August 8, 2011

Wisconsin Democrats "remain cautiously optimistic" about the recall elections.

"Remain"? That suggests the reasons for optimism are fading. But who knows? Maybe the message is a trick to get Republicans to ease up on turnout efforts.
When you take a moment to step back and really think about that and the make-up of these districts, we have virtually no business competing against Republicans in any of these places. And so the fact these races are even in play is testimony to Scott Walker’s overreach, and the massive organizing and push-back that has been building for this election since February. But these are known, well-liked incumbents who were able to hold their seats during the 2008 Democratic wave. Whatever the outcome, do not lose sight of that very important point. 
That sounds like pre-spinning defeat. But remember: It could be a trick!

The Democrats need to take down 3 Republican senators, and they have a shot at that. (There are 6 recall elections against Republican incumbents tomorrow.) But if they do that, they will need to win again next week, as 2 Democratic incumbents face recalls.


JZ said...

Are there any more recall elections scheduled for this summer in Wisconsin? You aren't holding them weekly, are you?

The Crack Emcee said...

It's just more Psychological Testing,...

David said...

Republicans are not being helped by the total mess in the markets and the economy. Throw the rascals out--any rascal will do.

Fred4Pres said...

Your state is entertaining when it comes to politics. Not in a way you want to be part of Wisconsin politics, just entertaining from the outside looking in.

chickelit said...

The Democrats need to take down 3 Republican senators, and they have a shot at that.

"Take down" and "shot at"? That's hate speech in other States.

Anonymous said...

My completely uninformed prediction?

All 8 incumbents win and the recall folly ends up being a complete waste of time and money. Hopefully those 8 will stuff it down their opponent's throats during the next real election.

David said...

It would be nice if all the incumbents won--even the Democrats--but unlikely.

The Crack Emcee said...


My completely uninformed prediction?

All 8 incumbents win and the recall folly ends up being a complete waste of time and money.

Without the liberals ever admitting it ended up being a complete waste of time and money.

Or that they're a complete waste of time and money.

And space - don't forget space. They're a complete waste of time, money and space.

Let's try to set a new example by being thorough.

garage mahal said...

Could you link whore just a little more? The hourly reminders to read your blog isn't quite enough.

sorepaw said...

I think caution is warranted in elections that are offer than off-year, in places where probably no one has paid for one high quality poll and turnout is unpredictable.

Caution on both sides.

Cedarford said...

I do not think it is healthy for society for organized groups to transform governance away from accepting election results, elected leaders and laws, into the activists "new paradigm" of perputual campaigns, perpetual partisan struggle in full crisis mode, with power contested 24/7/365.

With the new tactic of activists using recall measures intended on reversing a bad official into a broad structure to negate elections.

People, markets, businesses need periods of reasonable certainty and stability for planning and growth..of acceptance of evolving norms and standards of justice and checking transgressors.
You take away the periods of stability and certainty that are interspersed with times to correct the course of society - you inflict harm on society, the economy.
Activists fail to "get this". Same with lawyers now taken to the notion that nothing in law decisions has finality to it - only endless Talmudic debate and appeals.

Wipe out the aspects of times society needs of certaintly, stability, and finality of decisions in order to achieve long-term planning and growth....The harm done will soon have people strongly hungering for a system of governance that can shut down the activists.

Why was Stalin so popular in the late 20s? Because he ended the mass uncertainty of what was allowed and what wasn't. Of what the Soviets could plan on. Before the guy became paranoid, the Soviets enjoyed huge economic growth and rising prosperity.
That is one reason why China is succeeding - the Politburo gives stability and certainty and has everyone pulling in the same doirection - allowing long term societal and economic planning. Leading to spectacular Chinese growth in economic, educational attainment and great societal advances.

Is it unthinkable that a bankrupt America riddled with hyperinflation and half the workforce displaced from having a job that can support a family - just might go with a military junta that will work to fix flaws in the American system and Constitution - instead of relying on moneyed interests, lawyers, and political activists to run the show?

Nope, it is not an unthinkable event.

Peter V. Bella said...

What a total waste of money.!!!!!!

Alex said...

Welcome back to the minority rethugliKKKans/repukes/lizard people. HAHAHAHAHHAHA

cubanbob said...

Ann what are the odds of the republicans keeping the six seats and the democrats losing one of their seats?

Kirk Parker said...


You know, you had me with you for a while. I was very impressed with a completely reasonable post... then you had to go channel your inner Tom Friedman:

"That is one reason why China is succeeding - the Politburo gives stability and certainty and has everyone pulling in the same direction..."

A Ha. A Ha Ha. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa...

No, everyone is not pulling in the same direction, as all the many stories that leak out about public demonstrations, government displacing citizens for this project and that, etc...

Dad29 said...

Last I read (about 10 minutes ago) is that the (D)'s COULD take 2 of the 3. (Kapanke and Olsen) The third is a real long-shot.

damikesc said...

Any thoughts on a spokesperson for the WI Democratic Party Graeme Zeilinski threatening in writing? Apparently, noticing that IL is not outpacing WI based on Dept of Labor statistics is proof of bias. They even have the email on their home page.

Carol_Herman said...

Haven't we learned that votes are stolen, when LBJ bragged about his extra box of votes, self-contained in a dummy-precinct box in his closet?

Back then, people just laughed. Even though they knew it wasn't an LBJ gag. They said, that besides his ear size ... he was larger than life.

You know, if we get results that are close ... we'll see more Kloppenhoppen stage damage ... than we've ever seen before.

Why, when the stakes are so high ... do we seem to carve out results so close to the middle? Doesn't that invite road kill?

Carol_Herman said...

And, you told us, here, to go look at the "crazy eyes" Michelle Bachmann is making on Newsweek's cover.

Does Tina Brown have her finger on America's pulse?

Oh. By the way. Do you think the democraps are happy about how much money they've needed to slog into these two contests?

Weren't there about 3 recall dates? As if someone in Tubb's office ... left the patroling of the Rotunda. And, entered politics ... to make a stink ... bigger than any Wisconsin cheese?

Except for what we see later on in August ... exactly what does Wisconsin accomplish? I don't care which way it goes. I've got too many memories of Nixon's win. And, how the FBI got him to resign.

It was August viewing, back in 1974. Practically anyone with a TV set watched.

Now we can see no one remembers anything.

Like the grass at Verdun. It grows high. It covers ALL.

Nichevo said...

So, Yenta Carol, how did they get rid of you at Belmont Club?

Just Curious said...

Can someone recap why there aren't any Democrats being challenged?

Robert Burnham said...

Maybe your read on that is right. But also keep in mind that many people, even in the media, are astonishingly sloppy in usage, and few ordinary people parse language in the way law professors do.