August 14, 2011

Where are the other videos of Friday's attack on Althouse?

I've shown you my video. I'd like to see better video, with a more complete picture of the attack I described. I saw a few other people there with cameras who were making a point of photographing me. Where are their videos? I would think that Isthmus — and other lefty/liberal websites — would be interested in refuting my account of what happened. Where is the other video?

The obvious inference: The other video/photographs support my account.


OldGrouchyCranky said...

But of course, you are correct. Maybe even Right!

timmaguire42 said...

There is another explanation. News is the unusual, man bites dog. Liberals physically attacking people who dissent from the party line is simply too normal to be news.

rhhardin said...

You need a shirt depicting the law and trial and jail to offset the raised fist shirt.

Beware the police and donut shirt.

Lincolntf said...

I was wondering the same thing. I have to assume that the others doing recording believe you deserved that attack and worse. To turn in the Union-backing scumbag would be traitorous to their cause. I am also wondering how many of those Womyn who turned their backs on you describe themselves as "anti violence against women"? Cowardly hypocrites.

traditionalguy said...

All is fair in love and war.

And the "demonstrators" withholding the videos have no love for Althouse.

Aridog said...

You were assaulted, plain and simple. No one has any right to "handle" anyone else not harming them. I even understand (I think) your attitude of not wanting to prosecute ... e.g., why bother?

It is sad to see that Madison has evolved into Wisconsin's Detroit. I liked the town when in school there. Today, I'd not bother even a stop over visit. I can have all the fat pork chop cops doing nothing but espouse the "duty to retreat" right here. Not all of them, but way too many today.

Maguro said...

I don't read lefty websites so I don't know what they're saying, but the lefty commenters here weren't really interested in "refuting" your account. They mostly just said you deserved it because you're a smirking, rightwing meanie.

Tim said...

I suspect the other videos are being shared among friends of friends of like mind. The obvious questions in need of answers: Are those videos on YouTube already, and if so, how do you find them?

Ann Althouse said...

I looked for news or blog items and videos and assumed my name would appear.

clint said...

"The obvious inference: The other video/photographs support my account."

Good luck convincing anyone of that.

Smart, educated liberals of my acquaintance persist in believing that the tea party protestors at the Obamacare signing screamed racist epithets at black legislators.

Just because the liberals claiming something happened refuse to release their extensive video evidence doesn't mean their video evidence doesn't prove their case!

virgil xenophon said...


Lefties don't play fair? Who knew?

Let's see: Brown-shirts, black-shirts, red-shirts, purple-shirts--what's next? Is it the Crips or the Bloods whose colors are Blue? No matter--all thugs act the same--be they criminal, the "political class" or just "fellow travelers" in the form of your "average citizen" lefty sympathizer out for an afternoon stroll while "protesting."

virgil xenophon said...


Lefties don't play fair? Who knew?

Let's see: Brown-shirts, black-shirts, red-shirts, purple-shirts--what's next? Is it the Crips or the Bloods whose colors are Blue? No matter--all thugs act the same--be they criminal, the "political class" or just "fellow travelers" in the form of your "average citizen" lefty sympathizer out for an afternoon stroll while "protesting."

Curious George said...

I'm interested that they be identified.

By the way, you can clearly tell that red shirt thug reached out for Ann, so his claim "Get that camera out of my face" is crap. His next statement is telling "I didn't give you my permission"

Somebody has to know who this douchebag is

Lincolntf said...

Curious, someone linked to a site called on the other thread. Has his name. I think someone else might've told us yesterday, too.

Curious George said...
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Curious George said...

Yeah, and re-reading the MJS article says it too. My bad.

edutcher said...

As I said that day, the Lefties were in full cry, Alpha-style, in the comment section of the Journal-Sentinel article Ann linked until she put up her videos and then everything went very quiet.

Phil 3:14 said...

One of the videographers was clearly in sympathy with the demonstrators (fist shirt wearer). And what about the guy Meade was talking to?

I suspect the other videos will go the way of the "public pronouncements" of the other Wisconsin Supreme Court justices who witnessed "the chocking".

(What!? You didn't hear them either? Hmmmm)

Phil 3:14 said...

Remember when even the Left finally acknowledged that Jared Loughner wasn't politically motivated, just disturbed.

Remember how they persisted in claiming that the over-heated rhetoric of the Tea Party encouraged crazies to out.

Professor, your attacker appeared agitated and "off" in the videos. And clearly the surrounding rhetoric egged him on.

Well they've drained "racism" of all of it's meaning. And now they've done the same with "civility".

Matthew said...

This isn't a trial or formal argument; on the internet, no one is required to present evidence that will hurt their case. If possible, they don't.

ndspinelli said...

You need to be proactive. Isolate images of the other people w/ cameras and then go about identifying them. Maybe one or more are regulars and can be found simply by returning to the scene. "The Lord helps them who help themselves."

caplight said...

This blog IDs Gray shirt and Red Shirt from the videos in the comments.

Posted August 14, 2011 at 12:16 PM

Their names are Kirby Jones and Michael Dickman. Dickman was arrested earlier this year for punching someone in the face at a Madison protest."

Dickman is Red Shirt in the videos

Freder Frederson said...

I looked for news or blog items and videos and assumed my name would appear

Have you considered the possibility that most people, especially liberal bloggers, are less obsessed with you than you are with yourself.

I doubt that anyone, outside of your readers, cares whether your version of the story is true or not.

Lincolntf said...

I wonder if Dickman's last assault was also on a woman? I have to guess that it was a guy, but who knows with these Union scumbags? Maybe he's their go-to guy whenever they need some physical violence to whip people into shape. He certainly appears stupid and unhinged enough to enjoy the job.

Apfelkuchen said...

Ann didn't "deserve" to be attacked. Ann placed herself and her family in a setting in which she was known in as a person who is a conservative blogger, who has posted videos and post depicting the protestors in less than a positive light. Her husbands Meade's politics are antithetical to theirs, so he is also "known" as someone to be ignored.

Meade was more interested in debating a protestor than seeing if his wife was OK right after the attack. People were trying their damnedest to ignore the religious blabber mouth AND Althouse. They were there for a sing along protest, not to get between an unstable man and a woman who was injecting herself a bit too closely and smugly into a iffy situation. Bystanders saw her son coming to her rescue, why was their interference necessary?

Freder Frederson said...

You need to be proactive. Isolate images of the other people w/ cameras and then go about identifying them.

Why bother? Ann has already said she isn't going to press charges.

Besides it is much more fun to imagine a great conspiracy of silence that is preventing her from being vindicated. (It must be that the evil liberal blogosphere has evidence to support her account but they just don't want to produce it.) The lack of liberal interest in the truth feeds both her narcissism and paranoia.

Lincolntf said...

Freder, it is interesting when a group of people claiming to speak for state workers, educators, etc., literally turn their backs on a female professor being assaulted right in front of them. It is important that everyone knows that those violent shitbags and their dumb-as-posts hangers-on aren't interested in anything but their own personal wealth and political power. All the high-faluting principles get chucked out the window when of "theirs" doesn't fall into lockstep. They are the worst of the worst in American politics, and so are their pea-brained enablers.

Kansas City said...

I love Ann, but she is letting her sensitivity and showmanship get in the way of good judgment. The guy's conduct was rude and offensive, and technically battery, but it was insignificant - the kind of thing that should cause the guy to be called a jerk and then move on. Instead, we get his buddy lecturing us on his view of God. Sometimes, it is better to realize the tape is not worth showing.

gutless said...

Given the choice I'd gladly take the physical assault rather than the quasi-religious lecture. Having said that, it is apparent that both of these fellows are mentally defective, but defective of the sort that deserves a good ass kicking rather than treatment or sympathy.

Heart_Collector said...

Ahhh the days when your warrior knights are two junkie / downs lookin hobos with plastic horns lol.

Firehand said...

You should've had him arrested. First, because he did wrong. Second when various & sundry people started claiming "I have video that shows SHE started it!" and such, you could demand it be taken to the police.

You know, like all the video showing tea party people spitting on black legislators? The video they insist they have seen, but nobody every actually has?

Karl said...

Things we know -

When Alhouse was attacked the leftist's glanced then turned their backs to a woman calling for help.

Althouse is much smaller than I thought.

It appears that Kirby Jones signaled for the attack.
Jones is a convicted sex offender. He's a felon. Want to bet that he's on the voting roles? No convictions in past 25 years indicate that he got some education in the joint. The video makes it clear that Jones is skilled in manipulating people. He also claims relationships with the Capital Cops.

Althouse's attacker, Michael Dickman, has several money judgements, convictions for disorderly conduct, and general mopery. Conclusion is that Dickman is a dead beat and a hot head.

The chubby Capital Cop reveals a lot. It's good that his "blame the victim" speech is on tape. The DOA should make a special project out of this guy. Diversity & Sensitivity training is in order.
All Capital Cops should re-qualify on an agility course every year.
And get rid of the beards.
The Capital Cops look fat & sloppy.

Lincolntf said...

Yeah, I've been trying to lay off Officer Fatty Fife, but he really is a specimen. Magically transport him 1,000 miles South, and he'd be Boss Hogg's idiot nephew.

Cedarford said...

Kansas City said...
I love Ann, but she is letting her sensitivity and showmanship get in the way of good judgment. The guy's conduct was rude and offensive, and technically battery, but it was insignificant
Agree. It was a scuffle. Perhaps a better tactical approach by Alhouse would have been to claim that a thug tried to steal a 400 dollar camera to shut down her right to film a public demonstration and her son had to intervene to get the thief's hands off her.
That might have gotten a better response from officer Fatcop - who appears not to bright and operating on autopilot from patterns of how he handled similar "He said, she said, scuffles" in the past. He has probably had some drunk "legal people" come up on the street claim a bouncer laid hands of them in tossing them from some club - "which is technically assault under law, I demand you get the bouncers!!"..

Officer Fatcop would have had a harder time justifying not seeking out the goon if attempted strongarm robbery was claimed or upbraiding Chris Althouse/Cohen for stopping a robbery in progress.

And the media, which takes attempts to damage cameras recording events at public demonstrations and public rallies , and strongarm reporters away very seriously - but would , as the cops, see this as a minor scuffle not worth dealing with. No real physical attack.

(And given the media, they would have been more interested knowing the goon was white. They might have even led with "white robber at the recent rally tried victimizing a sweet little professor lady making a video for herself and friends of the singfest ..."

chickenlittle said...

The red shirt guy whose face screams "I was a teenaged puppy killer" is named Dickman? Seriously?

That's rich--you just can't make that shit up.

jimspice said...

Another possible inference: you're not as famous as you think you are.

I can't tell what happened from the two angles that were closest to the action, so I'd assume that anyone any farther away would be even less likely to realize anything was happening, so they'd have no reason to go back and review their tapes.

Robert said...

Maybe other video will create an impression that any of this is worth our time.

So far all I've seen is a whiny and very much overdone response to the most mild of torts.

Man up, Althouse. Or at least hang back and let Meade hold the camera for you from now on.

Martin L. Shoemaker said...

The left, yesterday: "The bystander video will come out soon, and will show Althouse is making shit up."

The left, today: "There's no video, because it's not important, and Althouse is making shit up."

Point, Althouse.

Arizona Poll Watcher said...

I see Great American Zeroes has ID'ed the fatty cop as Officer J. Calhoon of the Capitol Police.

SteveR said...

"Isthmus" "Isthmus" "Isthmus" "Isthmus"

Joanna said...

Officer J. Calhoun = Jeff Calhoun?
608-266-8797 (work phone)

Karl said...

Attn: Mike Huebsch

Curious about the Capitol Police. What's their purpose?

The State Capitol Police support the expression of free speech, the demonstration of ideas and are committed to the protection of those rights, even if the ideas are unpopular.

Amongst other duties, such as protecting The Governor and his family.

madAsHell said...

So....Mr. Jones lives a good 175-200 miles from Madison? Gasoline is expensive. Who's paying to fill the tank?

Unknown said...

I'm mystified why you would want to film this guy anyway,and have Meade record you recording him. At least get yourselves decent cameras with zoom capacity instead of putting yourselves in these lunatic's personal space.

One day you'll irritate the wrong person who you'll catch on a bad day and they'll really assault you. Protect yourselves at least.

Carol_Herman said...


Ann, I'm so glad you, Chris, and Meade are all okay!

The best comment to the the "episode" post came from David R. Graham. He said he saw a military operation ... by the union hustlers ... not just to own the public space ... But to actually get you and or your son arrested.

In the end, the guy in the tee-shirt, got proven to be NOT a Jesus spouting preacher. But a thug-organizer Who was paid to AGITATE.

He wasn't alone. Your video picked up co-conspirators and accomplices. Because, as per David R. Graham ... this is a military execution of a paid production!

Once someone posted Kirby Jones Felony record, however, his usefulness disappeared.

Officer Calhoun was referred to as "COP FAT TOP." Does it matter? Somebody's gonna be reviewing those tapes. Not TUBBS. And, not anybody out in public.

If there was any lesson to learn? There were a few suggestions. And, one was to put your camera's wrist strap on. And, to use it.

And, I also suggest, clip to the back of your skirt an AUDIO. (Heck, you can use it in class. Just to see how good the mic is. And, if you can pick up student questions there ... as as your ears do.)

Wouldn't Andrew Breitbart tell you this? (Hide the audio. Keep it going. Act innocent.)

As Mark O said, "don't threaten to call the police. DO IT. Let their arrival be a surprise."

You'll notice Officer Calhoun; or "fat top" ... when he approached ... didn't ask "who called da' cops?" HOW COME?

Is TUBBS the only one who has access to the dumb cop's personnel chart? Why not see to it that the Governor gets a tape ... And, "somebody" from "officialdom" files that tape inside Officer Calhoun's (or is it "Fat Top)'s ... personnel records.

Shouldn't he have to at least bone up on Wisconsin Law?

Know what I'm sayin?

You don't have authority ... when in uniform ... just to make things up.

Your son's wrist will heal.

Valuable lessons have been taught.

Time to make sure, though, that no one ... under the color of authority ... misspeaks about self-defense. Cause? We ain't in London-town. Not by a long shot.

And, strangers noticed.

Lots of 'em. Glad you added a chance for more people to post. I thought when I scanned down ... it had all but disappeared.

Carol_Herman said...

The "media" doesn't cover Madison!

And, then?

Ed Schultz shows up. All the cable equipment shows up. It's a lovely night outside the Rotunda. And, the recall results come in.

Boo-hoo. Did you see that Ed Schultz was there?

For all the money spent, Governor Walker didn't lose control.

And, then I said: Gee, Ed Schultz is an "important person." And, not one fucking local sign goes up to say "Ed Schultz slept here."

Or "Ed Schultz came in and ordered a latte."

What's with that?

Madison wasn't impressed with Ed Schultz?

I guess the cable "giants" will have to send bigger heads next time, huh?

Meanwhile Madison gets covered because Ann's blog WORKS!

And, in the name of Jesus, make sure you memorize what David T. Graham said and wrote on 8/12/11 at 11:34 PM.

Karl said...

There is a Jeffery that has a history of non-payment of debts.
(most unpaid debts don't make it on to CCAP...)

"Just Sayin'"

Carol_Herman said...

You know, Ann, you're a known site to people in Madison. Maybe, during the winter, "not so much."

But, now? Yes.

I'm even sure when you're at the Rotunda? People may respond by picking up their own cameras? Like swordsmen of old ... you'll be invited to "duel?" By others ... who then scan around to see what you're paying attention to?

I even expect some kids will come by and laugh? Why not?

Madison wasn't getting any coverage at all.

Now's different.

Dickman, and Officer Jeff Calhoun, and Kirby Jones? Dunno what can happen. But I'd be surprised if you see the "agitators" again. The union's not gonna be willing to give Kirby Jones the gas money and his expenses paid ... to come 200 miles.

Jeff Calhoun, however, is gonna be EXTRA, EXTRA polite! Bet'cha, too, no other officer with Tubbs "el-crappo" police department want to stick their toes in shit. Like he's trying to scrape off the bottom of his shoe.

Even Hulsey will wave.

Why not?

Plus on Tuesday ... don't we have another recall? How far away is Kim Simac from you?

What will we get here for coverage? Maybe, Meade, once government's back in session ... can get himself some interviews?

Should be a piece of cake.

Given that jumping onto the Internet is good, good politics, no?

Arizona Poll Watcher said...

Commenter Madame Lafarge on Great America Zeroes says Jones is out on bail. Trial date is 9-7-11 $837, must be the assault thing. Gives a link to WI courts sytem.