August 8, 2011

Instapundit is 10 years old.

Congratulations... and thanks for all the inspiration for so many years.

ADDED: He did a poll on how he should celebrate the 10-year anniversary, and "just blog as usual" — which is what I voted for — came in third, but it's what he's decided to do. I don't know if it's that he's not as poll-driven as some people, or if it's what in particular came in first and second: "Drink heavily" and "Do a 'Best Of InstaPundit' retrospective." Drink heavily would only be interesting for us readers if he drunk-blogged, but I'll bet he'd blog just about exactly the same drunk. I'm not picturing him diminished by mere alcohol. A "best of" thing would be interesting if it could be done, but it's probably something he'd have trouble doing. Maybe we could do it here? What's your favorite Instapundit post? Too hard, right?


traditionalguy said...

Amazon is grateful too. Much thanks to Reynolds for his pioneering blog.

pauldar said...

What is interesting is that his Blog has decreased in "wordyness' about a factor of 5, and yet, it a must stop everyday for the wife and I

TS said...

I was hoping you'd mention it. I made a donation today, and I'd encourage everyone else to do the same!

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

Congratulations, Prof. Reynolds! May you continue with pertinent links and pithy observations for many years to come.


chickenlittle said...

Congratulations to Professor Reynolds!

Not to sully the party but I suppose soon we'll be hearing from the Dish and from TP-Memo too.

Instapudit is still leading an Army of Davids against those beshemoths.

AFG said...

lolololol "thanks for linking to me!"

I dont know about you guys, but I expect more from a blog than just posting 100 links to articles I could find on my own, plus trying to generate money by recommending lame products.

madAsHell said...

Reynolds blog would be boring without the links to Althouse!!

Just the same....Congrats!!

chickenlittle said...

PS: wv = legge


Anonymous said...

I was one of the original readers of the Instapundit. Through his site, I came to yours. So, I support both these wonderful sites.

Dustin said...

I dont know about you guys, but I expect more from a blog than just posting 100 links to articles I could find on my own, plus trying to generate money by recommending lame products."

Well then don't read his blog.


His blog is an aggregate of stories that updates a lot. If that's not what you wanted, it's a big internet. Amusingly, one of the best ways to find the blogs you're interested in is to click Instapundit links.

And I don't understand why you have a problem with his effort to make a buck. If you think a product is lame, don't buy it. Why ankle bite? Many have tried to outdo Instapundit, and I think a lot of them have succeeded. No reason to resent success.

Joe Schmoe said...

His recent compilation of all his "They told me if I voted for John McCain (insert great societal tragedy here) would occur...and they were right!" was classic.

The Crack Emcee said...

Congratulations, Professor.

Kovacs said...

I'll bet he'd blog just about exactly the same drunk.

How sober do you have to be to type "Heh"?

Sixty Grit said...

He is an alcoholic, so one has to assume he is drunk on his ass everyday, regardless.

WV: drier - as if that would ever happen.

Donna B. said...

"just about exactly"

Heh. What has Althouse been drinking?


Saint Croix said...

A "best of" thing would be interesting if it could be done, but it's probably something he'd have trouble doing. Maybe we could do it here? What's your favorite Instapundit post? Too hard, right?

What makes Instapundit unique is that he doesn't blog like anybody else.

What he does, every day, is create reading lists. So if you share his ideology, or you just like liberty, he gives you interesting things to read. Every day.

Instapundit for reading lists. Althouse for interaction.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

What's your favorite Instapundit post?

It would have to be a toss-up between Heh and Indeed.

Saint Croix said...

Instapundit is a libertarian. Cool stuff to read. It's up to you.

Althouse is a communitarian. Building a little community. Pictures of flowers.

Both of these professors are brilliant at what they do.

I don't know how Glenn makes those reading lists every day, and so many of them. It's insane. It's awesome.

What's most amazing about Althouse is the community she has built here.

I love reading Trooper, for instance, and Crack. But I don't spend time on their blogs.

Other people's blogs are too single-minded. Interesting place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there.

Althouse builds a community. I come here for the political discussion, yes. But it's because her blog is so eclectic and unpredictable, that's why I keep coming back.

Kirk Parker said...
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Kirk Parker said...

"What's your favorite Instapundit post? Too hard, right?"

Nope, totally easy--it is the one that said (more or less, I'm quoting from memory here):

Techno, explained.

JAL said...

Was he as critical of Obama's non vetted partrisan hires as he was of George Bush's?

Van Jones?

JAL said...

AFG his is not the blog for you then. Nor here, probably.

You know ... click the remote.

Tyrone Slothrop said...

This is how I found Althouse. I started on Little Green Footballs before he went insane. That led me to PowerLine, which led me to Insty, which led me to Althouse. So that's one more thing you can thank Prof. Reynbolds for, Ann!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't pick a best because, Instapundit's posts are a lot like popcorn. They're all pretty good but none of them are memorable.

Going Downtown said...

For this occasion, I have just one word: "Heh."

Third Coast said...

I think the Insta guy probably came into his own during the events of 9/11. I was on his site non-stop during that time and haven't left.

Hizzle said...

"Drink Heavily" is a Animal House reference.

Paddy O said...

Reynolds is the blog equivalent to Johnny Carson. He's the master of the medium while using his popularity to highlight others.

Probably like many others hereabouts I first visited Althouse through an instapundit link, way back in 2004. Now, these two blogs remain the only 2 I consistently visit.

My favorite post of his, however, was probably this one. For personal reasons. Not only did he link to my book, helping sales for a time, there were also instapundit readers among my, then, future in-laws. Getting the link made me seem that much more of a catch to a, then, somewhat skeptical family.

Holmes said...

Congratulations Professor Reynolds!

The first time he wrote "After the hoarders and wreckers, comrades!" I spit coffee out my nose.

He has also quoted a couple of my emails, which is always exciting. (It's all about me on his 10th blogiversary)

Lamar63 said...

A few years ago I read Instapundit several times a day. I liked all his links to blogs I did not know. Now I go to the blogs first. Later in the day I may check Instapundit but by that time I had already read what interested me.

I think of Instapundit as training wheels for exposure to libertarian and conservative thoughts.

Roger J. said...

Been involved with blogs for quite quite a while--started with drudge when he broke the monica lewinski thing--but then discovered Professor Reynolds, whom I think, next to drudge, is one of the outstanding comment aggregators--in a busy world when one can only see a few blogs a day, Professor Reynolds covers the terrority--not just politically but in a whole range of other topics from guns to emergenency preparedness--

I dont see how he does it--Dr Helen must wonder where the hell her husband is at all hours.--Professor Reynolds has set the standard for aggregation blogs--great job sir.

Revenant said...

I expect more from a blog than just posting 100 links to articles I could find on my own

What you don't like about his blog is exactly what I *do* like about his blog: an endless stream of articles that interest me, that I don't have to bother hunting for on my own.

I read Fark and Slashdot for the same reason.

cokaygne said...

He is a world-changer. He is generous to other bloggers. He and other bloggers are now the mainstream as major news organizations have become stenographers for the administration. I don't like his shilling for Amazon, but just ignore it and understand that he has to make a well-deserved living. I also think he has become less libertarian and more of a GOP hack, but there is still hope. As long as the subject is the economy, the GOP has most of the right answers.

Dustin said...

"I dont see how he does it--Dr Helen must wonder where the hell her husband is at all "

Time delays. I think he spends a confined amount of time typing a large volume of posts, and they slowly disseminate. The cars and amazon deals and tech and survivalist stuff don't have to be timely. He can then add in breaking news. I bet he gets a ton of tips and has a few he finds most reliable.

He says he has no one helping him. Frankly, as much money as the site makes I'm sure it's worth the time he spends on it.

Anonymous said...

" I'll bet he'd blog just about exactly the same drunk.

How sober do you have to be to type "Heh"?

Actually, I've heard that the alcohol is good for his servo joints.

BJM said...

I found Instapundit during the 9/11 aftermath and it has my home page ever since.

Apart from his intellect and wide ranging interests Reynolds' enthusiasm for the medium and self-depreciating good humor hooked me.

Instapundit lead me Althouse...say no more.

Congrats Insty! Cheers!

*Lifting an icy cold Puppy Smoothie*

Almost Ali said...

One of the reasons I hate the Internet is because of Glenn Reynolds.

Before the Internet I was the smartest person in the room, now I'm only slightly above average. All because of blog-offs like Glenn Reynolds!

May he gag on his nano-bacon.

For 120 years to come.

Johnny C said...

I still remember my first trip there. Drudge had linked to a pre-lost-his-mind Sullivan piece. Read that piece, another piece ("conservative case for gay marriage", IFIRC) - then saw his "Recommended Links" (don't think 'blogroll" was a term yet!). Saw one for "InstaPundit - The one and only" Clicked on it...

In retrospect, I'd have to say it was part Dorothy stepping out of the black and white world; and part Neo taking the pill in The Matrix...

JAL said...

Since we are reminiscing here, I seriously started reading Instapundit off a link from OpinionJournal IIRC. Have no idea how long ago...

Along with whatever link it was that lured me over there there was a discussion of cookware.

Cookware? What they hey?

And putting puppies in blenders?

And scube diving.

And guns.

And cool tools (got the micro Leathermen freebies for stocking stuffers one year).

And thoughtful "heh"s here and there.

And Althouse which for a very long time I could *not* figure out how to post to, way back when. Still don't know how I figured it out.

And a way for me to stretch my brain in new directions. Thanks for "Volokh" "Powerline" and even "Vodka Pundit!" And Pajamas Media. And Michael Yon. And Trotten. And Roggio. And Ardolino. And Johannes. And the other milbloggers.

A very amazing thing was that I developed an "acquaintance" of sorts with a bunch of lawyers (!) who were thoughtful and respectable. (You guys really do have a reputation which totally sucks.)

Anyway -- Thanks Professor Reynolds. Mazel Tov!

JAL said...

Oh -- I forgot -- all those cool Popular Mechanic links too.

And remote controlled helicopters.

No other blog comes close.

Jean-Paul said...

What do I like about Instapundit?

Any time the subject of shorts comes up, with the requisite "Don't Tell Ann Althouse!" =)

Seriously, his blog is why I found Ann's blog, and that's good enough reason for me!

Robert said...

My favorite post of his named me. First and last name.

That's hitting the big time.

Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

Good job, Professor Reynolds. Don't get cocky.

Athanasius Kircher said...

Glenn started Instapundit about 6 weeks before 9/11, and I and many started reading him then.

The blogosphere was just coming into being. Frequently linked to blogs in those days were Jaff Jarvis at Buzz Machine and Andrew Sullivan, before he went crazy. Nick Denton was just launching his empire with Gawker and Wonkette and the late lamented Fleshbot.

When the war started we had the great Indepundit reporting from the military.

I am grateful for Glenn's frequent blogging and for introducing so many people to Althouse, the indispensable Dave Burge at Iowahawk, and the incomparable Frank J. Fleming at IMAO.

Kirk Parker said...

Almost Ali,

LOL! That was awesome.

BT said...

Can't add much more to what everyone else said, Glenn Reynolds has the best blog on the interwebs period. Congrats!!!!

Almost Ali said...

Thanks, Kirk Parker!

(Btw, I left a trail of bacon bits, so don't be surprised if he shows up here)