over educated idiots with nothing better to do.

Cedarford said...

Saint Croix said...
IMO, the American worker, betrayed by free traders

Yo, C4, your J is slipping.

How embarrassing to be a vile anti-Semite, and then expose yourself as a liberal moby.


A clue to you and other brainless conservatives still stuck in 1980s dogma that free trade and tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs in America and enriches other sectors of society from "trickledown" from the enriched elites.

It doesn't, and the evidence is quite clear. 0 net positive private sector job creation in the last 10 years. And the overall employment numbers would have actually been negative, with lower average wages and benefits, BUT for America borrowing trillions to pay for more government workers they couldn't afford with good wages and plush benefits. But that cannot go on forever.

Brainless conservatives locked in 80s dogma are as bad as 60s liberals in total denial that their pet theories didn't work and wanting to double down on welfare entitlements, AA, criminal rights, nanny state laws.

Even Reagan in the 80s was smart enough to know he could not allow "Free Trade for Freedom Lovers!!" to destroy the automobile industry, heavy equipment manufacture, Harley - though unfettered Japanese destruction of those industries. He forced the Japs to agree to locate their factories and jobs here - or face quotas.

As for the idea that anyone who does not have loyalty 1st to Israel or is not concerned about overinfluence of a minority in critical national sectors is a vile Anti-Semite (or in Asia "bigoted against the overseas Han Race in residence there calling the shots and holding China 1st views") - Go fuck yourself. Lap some Zionist balls.

And don't forget to contribute to AIPAC, St Croix! Your money is needed as a loyal lapdog so they can go bribe some small Pacific Island or two with a UN vote for sale so that the upcoming Palestinian Statehood vote (which the US has stated they diplomatically want to see happen) isn't just Israel and it's only remaining catspaw.

David said...

They are dressed like just about everyone else in Madison. As Carol and others point out, these guys are too old to be undergraduates.

Who are they? Possibilities include:

Guys doodling about to avoid the honey-do list.
Three guys hoping to get lucky with radical protest chicks.
Union thugs.
Rethuglican thugs posing as union thugs.
Teachers there to pay their voluntary union dues.
Supreme Court clerks.
Three guys hoping to get lucky with radical protest guys.
Tammy Baldwin's brain trust.
Law students from Marquette who were denied entrance at Madison by affirmative action.
Attendees at the clairvoyance convention, who are sending out vibes that let people who look at their photo know all about them.

Naked Lunch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
garage mahal said...

A clue to you and other brainless conservatives still stuck in 1980s dogma that free trade and tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs in America and enriches other sectors of society from "trickledown" from the enriched elites.

Jim Hightower talked about this today at Fighting Bob Fest, in a way only he can. Hightower is great.

Toshtu said...

American Anarchists are a bit of an international embarrassment, they have to lay off the weed and man up a bit. These guys look like Hampton Suites Revolutionaries.

The guy on the right looks like he might be ready for action, though. He's the only one with a combat scarf at the ready - but it's not a keffiyeh, it's the kind people put on their dogs during deer season.

The other two look like they're ready to go XC skiing.

These are not anarchists, they're rented from some theater group, if someone gives permission to riot, they won't.

Fred4Pres said...


Is that fat guy still on the hunger strike outside the capitol? Ann, how about an update picture?

Chef Mojo said...


Hightower is a washed up has-been. He couldn't even beat a hick like Perry. He's the epitome of all hat and no ranch.

Plus, he's a sucky tipper and rude to the house staff. I know this from experience.

Saint Croix said...

Yo, Garage, took me ten seconds to find the lowdown on Hightower:

Three of Hightower’s aides at the Agriculture Commissioner, Mike Moeller, Pete McRae and Billie Quicksall were indicted and convicted on bribery charges related to Hightower's fund raising activities. The activities involved shaking down seed dealers under the departments oversight to make contributions to Hightower’s reelection campaign.


garage mahal said...

Chef Mojo
Eating your food shouldn't be a test of one's tipping practices.

Browndog said...

Resist we much.

cubanbob said...

Saint Croix said...

You got C4 out in fine form tonight! Of course he doesn't get that free trade goes both ways. Our problem is that our imports greatly exceed our exports. He is still pining for the camel that tickled his tonsils back in 91 or was it his prostrate or both?

Perhaps if we did what other high end countries like Japan, Germany and the Northern European do and put in policies and regulations that help promote exports we to could balance our trade and possibly run surpluses. Its not like the Germans work for Bangladesh salaries in order to export BMW's and Mercedes. Curious, if C4 was as blatantly anti black as he is anti semitic would Althouse ban him?

Garage you can tell a lot by the way someone tips. Cheap bastards are bastards across the board.

edutcher said... thanks to that liberal democrat LBJ who took a decisive military victory on our part and threw it all away. The sad fact is Ho Chi Minh had Johnson's and the media's number and played them like a violin. Watch Obama snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Perhaps the best reason for the US not to engage in future wars unless we decide to annihilate the enemy is that in the end the democrats will always find a way for the US to end up in a defeat.

Carol_Herman said...

What if the old guy in the middle isn't Black? What if he actually has a reddish beard?

Does the low black knit hat and gloves make it appear he could be a black man?

You know, if they get rid of the bedsheet; they could go and rob a bank.

Then, when the police come along and ask people if they "noticed anything" ... it would be interesting to see how they identified those three men?

somefeller said...

Garage, I hate to say it, but the Chef is right on the Hightower issue. Take it from someone active in Democratic politics in Texas - no one here gives a damn about Jim Hightower. He's seen as a Naderite has-been who appeals to the hardcore Pacifica network crowd, not the people who actually work at and win elections (and while Democrats haven't done well statewide in Texas for awhile, they win most of the elections in the big cities and in South Texas). Plus, Hightower lost to Rick Perry in the last year when Democrats swept the statewide offices, so we can thank him for Rick. He may be good for a joke or two (and I've had a chuckle at some anecdotes he's said), but he's politically irrelevant.

sorepaw said...
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Carol_Herman said...

You know, in the post above this one ... there's a study about "manliness." And, it's weaknesses. Due to cat litter.

But take a look at that sign!

Which of the 3 guys was gay enough to make this sign?

Notice how the periods are represented?

Did one of these guys have their daughter draw it?

Was extra credit given for the touches of red?

When the guys left ... did they take the bedsheet with them? Or does it hang there, in case someone else wants to go to sleep on the rotunda floor, tonight?

I also can't believe it is already winter in Madison.

If you get 4 seasons, there, aren't you entitled to Fall?

sorepaw said...
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Cedarford said...

Curious, if C4 was as blatantly anti black as he is anti semitic would Althouse ban him?

That logic would work if an accusation of racism against blacks could be successfully lodged against those that put Congolese or Haitian interests above those of the United States.

It is not an unusual situation in history to have a minority with undue political and economic influence with loyalty issues between the host nation and the minority's home country.

Most recently, in the 60s and 70s, it was a half dozen Asian countries that had to roll back the disproportionate influence of the ethnic Chinese and their concentration of wealth and control of many political assemblies, media, economic sectors and university seats. Ethnic Chinese that unforunately had high numbers with 1st loyalty to China and advancing China's interests.

They were rolled back, even purged in a couple of countries (Indonesia, Vietnam)
Where the Chinese could not be challenged, Tibet, they just kept grabbing what they could of levers of power, the economy, the schools until their dominance was total.

garage mahal said...

I really don't give a shit how politically relevant Hightower is in Texas, I enjoy the hell out of him. And most true populists like Tony Schultz who spoke this morning. Most "politically relevant" Democrats ain't worth a fuck to begin with. Certainly not worth the time to hear them speak anyway.

Cedarford said...

If my views were truly atypical and fringe, factoring in opinions in the rest of the democracies on the planet - you might have a point, Sorepaw.

Care to guess what side democratic nations like Canada, France, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Czech Republic, Chile, Brazil, Sweden, Ireland, Australia, India, and possibly the UK will be on when the Palestinian vote comes up in late September? With America and its Special Friend as the Congresscritters in AIPACs pocket like to call them - or on the side of the haters, the anti-Semites?

Right now the vote looks like the US and Congress's Special Friend, then all the hating hater anti-Semite democracies and non-democracies on the other side.

Saint Croix said...

You got C4 out in fine form tonight!

Well, with him the anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia comes first. Basically he's hostile to free trade because he's hostile to yellow people, brown people, black people, any other people. Doesn't want anything to do with them.

The idea of free trade is alien to him. He doesn't get how it works. I'll bet he's never heard of Smoot-Hawley and has no idea why it didn't work.

We could just mock him, and say, "You know, C4, if you want to protect jobs, why don't you just pass a law making unemployment illegal?"

Or set minimum wage at $100 an hour. Let's just regulate our way to prosperity.

But I suspect these economic arguments are over his head. All he really knows and cares about is race, race, race.

Cedarford said...

Saint Croix is one of those mindless apparachniks who heard stuff in the 80s about how the world worked, turned on his BELIEVE light and turned his mind off. Convinced that tax cuts always pay for themselves, deficits don't matter, the US worker can outcompte anyone and we would win the future by building computers and other new "miracle High Tech stuff" while backwards chinese made sneakers. And tax cuts belefiting the wealthy would not concentrate America's wealth in the hands of a few but the beneficent rich would "trickledown their wealth" lifting most out of poverty and create even larger numbers of prosperous middle class.

And despite Reagan protecting US industries and jobs from collapse from trade with Japan...somehow it became brainless conservative dogma that unfettered free trade ALWAYS benefits both sides and the evil Smoot Hawley caused the Depression and showed the wisdom of letting the Chinese into every US market (save precious defense contractor industries and license protected professions).

1. 30 years passed and we now have solid data on just how wrong all those Reaganomics theories were.

2. Brainless conservatives stuck in that 80s ideology are no better than brainless liberals that accept 60s dogma as gospel truth in spite of 50 years of solid proof most of it failed miserably.

3. Saying anyone concerned that China and free trade is destroying our future is bad and bigoted against yellow people and that is the only reason why they hate China trade and seized industries and global resources - is stupid beyond belief.
St Croix - a brainless doctrinaire 80s conservative employing the "anyone who disagrees is racist and bigoted " arguiment Lefties jump to when they are proven intellectually bankrupt.

4. Such nimrods on the right miss that conservatives, libertarians, moderates are strongly rethinking old 80s dogma.

5. The mindless shutdown of any debate on if free trade is badly crippling America is supposed to
the frothing at the mouth Reaganomics sorts "that scream Ricardo, Hayel, Smoot Hawley, Smoot Hawley!!" - then flop to the floor spasming over the utterance of the satanic Smoot-Hawley act - but think the argument one because their belief set totally buys into tariffs as the cause of the Great Depression.

THe Economist says "In fact, few economists think the Smoot-Hawley tariff (as it is most often known) was one of the principal causes of the Depression. Worse mistakes were made, largely out of a misplaced faith in the gold standard and balanced budgets. America’s tariffs were already high, and some other countries were already increasing their own."

It was made a regular boogeyman by 1980s corporatists that wanted a clear path to wreck US jobs and move industries to China. And sucked up as unalterable truth by a chunk of true-believer Conservatives as important to their ideology as being against abortion.

Alex said...

5. The mindless shutdown of any debate on if free trade is badly crippling America is supposed to
the frothing at the mouth Reaganomics sorts "that scream Ricardo, Hayel, Smoot Hawley, Smoot Hawley!!"

Yeah, because that kind of mindless protectionism launched the entire WORLD into a Great Depression. Free trade is HERE, whether you like it or not. Why are you so opposed to competing globally?

Cedarford said...

Alex - another brainless conservative that ignores 100 years of tariffs created US jobs and built US industries. Who ignores two huge tariffs bigger than Smoot-Hawley happened at the start of the booming, roaring 20s.

Corporatist koolaid is as tasty as the leftist, 1960s version is to them!

And if you like the idea of unfettered free trade or "you are afraid of competition", you will love the idea of Open Borders with any and all that wish to compete for jobs to come here. Why would you be afraid of that, and Chinese and Africans willing to take positions like lawyers and US Marines and teachers for 1/4th of what Americans want for wages??

Shouldn't EVERY American job be open to any worker in the world willing to compete on a per hour job bid? If not, explain why you Hate Freedom so much that you question the ability of an American to compete for a position as teacher or Marine at 1/4th of what they are currently getting..

Alan said...

That anarchy symbol looks more like Hester Prynne's famed adornment. Nathaniel Hawthorne's estate better not see that pic.

Alex said...

C4 - free trade is here to stay. Your protestations fall on deaf ears!

Carol_Herman said...

Sometimes, my plate is full.

Sometimes, I look under my plate to find something worth occupying my time.

And, I don't think any government is checking to see If I'm calling them about "free trade." Or "not to free trade."

Carol_Herman said...

What if those 3 guys in the photo, are part of the cleaning staff? And, they just got to work. So they were "viewing" what was going on downstairs. Wondering if they should start popping balloons, or not?

They're not students!

If they weren't on the clock. they'd turn around, and go home.

rcommal said...

Just sayin'.

Saint Croix said...

The Hammer runs the numbers on the Ponzi scheme of Social Security. Wow. Good stuff.

What I dislike is his "solution," which is to raise the retirement age. That's a horrible campaign slogan for Republicans. "We're going to keep your money for a while." It's like a Democrat running on a platform of taking money out of your pockets.

What Republicans should focus on is how corrupt the government is. How government officials have raided our pension and spent the money.

What Social Security should be is like a pension. You put money in. When you retire you take that money out.

So when Bush suggested it should be like an IRA, that's exactly right. Create an individual retirement account for every citizen, and make it a crime to raid that pension. You can pitch that and win an election with it (I think).

You should also give the pension fund over to money managers so they can invest it and the money can grow. Warren Buffett can take time out from writing dumb ass New York Times editorials, and volunteer instead to manage our national pension fund.

But Social Security is not what we should be talking about. It's a long-term problem. We have much more immediate short-term problems, like high unemployment, over-regulation, Obamacare, and stagflation. Social Security is like #19 on the To Do list.

Curious George said...

Does that come with matching fitted sheet and pillow cases?

sorepaw said...
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sorepaw said...
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sorepaw said...
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sorepaw said...
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sorepaw said...
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Pinko McGee said...

All you tea bag mother fuckers get ready bring your guns to the capitol try to kill me that's what you want so stop being fucking cowards lets see these guns I really wanna see them. RAANistas for life get it straight the Anarcho commies are call you out please I'm begging you lets the the bals behind the tea party movement. You kill folks in Arizona even a little kid you bastards. Fuck you all I'm personally calling you out you have conceal and carry now fucking use it. There is no excuse why you can't!

Pinko McGee said...

I dare you if you got the balls you'd fucking do something about it. The Tea Party sounds alot better than a mob of RACIST HOMOPHOBES!FUCK YOU ALL YOU PUBNK BITCHES I'M CALLING YOU OUT! PROVE YOU HAVE THE BALLS PROVE IT COME AT ME WITH GUNS BANG BANG

Pinko McGee said...

I'll be at the capitol tomorrow whoever wants to step up I'm ready kill me beat me do what you will I'm calling you out. I'll be wearing black pants and a read flannel just so you know it's me....

rcommal said...

How true blue of you, Pinko McGee, to write in great slashes of color. How clear it is that you are, first and foremost, a sports fan.

Pinko McGee said...

Really folks! I was waiting for you at the capitol and no one showed up why is that. Are you all fucking cowards? Ha ha Tea Party = yellow fucking bastards!