August 9, 2011

"A simple blood test that can determine a baby’s sex as early as seven weeks into pregnancy is highly accurate..."

And with this advance, anyone with the will to use abortion will be able, easily, to select the sex of her offspring. The linked article, in the NYT, emphasizes the other reasons a woman might want to know the sex of her unborn baby.


chickelit said...

There'd still has to be a medical "professional" involved in the gendercide.

chickelit said...

has/had, why so tense?

chickelit said...

To infinitive and beyond!

JAL said...


We will follow China and India into the abyss.

wv gyperses

Unknown said...

Genetic/Gender testing + Abortion Rights = DIY Eugenics.

Hooray for us...

traditionalguy said...

Good news. Now they will not have to kill all the babies to get the girls killed off faster and start over.

The Abortion Industry just invented the i phone of the decade. Buy death factory stocks ASAP.

This is economic growth in an industry that Obama will support fully instead of stop cold with idiot Regs.

Heck, the abortion mill owners can buy all of the private jets they want.

David said...

Meanwhile, the father is over in the corner, muzzled and without a vote.

viator said...

Goodbye, female fetuses

Anonymous said...

Well, if children are to be treated as trophies and collectibles, you darn well need custom orders.

Sixty Grit said...
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chuck said...

Imagine a world without girls.

Titus said...

I went to Steenbocks tonight and was not impressed.

The food was ok but the patrons, while trying to look fab, were just ugly and fat and Wisconsin.

A restaurant is a make or break based on the crowd.

And because the crowd was so ugly and so Wisconsin and so fat, I have to give it a big thumps down.



Eric said...

Bah. Who needs girls anyway?

Wince said...

Culturally, I don't think most of this country would go for sex-selection, except maybe in the instance of it being the last planned child and all the previous children were of the same sex, where the hope was one of the opposite sex.

Carol_Herman said...

Gosh. There used to be old-wives tales that they could tell by having a pregnant woman stick her tongue out.

Or even by looking at the baby bump. If you carried "forward" you were having a boy.

You know, today, with lots of women postponing pregnancy ... I think they're so happy they're pregnant ... they're just happy to carry.

While you'd have to go back to when families were large ... and if a woman had her 4th son. Or her 4th daughter. There'd be this "disappointment." As if God wasn't answering your prayers.

Meanwhile, my mom told me that you recovered from the pain of labor pretty quickly. And, the first a woman did when she was handed her newborn was count the fingers and toes.

Yeah. In China they went nuts.

But you know what? The Chinese have no form of government you'd respect. You either meet warlords. Or the poor people who are kept beaten down. Was that way. And, it still is.

As to "testing" what sex it is ... you have no idea how its easy to have amniotic fluid withdrawn. Most of the people just want to know their kid's not mongoloid. Knowing the sex? Cool. Known before 9 months are up.

Remembering the first swoop when you could feel life? You'll never forget it.

And, I think people were guessing a baby's sex ... long before you were born.

Heck, back in the 1950's ... they had to kill a rabbit. To test with a woman's urine sample. And, when the rabbit died the woman said the test came back positive.

Now? No need to kill a rabbit.

Titus said...

The hottest person I have seen in Madison is Leigh Mills from Channel 15 News.

She is fucking amazing.

What the hell is she doing in Wisconsin?

Some other more fabulous city needs to grab her now.

She is perky, fucking hot, a great newscaster and has an excellent body.

I love Leigh Mills.

El Camino Real said...

Science and technology are just theories and tools.

What we do with them is what matters.

Carol_Herman said...

Titus, the food. What about the food?

Don't you need 20/20 eyesight to see whose at another table? Where most people who wear glasses ... let the hot steam ... steam up the their lenses.

Either what's on the plate is delicious. Or not.

Is Steenbuck's a french place? Maybe, then the tables get so close ... the waiters just have room enough to pour the wine.

And, I always complained that the portions were so small. Plus, they don't give you seconds.

Did you pack your yeast and peppers?

Were the prices at least good?

You know, I'd have thought fat people at a restaurant were good to see. Fat people don't go where the portions are small. And, where after you eat, you walk out hungry.

Don't people know when you walk in, it's gonna be a good time?

bagoh20 said...

I'm not sure that in our culture, at this time in history that girls would be the ones getting sacrificed.

Chuck66 said...

There are a lot of guys in India and China who can't get dates.

Chuck66 said...

Hey, want an example of where sex selection may be used in the US? By guys who were sexual preditors in high school and college. They are so afraid that a daughter will run into guys like dear old dad.

Fred4Pres said...

They are playing Titus' song.

Fred4Pres said...

Leigh Mills is cute.

Milwaukee said...

Carol: the thing to say is: "You must be having a boy because you look so good while you are pregnant. If it was a girl she would be robbing you of your beauty."

I have heard that depending on the shape of the swollen belly, whether it sticks out or not, indicates whether it is a boy or a girl.

Milwaukee said...

So, here we are in the culture of death. Naturally, there are slightly more boys than girls born. Men, missing some genetic material on that 23rd chromosome, aren't as likely to make it to breeding age. What percentage of the population needs to engage in abortion-if-unhappy-with-gender to mess up the ratio for the whole country? Not much.

Blacks have disproportionately more abortions than whites. Are those abortions included in infant mortality rates?

Is this a victory for feminist? Our bodies ourselves, we can have abortions if we want. Gee, why are more girls aborted than boys? Maybe we need to appreciate life, appreciate both genders for the strengths of those genders. I like women, and if their is a shortage of girls, we'll have a shortage of women.

Years ago one of my students had several abortions while in high school. Her senior year she wanted to keep the baby, but too much damage had been done, and she never did have her own baby. That is very sad.

Carol_Herman said...

Milwaukee, for the longest time, women just felt life. They didn't feel the baby's sex.

But old-wives always abounded. And, so did the guessing games.

I worked for a stellar gynecologist once. He'd tell women, beforehand, what sex he thought their babies might be. Then he wrote the opposite of this guess into the charts. That's how he covered his bet. When the patient looked at him like he wasn't god. He'd just point to the scribble in the chart. And, he told her he just told her what she wanted to hear.

About that time abortions became legal. I knew the costs of disposables was 64-cents. While the street price for an abortion was $500.

The marketplace rules!

The legal abortions were charged at $500. (I think a birth was less.) Just don't remember.

While my mom saved the hospital bill when I was born. And, the whole thing, then, cost my parents $39.

If you really want to laugh. When women had a few kids ... and they wanted one opposite the sex they were already delivering. They were told "if they changed positions" ... it would change pregnancy outcomes.

If they had been "doing it" missionary. The woman began climbing on top.

Don't know the scientific outcomes. But I was once led to believe there were more female births to male. And, this was partly due to the age of the egg at impact.

The egg stays viable for a few days ... As it leaves the ovary's "orbit." But the sperm has got to be fresh.

Females come from sperm that lurks. Believe it. Or not.

My mom told me a woman could get pregnant from sperm that wasn't even "put" into the canal.

Was she trying to frighten me?

Did she really believe a woman could get pregnant even if she wore her panties, and a man came outside?


But people believe the strangest things.

I wouldn't foist children on people who didn't want to have them though.

(And, again, my mom came to the rescue. She said women worried when there wasn't enough food to go around. About what another mouth added.) And, then I heard the nursery rhyme about the old lady who lived in a shoe.

What did you hear?

Did you believe your peers over what your momma said?

erictrimmer said...

I hate abortion and I don't see an ethical difference between aborting to choose sex, aborting to choose eye color, aborting because you haven't graduated yet or any other reason you might have an abortion, except maybe that you'll die if they don't get that baby out of you right now.

erictrimmer said...

Leigh Mills is cute but I don't her old-lady-eyebrows.

Ladies, if they're growing together in the middle, pluck them apart, but don't change the natural shape of your brows. You can't make your old face look young, your ugly face look pretty or your masculine face look feminine by plucking your eyebrows.

Milwaukee said...

Once, in one of my lower-level classes, one of the guys got a thoughtful look on his face, and asked a question. That was "If a couple has oral sex one way, and then does some deep French kissing, and then has oral sex the other way, could a pregnancy happen?" I assured him it could.

Carol, I agree. Let's not force children on people who don't want them. How about they keep their animal instincts under control? Or just snip-snip do the sterilization thing?

William said...

The dogs that didn't bark: Feminists while reportedly over one hundred million females were aborted. A woman's right to abortion has priority over her right to exist. A woman's right to an abortion has had a downside for women. but you'd never know it from their rhetoric....Has any feminist ever supported our presence in Afghanistan? If we leave, the big losers there will be the women of that country.

Levi Starks said...

Now women have the ability to turn themselves into a "true" minority, not just a self perceived minority

Carol_Herman said...

Well, Milwaukee. The egg, once released has a shelf life of maybe 72 hours? But if the egg is penetrated ... my mom would say ... it would get sluffed off by nature. When something is "wrong" ... nature has her own cleansing mechanism.

The births we see where things don't turn out right ... don't account for nature's machinery.

Abortion, as I learned it was just a medical term for the fetus not being viable. And, nature "did it." Or "did it in."

Then you come to the viability of sperm. Saliva. And, what really goes on in our mouths. (Which doesn't kill us.)

Infertility happens ... Women who want babies don't get pregnant. And, if the husband is cooperative. He'll allow for testing. Some men discover not all of their sperm "swim well." Some men discover (without snipping), that they're not producing many sperm, either.

Can't tell by just looking at the outside.

The egg, meanwhile can go either way. The sperm determines sex.

And, I've even heard that older men, who may have had sons, when they're having sex with their new, and younger wives, produce daughters.

You want examples? Jimmy Rogers and Rupert Murdoch.

Go guess. As a man ages does his sperm change? Why suddenly daughters?

Who knows?

The egg's viability lasts longer than the sperm's.

And, it takes the sperm about 12 hours to go up to one of the fallopian tubes. Those that don't spawn, die.

Moms? I think daughters are prone to give their moms "lip." While sons are really darlings. They fall in love with their moms with all their hearts. And, it is so cute.

Either way, parenting teaches you lessons. My dad said the best lesson to teach anyone is to learn to stand on their own two feet.

Someone else said the best lessons are to teach someone how to fish.

To each his or her own.

An emotional debate has nothing to do with science. When people want answers, though, they've usually already run into problems.

So you go searching in the box for the instructions. Which are written in English. But by someone who speaks Chinese.

And, we all go it alone. Not knowing anything about "time" before we were born. And, not needed to tell time, after we are gone. Pass the baton.

Scott M said...

The Chinese could not be reached for comment, but there was loud sounds of celebration coming from their direction.