July 26, 2011

"Why would a tiny woman with no criminal record, who worked 10 years on Wall Street..."

"... randomly hold up people at gunpoint at night dressed as a policewoman?"

(This story is the perfect antidote to all the recent stories about women falsely accusing men of rape. Assuming the NYT is getting the facts straight, a woman who has truthfully accused a man of rape is falsely and successfully accused of going on an armed robbery spree.)

CORRECTION: Somehow I managed to write "anecdote" for "antidote."


MadisonMan said...

I just read this article. Fascinating. I'm glad the truth has come out, but how can she regain what was taken from her?

Fred4Pres said...
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Curious George said...

"MadisonMan said...
I just read this article. Fascinating. I'm glad the truth has come out, but how can she regain what was taken from her?"

How? She's suing.

MadisonMan said...

Planning on suing.

Certainly if the arresting agencies imprisoned her for no reason for months, she is owed something.

I'd prefer if she got her recompense from the former boyfriend, but we all know that he has about two cents to his name.

James said...

My people :)

Fred4Pres said...

Wow. That is bizzare.

Fred4Pres said...

She is probably SOL on suing the City if there was any basis for charging her.

bagoh20 said...

Her: "“I can never have faith in justice in this country again.” "

I too am quickly losing my faith as well, and it's overwhelming due the nonprofessional condition of police and prosecutors. When I watch cop shows on TV lately, I find myself usually siding with the "criminals", because the cops are such overbearing dicks.

James said...

Could have been worse... in the "old country" he would have given her malathion.

Carol_Herman said...

Wow. That's a MUST READ! Now, where did this guy get money from? How about DRUGS. How about payoffs to the cops? How about "setting people up" as being a natural thing to do for NY cops?

Keep in mind that the Diallo case falls apart because cops went to the NY Post, and said Diallo was a prostitute. Doing prostitution while the cops provided "the building."

There's a lot of money in MISS JUSTICE!

For this woman? She says she now "doesn't trust America." While I think she'd love to sell this story to a hungry fiction market!

Pull at one string? And, you can un-weave the whole garment!

Thanks for posting this story!

bagoh20 said...

A guy like that should never get laid again... except in prison.

KCFleming said...

“I can never have faith in justice in this country again.

You and Corey May, sister.

And remember, you're committing three felonies a day anyway. The Soviets did this, too, to keep people docile. Speak up, or dare to bitch about the wrong people, and you're sunk.

G Joubert said...

Do defendants charged with crimes, later found to be innocent, have civil claims against authorities who charged them? That's a question.

Misconduct, yeah, that's a no-brainer. But there's nothing in these facts suggesting that.

Mere negligence? Maybe, but were the authorities negligent here? She's going to have sympathy on her side. Will that carry the day?

What about DSK? What line does he get in?

traditionalguy said...

This horrible evil was simply the result of giving of false witness testimony to authorities.

This one made #9 of the most serious 10 written down by Moses.

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor" is prohibiting this super evil conduct.

The usually quoted of "thou shalt not lie" does not convey the meaning.

What ever happened to all of those lists of the 10 on walls at courts and school rooms?

Oh yeah, 50 years ago the philosopher kings on SCOTUS protected us from learning about them and living in a safe society.

Anonymous said...

Tiny women are never violent. Only tiny judges.

Valentine Smith said...

Ramratten's a diabolical prick. He's also set up a great defense—she framed me, so I framed her.

Women have been getting rid of guys by having them arrested since forever. And if they won't leave, they deserve it.

Men and women are really stupid when it comes women and men.

Sixty Grit said...

Cory Maye is one sad case. The Duke lacrosse case is another one. There might be another case or two, somewhere, in the history of this once-great nation, but I think the main point is to do one's best to avoid getting ensnared in the "legal" system.

WV: ampyro - having ample pyrotechnics to avoid capture.

KCFleming said...

For men, it's accusations of sexual assault and child molesting that seem to be 'guilty-until-proven-innocent'.

Oprah says that a guy who wants to coach little kids athletic teams is a danger sign.

That said, this guy is a real loser. A vindictive cop wannabe with way too much time on his hands.

sorepaw said...

I think you meant the perfect *antidote.*

It is one hell of a story.

bagoh20 said...

"Oprah says that a guy who wants to coach little kids athletic teams is a danger sign."

Which is exactly why I decided to get into animal rescue instead. I wanted to work with kids, but I don't want be a victim of the system, and it seems impossible to adequately protect yourself except by staying clear of kids.

The society has lost it's mind on the subject.

I know a guy who's step daughter accused him, just because he wouldn't let her go on a vacation.

He eventually got cleared, but came very close to losing his kids and going to jail. He would have have, except that the kid eventually confessed to making it up. Otherwise, he was toast. Scary.

Valentine Smith said...

I was shot by an off duty cop outside of a saloon once. Then he arrested me for attempted murder. Wound up with an 11 count indictment ranging from the attempted murder charge to robbery in the first degree to resisting arrest. Faced 25 to life even with 7 witnesses. What saved me was a guy saw it all from his window.

The state offered me a plea all the way down to 3rd degree attempted assault (basically trying to punch someone). Told em' to stuff it.

Jury deliberated for 10 minutes. I walked.

KCFleming said...

It's like you should wear a time-stamped video cam on you at all times.

bagoh20 said...

"Jury deliberated for 10 minutes. I walked."

So did the real criminal get off - the cop who committed a very serious crime against you? That deserves a long sentence if you ask me.

Valentine Smith said...

Forgot to mention: 3 years later the cop shot his waitress girlfriend's boss in the foot. His rabbi couldn't get him out of that one. He did time.

Shanna said...

And so even as Mr. Ramrattan remained free on bail in the rape case, Ms. Sumasar, who had no prior criminal record, was facing up to 25 years in prison.

Wow. To the whole article, not just this. Somebody needs to make this into a movie.

Carol_Herman said...

"Why would a tiny woman" without a boyfriend, take in such a loser?

She wanted to get rid of him. And, he wouldn't move out. There were better ways to get rid of him, I think, than saying she got raped.

She didn't get raped. She offered the sex for free. In front of her daughter. Because she was desperate for a man.

Then? Desperate to get rid of him.

Yes, the wrong man can ruin your life. One way. Or another.


Yes. I just said that. Immigrants are lucrative business! That's how he got people to swear against this woman.

You tell me, now. Just exactly what is this "immigration" business like?

Sure. I'll throw in Diallo. She's a woman who cannot read or write. How many immigrants are like her?

How many would swear whatever they need to swear ... just to have a green card?

Is this a lucrative business? Because, yes. I think so.

No. I don't think the boyfriend raped the girl friend. But I think there's a very profitable black market at play, here. And, the cops take graphed.

This one? Backfired. Even more so, if this story sells to hollywood or pollywood. (I definitely think this would be a big hit in India. Before our hollywood wakes up and gets out of bed.)

pdug said...

"Perfect anecdote to"?

did you mean antidote? Or is this an anecdote that serves as an antidote? An Antinecdote?

Shanna said...

Oprah says that a guy who wants to coach little kids athletic teams is a danger sign.

Oprah is an idiot. Most of these people are kids parents.

This guy was obviously a nutjob though.

Shanna said...

She wanted to get rid of him. And, he wouldn't move out. There were better ways to get rid of him, I think, than saying she got raped.

She didn't get raped. She offered the sex for free. In front of her daughter. Because she was desperate for a man.

What the hell, Carol? Sheesh. All the evidence we currently have points to this guy being a vindictive nutjob. He should be put away for a crazy long time.

Carol_Herman said...

I'm not buying "the guy's a nut job."

I think he's in a business that scams immigrants.

Just as I think this woman wanted a boyfriend. And, she didn't check his background before she spread her legs.

The rape charge is BOGUS.

He got angry. And, he over-played his hand. He used the cops to do this. And, that's where the illegal marketplace meets daylight.

An immigrant will say and do anything to stay in America. But they are preyed upon. By beasts from their own communities! And, then they clam up.

Anyway, "crying rape" need not have been the ticket to get him to move out.

You'd think a guy would take the hint that the lady wanted you to move out, no?

Isn't the first time a woman made a mistake in picking her romeo.

Sixty Grit said...

Carol Herman, I know you just spew out words, but try a bit harder, okay? "Pollywood" is nothing - "Poliwood" might mean the videos of Lionel Chetwynd and Roger L. Simon discussing the politics of Hollywood, or PoliWood, which was a movie. But since you then went on to include India in your rant, you probably meant Bollywood, which is short for Bombay Hollywood. Instead you just got a mash up. It needs lipstick.

edutcher said...

The answer to the initial question would be, "Because she thought she could get away with it".

Some people do things for the thrill, after all, but it does strain credulity that the much-vaunted NYPD was that dumb.

I see nothing in the article that says the cops ever found the uniform she was supposed to have worn. That would appear to be a key piece of evidence. And, of course, the fact that at least one "victim" turned out to be a friend of the man she said was behind it never hit them as odd.

Carol_Herman said...

No Shanna. You should learn to pick better!

If you invite the man IN to your life ... getting rid of him can be difficult.

Screaming rape is not a solution. Not when the guy can find your pussy in the dark!

She picked the wrong tool in her drawer to "get rid of him." Why didn't she just go to one of her male relatives? Was something so skunky going on here ... that there wasn't even a cousin willing to tell him to pack? And, be gone?

Do you know my mother could have done that? And, my dad? He'd have lifted the guy up from behind. By his belt buckle. If the door was open ... the guy flew out the door. If the door was shut. He got a body blow.

In this story? BOTH PLAYERS UPPED THE ANTE. The cops, however, were the cards.

The best solution? A few cops lose their pensions.

(Which is how NYC once cured the problem it had with cops that stopped you while you were driving. And, asked to see your license. People were in the habit of handing them their wallets, with a five dollar bill tucked, and folded, around the license.)

A few cops took the five dollars. And, then found out it was a sting.


"It's not worth my pension."

Even when they stopped little old ladies. If you terrify the cops by stinging them ... you run way better outfits.

Oslo is the other end of the example. Where your cops don't function. But that's a local problem. Let the Norwegians figure out if giving them all piss prizes would be a workable solution.

It wouldn't work, though, in America.

James said...

Carol Herman is an idiot. "Pollywood?"

There are East Indians in Guyana; they were brought there in the 1860s as indentured servants to work on the sugar estates after the abolition of slavery.

Now "Indians" make up a larger percentage of the population of Guyana than any other race.

Shanna said...

No Shanna. You should learn to pick better!

SHE should learn to pick better, I completely agree, however I think she realizes that now.

Setting up an elaborate scheme like this over a period of time with false witnesses is NOT normal behavior. NUTJOB.

John Thacker said...

Both women and men are capable of horrible evil. If you set up a system where women are always believed, and men are not, then women will perpetrate more evil. If you set up a system where women are never believed, and men are, then men will perpetrate more evil.

It's all tradeoffs, but people do have a tendency to root for their side, in this as in everything.

Methadras said...

Article was fascinating. I'm always amazed at how the criminally inclined, while smart in concocting these elaborate schemes for revenge end up being so stupid in not harnessing those brains to do good or benefit themselves legally instead.

grackle said...

We prosecute tens of thousands of cases each year, but in the collective memory, no one has ever seen anything like this before,” said Richard A. Brown, the Queens district attorney.


We are so goddam dumb that for months we believed a stupid story and now we are going to be sued to within an inch of our lives.

Out of those “tens of thousands of cases each year” I have to wonder how many were innocent.

But is this an instance of two false accusations? I think we would have to know much more than we can know from the article in order to form a preliminary assessment of whether it is. He’s toast if his false accusation is allowed into evidence during his rape trial. If indeed he is also a victim of her false accusations the moral of that story is never stay where you are not welcome. If someone wants you out of their home – get out.

Trooper York said...

I thought Pollywood is where Crackers make movies.

You know like Rob Zombie and those them there guys.

Unknown said...

Book and TV deals.

CJinPA said...

Having established that she was a victim of a horrible injustice, let's add a key lesson:

If a guy 'doesn't seem right' as soon as you meet him, don't agree to let him live in your home. With your daughter.

Her brutal, awful ordeal(s) would have been avoided with basic common sense. She's obviously intelligent, but was apparently so desperate for a man she endangered herself and her daughter.

CJinPA said...

Some legal experts say Ms. Sumasar’s story shows how the American justice system can be easily manipulated, with the principle of innocent until proven guilty turned on its head.

Yes, because frameups perpetuated by con men are unique to the American justice system.

Blue@9 said...

I have no idea whether the rape was real or not, but does she have any case against the prosecutors? It's not misconduct because they were misled. And for everyone saying the prosecutors were dumb, were they? They had three different, seemingly unconnected crimes that were reported.

What was the reasonable reaction? That it must be a set-up because Indian people don't commit crimes? Short Indian women can't be criminals?

dbp said...

The guy might be a nut job and a rapist. Or he might be a guy falsely accused of rape who was trying to get even.

Either way, he is now worse-off due to the frame up attempt.

traditionalguy said...

Carol is right. Immigrants to America have always trusted their own countrymen who were here first to show them how to live here.

The older immigrants usually ripped them off.

They often came over with money from home.

But then the newer ones get to do same to the newest ones.

It all worked out for 20 years until the financial bubbles collapsed and we discovered that venture Capitalism had left town and moved on over to China leaving immigrants high and dry.

Gene said...

People ask how something like this can happen. I read somewhere the average cop has an IQ of 102. That's one reason why it happens.

Revenant said...

Cory Maye is one sad case. The Duke lacrosse case is another one. There might be another case or two, somewhere, in the history of this once-great nation

Strike "in the history of this once-great nation". Replace with "since this post went up".

Carol_Herman said...

I said pollywood for a reason. They make more movies there, than hollywood makes, here. And, this story is easy enough to tell in front of a camera.

If I were on a jury, and this woman was claiming she was raped, I'd vote to free the defendant. Because I don't think the rape charge sticks.

Of course, she invited him in. And, then when she wanted him to leave, he wouldn't get up and go.

A long time ago, when I was young, I had a girl friend who came from germany. She was gorgeous! And, she was rather "loose."

When she wanted a man to leave ... and she said "go" ... and he didn't, his clothes flew out the door. And, he had to go naked into the hallway. Where he could get dressed.


You have TWO crazy people! He got even with her ... because he was angry she claimed he raped her.

It's way too easy to claim rape.

And, what this woman should have learned is that in making up charges ... he got her into jail. And, accused. Where she had a tough time getting out. (While somebody else had to take care of her daughter.)

Biggest problem? Belongs to the child. Who got to know the guy ... because he was invited to live inside the home.

Mom's a single mom.

Went through labor and all that ... but didn't learn much.

Was on Wall Street, too. And, didn't learn much about life there either.

By the way, WHEN you want somebody to go ... you sometimes have to do stuff to them ... to convince them it really is a good idea to move along, now.

I have no advice. Other than to say DO NOT INVITE SOMEONE LIKE THIS IN, IN THE FIRST PLACE. There's no sex pleasure out there that's worth it!

If she gets anyone to buy her story? Well, I think this guy will come after that money for his own piece.

And, who knows? It may even drive away prospects? You'd want to do business with either of these two characters?

The police? They responded to crime reports filed.

By the time any lawyer gets a case going in civil court ... the people who swore up and down that they were "victims" would have been deported.

Good luck with your case, there.

Who says becoming a lawyer really pays?

IN SUMMATION: If you go to bed with dogs, expect to wake up with fleas.

And, if you're a landlord, be careful to whom you rent to. Because sometimes it's just cheaper to have an empty apartment.

test said...

"This story is the perfect antidote to all the recent stories about women falsely accusing men of rape."

This story may be the best response for those interested in whitewashing their actions. But I didn't see any reporting that college professors used the incident to preach about the evils of women and are now refusing to admit their error.