August 30, 2011

"We would walk through the country with our guitars on our shoulders, stop at people’s houses, play a little music, walk on..."

"We could hitchhike, transfer from truck to truck, or, if we couldn’t catch one of them, we’d go to the train yard, ’cause the railroad was all through that part of the country then... Man, we played for a lot of peoples."


traditionalguy said...

"I knows it side to side."

The trouble with getting older is that there is so much past to remember.

Quayle said...

All before multi-track layering and MTV ruined music.

Sixty Grit said...
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chickenlittle said...

Field recordings he made for the Library of Congress under the supervision of the folklorist Alan Lomax in 1942 are the only documents of Mr. Edwards’s music from his years in the Delta.

Man, that Alan Lomax was WPA-funded wasn't he?


Chuck66 said...

I've heard Honeyboy play a few times. I believe he is the last bluesman from the 20s and 30s.

ricpic said...

When you sing you're ageless,
You have no age,
You're there again.

So play that tune,
Sing that song,
And roll another seven.

David said...

Impound his guitar. He may have been a criminal.

Insufficiently Sensitive said...

Man, that Alan Lomax was WPA-funded wasn't he?

Had an inside job at the Library of Congress. Where Seegers speak only to Lomax, and Lomax speaks only to God.

bagoh20 said...

If I played and sang like that, people would just say I sucked.

I don't sound anything like that, and I still suck, so I guess it's just me.

a psychiatrist who learned from veterans said...