August 25, 2011

The recurrence of "Build Me Up Buttercup"... coincidence? I think not!

Deja vu: "Several hundred chanting, cheering protesters entered the Capitol rotunda Thursday around the 6 p.m. closing time. "An hour later, Capitol police carried 13 of them away."

Sorry, I wasn't there to photograph the scene:
The first wave of protesters entered the statehouse carrying banners, shouting and banging on drums and cowbells....

"Whose house? Our house!" the protesters shouted. Then they broke into a chorus of the labor song "Solidarity Forever!"

Later, the group of 13 mostly young protesters sat on the floor of the Capitol and clutched an American flag and heart-shaped balloons as the sounds of floor cleaners echoed through the mostly empty building. Capitol police and a few State Patrol troopers started carrying them out shortly before 7 p.m. after giving them a chance to leave on their own.

The protesters - many of them the veterans of past protests and arrests - chatted and sang popular songs like the Foundations' "Build Me Up Buttercup"...
"Build Me Up Buttercup"! What the hell? Had they been reading the Althouse blog this morning? At 10:28 a.m., I wrote:
Songs Meade is driving me crazy playing on YouTube this morning.

"Young Girl," "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes," "Everlasting Love," "Lady Willpower," "Build Me Up Buttercup," that "Star Trek" hippies song, "Count Me In," "This Magic Moment"...
Wow, I'm sorry I missed them. But the question is: Did they miss me? Seems like they were ready for their YouTube magic moment. I don't have it. I was off photographing poodles.

ADDED: Here's 9 minutes of video somebody else made at today's incident.


A. Shmendrik said...

More cowbell!

Carol_Herman said...

More cowbell, huh? In Wisconsin do they just steel 'em off of cows?

Since you weren't there ... the "organizers" get to see what happens when you DON'T photograph their zaniness.

What, exactly, does this prove? Other than that Tubbs is incompetent.

While if protestors were carried out ... cops will start looking for sick leave ... due to strained backs.

With these fools, you just cannot win.

The doors should get locked at 4:00 PM. Or? Crooks time. By 5:00PM he's out the door and gone. Doors definitely need locking.

You know, the Rotunda can't handle noise? The place has acoustical problems. Does anybody have the ear plug concession?

Carol_Herman said...

Poodles? Irene's new puppy? And, the companion male that may be related? Such gorgeous dogs!

Can't wait to meet at the Poodle Cafe!

To hell with the protesters!

chickenlittle said...

They're tweaking you.

Garage mahal was leading the chorus.

bagoh20 said...

I dunno what you're talking about. Someone sings that song everyday around me, and someone different every time. I thought it was the national anthem.

OldGrouchyCranky said...

Wisconsin elections never end til the Socialists win! Must be the water, maybe the cheese for some hardliners!

Ann Althouse said...

What they should have sung was a song apologizing to Justice Prosser.

We're so sorry Justice Prosser
We're so sorry if we caused you any pain
We're so sorry Justice Prosser
But there's no one left at home
And I believe I'm gonna rain

David said...

Pampered idiots. How about protesting some real repression:

BEIRUT (AP) — A renowned political cartoonist whose drawings expressed Syrians' frustrated hopes for change was grabbed after he left his studio early Thursday and beaten by masked gunmen who broke his hands and dumped him on a road outside Damascus.

One of Syria's most famous artists, Ali Ferzat, 60, earned international recognition and the respect of many Arabs with stinging caricatures that infuriated dictators including Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Libya's Moammar Gadhafi and, particularly in recent months, Syria's autocratic Assad family.

Irene said...

To the Buttercup protesters, the poodles say, "Bite me."

Carol_Herman said...

That place sounds like Grand Central.

And, "Get Off My Bed" ... is what's called out?

Dang if this crap makes any sense.

(But if someone could sneak in an old tape ... that played: "ALL ABOARD." Or, "Boarding for Newark on On Track #11." I wonder if the "protesters" would turn about ... to see if there's a choo-choo?

SteveR said...

There's Something About Mary

The whole thing has turned into a Farelley Bros movie.

Joanna said...

Later, the group of 13 mostly young protesters sat on the floor of the Capitol and clutched an American flag and heart-shaped balloons as the sounds of floor cleaners echoed through the mostly empty building.

That just sounds... so... pathetic.

Pathetic, like the 13 yr old girl who doesn't realize that berets are sooo 2010.

WestVirginiaRebel said...

Meanwhile, Meade is tweeting: "Help! I'm trapped in 1971 and I can't get out!"

Lem said...

a song for the cheerless 13.

I Can't Make You Love Me

Lem said...


Lump sat alone in a boggy marsh
Totally motionless except for her heart
Mud flowed up into lump's pyjammas
She totally confused all the passing piranhas
She's lump she's lump
She's in my head
She's lump she's lump she's lump
She might be dead
Lump lingered last in line for brains
And the ones she got were sorta rotten and insane
Small thing's so sad that birds could land
Is lump fast asleep or rockin' out with the band

She's lump she's lump
She's in my head
She's lump she's lump she's lump
She might be dead

Lem said...

A Mea Culpa would be nice..

Dan said...

Surprised this is even news.
Who really cares if a bunch of morons get thrown out of the Capitol like a drunk get thrown out of Moes on the Simpsons?
Now the Capitol police and State Troopers are acting like bar bouncers.

The Crack Emcee said...

Wow, I'm sorry I missed them. But the question is: Did they miss me?

Kind of like me and the whole "manliness" and "machismo" meme, no?

It ain't "Build Me Up Buttercup" but, damn it, it's mine.

Ralph L said...

A day or two ago, someone at JOM said that when other states stopped deducting union dues from paychecks, the (now voluntary) contributions dropped 80-90%. I believe they got that from a George Will column. That probably frightens the union bosses more than the loss of bargaining rights.

The "closed shop" laws seem grossly un-American to me, but it's criminal when the state acts as dues collector for a private entity.

edutcher said...

It's a PsyOp.

Meade is rotting their brains with '70s schlock rock.

Hey, it's the way we got Noriega out of the Papal Nuncio in Panama.

Hagar said...

Back to school time?

Big Mike said...

See, they do read your blog.

Strange thought. What if the sole reason any of them show up to the Rotunda is their hope of appearing on an Althouse video???

damikesc said...

Seriously, screw every last one of those irritating little shits. Remove their federal student loans as well since their education CLEARLY isn't working.

Curious George said...

That idiot Jereme Ryan was the one filming. "The capitol, I repeat, has been occupied"

This guy is a professional duechebag.

Wasn't the fat chick one of those arrested for bike locking themselves to part of the rotunda?

Wants some laughs? go to the part where you can hear them talking about why they have to do this...what it means to them.

Lincolntf said...

These anti-voter/anti-taxpayer/anti-fiscal-responsibility demonstrations have become boring as all hell. Get a grip, Union dipshits, your side lost and will continue to lose. All the daisy chains and sing-alongs in the world won't change that.

TML said...

Who wrote that great short story about the men guarding the bench year after year when no one knew why anymore, or who had ordered it guarded in the first place? Why are these people protesting? Who told them to do it? Is it now just mitochondrial impulse? Who cares anymore. As Roland says in The Dark Tower, "the world has moved on". For these tools nothing ever changes.

JimMuy said...

I guess when you are a loser, the only thing you know how to do is keep being a loser.

More drums!

More puppets!

More balloons!

Sing louder!

Jeff in Oklahoma said...

Interesting protest. I wonder if any of the protesters had an opportunity to read the American Thinker the other day (

"Facts are hard to argue with," Governor Walker of Wisconsin declared in a Heritage interview earlier this month. In the three years before his election, the Democratic State legislature and Democratic governor presided over the loss of 150,000 jobs. In Walker's first six months in office, Wisconsin added a net of 39,000 jobs, including 14,000 in manufacturing. The remainder were in agriculture, tourism, biotech and medical technology.
In June, Walker earned boasting rights that half of the new jobs in the entire country -- a shocking and paltry 19,000 -- were created in his state. In the same month, Democrat Illinois next door lost 7,000 jobs. (For more on Illinois jobs, see this - ed.)
Not only did Wisconsin add private sector jobs, they trimmed government jobs by 3,000. Instead of leading to disaster, 12,500 private jobs were added, leading to the one month total of 9,500 net new jobs.

I make no claims as to the veracity of the data. Just thought I'd toss that out there.

Chip S. said...

If you think they're trying to get your attention, then it's probably time to stop observing them.

ndspinelli said...

Don't watch the end of the flick, There's Something About Mary, if you hate the "Buttercup" song. The entire cast[including Brett Favre] sing it.

Phil 3:14 said...

You know at some point this is gonna be like the Hawaiian hula dancers that tourists pay to watch while on vacation.

I think the state should charge admission and bill it as:

Come See the unique culture of our Native Liberals. Listen as they sing traditional Labor songs. Watch as they parades with brightly painted signs and large paper mache heads. Enjoy the daily release of heart balloons soaring to our historic cupola

Wikitorix said...

Who are they singing it to? I wouldn't have thought that Gov. Walker (or any Republicans in the Legislature, or Judge Prosser) did any building-up of lefty protest types. They must be singing about being let down by the fleebaggers, or the unions, or the left wing SC judges, or the voters who didn't turn the Senate over to the Dems. When you hear them singing it, ask them who Buttercup is.

E.M. Davis said...

Obama is Buttercup.

OldGrouchyCranky said...

The little kiddies in that youtube video are so typical. Little scatterbrained Socialists projecting their baby views on a world that tries to ignore them and is greatly succeeding at that effort.

It was almost humorous listening to those kiddies anticipating being dragged off to a fate worse than mere laughter.

Guess that once they have their way, representative democracy will not be possible and that's their hope.

damikesc said...

Any bets on how many have liberal arts degrees?

gutless said...

More CS gas and truncheons. That's the ticket!