August 13, 2011

At the Lily Café...

... you can have fun talking.


Pastafarian said...

I need some advice: My wife has her 20th high school reunion this afternoon, and I'm thinking about getting thoroughly drunk before attending.

Good idea, or no?

edutcher said...


Beautiful pic, Madame. Looks almost like a praying mantis.

Stay safe.

WV "hostab" The bill a prostitute incurs.

Pastafarian said...

ed, please bear in mind that when I'm drunk, I'm much more witty, charming, and suave. Or at least I appear to be, from where I'm sitting.

Palladian said...

Did this lily (as most lilies do) have a prominent salted meat note to its lovely perfume?

Curious George said...

"Pastafarian said...
I need some advice: My wife has her 20th high school reunion this afternoon, and I'm thinking about getting thoroughly drunk before attending.

Good idea, or no?"

Will you be hitting on all her friends? I need to know before I answer.

KenK said...

Do you live in community property state? Do you have a prenup? Does she know who Lorena Bobbit is?

ricpic said...

Good idea, or no?

Depends on how much tolerance you have for sleeping on the couch.

Tiger lily burning bright
Are your markings an invite
That butterflies and bees alight...
Or do they spell excess delight?

Meade said...

rycpyc, rycpyc, rhyming bright
in the comments late at night
What immortal eye or hand
Also made our blogger, Ann?

Pastafarian said...

Curious George said: "Will you be hitting on all her friends?"

Nope, my wife will be the belle of the ball.

KenK: I don't know, no, and probably. But again, I don't think that alcohol will increase the probability of some humiliating spectacle. If anything, it will decrease it.

I'm interpreting the lack of convincing argument on the part of the naysayers to be an overall "go for it" on the part of the Althouse commentariat, and I'm commencing pre-game immediately.

AllenS said...

Would this be a good time to gild the lily?

AllenS said...

Pastafarian, does she look better when you're drunk? If so, then sure, why not.

Titus said...

Do you ever pinch a loaf and the smell doesn't seem to go away?

That has happened to me today.

I pinched over a hour ago and the loaf remnants are still in the air.

Every where I go in the apartment I smell loaf particles floating above me.

One time I pinched in the morning and came back late at night and I could still smell it.


Thank you.

traditionalguy said...

The Althouse post on the attack on her just went up on HotAir.

Sleepy little Madison is becoming he next sleepy Pennsylvania town called Gettysburg.

ricpic said...

Clean the bowl, Titus. Sheesh.

Pastafarian said...

Re. the assault on Althouse: I thought that Meade and Althouse's son (Chris, was it?), and Althouse herself, did a great job there.

If someone in their position had been less clear-headed and more stupid, this could have gotten very ugly. Meade and Chris came in and prevented any permanent damage without starting a melee.

Very well done.

Maybe you should lay low for a while and not go out in crowds. People might be looking for you now.

Titus said...

I have a technique I use which I call "wafting"

Wafting is the act of using your hand to blow the wind from your fart into someone's face.

I giggle after farting and my mom asks me if it tickles and I giggle more.


Titus said...

Heading off to Yoga. Have to find my third eye and get my chaka khans in alignment. It will be hot yoga so I will be stripping down, real hot, yea, wish you could attend.

Someone always farts in yoga class.

Meade said...

A major cause of global warming.

Alex said...

I swear 50% of open thread comments are Titus going on about his toilet habits.

Anonymous said...


Heart_Collector said...

And people say there is no god. I find him everyday in the little things.

traditionalguy said...

I think we know what Titus means by "Clouds" now.

I suggest Glade air fresheners.

J Allen said...

@ Ann: Did you get my email?

Michael K said...

I would suggest getting dunk and staying home. That would give her a good excuse to have a good time.

Michael K said...

That was "drunk", of course. Getting dunk makes you wet.

caplight said...

why should they have to lay low? It is the State Capital square for heaven's sake. They did nothing wrong. Period. They had and have every right to be their. I'm ready to call an Althouse sing-a-long to join them except the only union song I know is the one Al Gore's mother used as a lullabye, "Look for the Union label..."

caplight said...

Oh, Pasta,

Don't do it. Alcohol is too unpredictable, too many variables. I recommend drugs. I have some exquisite opioids left over from my last surgery. We can deal. Don't tell Titus.

BTW-in Boston, pastor is what you eat with red sauce, pasta is the minister at a church.

Pastafarian said...

caplight, I'm not saying she should have to, I'm just saying, to be prudent, maybe for a few weeks she should stay home.

Because I don't want to pull up the Althouse blog and read where she's now dead because some nut caved in her head with a brick before Meade could stop him. This stuff with big crowds makes me worry about them.

Re. alcohol: Too late! I've got about 6 or 7 in me, and the shindig is in about 30 minutes. Should be a blast.

Carol_Herman said...

Nobody goes to the place in Madison where Ed Schultz posed. The night he gave the re-call results.

I'd bet you don't even see an "Ed Schultz Ate Here poster" plugged in any window."

Why is that? Wasn't he a star? All those spotlights on him, and everything?

Sorin said...


The answer is stick matches.

Carol_Herman said...


My son just rolls down the car window.

And, I can remember working for a Greek woman once. Who told me that farting meant you had a great meal. Everybody, she said, in Greece wants to fart after dinner so that the woman who worked so hard cooking the foods, knew you enjoyed it.

"Wafting" is much too polite.

Though I LOVE "clouds."

KenK said...

In re Romney's comments about "corporations are people too, my friend."

Does that mean one corporation owning another corporation is slavery?

Also: I wish he'd drop that "my friend" affectation that he picked up from McCain. It sounds like "you asshole" to my ears. Just sayin'.

Chip S. said...

Does that mean one corporation owning another corporation is slavery?

Think of it as adoption.

I wish he'd drop that "my friend" affectation that he picked up from McCain. It sounds like "you asshole" to my ears.

Mine too, my friend.


Carol_Herman said...


When school environments got hostile, I learned teachers were afraid to drive good cars to park on campus. So they rode in on dented, dirty jalopies. Even then, they'd come out to see that their tires were ripped open.


Because there's not much time spent patrolling parking lots.

But IF the environment in Madison isn't really safe enough to just come along and be friendly, with your camera out ... someone is out to attack your blog.

Hope people with good security know how come by and give you some pointers.

Like a radar screen ... what showed up at the "religious revival sing-along fest" wasn't something to take lightly and brush off, either.

BLIP. It showed up on the radar.

NOPE. I wouldn't go run and hide.

But I sure would want to know what to do ... just like teachers who need to leave their cars in the lot all day. The PERP? Just a few seconds to run out ... Dip down. And, slash a tire. When he gets up he looks like a student.

But he's not.

(At least now at schools you need to walk through detectors.)

The Rotunda, however, is just HA HA HA about security.

I don't think people get intimidated. I think, however, they become much more alert.

Lem said...

My mother came to Fla from her Native land awhile back to do a thorough medical checkup.. Shes approaching 70.

Doctors found "something", a tumorcito she called it.. after a battery of test they recommended a lumpectomy from which she is in her words pleasantly recovering.. I live in NJ.

She chose not to tell me until afterwards for my sake that I would not worry needlessly.. I have a disagreement with her about that.

I have managed to procure a last minute nonstop, reasonably priced reservation for this coming monday.. (free market at its finest)

I'm writing to you all to keep us in your thoughts.


Chip S. said...

May all go well, Lem.

Irene said...

Paws crossed and good thoughts from our home, Lem.

caplight said...


if you do it in front of a fan then we call it Luftwaffe-ing.

Seriously. I know a lot of teenagers.

Carol_Herman said...


My dogs can do it while either awake, or asleep. Soundlessly. It's really natural.

Meanwhile, that guy Kirby? If he comes by thinking he'd see what a hit Ann took? I think he got surprised to learn we know he's a sex offender. With a record.

So, to do the other "singers" on the Capitol Steps. (But not "The Capitol Steps." They sing to make people laugh.)

I wonder how it came down ... when he saw so many posts?

Did the "luft-swchwanza" dance?

JAL said...

Lem -- You and your mom and doctors et al. are in my prayers. Clear thoughts and hearts for all.

JAL said...

So Pasta -- you home yet?

How'd it go?

Did your wife give you her viewpoint?

(Hope you changed clothes before you went. Drinking won't fix that outfit.)

Lem said...

Thanks again.

Meade said...

Lem, ¡con dios!

Christy said...

Lem, fly safe. My thoughts are with you and your mother.

Today was the last day for our pool club. Kids go back to school next week. Couldn't help but notice membership was down this year. Did you know kids' swimsuits can come with co-ordinating life vests? Bought a case of diet coke cheaply from the concession stand.

Pastafarian said...

JAL, I made it back without incident. Not much of a reunion -- only about 1/4 of the class showed up. Good thing I was drunk, it helped to liven things up a bit.

Palladian said...

The best lily "soliflore" (single-flower note) perfume, in my opinion, is Frédéric Malle "Lys Meditérranée", done by the brilliant perfumer Edouard Fléchier.

AllenS said...

Costs for holding the recall election for state Sen. Sheila Harsdorf's 10th Senate District seat totaled at least $113,500 for the five counties in her district, according to county clerks.