August 25, 2011

A baseball first: a team hits 3 grand slams in one game.

Nice work by the New York Yankees!


Chase said...

SAW it!

Greatest moment I remember in Baseball since Reggie Jackson hitting 3 home runs off 3 pitches (!) as a Yankee against the Dodgers in the World Series.

Chase said...

Reggies homers were all 3 in Game six.

m stone said...

It's a fluke, an oddity that pitted a tremendous offensive team again a losing 24-41 road team. No will really care for long.

Baseball has become a game of statistics, one for every conceivable situation. Nobody really cares that Cano has a .529 average against Oakland relievers with two strikes on him. Except Cano.

Watch a complete game on TV, in particular, and follow the stats that someone is keeping and the announcers faithfully reporting to our everlasting boredom.

Maguro said...

Shameless Trooper York bait.

SteveR said...

I am more inclined to say it was really crappy work by the Oakland pitching staff. The only thing that keeps every game from being a home run contest is good pitching.

David said...


Henry said...

Appoint a special prosecutor.

Rube said...

We'll be listening to Trooper York for the next week on this one. And that isn't easy when you are a Red Sox Fan.

Lincolntf said...

The Yankees were neutered in 2004. Everything since then has been compensation.

Fred4Pres said...

I am sure Trooper is thrilled.

madAsHell said...

ahhhhh....why doesn't Carol Herman weigh in??

w/v: astess - I'd like to test that, Carol I'm not stalking you.

traditionalguy said...

Test the balls. Then test the bats. Then test their birth certificates,

There is no way the Yankees did that without cheating.

Patrick said...

Ah, for chrisakes.

Big Mike said...

Oh Gawd! Trooper will be insufferable.

JAL said...

Oh. My. Word.

We will never shut Trooper up now.

edutcher said...

Since Troop and the rest of Gotham are in the Catskills hiding from Irene (the one who isn't Poppy's mom), this is all for naught.

KLDAVIS said...
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JAL said...

Trooper is not posting.

He is drinking.

KLDAVIS said...

Given the long history of the game and the inexorably growing number of games played by each team in a season, baseball firsts are exceedingly rare. I'm not a fan of the game, but it's constantly reinforced when you hear things like, "That's only the third time that switch-hitting identical twins on opposing teams have hit home runs from both sides of the plate in a National League game since 1975." As unlikely an event as it is, I'm amazed that this hasn't happened before.

John Burgess said...

Pity is was accomplished by the MFY.

themightypuck said...

It sucks to be a Jays fan. No hope in that division unless we get bought out by a consortium of Russian and Quatari billionaires. Not that the Jays deserve anything. No one watches.

geokstr said...

Ann, Milwaukee Braves pitcher Tony Cloninger in 1966 hit two grand slams in one game all by himself. He also drove in another run with a single for a total of 9 RBI. IIRC, both still stand as all-time records for pitchers.

The Unknown Pundit said...

In April 1999, Cardindals third baseman Fernando Tatis belted two grand slams in the same inning vs. the Dodgers.

Now that's an amazing accomplishment!

The Unknown Pundit said...

Tatis holds the MLB record for most RBI's in one inning with 8.

MadisonMan said...

I have no stats to add to this discussion, but I will say that the Green Bay Packers are the world champions in Football.

Ron said...

Chase -- not only were Reggie's homers off only 3 pitches, but from 3 different pitchers!

traditionalguy said...

Geokstr... Tony Cloninger was a pitcher who hit two grand slams in one game plus one more RBI for 9 RBIs in one game, while a Brave.

But that was the ATLANTA Braves.

Sorry about that.

Chip S. said...

The Yankees are indeed a fine second-place team.

That said, their 3 grand slams would have been impressive if they hadn't all been hit to that joke of a right field.

E.M. Davis said...

That said, their 3 grand slams would have been impressive if they hadn't all been hit to that joke of a right field.

That is one short porch. Almost Little League dimensions, there.

fleetusa said...

A unique event just like Don Larsen's perfect game in a World Series.

Only in NY!

Tank said...

Another reason the YANKEES are the YANKEES, and all those other teams are the "other teams."

Jose_K said...

They went 16 times to home with bases loaded. Big deal
Captain superfluous went 4 times to home with bases loaded and so twice

DannyNoonan said...

I'd say the Yankees, as always, had a little help from the umpires here. What's a pitcher to do if he hits the heart of the strike zone and it's still called a ball? Still pretty crazy to have three grand slam situations even come up in one game.

Trooper York said...

"It' great to be young and a Yankee."

Waite Hoyt

Trooper York said...

Prayer for the Captain
There's a little prayer I always say
Whenever I think of my family or when I'm flying,
When I'm afraid, and I am afraid of flying.
It's just a little one. You can say it no matter what,
Whether you're Catholic or Jewish or Protestant or
And I've probably said it a thousand times
Since I heard the news on Thurman Munson.

It's not trying to be maudlin or anything.
His Eminence, Cardinal Cooke, is going to come out
And say a little prayer for Thurman Munson.
But this is just a little one I say time and time again,
It's just: Angel of God, Thurman's guardian dear,
To whom his love commits him here there or everywhere,
Ever this night and day be at his side,
To light and guard, to rule and guide.

For some reason it makes me feel like I'm talking to
Or whoever's name you put in there,
Whether it be my wife or any of my children, my parents
or anything.
It's just something to keep you really from going bananas.
Because if you let this,
If you keep thinking about what happened, and you can't
understand it,
That's what really drives you to despair.

Faith. You gotta have faith.
You know, they say time heals all wounds,
And I don't quite agree with that a hundred percent.
It gets you to cope with wounds.
You carry them the rest of your life.

Phil Rizzuto
August 3, 1979
Baltimore at New York
Pregame show

Trooper York said...

Diamonds are a Girl's best friend.

New York Post Page 6, June 27, 2008 --
SHARON Stone may think she originated the no-panties flash in "Basic Instinct," but Marilyn Monroe beat her by decades. Longtime Monroe photographer Lawrence Schiller tells this month's Ocean Drive that soon after meeting Monroe, during a chat in her dressing room, "she swung around in her chair with her legs open, and she had no pants on. . . . If she trusted you, you could do anything together."

Toot’s Shors Saloon, April 15, 1953
Toots: Hey Joe there’s a little lady I want you to meet. Over here.
Joe DiMaggio:
Toots: (walks Joe over to a banquet where Marilyn Monroe is sitting with her agent) Hey Kid, I want you to met Joltin Joe DiMaggio the greatest baseball player there ever was…Joe this is Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn: (in a breathy sexy voice) Hi Joe. Nice to meet ya. (She stands up and extends her hand shyly and shakes with Joe)
Joe DiMaggio: (Shakes with Marilyn and stands awkwardly, puts hands in his pocket)
Hello Miss Monroe.
Toots: Hey lets siddown and have a couple of pops.
Marilyn: That sounds like fun. (Marilyn sits down opposite Joe, and as she does her legs are slightly open. She is not wearing any underwear) Say Joe, I don’t know anything about baseball but it looks like you like to choke up on the bat.
Toots Shor: Blleeaaaahhhh (spits out his drink he’s laughing so hard)
Marilyn: So Joe do you have a big bat?
Joe DiMaggio:
Marilyn: I like the strong silent type.
(Reprise fron Trooper York 6/27/08)

Trooper York said...
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Trooper York said...

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend (The next generation)

New York Post July 2, 2008 –
Derek Jeter won't deny that his love life is legendary - and he also admits this page is the place to read about it. "Prowess. That's a good one . . . prowess," the hunky Bombers captain tells when asked about his randy reputation. "Don't believe everything you read. Please don't believe it. And don't say anything bad about Page Six because they're already on me, man." Jeter's conquests include Mariah Carey, Vanessa Minnillo, Jessica Biel and Lara Dutta.

Copacabana Nightclub April 15, 1997
(Yankee players Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada are out on the town and decide to go old school and go to the Copa)
Nightlife impresario Howard Stein: Hey Derek nice to meet you. Who’s your friend?
Derek Jeter: This is Jorge Posada the best catcher in Major League baseball.
Howard Stein: Really I thought Mike Piazza was the best catcher in the league.
Jorge Posada: We are talking about on the field not in the men’s room.
Derek Jeter: Hey who’s that hot chick sitting over there at the banquet? Man, caliente, what a rack on that broad. She looks familiar.
Howard Stein: Oh that’s Mariah Carey. She just broke up with her husband Tommy Mottola. She’s good to go man. Ready to be ridden. Let me introduce you.
(They walk over)
Howard Stein: Hey Mariah how ya doing? Let me introduce you to my friend Derek Jeter.
Mariah Carey: (in a breathy sexy voice) Hi Derek. Nice to meet ya. (She stands up and extends her hand shyly and shakes with Derek)
Derek Jeter: Nice to meet you too.
Howard Stein: Hey let’s sit down, I’ll get us some champagne on the house.
Mariah: That sounds good. (Mariah sits down opposite Derek, and as she does her legs are slightly open. She is not wearing any underwear)
Derek Jeter: Hey did somebody order sushi?
(Reprised from Trooper York 7/2/08)

Trooper York said...

Toot’s Shors Saloon June 25, 1960
(Ted Williams and Johnny Pesky walk in after a Yankee, Red Sox game)
Toots: Hey Ted howz ya doin kid. To bad the Yanks kicked your ass today.
Ted Williams: Fuck you, you stupid jewboy get us a fuckin’ table before I pound you one.
Toots: How many times do I have to tell you I don’t like that kinda talk in here you ignorant meathead?
Ted Williams: What do I care you sheeny bastard. Just get me a table before I have my boy Pesky here give you a knuckle sandwich.
Johnny Pesky: Can I Ted, can I, I can do it Ted, I swear I can, let me at him, I’ll pulverize him.
Toots Shore: Shut up you midget fuck before I step on you and squish you like the bughouse cockroach that you are. Com’on there’s some people in the back you might want to say hello to!
(Toots walks them to the back where Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe are sitting at a banquet. Joe is wearing two World Series rings. Marilyn is not wearing any panties)
Toots: Joe look who’s here. It’s Ted and his shoe shine boy.
Joe DiMaggio:
Marilyn: (in a breathy sexy voice) Hi Ted. Nice to see you again. (She stands up and extends her hand shyly and shakes with Ted, she nods at Pesky)
Ted Williams: Nice to see you again doll. What are you doing with this lousy Dago! I thought you got a divorce and was married to that jew writer. Whaz da matter. He is a salami smoker or what? You could do better doll.
Johnny Pesky (hopping around like a Chihuahua with a chili pepper up its ass) Yes you could Miss Monroe, yes you could….Ted is the greatest…the best ballplayer in the world. There ain’t nobody as good as Teddy Ballgame.
Joe DiMaggio: (takes off one of his world series rings and starts to shine it with a napkin, he looks up and smiles)
Toots: Hey why do youse crumbums have to always start shit. Lets siddown and have a couple of pops.
Marilyn: That sounds like fun. (Marilyn sits down opposite Ted, and as she does her legs are slightly open. She is not wearing any underwear. Curiously Ted does not notice and Marilyn pouts) So Ted you have a very large head do you know that? I love good head.
Toots Shor: Blleeaaaahhhh (spits out his drink he’s laughing so hard)
Marilyn: What’s so funny Toots? Why is he laughing so hard Joe?
Joe DiMaggio: (Joe just smiles and looks down at Marilyn’s twat which has been furiously queefing like a mallard in heat)
Toots Shor: Yeah come to think of it how come I never see you with any of the broads who hang around the ballplayers.
Ted Williams: Thanks Marilyn. I like good head too. And you better shut up you dumb ass hebe before I wallop you one on that giant ugly head of yours.
Joe DiMaggio:
Johnny Pesky: You better shut up you no good wop fuck. Teddy loves the ladies. Just last night he went out on the town with his pal Rock Hudson and they banged a bunch of chicks. He’s a big time movie star. Him and Rock are best friends and go on double dates all the time. I mean they even banged Doris Day. At the same time. Theys was all in the bed at the same time. And she’s a real movie star! No offense Miss Monroe.
Marilyn: Hhnnnpphhh!!!! (she hisses and her queefs getting even louder, so loud that Pesky looks for where the sound is coming from, )
Ted Williams: Is that a duck? And why do I smell tuna fish?
Johnny Pesky: (realizes when he doesn’t find a duck that is coming from under her skirt and whispers under his breath) She ain’t got any underwear on Ted, nothing I swear, look it looks like that Fidel Castro guy eating a piece of liver.
Marilyn: No wonder they call you Pesky. Joe they are starting to bore me.
Joe DiMaggio: (looks over to another table where Frankie Carbo is sitting with a few of the boys) Frankie?
Toots: Oh shit Joe, no trouble please. (Four of Carbos guys grab the two Red Sox players by the arms and give them the bums rush out the door)
Ted Williams: I get you for this you fucking wop bastard…you too you dirty hebe ……hey take it easy. I just got this suit from my mother at the Salvation Army.
Marilyn: Don’t hurt his head; it might be only thing he is going to have left someday. Hee.

geokstr said...

traditionalguy said...
Geokstr... Tony Cloninger was a pitcher who hit two grand slams in one game plus one more RBI for 9 RBIs in one game, while a Brave.

But that was the ATLANTA Braves.

Sorry about that.

Yes, you are correct. I was off by one year, as 1966 was the year they betrayed Milwaukee and Wisconsin and deserted to Atlanta.

All I can say is that I'm glad memory is the first thing to go.


Phil 3:14 said...

Oh Gawd! Trooper will be insufferable.

Nailed it!

(PS: 22 runs = 1 in the win column.
Thus far this season NYY has scored 706 runs, highest in the majors. Boston is second with 700

NYY have 78 wins; Bosox have 80. I think at this point Boston is ok with being second in runs scored.)